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. @jaysef7 Trier, Germany

I am managed by a honeypot that is the member of the CCP. All tweets are the view of the CCP.

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what if a hole opened up in reality and swallowed you whole?WHY DOES HE WALK FUCKING UNDERPASS WITH AN AWPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPP @ToyWasFound @markbob_ i only said just make sure second toe not longer than first mane.... @markbob_ THAT WASNT ME IT WAS TOY"jaysef leave the discord i can not have this conversation with you" @DonHaci yo dont jinx like thisi just liked my ex's pic with her toes in it from 2 years ago i need help75 on my midterm and i tried so hard fmlkou cleaning the arena. @InstincT_V9 @CSGOEmpireV2 is going to take it all from me if it keeps up75k unrealized loss past 2 weeks loving life greatly
@tweissCS your cock is small and you no egirlsi need magixx and yekandir gold stickers badly @Arttubob @eneshancsgo @MnmzzzCS you guys can live with me i have extra room @RyanAtRBM @tweissCS lets go claim 25k ? @Marciikek @notkeos @moosemeatdealer actually goat series @aynatka @iwannafuckryu this was my goal @iwannafuckryu this is u when you meet @aynatka @notkeos me with my fetishesim free on march 6th @aynatka send pics of cati hope eth hits 1k @aynatka do i meet a thick asian woman who is going to stomp out my head and throat and destory my life mentally @aynatka time for another great day of sleep and depression @jaysef7 ?
Retweeted by . @iwannafuckryu this is a normal statement @moosemeatdealer kitten
@ToniSanx @ToniSanx howd u get this @ennpeecs @iwannafuckryu @markieieiofelt like napping so i left work early todayJohn David McAfee and executive adviser of his cryptocurrency team indicted in Manhattan federal court for fraud an…
Retweeted by . @viLeviLevi @liltunechiwzyfb this is fraser @liltunechiwzyfb good tweet daleyso fly the feds labeled me a flight risk
Retweeted by . @tflxdd @majeronn no he throws them in 10 mans, that’s only time he try’s hard @tflxdd @majeronn life of him: wake up throw smokes and flashes he won’t use in his pugs, dms for three hours befor… @tflxdd @majeronn johnyzade vs day0s @notkeos @arzee44 got to make my teammates feel good for a little bit but never too long @arzee44 @ennpeecs @Faceit_Mikey who ? @arzee44 you look handsome today @JSXIce so 1 game @moosemeatdealer praying for repentance but im still sinning.thank you for unban facebook mikey. youre a real one @Faceit_Mikey @ReedOsrs @B0aty VITTU @Nohte can you do the world a favor and make this brians hltv pic @JosiahCSGO @heyitsFlorence jerk off eat a burrito look at instagram girls go to tiktok next realize youre ugly and… @B0aty @BFRocket_ such a handsome lad @majeronn @_johnyzade dont need deadweight @karenxtran yeah my lifeno one to pug withttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt sadfeace @joshm1cks @RyanAtRBM @MosesGG yeah it’s basically just friends and washed up players in lower tiers who switch or go back to playing @moosemeatdealer @ryanstoptalking put a bag over it and
A team that regularly bootcamps with strippers has just beaten @FNATIC @morxzas Now you know what we need.
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Retweeted by . @iwannafuckryu @BalaF_Anderson brazilian lives matter now @iwannafuckryu @BalaF_Anderson can i sex herrewarding myself with a nice six hour break after only working for a hour at work @HLTVorg @karriganCSGO please revive one last career @neLendirekt good guy mr nelwhy don’t you love me then @estelllexo @RyanAtRBM if they make it, probably won’t @RyanAtRBM i bet they’ll have to cover it up at the major @ToniSanx i wanted to sell but ryan told me it was illegal for what i wanted to do @ToniSanx me but crypto :D @CSGOEmpireV2 damn he quotes @mezidog but doesn’t buy his rsn for empire coinsbro u didnt have to ruin my dreams like that @iwannafuckryu @cisjender @ToyWasFound THATS MY PRESIDENT RIGHT THERE YES SIRRRRRRRRWOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO BIDEN ALREADY BOMBING BROWN PEOPLE MORE THAN TRUMP assignments in 5 hours? time to snort some addy" ur so quiet " thanks im not comfortable around u
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why do you all want to be me so bad, i do it first and its weird, time later and youre doing same shit i do. holy fuckbought an alaskan king sized mattress for no reasonmainly india and pakistanPlease nuke all of asia besides china @POTUSam i still alivegood song @mezidog @aizyesque i think it would be ruined because of @iwannafuckryu would name everyone but himself the n word @iwannafuckryu me with songyu sat night
Retweeted by . @vmvre surprise surprise, caterpillar eyebrows doesn’t finish another edit @55Chads @CSGOEmpireV2 @ReadySetSad @Foxdogjones forgot you bought ryan a rolls royce last month @CSGOEmpireV2 @ReadySetSad @55Chads @Foxdogjones when are we going to be rich and successful like jooppi said @markieieio do you think she’ll peg me @tweissCS boooooo this is boring we want some fat asian pussy1/8 One year ago, the left-leaning government of Berlin introduced unprecedented rent controls. Lots of economist…
Retweeted by . @liltunechiwzyfb good night @RyanAtRBM announce eg 5th come on mr leaker @Cormaaaa @tflxdd l00000l go next @Cormaaaa @PunishedKlaid splitBREAKING: Chinese court rules homosexuality can be called a mental disorder -NYP
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