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jaysef @jaysef7 Trier, Germany

d.c/va schon so oft, oft verletzt

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@esderng i just wish you would step on me with those heels and just cut my throat open
@manwhateverdud3 there are better jobs out there @UnexpectedVidss @AnimeB00Bs69 u with twilly @tflxdd i didn’t get one this time >:( @tflxdd what a penis
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@B0aty give it to @metulzwek @AnimeB00Bs69 can u say $ada to $3 pls @AnimeB00Bs69 yeah i should fucking jump out window for selling eth, btc, early and then losing a session on 60% oddsi hope $xrp gets cancer @RyanAtRBM this one not bad @kudouka_na please let me get a sniff please just a fucking sniff i beg youfeds trying to hit us with the rico @notkeos youre the only that plays minecraft and fortnite please do not disrespect me like thatmy wife and her boyfriend just tested for covid. i don't sleep in the same room as them so i hope i will be negative
@2008_WEEZY ahahahahhahahhaha @tflxdd @StoryBoyTOY can you morons stop tagging me @StoryBoyTOY @DonHaci was fun for like 5 games. besides that its boring. i like getting more than 80 frames anyways @DonHaci battle royaleDudes be like damn I got no bitches then go log into old school runescape
Retweeted by jaysef @StoryBoyTOY @typho0nxv can’t say he did not deserve this one @syphyt @mezidog yes i am hating for being happy that someone else is moving on to something better good job mop head @mezidog @_BrianCS @syphyt @FranKCS_ @TriumphGamingGG @mooseloff it’s dead after junior goes to foriano NA teams in top 10. just as it was supposed to be @mezidog can i see pls @mezidog not even verified just semi pro, never made it out of mdl/adv whether that be NA or EUi don’t understand how former cs players move to VAL but still have CS in their twitter name @hoajuu @notkeos @moosemeatdealer wtf men i have u good offer @AnimeB00Bs69 useless coin @DonHaci get cancer wallah. fucking tether scam manipulating price @ascxndingz This worse
Retweeted by jaysef @InsightRh did u see email i was going to send my professor @InsightRh poggus real pogchamp moment that both of us are employed responsible humans in life @InsightRh he has gone crazy i miss him @InsightRh @_BrianCS big peepoosad..... maybe when vaccine comes outYOOOO WHAT THE HELL @mezidog im good salemenwhat kind of people do i do deal with
@CrypticNoOnee @zroyalflush_ @notkeos @XTQZZZ @MatthieuPECHE @MaT_CSGO @SOFTYgo you guys deserve so much more credit for what you do. gz mr xtqz. @AnimeB00Bs69 selling 50m rs3 pp only dm me
Retweeted by jayseflatvian committing fraud who knew @hard4tfl why are you in @meziyy room @mezidog @JoshNissan @fl0mtv O @mezidog @JoshNissan @fl0mtv didnt robiin get cleared though when it was proved he wasnt cheating but someone else @mezidog i only play leagues/hcim/ insider stakers @mezidog yep very annoying and aggravatingahaha give venny bonus to train acc and then he steals from me cause i don’t change password ahahbabba @manwhateverdud3 @whosryu i bet u influenced them to say those racist words smh @moosemeatdealer was right about you being grand wizard @whosryu @manwhateverdud3 +1 would be fun to see rage. if you break a computer at lan over me killing you then i want to see more @manwhateverdud3 why dont you stream halo @whosryu just dont get out your car @whosryu y not @whosryu wanna go places.1 away from A- and i sent my professor begging for it man im so sad if i get a B+ @homerhpc maybe clip demons makes a comeback and they pick up jaysef this time @lidglue can you tell 🥺 @slowiscool @_BrianCS @RyanAtRBM @mooseloff saying he is the future implies that he is staying in this game @tweissCS @RyanAtRBM we know tweiss we know @_BrianCS @RyanAtRBM @mooseloff he’s not the future @tweissCS @RyanAtRBM well i don’t think any of these players are smashing milfs so you’re good tyler
@JosiahCSGO @JosiahCSGO asian women are hot @JosiahCSGO you honestly look like one of my feminist professors i had for english in uni. @kber_cs @HiggasonAidan @FeedaleeCS @FeedaleeCS and @HiggasonAidan duo just differentpainting ceiling red if you dont give me sotd tonight @JagexAshidk man im just depressed
@manwhateverdud3 @ryanstoptalking put him in his place brianlisten, all i’m saying is i want your fat asian pussy. nothing else @moosemeatdealer @Opiate o,0 @moosemeatdealer time to hunt some tbows with me and @OpiateThe U.S. Justice Department is investigating whether last year’s epic Bitcoin rally was fueled in part by manipulat…
Retweeted by jaysef @mezidog @majeronn @meziyy what about @majeronn @meziyy he has to go poop outside first @StoryBoyTOY look discorduploading exam 18 minutes before it’s due and getting an error ahahahhahajajah @DatHaci @SongyuxinHBitcoin price vs Tether market cap versus Google Trends for search term "bitcoin"
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got a raise and holiday bonus today @heyitsFlorence how about none @JosiahCSGO @manwhateverdud3 this is no fun @manwhateverdud3 @JosiahCSGO i will sell his home addy or the one he’s living in for school @arzee44 mashallah now you can get it and play runescape all day @mezidog @Cormaaaa didn’t pay tax either @StoryBoyTOY @estelllexo i don’t know i just want fat pussy @estelllexo i will commit genocide for your fat pussy. @bannycs hahahahaha so funny ape! ahahahahahha! original! @bannycs dogshit clan did moron who else @bannycs they lost @mezidog @notkeos keosbobski @manwhateverdud3 @InsightRh 🤠 @manwhateverdud3 @InsightRh i have cancer i was fat @MannyQ164882 @CSimagesJeff @DatHaci eth master race good tweet manny. #lovemyfans! @CSimagesJeff @DatHaci i am poor venny plaese doneate @DatHaci mashallah brother we make it through this time @000KYLIAN overhyped and then he goes to charlotte the most boring team in league @DatHaci @carti__ @obsessedwtacos @TravCS @whosryu @notkeos @moosemeatdealer @eneshancsgo @_BrianCS @RyanAtRBM