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Warning. I argue with trolls and make stupid comments. Farts frequently. IDC anymore - Inquiries

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2009 Expensive PC vs 2019 Budget PC - BENCHMARKED! via @YouTube
@Barnacules Fact check goobers watching Husky videos on youtube before school.
Don't Make These Threadripper Mistakes! via @YouTube
@SingularityC Hey guys. I did read the manual, and I had quite a bit of tubing and a large funnel feeding the res.…
Now what do I do?? via @YouTube
These two knuckleheads couldn’t be any more different than they are in physical abilities and personality. Yet they…
ICYMI- This Threadripper 3970X Build is INSANE! - New Editing Rig via @YouTube
New video going live in 15min. I haven't been this excited for new hardware in a long time... its worth having a lo…
Progress report: PBF is down to 18.3, a new record low for me. Gained another 2lbs of muscle since my last body sca…
We will still be covering the 3950X, just have to wait until they are available for retail and hope our retail part…’ve been asked a bit why I didn’t review the @amd 3950X. Truth is we weren’t included in the review sampling. We h…
Can the human eye see a difference in refresh rates? Fast monitor testin... via @YouTube
We didn't think this stupid mod would work... via @YouTube
Are AMD's new 3950X / 3960X / 3970X Worth waiting for? via @YouTube
@Barnacules @Benathon @TacomaPolice @VoodooDoughnut @krispykreme But it’s not their twitter. It’s a fan page 🤦🏻‍♂️
@LinusTech Looks as if John Sena skipped every workout ever @gamerpaul89 @SimonQC Pansy @Pagoff94 Oof @rsWhosdr It will default time single channel
@SimonQC FINALLY! SOMEONE GOT THE FUCKING JOKE! Ill explain it for the other "slow" people out there... I used th… @Behemoth88 As I told someone else... Joke separate the intelligent from the "insert whatever insult you want here" @SilentService2 @GenYDiogenes 81 (insert gray hair joke heere) @UptVeezo @The_Alienhead Jokes are the fastest way to separate the intelligent from the.... others @GoldKeysPlease, “Ok Boomer” is just the latest “Bye Felicia” on my birth year I’m technically a millennial. But I identify as a Boomer. Fite meTrack day at ACS this weekend. Anyone want car related social posts this Sunday? Probably no video. Not easy to han… @97Overshell @RockstarGames Blah blah blah blah blah blah
@Sowefuio @RockstarGames I posted about that last night and already figured that out ;) @caronsylvain79 @GeorgeTakei @Barnacules @paulhardware @bitwitkyle Open enrollment just means we can raise or lower… @heltonfonias @Slider6996 @RockstarGames That’s what one of the board partners told me @heltonfonias @Slider6996 @RockstarGames I wish people would stop assuming that steam is going to be better. Steam… @Slider6996 @RockstarGames Steam still uses the rockstar launcher..... @shaneshort It’s the circle of life these days @caronsylvain79 @GeorgeTakei @Barnacules @paulhardware @bitwitkyle I can tell you’re not super familiar with how ou… @whiskeynt @bitwitkyle @GregSalazarYT Yes I’ve seen it. Unfortunately. I’ve also never been demonitized so that’s a plus @whiskeynt @bitwitkyle @GregSalazarYT Dude all the kids channels are parents trying to cash in on the latest craze. L 100% for this change @JerrodduBois @dsanger88 @alwaysspookin @RockstarGames That’s exactly how mine is setup and I got mine running again @whiskeynt @bitwitkyle @GregSalazarYT This will not pertain to us or affect us very much if at all. This will howev… @Will_Elfier @RockstarGames Except this has only been used on 1 PC Will.... don’t assume you know what’s going on with my setup @JerrodduBois @dsanger88 @alwaysspookin @RockstarGames That’s going to be part of the issue. That contains all the game settings @Low_Eek_ Im also a reviewer with a HUGE following that I can warn! @JerrodduBois @dsanger88 @alwaysspookin @RockstarGames Also disable any monitoring software like Afferburner, and turn off windows defender @JerrodduBois @dsanger88 @alwaysspookin @RockstarGames Delete the folder I mentioned and launch it again @JerrodduBois @dsanger88 @alwaysspookin @RockstarGames I got mine to come back by deleting the red dead folder in t… @dsanger88 @JerrodduBois @alwaysspookin @RockstarGames Just finished @JerrodduBois @dsanger88 @alwaysspookin @RockstarGames Put it on a usb stick and load BIOS from startup. Then use t… @JerrodduBois @dsanger88 @alwaysspookin @RockstarGames You’ll likely need the latest EFI update for your bios. This… @JerrodduBois @alwaysspookin @dsanger88 @RockstarGames Did your issue start after the switch to DX12 like mine? @dsanger88 @JerrodduBois @RockstarGames Not sure yet. I had already uninstalled it lol. But I’ll test it to verify.… @dsanger88 @JerrodduBois @RockstarGames I found the settings XML file where I can go in and change it back to Vulkan with notepad @dsanger88 @JerrodduBois @RockstarGames Didn’t work for me eitherFor whatever reason I decided to give DX12 a try with Red Dead Redemption 2 hoping it would help. Well now it’s jus… @sledgehammer70 I can’t even play this game. It’s literally unplayable for me @ImSkyzr Unfortunately that’s the type of troubleshooting that I can’t help with without having the components. I’d… @Nekrosmas @ultrawide219 Specs? @Edvin1984 How do you survive being that dumb?
@lfcskinnyp Lol. That’s unfortunate @MaybeSomeDayX1 @UnfocusedTech This was also the case with GTAV and Steam. Did you never notice launching the game… @jordanro14 @Justins_tbh You can’t argue with this guy. He’s unwilling to even try to comprehend where we are coming from. Save your energy @ITSTHETYLER @UnfocusedTech The AMD army can’t deny this is a serious issue, but this isn’t AMDs issue. It’s rockstars @MaybeSomeDayX1 @UnfocusedTech Epic still uses rockstar launcher @hardwarecanucks Yeah I just experienced my 3rd in game crash in the first mission alone. @Justins_tbh Never preorder ever @UnfocusedTech System specs? We have seen people on AMD based systems have more issues than IntelSo far my experience with #RedDeadRedemption2 1. Menu freezes and becomes unresponsive 2. Benchmark won’t load 3.… @RockstarGames EVER make a menu system that doesn’t suck?We got the GPU working again! Here's how! via @YouTube @MrFish_114 @Xx_physx_xX Someone got it!! @connerbrook40 @Barnacules I didn’t know that until now so now I know that. So add that to the list of known things… @Rukh_Whitefang Gorgeous @joshuaheslop @Bladeyama And that’s something softies will never understand @XxAntiNWOxX 494 ;) that extra 94lbs made a pretty big different. You’ll know when youre ready. @lankyhunkofjunk I don’t bring this on myself, it comes looking for me. I just don’t take shit from anyone and pans… @Xx_physx_xX Perri-Air @TeeLee2K And if you think this is my “entire personal life” then I got some beachfront property in Arizona I’ll sell you for cheap @TeeLee2K Well not everyone uses the full 5% of their brain 🤷🏻‍♂️ @HobbesCaltous I’m only a veteran of this terrible internet space @lankyhunkofjunk I won’t block you, but I’ll remind you that your opinion is.... yours. And not one I share or will listen to. @jack77o Too much sugar @The_Astroneer They are blocked @Barnacules I know everything except the things I don’t. OBVIOUSLY @Im_iTNB @PopoAU I’ve said it a million times. Their opinion means nothing to me. What’s important is putting them… @PopoAU Lol. @MrVolbas @Barnacules @bpbozard Someone asked me if I wanted to start a fitness channel and i was like HARD NO @KOS_NECROVOLT Healthier AND saltier! @Barnacules Obviously I know this @OW_Bunny GoodbyeThe amount of people trying to “correct” my methods of health. Seriously, get out of here. My results are my result… @Leejames1 @RockPebbleOre Goodbye Lee @CleanCutVids @jorgeandres_9 @Zedelwon You guys don’t know shit
@GrandMFlash Lol you can’t even insult without looking like an idiot @CleanCutVids @Zedelwon Lol speak for yourself @RockPebbleOre First no. Second why would I give a fuck what anyone else thinks?Answering your questions regarding my health changes/lifestyle @DragutinMaric @Barnacules @LinusTech @WorldofWarships We tried to make ours entertaining. Admiral Jay was the most… @Mathew30 Going vegan is fine but please make sure you take protein supplements. There are plenty of vegan options.…