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Jay Rosen @jayrosen_nyu New York City

I teach journalism and direct the Studio 20 program at NYU, critique the press, direct @membershippzzle. 'Ambassador' for @decorrespondent's expansion to US.

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@clarkdotcomstar @brianstelter They don't have the same gift for subtracting from the viewers's knowledge. @sebastian_byron Fluffy.No, @brianstelter. What's distinctive about Conway is her capacity as a fog machine. Her gift is for subtracting fr… @kylegriffin1 @brianstelter My answer: Well, okay! Question this not, Times readers. The matter has now been settled. @readercenter @GinaVivinetto What is that? @EricColumbus @maggieNYT Okay, thanks.I don’t understand this tweet. Can someone help? Are there words missing? @chrislhayes I’m not convinced he’s a narrator at all. His sentences invite you to board them, but they never leave… is @ByronYork saying here? It’s hard to think of a more destructive figure among the high and mighty. One of h… our @membershippzzle research sprint this week we used @priyaparker’s rules for presence. We turned off tech…
Retweeted by Jay Rosen @lbastura You got nothing. @davidjustCST @BoschAcademy Well, thanks. My Twitter feed will, I hope, be maintained from Europe. @corinne_podger @membershippzzle @danieltheory @uxstrategist @OpenMatt @osnosis @JP_Gomes @gonzalodelpeon @emgollie @JCStarbuck3 That is a big part of it, yes.The key words are "the obvious." There is something about doing it in the open that makes this method extra menacin… friends: Just a reminder that I will be moving to Berlin for the summer to be a fellow at @BoschAcademy. I… 12 ET today you can join @membershippzzle researchers who have been studying membership in spaces other than jou… @Schaibly Aye."And he couldn't do it. He could not fucking die. How could he leave? How could he go? Everything he hated was here…
Wait. I thought he was a counter-puncher. Didn't you say he was a counter-puncher? (He did.) essay on this: @jessnmattmakes5 @haroldpollack You sound tense. @henryfarrell @normative Let us know. @normative Precisely."Guards barred an AP reporter from passing through a security checkpoint inside the building. When the reporter ask… of the most powerful words in journalism: help us investigate.
@mlalex43 Yeah, I don't buy it. A commenter at my Facebook page, Dave Logan, put it well: "I’m not sure Conway 'spe… @mlalex43 Okay, not tougher, just better. I still doubt it. The interviewee can always blow up an interview, can al… from the top. @mlalex43 I don't agree that "tougher" tactics would alter the situation. It would be like giving clear instructions to a fog machine.From my latest post, 'Why does CNN continue to have Kellyanne Conway on?' @Pletched @DavidCayJ @CNN @KellyannePolls David's POV is that more information is always better. He would rather kn… @sminchicago @brianstelter It's impossible for me to answer that. But... @jason_pontin @brianstelter Yes. A commenter at my Facebook page, Dave Logan, put it well: "I’m not sure Conway 'sp… common reactions to my new post, 'Why does CNN continue to have Kellyanne Conway on?' 1. Ratings, you idiot… @bubbatee65 You don't read well. @codytfenwick Correct. So why are they on? A commenter at my Facebook page, Dave Logan, put it well: "I’m not sure… @INN @vtdigger @knightfdn @HeyTimGriggs @ShorensteinCtr Thanks @HeyTimGriggs and @ShorensteinCtr for this. I visite… @jononomo You're on mute now. @SaSchroeder @jbenton @dangillmor @nytimes The headlines on app and web: almost two different stories,… @jayrosen_nyu @dangillmor @nytimes @jbenton Here are the lede and two other prominent headlines in the NYT's Reader…
Retweeted by Jay RosenNobody knows the answer to that, but we're trying to get @readercenter to find out for us. @lboesen2 @NormOrnstein Yep. Also, on the petty palace intrigue beat, with Stelter she made a big show of saying ho… @jbenton @dangillmor @nytimes Yep. That's how I originally experienced the story, @readercenter @jeffjarvis It is amazing. Still trying to understand it. @michellelambeau @readercenter are you getting this? bat signal has gone up for the Times Reader Center this morning after the curious decision to publish this stor… @dangillmor @nytimes From the headline to the lede to the news trigger to the decision to run anything at all about… @Elphygirl @EricSchultz @ivankasdaddy @brianstelter commenter at my Facebook page, Dave Logan, said: "I’m not sure Conway 'speaks for the President' as much as she s…"Why does CNN continue to have Kellyanne Conway on?" is my new post. I had to write it after @brianstelter intervie… @PhilippeReines Aye. @howardggoldberg Thanks, Howard. May be common, but I don't agree with its use in this case.Been saying this for a few years and said again a few days ago, but it bears repeating after today’s sunday shows.…
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A source familiar with the probe called the Sept. 1 deadline (asserted by Giuliani) “entirely made-up" and "another…
Retweeted by Jay Rosen @thenewsjunkie That you can't explain what you are referencing proves your point? Okey-dokey. Have a safe and pleasant evening. @thenewsjunkie Sorry, that doesn't explain it. Not sure what you're talking about. @thenewsjunkie Not sure what you mean. Perhaps you'd like to explain it. @lweatonNC I don't remember. @JohnGPettus No. @r0wdy_ @brianstelter See thread: attribution should come first, don't you think? @JimCaligiuri @brianstelter I don't think that is defensible, either. But Stone isn't paid by the taxpayers, has no… @joeff53 Meet the Press has about 4.2 million viewers, Face the Nation around 3.7 million, ABC's This Week around 3.5 million. @kevinkresse Not in the least. It means we need another logic to explain their frequency. Like this: @r0wdy_ @brianstelter @kellydraper @brianstelter I respect @brianstelter. To the campaign to discredit the news media he's adjusted bette… the "ratings, you idiot" people, who are out in force tonight. @ReginaMKenny3 @brianstelter Thanks, Regina. @KenGoodrich @brianstelter Thanks, Ken. @flame_cj @brianstelter People are smart. But their patience can be exhausted. And exhausting their patience is a political method. @Swiftie_Longliv @IamJerryA I'm not? I didn't know that. That's new information to me. @IamJerryA It wasn't. They weren't. @mags_cooney Thanks, Margaret. @DavidCayJ I get it. But television time is not the same as "who you talk to." A fog machine interviewed by a newsp… @pithywidow They don't know the answer to that, is my view. Flying blind on that one. @pithywidow Lurid spectacle is one reason. And once they can say, "he represents the president," then for most jour…