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Juliano Zaffino @jayzaff Stratford-Upon-Avon, England

“Now Lisa’s the Ralph!” Writer, Shakespeare PhD, book person, @_yourshelf_ creator. He/him. 🏳️‍🌈 Debut poetry collection out now, link below!

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Can confirm all the gays are cancelled forever xI mean this is to say nothing of Gay conservatives. PICK A STRUGGLEGays who unironically like football are so oppressed I can’t even comprehend
The single most exciting thing in my life is THIS and I’m so honoured and happy to be working away on these words 😭… myself this evening to the gentle soul-soothing beauty of this 30min live set from @HAIMtheband. Women In… @emeramchugh I never replied to your email because I wanted to reply when I was more *positive* but I did/do apprec… From The Middle Of A Double Bed 🛏 a new draft* poem *I gave up on fixing/finishing this hot mess but fi… Statement from the Royal Exchange Theatre - July 2020 >>
Retweeted by Juliano ZaffinoEveryone and their mother has been raving about this book and you know the worst thing about all that hype? It’s wo… and mistakes etc greetings from my roomy double-bed, where I regret staying up until almost 4am writing about my mattres…
I think often of Nadya Tolokonnikova, in her book Read and Riot, writing about reading to combat anxiety towards th… dates are when I finished each book btw, not necessarily when I started – some were started slowly in January,…’s the end of June + I’m full o’ feelings, but I have read 30 books this month (including the best book of the ye… @_Andrea1991 Hahaha we are so doing this in the post-plague future, we deserve a campy montage tbh @bringthecat That’s what I thought haha! They always have the word for it... and thank you 😘Is there a word for when you get teary over the sudden gap in your wardrobe because the lack makes you sad but you’… past few days has mostly consisted of taking over sole responsibility of all my bills and honestly I’m not a fanDELICIOUS BOOK POST PART 2: THANK YOU @tramppress legends for putting me out of my misery, I could barely wait for… BOOK POST PART 1: Thank you @makinabooks for sending these beauties! The most exciting bounty of poetry f… @joelpttn Honestly hard same 😭 who needs a man when I have Jessie Ware?Well-meaning (and mostly left-leaning) people who don’t do the work and accidentally spread misinformation are a pr… also her conscious efforts to read more work by Black writers and other writers of colour is so important becau… grateful to @florencemachine for talking about her trans and queer followers with me in the podcast last sum…
Love having friends who ~get~ me it too on-the-nose to be wearing my beloved ALWAYS LONELY hoodie while my ex moves out? 🤔 Rebecca Solnit if you’re reading this and you want to, oh, I dunno, do a career retrospective interview on The Y… think I’ve read + reviewed all 28 of Rebecca Solnit’s books in this here thread... am I missing any?! My admirati… WE’RE DONE! My final Rebecca Solnit book, and her first, published thirty years ago. Secret Exhibition: Six Cal… @ivyatmidnight Love this, love you ♥️This is me screaming into the ol’ digital void asking you all to simultaneously encourage and discourage me please…’m writing a sequel essay no one asked for because it turns out a) I’m Still Sad, and also b) I Have Lots Of Other… entry in my Rebecca Solnit completionist readathon! Her 2014 book of essays The Encyclopedia of Trouble… Rebecca Solnit read - nearly there! As Eve Said To The Serpent is a captivating collection of ninetee… @suddenlyjoseph the best thing to ever happen to me is the existence of this video more duo of Rebecca Solnit’s books, this time her two longest and most wonderfully sprawling: Savage Dreams and… is 9:23am and I have Avril Lavigne’s Sk8er Boi stuck in my head. I would like to check out of this body and this… someone tell Papa Steve to lead with this next time? Twitter is not a suspense novel 😭
Here’s a few of our #ReadForYourRights featured books: Rebecca Solnit, Mary Jean Chan, Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie, Tr…
Retweeted by Juliano ZaffinoAnd again: another pair of the brilliant Rebecca Solnit’s books read over the last few days: 2003’s River of Shadow… @flomachinenews Just RTing everyone’s favourite transphobe nbd 🥴Stephen King is one more oopsie away from me just donating my entire collection of his books 🥴Can you imagine the things I’d be tweeting if I wasn’t being reined in by the many books on nonviolence I’ve been reading lately???Punch a Nazi, punch a transphobe, punch a conversion therapistI’m a bit behind on posting, but I read these two Rebecca Solnit books earlier in the week and loved them: Hollow C…'re in 💛 with these finished copies of #BlueInChicago 📘 This collection introduces UK readers to a wry, brillian…
Retweeted by Juliano ZaffinoIf you're liking my tweets but have an 'I stand with JKR' stance that's a block! I've no time for it, terfs out
Retweeted by Juliano ZaffinoBut seriously imagine being blessed enough to wake up next to this cute happy early morning face and not appreciati… morning daydreaming about all the changes I’m gonna make to my home and life when I finally start living alon… my hair looks like Jedward tonight is a devastating, humbling reminder that hairdressers hold so much pow…
I’ve always been an angsty writer but being torn between heartbreak and righteous indignation has really done a num… glad to discover that many of you believe love is love, but unfortunately it is still embarrassing to be strai…
Retweeted by Juliano ZaffinoIn case you somehow missed me going on about this: my first published short story ‘Everything Encroaching’ appeared… look nice today and here’s the proof (and yes, I did get dressed up “to go to the theatre”... at home...) you @oldvictheatre for the chance to relive #OVLungs this afternoon from the comfort of my sofa - the final s… absolute fucking state of white people on this infernal hell-site pretending that a woman, voice acting as a bo…’ve watched four seasons of Fairly Oddparents this week (literally my quarter-life crisis) and the show is a lot f… also I need to be stoppedPaul Mescal viewed my Instagram story in which I referred to him and Andrew Scott as both my thirst poems come to l…
So because I live under a rock called relentless fatigue, I hadn’t watched any of @sarahcpr’s videos until I watche… @_Andrea1991 @HolehouseLucy Yeahhh I definitely do see both sides, idk. I just have to wonder if there wasn’t *anyo…“It’s fucked up but it’s true that I love you like I do... It’s tough to get through, either way I’m gonna lose” 😭😭😭 @emeramchugh Yes to ALL of this @_Andrea1991 I actually don’t mind the age part, for him or whoever plays Ophelia!!! But like... is there not a mor… @_Andrea1991 (To clarify, I don’t hate him, just the idea...) @_Andrea1991 😂😭 let me live with my hate xDevastated of course to have to wait a whole extra year for this especially when I feel such a need to dance myself… Ian McKellen as Hamlet is the most boring concept I’ve ever heard pls don’t @ me 😭😭😭Honestly am I an influencer yet? @veryrareSimon @HolehouseLucy Omg love you 😍In The Afternoon She Carried Her Ghost Into The Garden Under Her Arm 🌷 a new poem, for my friend Lizzie Hardy while you’re looking at Lizzie, don’t look at: my crossed feet, my lockdown haircut, my weird body, or my dain… a few hours with my lovely friend Lizzie yesterday, and a belated homemade birthday cake! It’d been ten month…
So... @JessieWare blessing this hot, restless night with a hot, restless new album is everything to me 🥵🔥’all, today someone compared my messy-ass handwriting to Björk’s and I just want to say that my parents and all my… @HannahBrumby Yes!!!!! That’s what prompted this tweet 😂 the one with custard inside and a strawberry on top... may… pair of Solnit collabs, which I read yesterday: The Battle of the Story of the Battle of Seattle, written w… I die, bury me in a giant cruffinSorry but I feel like we should boycott Normal People fan fiction 😭 this is almost as bad as bringing it back for a…
Introducing Series 6: Derby Presented by Paines Plough and @DerbyTheatre THE PRICE OF HO…
Retweeted by Juliano Zaffino @veryrareSimon I mean yeah it’s beautifully written and perfectly performed and all, but the t-shirt stole the show, sorry xHere’s a trio of books I read last night, Rebecca Solnit + Mark Klett’s three collaborative photobooks: Yosemite In… has NOT been listening to Gaga’s new album and it shows’s the little things ☺️
Retweeted by Juliano ZaffinoBack on my Rebecca Solnit readathon with two beautiful artistic collaborations I read yesterday afternoon: A Califo… all my previous Solnit reviews into this thread!) Hope In The Dark: Whose Story… I’m taking selfies and posting them instead of preparing for the supervision, your point is???????Pretty in pink (lol) for this month’s virtual supervision – putting some effort into my on-camera appearance to com… strings of messages to sleeping friends cancelling men on the internet because I’m tired and can’t get back…
While I’m ranting I just need to say: if you are in any way left-leaning, liberal, “woke”, progressive, whatever wo… @lmplimmer I totally understand that - I keep having two-week periods where I can’t read a thing and then a sudden…*known antisemite and general clump of garbage Mel Gibson accused of antisemitic and (homophobic) garbage behaviour… @lmplimmer Most of the time I just read like my life depends on it? 😂 (in fairness, those five Solnit books combine… much of my time alternating between stress eating and stress reading – today, with no snacks in the flat,… @lauraewaddell Sorry Laura, I couldn’t find you to tag you! ♥️Just think how unproductive I could’ve been if Am*zon hadn’t sent me the wrong version of the new remastered Spongebob game 🤐Bail funds all over the country have raised many millions of $$ from millions of new donors. I wrote about the hist…
Retweeted by Juliano Zaffino“Damn I love books”, he thinks, picking up his fourth book of the day 🤡