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Recorded this character for [Redacted] last night! It’ll be out by the end of the year, so you can see how many of… @wastedwings @alexdecampi @SkyePatridge @leiladelduca @marikotamaki @misscecil @kittycoffee @LGwenn @takisoma name is Congresswoman Pramila Jayapal. Put some respect on it.
Retweeted by Jazzlyn StoneHere’s a sampler of what could await you in your DMs. friends, I’m sorry. 💞 If you want me to send you pics of cute animals and memes today, slide into my DMs.Well this wildly enrages me, thinking of the artists and writers and friends who were let go and got nothing. You…
Retweeted by Jazzlyn Stone @lizzylynngarcia That is...dark. rider was fufilled tonight and they bought me Two! Kinds! Of! Hot! Cheetos! 🌶
What are your most annoying customer service sayings? I need some good material for a new dnd character! @cconowitch Jam!Oh cute, I get to start my day crying. 💞 @GabContrerasR @PenBerzerker @wastedwings @COLORnMATT You deserve it! 💞 @wastedwings @PenBerzerker @COLORnMATT @GabContrerasR Thank YOU for great color work! @PenBerzerker @wastedwings, @COLORnMATT and @GabContrerasR really blew my mind this year.
*** 60 HOURS LEFT!!! *** - Jacket XS --> XXXL - Fanny pack / Belt Bag - Hat - Pins - Posters
Retweeted by Jazzlyn Stone @JulioAnta Congratulations!! @Venneh I hope your day has gotten a bit better 💞Get ready FanFam💥 Today we launch the nominations for the 2019 ForAllNerds Awards‼️ Make sure to follow this threa…
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it goes, Beyonce and Jay Z 👇 Chrissy Teigen and John Legend 👇 Me. We're running this whole simulation y'all.Sometimes when I'm feeling low, I'll remember i've been accused of being in the illuminati three separate times, an… you're getting gifts for the holidays, please make sure to place your orders by December 15th to guarantee deliv…
Retweeted by Jazzlyn StoneI was going to tweet the studio sale, but I think she might be sold out already?
Retweeted by Jazzlyn StoneFreelancers, 1099 warriors, and other sundry non-traditional workers! Reminder that open enrollment for healthcare…
Retweeted by Jazzlyn StoneWhat's your favorite comic shop on the west coast? Planning another book tour and don't wanna miss the good ones.
Retweeted by Jazzlyn Stone @JesseJamesComix @DBAndry @Arsenal_comics @nuclearcomics @DrCainsComics Thank you! @MellowMarketer Damn that's a good name! Added to the list! @kitkatkadydid It's okay to plug your own store! I'll add it to the list! Thank you!
Cats (2019) @capecowlcomics @DamianWassel @EscapistComics @theSHQ @KnowhereGC @flycojoe 10/10 @JudgementScythe Added! And i'll be adding the Eugene location too! @kyrun49 @EmpiresComics @ComicCmndCenter Thank you! They've been added to the cool shops list! @DamianWassel @capecowlcomics @EscapistComics @theSHQ @KnowhereGC @flycojoe Ah, @DamianWassel, you've always got so… @SlamKusek @bookswpictures @cosmicmonkey @floating_world Ohh some of these are new! I'll check them out when i'm in town! Thanks! @RealMissKRose @outsider_comics outsider is always a lovely time!What's your favorite comic shop on the west coast? Planning another book tour and don't wanna miss the good ones.
@HenryBarajas @joepi @ShiningComic @JulioAnta @Jrsosa18 @ComicArtsLA @NY_Comic_Con @JavierHernandez @ComandanteA last #Latinx panel of the year. It was a long year of encouraging publishers to hire more Latinx & Native creat…
Retweeted by Jazzlyn StoneThe more panels I attend, I feel like people need a “How to Attend a Panel” panel. Audience/attendees *are* a part…
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The original weighted blanket
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@FBombBClub amazing experience to be surrounded by supportive entrepreneurial women, hearing wonderful stories and…
Retweeted by Jazzlyn Stone @lianakangas @SYFYWIRE @DialHForHagai @lianakangas She is! Everyone on set that day was so sweet and worked so well together! It was aweso… you haven't seen this @SYFYWIRE Artist Alley video with @lianakangas, do yourself a favor and watch it now! OUR PROJECT TODAY! We crowdfunding for the INTERACTIVE STAGE, a STEAM programming toy invention that we have b…
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@wastedwings @lianakangas @lianakangas ahhh. This pose! @lianakangas Is this a pose I do?Black Ballerinas 💕✨
Retweeted by Jazzlyn Stonenow this is a twitter trend i can get behind
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ONLY $335 AWAY FROM $19,000 / 95% of our minimum goal!! Can we finally get there today? Only if YOU DONATE! ONLY 3…
Retweeted by Jazzlyn StoneI'm trying to do more podcasts and interviews coming up. So if you want to hear me blabber on about Hawkeye, Force…
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Just two more days before my shop closes until mid 2020! Sale still running. 💖✨
Retweeted by Jazzlyn Stone🌟🌟🌟it’s holiday season soon and I won’t be getting my first paycheck till mid -December — from Nov 28-Dec15, use ‘2…
Retweeted by Jazzlyn Stone @Wyrm_ebooks Satan seems cool tbh @nolapfau NOLA! THIS IS SO GOOD I'M MAD! 👿My booking email is 💚 easy peasy book me pleasy 😌
Retweeted by Jazzlyn Stone @gatbofficial Outside of this book though, I said he would appreciate Helvetica because it's bold, yet approachable. @gatbofficial Still figuring it out! Branding takes time."What font would the dark lord appreciate?" is a serious question I asked at work today. @StillSashaBear Good luck!
For the past month, every Monday, I post a New Mexican Hero over on my IG Stories. This week’s has been a joy to re…
Retweeted by Jazzlyn StoneToday’s the last day to get 15% off your Pronoun Lanyards with code CYBERVIBES! ⚡️ Get em’ here:…✨ LAST DAY of my HOLIDAY SALE ✨ check the thread for some of my best deals and the rest of my store for everything…
Retweeted by Jazzlyn StonePhoto by Jamie Meadows!Happy birthday @geekgirlstrong! This photo accurately captures how I feel about you. 💞
(Now with working link!)For the past month, every Monday, I post a New Mexican Hero over on my IG Stories. This week’s has been a joy to re… retweeted this bc it was funny but then checked my email and saw that Talkspace actually does has a 50% off deal…
Retweeted by Jazzlyn Stone @DONTNOD_Ent Played #WestofLoathing to wind down after work tonight and it was the perfect wind down. Hilarious, si… @solusandra I would love that!I wrote a piece about couch co-ops because I get a lot of recommendation requests. I'm resharing it now because I…, you wanted a thread of Indigenous folks and businesses to support in your holiday shopping adventures? perfect! here we go ❤️👇🏼
Retweeted by Jazzlyn Stone @robertwilsoniv I'm really glad you did! It's a good example of promoting, while staying authentic. A fine line to… #SmallBusinessSaturday! This weekend Pronoun Lanyards are 15% off with the code CYBERVIBES! ⚡️ Get 'em here:…
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@robertwilsoniv @BrianSchirmer 10/10 ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ A perfect promotion!Kickstarter is Live! Here’s me modeling my own jacket Thank you @topheroriel for the photos!
Retweeted by Jazzlyn StoneOne more bit of waving my own flag... If you’re putting forth a panel for #ECCC & need another panelist, hit me up.…
Retweeted by Jazzlyn StoneSo, it’s Small Business Saturday: ⚡️⚡️
Retweeted by Jazzlyn Stone @EricaSchultz42 How cool is that? Thanks @comicsbeat!So honored to be included in this list alongside some of my favorite creators! 🥰 Classic Comic Spinner Rack is available for purchase at - the perfect gift for the comic…
Retweeted by Jazzlyn StoneNo sales from me today but you’re knocking out holiday shopping from artists, my store is open for the rest of the…
Retweeted by Jazzlyn StoneHappy #SmallBusinessSaturday! This weekend Pronoun Lanyards are 15% off with the code CYBERVIBES! ⚡️ Get 'em here:… tortilla drummer has been waiting for this her whole life! #SmallBusinessSaturday 💫 support small business owners and independent creators in your shopping today, you'l…
Retweeted by Jazzlyn StoneThis weekend I’m offering 15% off with the code “CYBERVIBES”! ⚡️ Get your Pronoun Lanyard here:
Retweeted by Jazzlyn Stone⚡️⚡️ Day one of my sale is almost over and I’ve sold out of one of my posters and am close…
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@KerinCunningham Maybe SDCC or NYCC? @KerinCunningham Oh wow, I assumed that deadline had passed, but it looks like it's still going until the 9th? Dang… you need a panelist for your #ECCC20 panel pitch here's a friendly reminder that I love speaking on panels about… @whitesquirrelco ✨💖✨ reminder, folks! We’re a small business, with only three employees. The artist we work with are small bus…
Retweeted by Jazzlyn StoneSo excited to finally announce these!!! ♡♡ I designed these money clips for fellow convention artists & vendors to…
Retweeted by Jazzlyn Stone✨I'd love for everyone who has a small business to share a link to their store today on this thread! I'd love to…
Retweeted by Jazzlyn StoneI’m out of She/Her, but still have They/Them and He/Him available! weekend I’m offering 15% off with the code “CYBERVIBES”! ⚡️ Get your Pronoun Lanyard here:💫 BLACK FRIDAY SALE TIME! 💫 now thru 12/2 get ALL of my in stock pins and prints on major sale!! peep the thread be…
Retweeted by Jazzlyn Stone @RealMissKRose @DevenRue @thejelindsay @rt_seattle @JacksonLanzing @cpkelly @citizenstheband @kingskworld Cyber Weekend Sale starts tomorrow, and the code will go out to the Pronoun Lanyard mailing list first!⚡️ Sign u… your chance to get something that sold out? Any safety stock for what sold out this year will be up tomorrow m…
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