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Jayperior @jayperior Los Angeles, CA

🌸 Korean-American Writer 🌸 🌸 Creator of Bounty Light 🌸 🌸 Editor for @ProZD 🌸 🌸 Previous clients: Nick Jr. + Geek & Sundry 🌸 🌸 🌸

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Wonder Egg Priority has been super promising so far with creepy vibes and drop-dead gorgeous visuals. Been looking… @56ghostship I love your energyDoing dailies and what not in Genshin! Come hang out! @BigGingerAleFan Ugly? You're cool-dog Mike!!Store update!!✨ I've added a couple of new stickers, brought back some old, and adjusted pricing for international…
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@ProZD ... I approve.4 stages of me. [QT with a photo of you that somebody else has taken. Selfies are not allowed. It can be old or ne… @lightbluehoodie hmu anytime!Heaven's Design Team OP is such a good bop.SK8 the Infinity is the most fun anime this season!! Killer fun vibes and really entertaining characters. Can't wai…
@wisalallen I absolute love that he's flooring the accelerator though! I'm always saying why would the villains wai… be wanting to delete TikTok and then I see shit like this and I’m sucked back in 😭😭😭😂😂😂😂
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I'm a fool for not buying all of Our Dreams at Dusk at once.Not who I was looking for, but I welcome him! a bunch of manga... Top row, fun row. Bottom row, cry row. game already captured my voice and likeness. What the hell. @oni_hat holy fucking shit
Me: So what are we doing for work today? @ProZD : Download Love Live! All Stars.[bnha] still in a ❄️ mood
Retweeted by Jayperior @bogboogie omg this episode is sooooooo good!!! I wish the rest of the series had this treatment, but the emotions…
This is your final warning single best line in all of live action Transformers movies
Retweeted by JayperiorTo celebrate Pokemon's 25th Anniversary, I'll be doing some "casual" Shiny Hunting!! Come hang out!! @kianamaiart I JUST STARTED SUNSHINE AND I LOVE YOHANE SO MUCH
i'm gonna be sitting down to record a podcast episode with @oni_hat and @jayperior, i'm in the mood to argue about…
Retweeted by Jayperior @amonns @MintRaine josh the new op theme is very goodJust turned in a big pitch. Send me good vibes please. @raebits hahaha YESHey #PortfolioDay ! I'm Jeanini, and I love designing cute merch and drawing characters! Pikachu, mornings, and co…
Retweeted by JayperiorHi, I'm Jason! Writer, director, mostly making shorts and music videos. #PortfolioDay
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Hi #PortfolioDay! I'm Polyna, a storyboard/comic artist. (Past: Crunchyroll, Nick, Gaumont, Webtoon). Over at Roost…
Retweeted by JayperiorHi #PortfolioDay ! I'm Carly, and I'm a 3D animator, interested in both cinematic and game animation ! With my cont…
Retweeted by JayperiorHappy #portfolioday y’all!! I’m Steve Duffy, a storyboard artist with credits on Disenchantment and Titmouse’s F…
Retweeted by JayperiorHola! My name's Michelle Rincon & I'm still looking for TV storyboard/revisionist work! I have experience doing mus…
Retweeted by JayperiorLOOKING FOR WORK! -Story or Directing- Past: Invader ZIM: Enter the Florpus, Monsters at Work and Trollhunters: R…
Retweeted by JayperiorOh it’s #PortfolioDay Hello I’m Charlie a non-binary artist working in animation. I’m currently looking for honest…
Retweeted by JayperiorHey again #PortfolioDay !! I'm still Jay, a Korean-American writer who's worked in film, animation, and comics! Cli… get the concept of Umamusume is ridiculous, but it's somehow a great blend of Idol and Sports anime - this part o…
Somehow won Pokemon Trivia (Unova League) last night with my trusty Zebstrika!! Thank you Game Master @ProZD for ho…
Thanks for everyone who stopped by ths stream! This was such a relaxing build!! the cherry blossom stage~!! build the LEGO Bonsai Tree! Come hang out for a chill time! @adorkableaud A bunch of (expired) stuff... the turquoise is Sally Hansen Miracle Gel - Yellow is SH XTREME - Lime… my nails yesterday and I liked how they came out~
Gonna hop offline for a while to focus on a lot of projects. Happy holidays, everyone!Can't believe a year ago I was in Osaka and witnessed a legend. @GodswillUgwaJr They're lucky to have you, bro!! Congrats again!!Beastars S2 OP is not as flashy as S1, but wwooooooww I love this song!!
@PattenPending @C_Dobbins We just end up constructing an entire new state that's near-identical to actual New Jerse… @C_Dobbins Although I grew up in North Jersey, I'd love to help you come up with one! @kianamaiart omg they are so precious!!Dropped the first chapter of Bounty Light to our backers... hope everyone has fun reading it~!! love friendship
Retweeted by JayperiorThanks for joining us! We'll check out some artists on another day! See ya later! ft. @jayperior @amudork @Nubbahey
Retweeted by Jayperiorguys @she_thistleclaw finally unlocked Qiqi in Genshin Impact on VR Chat to explore VKet with friends!! Come hang out with us!!
@mossblooms Yes! @Kecky415 Neither do I, but this clip was the first thing I thought of hahaMe waking up and seeing everybody talking about #carp @yayforzig I'm going to prepare a covid safety measure plan for every meeting I go into now @Britny_Perilli I was watching for a bit but fell off! Glad to hear it's holding up for you! I wish the opening the…
A year ago, I was in Japan for the first time. I was planning to make it a yearly tradition....Gotta get the gaming urges out before I do personal work - playing No More Heroes 2 for a bit!! 4 fictional characters you relate to and let people assume something about you. ... uh oh.
Once, someone I just met said they were a writer and talked a bit about their writing. When they asked what I did I… @ProZD Can't wait for you to play as your favorite character in the next reading. stream a bit - getting Winter Skins for Overwatch and possibly some other games depending on how I'm feeling~
@GodswillUgwaJr There were two new tracks that dropped that episode and I'm eagerly awaiting the OST release!!I'M CONFLICTED BECAUSE I DON'T WANT KITTIES TO FIGHT BUT ALSO CUSTOMIZABLE KITTIES’re so right
Retweeted by JayperiorSwitching over to No More Heroes 2!!Streaming some Genshin! Feel free to stop on by~
Also, @scrotumnose bailed on us the last second., we SILENCED the SILENCER in IN SILENCE!! ft. @she_thistleclaw @lizcheeart @BATHSmusic @scrotumnose around with some pals in the game In Silence!! Watch us SCREAM!!
Tea time and discussing the Bandit King~ didn't expect Mr. Compress to be ugly, but damn he's fucking hot.I'm not interested in Chainsawman Shippuden.WE SAVING LIVES OUT HERE with @she_thistleclaw Come hang out with us in Surgeon Simulator 2!!
Who knew saving lives could be such a hoot? Stay tuned for surgical shenanigans at 4PM PST! @ayejayisnothere Happy Birthday! @GodswillUgwaJr Bro that last half of the episode has been on my mind ALL DAY @C_Dobbins @escherbug OOOOOOOO!!
@p_enporo I feel your pain - in one of my old apartments, I'd wake up to dead cockroaches (mostly limbs, but occasi… @bogboogie Son. Please. @yayforzig Hoping WandaVision delivers Wiccan and Speed to us!!DOCTOR DOOM IN THE MCU!! DOCTOR DOOM IN THE MCU!!
Retweeted by Jayperior @DarkoHexar Fire Punch is his previous work. Pretty different but still twisted, which is why I wasn't too crazy about Chainsaw at first.Gave Chainsawman another try. As much as I think Fire Punch is the better work, Fujimoto really has fun with this s…
Retweeted by Jayperior @ProZD Happy Birthday, 형 !!Please read my dumb attempt at writing the opening scene for Spider-Man 3: Houses @YungiChang I definitely don't miss living in Brooklyn when it was snowing...Spider-Man: Homecoming Spider-Man: Far From Home Spider-Man: Three Housescurrent production wraps up soon, so it's time for the job search once more! looking for storyboard or revisions wo…
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@othatsraspberry I do the same - dress up as if I'm going to work. Sometimes it works! And other times, I'm uncomfortable. @bogboogie *slams love story option*Alright, here's my take on all the #PeterParker #SpiderMan #DoctorOctopus news.