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be vulnerable. be vulnerable. be vulnerable. even when it hurts. even when it’s embarrassing. even when vulnerabili…
Retweeted by jay @MuvaaBeee @ThegirlJT that’s rightly my sis I was jus askin @ThegirlJT ain’t u a song writer @Casper101Susie how is this funny @SterlenTweets I @MannyBuckley yup remember himplz respect us 90s babies. we literally had to go thru the last years of SLAVERY @OchunLadde u was always pretty @noname i’m the most positive account on here 😔❤️I jus don’t trust these niggas
@kaelinellis lmaaaoooo @Netouno 😈viola davis is the anita baker of actresses @TheyDavis this @DlORONMYBODY you do demonic shit. don’t play @DlORONMYBODY demonic ass niggadon’t study me u won’t graduate @haiku_king lmao @sugarpIanez I kno
🤍 @agrowinggirl333 omw @philly_mia he said if we’d only trust in jesus .... we will always see the lightjus seen a onlyfans video w my music playin in the back. the lord will give u confirmation in ways youd never imagine. god bless yall @chinaallthat nah I seen somebody get burned in the casketI never knew that when they cremate people they burn them up and they burn the casket at the same time @jennypaid plz whatI don’t allow white ppl in my house @LilNasX oh shit @edward_secret ? @bigflowersworld for a white person you cute asfthis a airport gift shop @durandbernarr omajahahaiwahsgwgwvwhwisisjsn @traexuchiha this is my account? @DarrenJGraham hb brahnumerology is scary asfit’s all fun and games till they can’t get a job cause they black u had 2 pick one song to wake up to for the rest of ur life on the planet, what would u choose?
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@MakaliaShayy shut up @pattycake__s ion need 2hugging dogs is like a fresh of breath air @sza ion like ppl filming me without asking period. @prodby_james @airospvce so what’s it gonna be @babyklit access granted. I love the math here @gwstrav obviously not the shit u needphysical touch acts of service words of affirmationI jus heard a british nigga say fatty acids @airospvce this is the person I wanna marry @SAUVIGNONcam bet @baldessarii1 u evil too brah @fstopongo @nurystheplanet right bitch i’m in east la broke asf @samohtnella ion want no smokeno homo but JID deserves every blessing life could ever offer him @Xumat_MDJ masbhsshhshshsjsn @Cosmiq @DAMAGEDTROOPk9 oh brother. y’all r hilarious. I obviously spoke on that to point out how populated downtow… @JayCinema_ 😭 @talaya_music @joshuacalebx that’s obvious. we know why ppl can’t afford. the problem is that these units are empty… @kosherDYL @joshuacalebx oh I had no clue it was easy for african americans to afford jobs. lemme tap in @joshuacalebx WHEW the anger! he said nigga shut up at this point @joshuacalebx we know what yu said and it’s still not making sense. these prices aren’t normal period. and that sho… when I say thousands I mean THOUSANDS, there’s over 100,000 empty units in downtown LA. los angeles is an illus… LA has thousands of empty apartments and studios and yet the streets are filled w homeless folks, at night… @uzumakigallery okay manifestation <3 #newmoonrituals @saunt__ y’all kent niggas going to hell @_flexulant BET BLACKS. I love you ❤not 2021 tryna take rolling ray from us @sadhugold sorry
this is actually fire @euIVmusic this is so meancan somebody show me how to mix really good on ableton. help a niggaanyone who talk shit about their “bestfriends” are questionable & not to be trusted. u purposely associating with t… @LilNasX I felt that “lol” at the endall I care about is music and god @blackxparty kingI hope marvin gayes father is rotting in hell right now @TaylorBlack yea but we was the biggest sacrifice in the world @unknownunheard_ RIGHT @itsDarrylx I studder?caucasian witchcraft be powerful asf. that’s the shit we need to start demonizing @thegenzplug periody’all really sleep on jay versace’s music
Retweeted by jay @yungbbq OH MY @JayCinema_ LESGOOOO @durrellyrell u > @Duhhitzz_Morgan i’m bouta block you @peytonpearson omw
when jay versace tweet i be understandin
Retweeted by jay @Ethurlsol lips @shylennox on my face yes& sacrifice is not just always involving animals. sometimes it’s taking away things materialistic or shit you THOUG… @marcosalvarado_ I need everything u makeand if you can’t conceptualize that stay out of its way. @saniah__ MICKYELLE MYERSSZso did we all just wake up from a wild ass dream or.... @agrowinggirl333 easy money @YIKESCRIS going to hell for smokingleo’s will swear up and down they not like the other leo’s.nobody: singers in the 90s: “window pane“ @uzumakigallery that’s my job 😤🤍when I say if you were honest you could never disappoint me I MEAN THAT. if you communicated how you feel and liter… be in yall favorite movie this year and y’all don’t even know yet