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Eats. Writes about it. Chairs Kitchen Cabinet and #OutToLunch. Plays jazz piano. Has big hair. Doesn't accept comps for restaurant reviews.

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I got my local chippie on @netflix cos they’re brilliant. Go watch. else wonder what would make the man express shame?
@Triskel72639300 Here to serve @thomasblythe Thomas! Get off yer arse. @hendopolis Done back @hendopolis Easier if you just email me Neil @Mloofylicious Mirko! You getting on my turf? Good to hear you. Hope all is good.🥙 🍣 🥗 😋
Retweeted by Jay RaynerIt’s time to go Out To Lunch. This time, sharing a video chat and take away with me its the fab actor from Years an…
James is very wise. Be like James. @jpshaddock @GNev2 thank youMatthew Parris raises interesting questions about the spread of Covid in this while pointing out that he's not an e… the line about the oversight board (members include @arusbridger) not being able to get it together until late… of senior Facebook people objecting to Zuckerberg giving Trump a free run on Facebook. Anybody heard from… and have a go if you think you're hard enough: @thomasblythe @vw4y Indeed. @YvonneLangley01 @thomasblythe I stand informed. @thomasblythe Thanking you kindly. @thomasblythe Was it Meades (quoting someone else?) who said you should try everything apart from Morris Dancing an…
This is truly shocking. The US police are out of control. @FrancisWheen @TaylorAJP A fine word. Takes note. I suppose you could add that to a Tom Driberg. Your call. @AblettKris @KatzsDeli @KitchenClonc @genevieveeats @MeatMattersltd @devonwoodsmoke @coleybbq @Steve15676679 @andynyman @Renown_Pictures @TalkingPicsTV Love that film. Why have we never discussed that before. (As a student h… as it’s Sunday let me mildly pimp my wares. If you’re looking for something to listen to today do consider the… @TKMins23 I’m a terrible man and I apologise profusely.This week’s column: stand alone restaurants in hotels. ‘Too often they’re like those crotch creviced jeans worn by… @SaluteThePig Thanks will sort
@pete_seales @nickynoo007 @BlatantLie When somebody finds a year-old tweet... @patersonjon @netflix @PhilRosenthal Thanks. Must confess I am rather delighted ken's is on @netflix @ladyhaja @justin_ng No problem. We’re all in this together. Now then, where are my tangfastics? @justin_ng @ladyhaja My thoughts and prayers are with Hannah. Thoughts and prayers.A lovely piece on food and memory by the fab @cookinboots @johnstaz88 @GNev2 Nope!! Don’t want to jinx em @johnstaz88 @GNev2 Accepted. FWIW I also have at least one more coming up (possibly two)It does rather take the fun out of finding ways to point out the ludicrousness of the man when he does things like… @johnstaz88 @GNev2 In fact let me help. It first dropped 8 months ago. @johnstaz88 @GNev2 And I'll politely tell you to go and listen to the Liane Le Havas episode. She is indeed vegan.For your Saturday listening pleasure: @GNev2 talks pie and chips, social responsibility and a plan for dealing with… @spinningjoe Honestly, it gave me flashbacks to the worst of The Corbyn era. I’d made my point. And I didn’t have i… @plattypants TBF us British hacks despair of this stuff too.
@judeinlondon2 Of course I understand that. I mean the fact that I’ve had books published in over a dozen languages… @Bovidiva Angel delight standing by @Bovidiva I’m going to have a long hard think about what I haven’t done.big thank you to everyone who replied to this. i've been blocking every single one of the approaches but only on in… twitter people: I get many messages to my public Facebook account (the open one for show info) asking to boo… @2tanyffordd @PhilRosenthal @netflix I'm meant to say Haddock cos of the leeds connection. But I'd probably say cod… 3 of #Somebodyfeedphil with @PhilRosenthal has dropped on @netflix. Episode 3 is London. In which I show Phi… @rac240464 well I think there have only been a couple of references. He's four down the line from now... so about a month's time.
@sazeracboy @NationalTheatre That bit in the video where I said deal with it? That was clearly directed at you. Let it go. @sazeracboy @NationalTheatre Of course it's not an original drink. it's vodka, lemon juice and sugar. How could th… apologies to all real mixologists the @NationalTheatre asked me to create a 70s themed cocktail to mark the st… for cocktail hour coming up later ahead of the steam of the marvellous This House by @NationalTheatre. No… interesting poll question here. Would be good to get Marina as many responses as possible., for one, am shocked. It did not for a moment occur to me that this was the case. Not once. Not ever. @Baddiel you're grown up? (Happy birthday, mate.) @janinegibson Plus you can make my cocktail to go with it. Video upcoming later today. @jo_is_ordinary Well, I like getting a reaction but that's a bit much. apologies.Man in suit terrified of woman doing her job.
For those of us who despair of this govt, take heart from the failure of Cummings to be removed. He has just become… @plattypants I never claimed to be nice.The Chancellor doing silver linings here, like a total pro. 50,000+ dead. BUT cheeky Nandos. The economy has been s… @Heatherhornett @mrJamesGraham @NationalTheatre on itYou know how, when we needed a new person to head up the Bank of England, we looked all over the world? Well, can't… @TagueMedia @GNev2 ha. Don't worry. I'm always ready with a link.Neil’s not wrong. @GNev2 is good on all those things and many more desires. Have a link to pop up on @BBCScotland talking to @kayeadams about the joys of take aways. As usual this is either a warni… @Hannahtrevelya1 @GNev2 Thank you. As I say, my interest in football is limited but he was fascinating. (and for tr… this is fun. We had a House of Commons bar on stage in the play for audiences to buy 1970s style drinks. Watchi…
Retweeted by Jay RaynerTo mark the stream of @mrJamesGraham's fab This House, he and the @NationalTheatre have asked me to devise a 70s co… you need a podcast to listen to, you could do a lot worse than @jayrayner1 "Out to Lunch". The latest one is wi…
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The Cummings issue expressed perfectly through the medium of song. Quality distraction. In lockdown the brilliant/singer pianist @tomseals has put together a rather lovely 30… @MarinaHyde @PaulBak05093414 Aww, bait and switch. You should have just stuck to the whole 'slumped over laptop for… @PaulBak05093414 @MarinaHyde No pot Noodle Shaming from this quarter. Marina can sustain herself however she sees fit. @RedReveal If you fancied sharing the link to the whole interview with @GNev2 it’s here. Def worth a listen. @mojorisin94 @NSFtwerk you really do have to have read almost nothing I've written to think for a moment I might be a Tory voter. @AphexGwyn @evilref he talks very well about that in the interview @LooseImpediment Thank you Barry, I'd say 'tell your friends' but you have.This is excellent, with the added bonus of why his dad is [really] named Neville Neville.
Retweeted by Jay RaynerHere you go: @MarinaHyde wraps up the god awful mess we are in. At least we have the glory of her prose. your lunchtime listening please, I'm going to punch this to the top again. The great @GNev2 talking pre-match p… of the best podcasts out there.
Retweeted by Jay RaynerJust realised I didn’t tag him so... my guest on Out To Lunch is @GNev2. And it’s a terrific bit of chat, over a Sp… free to dismiss this final result as merely representative of a particular slab of twitter. Or perhaps the ove…’ve often said I’ve not much interest in football. But I’m fascinated by Gary Neville: the social responsibility u…’s Tuesday which means it’s time to go Out To Lunch. This time I’m staying in for lunch and sharing a takeaway wi…
Specsavers' new advert
Retweeted by Jay Rayner @DalbyFirewood @SugnaNagol Gus, my love. This is your 4th tweet about me. You need to let it go because it’s starting to look like… we’ve all recovered from that thrilling press conference, let’s have an unscientific poll which makes us feel b… fucks sake, put Cummings out of our misery.What does it say about the Cummings as a couple, that they literally had NOT ONE PERSON in the city within which th… up who thinks they can drive a four year old child for 260 miles WITHOUT STOPPING?Oh look. Not exactly 30 minutes. amazing thing is that Cummings genuinely thinks this clears it all ups.This. hell. He had symptoms and drove about with them.When I was a kid, this slot on a bank holiday monday was for Disney Time. I’d kill for a bit of that right now.Oh leave Vicky be...