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Eats. Writes about it. Chairs Kitchen Cabinet and #OutToLunch. Plays jazz piano. Has big hair. Doesn't accept comps for restaurant reviews.

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@jowade69 As it says both of those deliver nationwide.
Governments across the world better have Navalny’s back. Extraordinary bravery. read a lot of food blogs. Most of them are badly written. A lot of them are annoying. This one is well written, h… @JaneClifford23 Well yes, that’s exactly what the last para says. But thank you. @ElisabettaBoo @Zeb_Dreams This isn't today. It was a shot taken when I was preparing the kebab kit reviewed in today's column @laurencepearl @Zeb_Dreams Come with the kitIf you read just one piece today make it this brilliant examination on the work of @MarcusRashford and the man behi… @Zeb_Dreams Have a pic of the oven I’m sat in front of instead.’s restaurant column: an exploration Of the food of both Iran and Spain courtesy of meal kits from Berenjak an…
@FeelingAntsy D) if you’re going to use a twitter name like ‘serious about food’ then perhaps be serious about it.… @FeelingAntsy A) kosher salt refers to a particular Ametican type of coarse salt used generally in pickling b) ultr… @FeelingAntsy I’m afraid your utter ignorance of dietary laws doesn’t make for a funny tweet.Just a reminder: the kitchen cabinet is back in its usual Saturday morning slot on @BBCRadio4 at 10.30am today. Joi…
This Sunday’s @ObsFood features the food star of the moment. Behold @MarcusRashford on a superb cover. @Sock_Monster @meemalee @MarianKeyes @Nigella_Lawson @MarinaOLoughlin I would think it’s bloody recommended. So sorry for your loss.I should say he blocked me for some bizarre reason, so I don't ever see any of them. When his name trend's it's lik… hear @toadmeister has installed an app that deletes any tweets older than a week. Purely as a service to him cou… @DrAnnieGray Oh Jesus. It's a very short walk from this, to the ruins of Antioch carved out of lard....
That’s improved it. Blue Passports. What matters is that the fish that are rotting on the docks are 'happier fish' as a result o… @OllyCarpie @ObsFood that's in thereOften, people who hate my political tweets tell me to stick to food. So I've decided to do just that, by pinpointin… @johnnyfcrowley Two weeks!
@Philippa_Perry Well if that's your take away from our time together then woo hooResult. @Trumpetmike @wyntonmarsalis Am not fit to lick the proverbial. If you haven't seen it, this tribute to Brubeck by… @Trumpetmike Well @wyntonmarsalis has also described it as tricky, but if you find it a breeze good for you.If you have teeth, prepare to grind them now. someone with an interest in the trickier time signatures, I'm all for this. Basically you should pull a cork and… see we've got to the 'directed by Michael Bay' stage of the pandemic.
Jack has been in receipt of 100s of photos of piss poor food packages. It’s not just an isolated incident. In this… immediate response to this is how does that set of ingredients even cost £20? remember: they're buying wholesale… @mikegove12 That's what I get for lending you my best gear. @mikegove12 @alwalker0325 @Conservatives I'm touched, in that profound, adult way.A midweek restaurant column special: it's good to laugh. And cry. Quite possibly at the same time. (Michael, when y…'s particularly depressing about this is that it's not a new problem. During lockdown 1 I reported on exactly t… you haven't seen this yet, you need to. You might also like to check out the @Chartwells_UK profile statement.
@Mifficat Are they green at all? If so chuck em. If not, they should be fine. (I took no responsibility for your death.)Lots of people replying. Statement of obvious. Do vote on Adam's poll.'s an interesting poll. If you were offered the vaccine late at night, would you? @h1llbillies It's true we do need to up production, but not for reasons of food miles (as generally understood). Sa…
@chefcalum Oh god @AmyKSays I've seen. It's sickening I tell you. @AmyKSays I might indeed have heard. Have requested membership because yes OF COURSE i want to know what they're sa…, given my tweet last week asking @michaelgove about that photograph, I agree with every word of this.! so to the last of my shout outs for Kitchen Cabinet questions. We’re all over RICE. We want your questions on w… @nuge_86 There are a bunch that do individual dishes rather than complete boxes. Have a look at what’s available th… consequences of a pandemic pt 84. Wild deer populations exploding due to fall in demand from restaura… is in the nature of tight pre Christmas deadlines that this weeks column is from a restaurant or, to be more exa…
@jamiembrixton Throw at squirrels. Great target practise.The third of our topics for our forthcoming Kitchen Cabinet is right at the heart of so many dishes. It is: ONIONS.… @theMaggieAyre @BBCRadio4 @BBCSounds It’s brilliant radio Maggie.Talking Kitchen Cabinet, another request: We want to hear about your dream dinner party. You can invite anyone, ali… week’s episode of The Kitchen Cabinet will be on @BBCRadio4 on Tuesday and on @BBCSounds. Very happy to make w…
Farewell to dear Kath Whitehorn. A brilliant journalist, without whom so many of today’s columnists wouldn’t exist.… is exactly what we all need: Carry On Star Wars, with Charles Hawtrey as C3PO and Kenneth Williams as Darth Va… for a vital @BBCRadio4 Kitchen Cabinet shout out. We need your questions on BUTTER. Uses for it, cooking with…'s a question for @michaelgove : what exactly was it you didn't know then that you might tell us you know now?… @janinegibson My pleasure which is to say, yours. @janinegibson is it odd that when I see a story like this, about the very surface of the earth gaping open and swal… Today I have declared a major incident in London because the threat this virus poses to our city is at…
Retweeted by Jay Rayner @ThanePrince @InformLearning Randall and aubin do seafood boxes for nationwide delivery
Thank you for the kind words and love. I’m going to post a few favourite photos of dad, enjoy them like I do, great…
Retweeted by Jay Rayner @CeliaLeggett1 Ooh old school. Enjoy @freebyMAF We don't. To publish they'd all need to be tested which is a) an enormous work load and b) not really wh… @moonforthemisbe Ah thank you.
@ThomHetheringto In the midst of the DC tweets this reads really weirdly.A short bit by me on the impact of Albert Roux on British restaurants and food. Roux was an extraordinary man, who left a massive mark on the food story of his adopted country. The roll ca…
@AWaddingtonUK Delighted. When I find something really good I just want to spread the news... @stuheritage But enough about your relationship with your editor. @featuresjourno Ha... enjoy. @featuresjourno @MarinaOLoughlin @McMoop Can't help you with the Gluhwein but here are the relevant pages from my b… @AWaddingtonUK Trust me it is. If you looked inside you'll also see its stuffed full of garlic, ginger and a bunch… @TINGLYTASTEBUDS @BookwormHudson @TuitionUpstart @MrTs_NQTs @Team_English1 @shadylady222 @GCSE_Macbeth not my first… @chocaholic132 @BookwormHudson @TuitionUpstart @MrTs_NQTs @Team_English1 @shadylady222 @GCSE_Macbeth Ahh, the gift… @janinegibson You know it seals up if not used? @BookwormHudson @TuitionUpstart @MrTs_NQTs @Team_English1 @shadylady222 @GCSE_Macbeth Forgive me for being intrigued. Which one?
@Tiredtraveller7 okay, I shall then. @chrishawtree @guardian Hove will be too busy dealing with Godzilla. @RosalindErskine @unalomebygc I always try to acknowledge my sources.
@lraimbault25 @lemoncake @thepottedpig I liked it very much @hartiganrc That comma is the tiny hill upon which I shall die. @lindasgrant Twas ever thus.Having examined the comments on today's review in excruciating detail I do find myself wondering why so many people… @EvaWiseman using the same vocabulary available to the rest us to craft a brilliant, acutely-observed column o… @janinegibson Ooh runs off to check crypto ‘holding’ @judelark @TalkingPicsTV It Was indeed my late dad. @realstuartwhyte @RangoonSisters @BBCRadio4 Oh very good. Bravo.This week’s restaurant column: I take a look at what is to come this year and, ever the optimist, look for the glim…
@F3Lollipops Is that the standard now? @Portknockieloon @LJ_Skipper This doesn’t work, because I neither own nor benefit from the success of the restaurants I write about.Any chance you could do this without attempting to use it as an opportunity for a sordid marketing exercise? What w… @jennylinford @SumayyaUsmani @BBCRadio4 @jordanbourk @DrAnnieGray @SophWrightChef @RangoonSisters @1tayyabs Ahhh -… @jennylinford @SumayyaUsmani @BBCRadio4 @jordanbourk @DrAnnieGray @SophWrightChef @RangoonSisters At the mighty… @tylerporter15 In the can. @tylerporter15 I would dig a hole in the garden, and line it with brick. Pile it with charcoal and hay. Set fire to… @tylerporter15 I could be a smart arse and say you just did, but try me. @tylerporter15 Oh to be that thin