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JayzTwoCents @JayzTwoCents Watercooled, USA

Warning. I argue with trolls and make stupid comments. Farts frequently. IDC anymore - Inquiries

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@sepsev82 It’s not neon. It’s led @JasonPCtech Views have actually been fantastic. Hope you feel better soon
@KrustyYates Dreamweaver @thenightcreeper I’ll assume you’re being sarcastic @dobrien323 They are also screwed together underneath so they don’t slide apart @TailsFurse Yes. It’s a whole different house @DasIstWalter96 It was actually the 8120 at that time @dobrien323 It’s two 74” @WindshieldWip10 RGB wasn’t even really a thing then @RiveraEzequias @111kyoma The RGB is a mix of Phillips Hue and Canvas lights from Nanoleaf @Yuki_KVGM Yep. I have a 4 video series where I built the room and showed how u did it. @gerrit_immink But it has more pixels than both the other monitors conbined!I found this old pic of the setup I had when I started YouTube. Not a bad setup given the budget at the time! Old v… @kamar653 The voltage is fine. Input voltage is supposed to be 1.7-1.8 on factory settings. Your VCore is what you… @S_Wood92 @Funtclap @Exevium Only the OGs know
@Funtclap @Exevium It’s actually a hashtag #jayzadickhole @philliplamb36 @Exevium No. Because there’s a sub set of people following who just sit around tapping their feet wa… @Exevium @wraithisop Of course. But what do you mean by "regulated"? I regulate it myself, with the block button. A… @Exevium @wraithisop That has nothing to do with it. I just dont care to see their whining. @Exevium @surma_83 They dont call it Luxe 2, they changed the name to 719. Thats why Google probably couldnt find a… @OfGrainn @LinusTech @MarkCarlsson3 Lol @HaraldBj @bitwitkyle @randomfrankp How many panties did you buy? @Exevium ... we already did @AltschulerYoshi @DBT_Rusty @LinusTech @68HEMIdart @TR_Shotz @summit1g @JoblessGarrett @StIcKyRamee @CDNThe3rd Beautiful pooch. Hope you’re coping as well as can be @RockChalk_KU_ @SirDux @LinusTech No he’s going to MORE friend me now
@SirDux @LinusTech Im not saying that’s not the way it should have been. But the original screenshot also painted a… @RobertoWw3 No because the coolant will never go below ambient @Mztealer1 @clamgg @LinusTech I didn’t say it was a good design.... I merely painted the rest of the picture @paulhardware @LinusTech Paul choosing the right boxes ❤️ @Mztealer1 @LinusTech ... if you don’t want mid roll ads then what does it matter?! This is an opt out for the change. @LinusTech You left out the rest of the email... I fixed it for you @tehjughead No @NabeelLodhi12 No @Ekimnosredna @bitwitkyle @randomfrankp They didn’t respond @shawn42562 @hardwarecanucks When did I say anything about stupid questions? @hardwarecanucks Only two kinds of people usually speak up on those mass briefing calls. Type 1 - Makes a really o… @lrobbo314 Oh I laugh at cancel culture. They can fornicate themselves @Affaan @bitwitkyle @randomfrankp
@MrBrittfire @bitwitkyle @randomfrankp But now we know of at least one brand you’ve considered! @JulTLAOfficial @bitwitkyle @randomfrankp 6’4 @MrBrittfire @bitwitkyle @randomfrankp It only worked if you go buy some @xMazithrax @LordAtropa @bitwitkyle @randomfrankp It’s 1% female actually @randomfrankp @melarn @bitwitkyle You know... I think you’re right @5eanT @bitwitkyle @randomfrankp I used all my fancy words @melarn @bitwitkyle @randomfrankp Hahahhhahhhhahhahahahahana! K buddy. @blacksheepcosmo @bitwitkyle @randomfrankp Did you go buy any? @melarn @bitwitkyle @randomfrankp Haha Phil and I were just discussing that someone was going to get their “panties… @bitwitkyle @randomfrankp My response to them... @ThomasF65926686 Fortunately I haven’t made that mistake yet @FadedCBBExpert You don’t speak car do ya?“The new brakes, suspension and rear axle look so nice on the 67... but the brake lines are so ugly...” Proceeds… @tehjughead Go buy it? What are you asking me? @ItsMrsDragon @ellojaz @d3s34t @LinusTech I didn’t call you out, just a minor correction 😉 @MasonUpchurch8 Save as much money as you can. Not sure what other kind or advice to give you... @ItsMrsDragon @d3s34t @LinusTech It’s just Jay. Not Jay Z @tanvirulislam46 You are an idiot @sk_czech No @SomeKwark That’s SO cool!
@MamaLuigi714 Mexico and Vegas @ManiacMineKraft That’s a REALLY cool story! The best @paulhardware I saw it when I was recording and was like... wait.... that’s not like the others...The only thing that bothers me about the amount of arial fireworks is we live in a VERY dry fire prone area. But ye… @Alboknows_ They are with me in bed now, we are watching The Office nice and loud to drown out the soundThis has got to be the most intense year I can ever remember regarding illegal fireworks. I personally am indiffere…
Er... I mean hope. But sure, have fun with your holes tooHappy Independence Day. I hole everyone had a fun and safe holiday. @TomJone50094239 @Leopard_IX No... I just know how to play.... don’t whine because you’re bad at the game
@Leopard_IX @TomJone50094239 Truth. People just like to hate @revmouse Going really well @lasthand @YouTube Good. So my saying of about 80F was well below dangerous @lbroskee @GavinFree
How to paint a computer case. The Cheap and EASY way! via @YouTubeCar Channel Upload! -- Installing the new custom Moser Rear End in the 67 Camaro @GavinFree Thanks Gavin... this is why we can’t have nice things... @MorpheusXTRM201 But I’m not Canadian...? @steveken They are REALLY heavy @steveken Karlb counter tops from Ikea
@PurisBordeaux Back? I never left... you new around here? Lol @merlin5153 What clan? @NoZoupForYou_ Me @spy_main3668 That’s a really cool story @ameliabutgay So just because someone criticizes something you expect people to bend to your wishes? Never in my 39… @PharaohSteve "Carried by clan" I fixed it for yaSome of the absolute most awful World of Warships players I see usually have Clan tags on... some of the best playe… @ameliabutgay I’m sick of everyone getting so offended. Thanks for your insight on the word. Have a nice night @ameliabutgay Yes. Because you obviously know that’s not the context. I wont say anything else to you on the matter @ameliabutgay Stop
@Kumacs56 No. Interior is too small for me @daniel4851 Thats the one with the LCD right? It wont light up until its plugged in to USB and seen by CAMWhy are people switching to AMD? via @YouTube @itblngsnamuseum @AnneG143 @DisneyCruise Star Wars day at sea also has a pirate night @Mztealer1 @UFDisciple @M1K33EE @YouTube That’s is entirely possible. I have been with Fullscreen for 8 years. And… @Mztealer1 @UFDisciple @M1K33EE @YouTube Don’t listen to this guy @UFDisciple @M1K33EE @YouTube It’s not a bother that they are tagging me. What you are going through it bullshit. A… @M1K33EE @UFDisciple @YouTube Im not sure what you expect me to do? This is one of the reasons we still belong to an MCN. @Telenikros No
@JDowling88 Stand back a few feet when you open it @Squid_that_flys @frickingphil lol! Stay in your lane