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i like noodles more than donuts. big fan of basketball, mental health, and my son. you can follow my alt if you want @jazz_inourpants

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@BeaReno thank you! ❤️ @cian21496303 thank you @jazz_deleted @sabinestain @thiccybarnes @wundertollerer's funny when spotify ads try to get me to buy a peloton bike or tickets to a broadway show like buddy if i had 5… @nicothe420th trevor is not having fun. sucks for trevor @zinoviev1 i'm Team Jacoba relationship just ended in my mentions @matchu_chutrain good morning handsome :)oh man this doin numbers @SportsCenter pushed him to have a big game even though he didn’t even hear what you said until you told him what y… @jbfan911 @badboychadhoy SHEEEESH @jazz_deleted @vxckchelle @tallbutdumb @amalek000 @fadel0h @thiccybarnes @sabinestain @SpindleFlames ooh we got a live one @thiccybarnes big difference between On the white house and In the white house. Just ask any bird that got gunned d… will really put bernie anywhere but the white house
i should call her @Flora__Flora wait my name is eli! @ValterSkarsgard Mr. President with all due respect don’t you have anything better to do @stuartfiddle apology accepted @WorldWideWob this is filthy
@DrakeGatsby it would be so funny tho omg can u imagine @lcyitz no but you are don't read into this i just thought it was funny @MichaelaOkla just an awful episode start to finish. sending love to turtle kids and their families @MichaelaOkla was this because of the bachelor lmao @matchu_chutrain @huh_unknown quick question sorry what did you mean when you said no crumbs @matchu_chutrain i told you that in confidence 💔💔 @jbfan911 this was fun lets do it again sometime @jbfan911 if your uncle's sister is not your aunt what is she @jbfan911 wanna hear a riddle @meganamram you can rest now @LiamWBZ now that i've tweeted this, we can truly begin healing 🙏take me to the moon boys 🚀🚀why is it called unity and not wenitylegalize weed right now i dare uand the rockets red glare the bombs bursting in air crashing the surface where they can't hurt us we're far from the shallow nowI’ve dealt with depression for so long I guess sometimes I forget that it’s something that can even get better lmao… saw a psychiatrist yesterday for adhd meds and he was like wait you definitely have depression too and I said oh yeah i knowpardon everyone in prison for possession of marijuana and replace them with anyone who says “that’s the tweet”
@richbutsad this says Big Penguin all over itMarch of the Penguins Happy Feet Happy Feet 2 Surfs Up Surfs Up 2 Madagascar Madagascar 2 Penguins of Madagascar… you were a child who waited 2 hours for the March of the Penguins characters to start talking you may be entitle… for someone who'll commit to me the way Hollywood committed to making movies about penguins from 2002-2009
@jazz_deleted @sabinestain @tallbutdumb @ALxHR_ absorbent and yellow and porous was he! @dadthatwrites not sure what you’re talking about sir the tweet clearly says On @amalek000 no that one is long gone lol @tonyharkin6 the creative process is a beautiful journeyhey there delilah i hope this email finds you well with everything going on @crocfanpage these are unbelievable oh my god @Flora__Flora i'm only liking this out of respect for comedy but i do not endorse its message @Honda_Civic_EX this was unbelievably quick thank u
@JohnnyBerchtold you're so talented it makes me nauseous @EmiSaville good morning emily thank u for posting my joke and may i say you were a very convincing middle aged dad @Flora__Flora thank you for braving the facebook wilderness so that we don't have to ♥️ @7thSeaof_Rhye if anybody asks i'm playing it cool @Ietmeshine maybe the whole site is ironic and we're the slow ones @LachieEverett everybody needs to take a deep breath my goodnessi need to know more about this tests are gonna ask what year was trumps 2nd impeachment and 2021 is gonna kick their ass @hakunamatahaa beat my ass in connect 4 and now he’s beating covid what CAN’T he do @hakunamatahaa hey man happy anniversary🙂 hope life has been kind to u this past year @jazz_deleted @tallbutdumb @basedevin0 this account is getting way too comprehensive
@tipshade WTF IT LOOKS GOOD FOR METhe United States The Brooklyn Nets 🤝 all that money and still no defense @WorldWideWob WHAT DID KYRIE KNOWis this just the plot of hamilton i never saw itcongress break out in a sea shanty right now do it for america @jbfan911 I hate you so much lmfao @jbfan911 IS THAT WHY HE TEXTED ME @jbfan911 HOLY SHIT YES @jbfan911 anyway what’s up how’s life @jbfan911 sorry I got a call from my mom just giving me a heads up that my little sister is dating my best friend f… @jbfan911 hey long time no speak @Lemonslim the ding dong is killing me @WorldWideWob imagine driving in the paint and u see this
@jazz_deleted @notGTGELI I was in a bad place and I lashed out and I’m sorry. 😔 @rudy_betrayed careful boy i'll do it again @jakeofmountains i changed my name from f*ck to heck because @dionnewarwick didn't appreciate my language @thexionxtra And I literally said nothing lmaonew pinned tweet really sums up my contributions to society @TweetPotato314 matt i swear to god @legallyines ur just saying that @elibutinuwu1 jesus christwho am i to say if i have impostor syndrome @BigTucsonDad @jbfan911 BANNNGGG @jbfan911 @BigTucsonDad wait for it @TomHolland1996 Fourtember 1st, 2021 @ValterSkarsgard Fan behavior 🥱 @nicothe420th
fruits that do not live up to their names: passionfruit grapefruit honeydew dragonfruit fruits that do live up to their names: orange
Retweeted by what the actual heckme: hi can I please give u all of my money college: no you got a B in geometry when you were 14 me: ok sorry for asking
Retweeted by what the actual heck @rudy_betrayed ︎ ︎ ︎ @KylePlantEmoji @pantsmyin_jazz something baja something blast @CleverWhatever @pantsmyin_jazz that would be @upsidedownjazz @pantsmyin_jazz WOW @pantsmyin_jazz missed u bro @jbfan911 yeah cuz i'm an adulti used to read 2 or 3 books every weekend in middle school and now i won't watch any video longer than 59 seconds. it's called growing up @DrakeGatsby Jon waking up this morning @BigTucsonDad i am a GROWN MAN. i like it when things taste WORSE because i'm not a PUSSY @thexionxtra yea follow @jazz_inourpants to see tweets 10 seconds before i delete them and tweet them again