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@AnnaGarleff Depending on your choices it's 3-5 minutes to play. If you fell off before getting an thank you screen, that could be a bug. @suchsharpteeth Ice water and cookingNew prints & stickers are available in my shop 🥰
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The “end” to this wild ride is that @threadless just did the logistics on distributing $172k to 10 different voting…
Retweeted by Jazzlyn StoneI made a game about anxiety! It's free to play thanks to @typeform., today is the last day. And though I haven't brought it up before... I'm asking for your nominations for…
Retweeted by Jazzlyn StoneDiana Ross photographed by Frank Carrol (1969)
Retweeted by Jazzlyn StoneHappy NCBD! If you have a new comic out this week, please tell me about it! 💖 @hguarderas93 I can’t believe i hadn't noticed before 😂 Did you see it on your own, or did you read about it? @hguarderas93 What!?
Anyone have some happy stories of transitioning or coming out as gender queer later in life? (Like, after 40?) Look…
Retweeted by Jazzlyn Stone @thewolfmaria More Aztec Gods/Monsters/Predators please!I love that piece so much!Raffle time thank you to all my followers for helping me reach past 3k. Woo like I promised I have some prints I wa…
Retweeted by Jazzlyn StoneI'm muting this thread now, but it was very endearing to hear about everyone's different upbringings and animal han… getting major Ripley vibes? Check out SEEDS OF EDEN for a terrifying tale:
Retweeted by Jazzlyn StoneHelm Greycastle #1 Stars a POWERFUL Adventuring Party (EXCLUSIVE) @HenryBarajas
Retweeted by Jazzlyn Stone @MellowMarketer That’s exactly what my boyfriend and i said to each other! 😂So rad to see @vvspaceship (and particularly 2 talented & brainy women I’m lucky enough to know - @TheJenya &…
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Our Holiday Market is live!
Retweeted by Jazzlyn StoneDon't mind us just catching press for trying new things in this dumpster year! 🚀 Check out the writeup on stream s…
Retweeted by Jazzlyn Stone @ComicBookYeti Damn. @DialHForHagai's influence.This has been fascinating! I appreciate everyone answering. My answer: Utah/Yes. Though as others have said, I onl… @FalynnK oh no! Did Nana forgive you? @JustPlainTweets A secondary question, if you'll be so kind: Did you encounter any scary/dangerous wildlife growing… @Charliable Y'all catch snakes with cauliflower? @TheOtherMarioC This question was spawned from a convo I was having with a friend that's born and raised in BK. We… @adampknave teach me! @jezzacat True true! @MegabSanderson Huh!🏳️‍⚧️We are looking for trans and non-binary animators and illustrators for a project about the experiences of youn…
Retweeted by Jazzlyn Stone @MegabSanderson it depends on what your answer is?! @ryanfreshhh WHAT?! I've never heard this term! @DrawDrinkn That's what i'm trying to find out!Where did you grow up? Do you know how to catch a snake?hey, you know who deserves an episode on a tv show spotlighting their work? vita ayala
Retweeted by Jazzlyn StoneIn this week's highlight of voices from the geek community, meet Vita Ayala, aka @definitelyvita.
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"We're excited to bring you a character-driven action-thriller that explores cyberpunk from the perspective of BIPO…
Retweeted by Jazzlyn StoneHappy Friday! Please tell me about something lovely you experienced this week!
Retweeted by Jazzlyn StoneNeed a distraction from the negativity—what is your favorite comic being released right now
Retweeted by Jazzlyn StoneHello, I am avoiding drawing cars right now to tell you we are less than $800 away from the Helm Greycastle kicksta…
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@EricaSchultz42 @lianakangas @MadCaveStudios
I am working on a piece about COVID & comics - specifically I'd like to talk about the impact comic books have had…
Retweeted by Jazzlyn StoneI did it! I drew Addy from Heart of the City in my some mutuals’ styles! This was so difficult, but a really great…
Retweeted by Jazzlyn Stone @faeiryne Congrats! @hihaleyboros This is going on MY list of lovely things that have happened this week! 😭 @DialHForHagai From WHO?! @joepi Can we see pics of either of these very cool achievments? 👀 @hihaleyboros Hell yeah! Give her a pet for me! @JennRavenna WHAT?! Congratulations!!!!Happy Friday! Please tell me about something lovely you experienced this week! @nolapfau No! @JoanneStarer Another lifetime. 😩BREAKING: Trump's legal team referenced THE WRONG STATE in their suit. They confused Michigan and Minnesota, but th…
Retweeted by Jazzlyn StoneWe have surpassed 300 backers in 12 days! Big thanks to everyone that has supported my new project. We're so close…
Retweeted by Jazzlyn Stone @AvivaMaiArtzy But if we're not close, no touchy 😠 @AvivaMaiArtzy Words of affirmation, touch if we're close.Oscar-nominee Yalitza Aparicio is hosting the Latin Grammys tonight ❤️🇲🇽❤️🇲🇽❤️
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Um TWO books I've worked on are in @Cosmopolitan right now?! 🪄POWER & MAGIC: The Queer Witch Comics Anthology🪄 from…
Retweeted by Jazzlyn StoneWill Smith and his team are an example of how everyone should be working to promote their work. He said, let's be s…
Retweeted by Jazzlyn Stone📣📣📣ONLINE HOLIDAY MARKET ANNOUNCEMENT📣📣📣 Four of (probably) your faves: @Sweeney_Boo @lianakangas @LeishaRiddel
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Retweeted by Jazzlyn StoneGame writers! I'm hiring for a few contract positions (duration of 10-12 weeks to start) for writing and adapting i…
Retweeted by Jazzlyn StoneI'd like to follow more artists on Twitch! Please drop your link if you stream art. 🎨Diving back into SOMA...the game's heckin' creepy, but we've had some amazing philosophy discussions around it. Hop…
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Hey if you've been exposed to CS/tear gas this year and have a uterus, please talk to your doc if you can.
Retweeted by Jazzlyn StoneHappy #NCBD! If you have a new book out today (or this week) tell me about it!Today Council will vote on budget amendments already discussed in Committee over the past several weeks, and were i…
Retweeted by Jazzlyn StoneA Guide to Comic Book Publishers: a look at rates, royalties, and additional information you might need when workin…
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Tell me if u got your first TV writing gig this year during the pandemic I’ll follow y’all are heroes ❤️
Retweeted by Jazzlyn StoneHooray! i've been talking to folks about directing VO/voice acting- often, as a designer or writer, you may be ask…
Retweeted by Jazzlyn Stone @Sweeney_Boo maybe because it doesn't end? It's an ongoing project that I feel pressured to work on 24/7.Muting this. Glad comics are continuing to bring y'all joy!LIVE NOW: NASA's @SpaceX Crew-1 astronauts prepare to open the hatch to enter the @Space_Station, marking the first…
Retweeted by Jazzlyn Stone @mattmanbegins So, so good! @mattmanbegins Ahhhhhhhhh it's so good! @AlexPaknadel @Paul_thePullbox @TKOpresents @Paul_thePullbox @TKOpresents @AlexPaknadel I'm still messed up from Red Fork! 😩 @ComicBookYeti @lianakangas @ZacBeThompson @thejensington Dang! everyone is recommending this one!. @GovInslee THIS is how you do a PSA @BethTabler It's an honor! @BethTabler 🤩 @BethTabler Exactly. And the kids are the perfect amount of snotty! I can't wait for the TV show! @BethTabler The perfect comic does exist! @grantandstuff So excited to read it!I just read #EatAndLoveYourself by @Sweeney_Boo and it was SO GOOD @HenryBarajas @LaVozDeMayoTP @smithsonian @ImageComics @lamanocomic @bernardobri @illusClaire 🥲's a comic you've read recently that you enjoyed?
That time again! I'm still raising money for a new PC. RTs appreciated ! Click to Donate: via @gofundme
Retweeted by Jazzlyn Stone @Iron_Spike You made it!Just $550 from GOAL, God DAMN it's not even AN HOUR OLD
Retweeted by Jazzlyn StoneFriends! I'm so excited to share @ironcircuscomix’s latest @kickstarter— Smut Peddler: Sordid Past! I was overjoyed…
Retweeted by Jazzlyn Stone15 minutes post-launch, and we're 200 backers strong, $7,000 up, a "Project We Love" on Kickstarter! THANK YOU SO M…
Retweeted by Jazzlyn StoneI updated our list of resources for small businesses and workers this morning. By this point in the pandemic both S…
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Retweeted by Jazzlyn Stone @shelby_criswell Art is subjective, printed materials are not. @shelby_criswell Checkmate artists!