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story & illustrative artist, (prev. castlevania) open for work, contact: jazzvalkyrie (at) gmail βŒ‘ COMMISSIONS: OPEN βŒ‘ nsfw at times πŸ”ž

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omg thank u for the reception! ppl are rly thirsty for my griddlehark art thank u v much u////w////ugideon and her 2 love, one on each arm @mermaidfemme ur right and u should keep saying it!! @CorvidFightClub blood yes... nice.......... @shakesexual her evil pointy little face @quinn_quinn23 thank u dude!!!omg this looks so grungy..... still on brandslowly working my way thru this #griddlehark πŸ‘€
@Ursuladecayart at least we're at this party together 🀝nuts to me how some ppl do not simply need to sleep constantly just to do simple tasks @nahalg0l oh this week, a lot @BreenHeath I wish more people knew this and more professionals were upfront and honest about it. The ones who say…
Retweeted by ☼ πš“πšŠπš£πš£πš˜ ☽ @nahalg0l nap energy engaged one warm up and took a nap, the artist lyfe.... @itskindred ohhh that mask!!!! so cool 🀩on a date with a duck πŸ’πŸ¦†βœ¨ @sfeertheorist blows a kiss at himMy birthday's May 4, and for it @artofchira commissioned @miraongchua for art of our huffy unicorn, Lesley! I love…
Retweeted by ☼ πš“πšŠπš£πš£πš˜ ☽after being in a depression coma for like 2 days, being tipsy on breakfast wine rly is a nice wake up @nahalg0l isfoidsfhjosdjf if i dont smoke weed when i wake up, who knos how my day ends up @nahalg0l T R U L Y-- sobriety is overrated @nahalg0l YES, its the laying down and the consuming of the wine that's peak humanity, ppl back in the BCE times rly Got It @nahalg0l i am a slllΓΌt for straws so basically any mechanism that allows me consume thru a straw and is large im g2g on @nahalg0l YOURE SUCH A GENIUS SAFFremember: the OJ is merely for /color/*sniiiiffffff* squidward voice: lilaaaaacas someone with mentoe iwness and going thru a rough time of it, its always best to remember aunt just lives her professional lush life as she pleases, truly an inspiration for todays mimosahappy friday, happy mimosa πŸ₯‚ @alexdoeswriting oh I WILL @alexdoeswriting i rlly wanna draw more of her... @sousourocket is a recent article from February 16:
Retweeted by ☼ πš“πšŠπš£πš£πš˜ β˜½β€ΌοΈβ€ΌοΈβ€ΌοΈPLS READ + RT‼️‼️‼️ Sheikh Jarrah, a neighborhood north of Jerusalem’s Old City, is expected to be vacated b…
Retweeted by ☼ πš“πšŠπš£πš£πš˜ ☽PLEASE tweet about Sheikh Jarrah. DEMAND Israeli settlers to leave the neighbourhood alone. Billions of American…
Retweeted by ☼ πš“πšŠπš£πš£πš˜ ☽ @ArtemisSong42 oh yeah absolutely, its a regular rewatch. i was just thinking abt rewatching it recently myself. it…, i dont like when ppl qrt my art, and I'm not the only artist that feels that way. a lot of artists also dont c… @ArtemisSong42 ITS TRUE and this is coming from someone who has a diff favorite anime opening, and the yyh is still… me wanna draw some hockey shoe artas someone who is feeling down this week turning the yyh opening tf up rly did helpTHEN SUDDENLY MY INTUITION AND MY WISDOM GROW AND THEN I KNO 🎢🎢 YOU’RE FEELING DOWN, TURN THIS TF UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Retweeted by ☼ πš“πšŠπš£πš£πš˜ ☽being in love with ur own art is a rly powerful thing, and i hope every artist can get there some day
Retweeted by ☼ πš“πšŠπš£πš£πš˜ ☽ppl who do webcomics and put their ocs out there are very powerful. i can't ever go into depth abt my ocs because t…
Retweeted by ☼ πš“πšŠπš£πš£πš˜ ☽Restaurants that laid people off right at the beginning of the pandemic that are now ramping up hiring and not real…
Retweeted by ☼ πš“πšŠπš£πš£πš˜ ☽ @Ursuladecayart i cant help it i see some cracked out theatrical clownyass freak and i am simply done for @sousourocket YOU rulejust wanted to draw glam ursula, she's my fav thing abt the lil merm
Retweeted by ☼ πš“πšŠπš£πš£πš˜ ☽v cathartic twilight princess ganon sketch (yes he's his most useless AND most hot)
Retweeted by ☼ πš“πšŠπš£πš£πš˜ ☽midzel shippers are rly sleeping on drawing zelda in her Sheik get up
Retweeted by ☼ πš“πšŠπš£πš£πš˜ ☽goes bananas
Retweeted by ☼ πš“πšŠπš£πš£πš˜ ☽i love how gay reki and langa are they love each other sm.... homo... @theberlz i have 0 braincells and no shamei actually chokedHEY BITCHES AND BROS AND NON BINARY HOES EXCUSE YOUBWKXBEJDNENadam says some absolute bullshitlisten this acct will KNOW when i read harrow because I'm going to go absolutely bonkershow many spoilers ive just like gone ???ΒΏΒΏ over. i also retain none of themme, exposing that ive only read gtn and haven't gotten htn yet to ppl who think ive read both remember when i drew leon as princess peach bec i think abt him every day
Retweeted by ☼ πš“πšŠπš£πš£πš˜ ☽we finished watching akagami no shirayukihime yesterday ; w; 🌹❀️
Retweeted by ☼ πš“πšŠπš£πš£πš˜ ☽todays warm up was a gideon the ninth little sequence heh
Retweeted by ☼ πš“πšŠπš£πš£πš˜ ☽[πŸ’šRT] heyo, I'm Jazz, a nb freelance story & illustrative artist✨ I am open for work and on ko-fi. here's where you…
Retweeted by ☼ πš“πšŠπš£πš£πš˜ ☽ya kno i always kind of knew I'd never survive until 30
you really learn who your friends are when ur going thru a fucking roughass time in life. that is to say, the ppl i… sk8 and disappointing all of the ppl i talk to online by being unnaturally horny for the awful villaini love how much matchbox is in this showhply fuck dkdnekms FUCK I LOVE THIS FREAKadam sk8................holy FUCK im ObSESSED with this freakstifled unearthly screech green haired guy and the pink haired guy should kithepisode one in sk8 and im alrdy in love with the early 00s feel
A β€˜call for justice’: #MMIWG awareness day A list of events, campaigns and artists recognizing National Day of Aw…
Retweeted by ☼ πš“πšŠπš£πš£πš˜ ☽ @LYT_28 you cracking ur fingers: when u want smth done right u gotta do it urself... @ohnobensan i knew someone would frigging try @Rigiliz this is very gorgeous and specifically how u rendered the water is straight bonkers i am like day05~
Retweeted by ☼ πš“πšŠπš£πš£πš˜ ☽ @CactusChute let it die............ @CactusChute not yet, it was a joke abt the vertical crop that unveiled today @tangleworm i don't trust these chuckle heads!! @oldeblood its ok, its not That greatdaniel, we can't keep living like thisif i catch one of u dwEbs posting the color of the sky its gonna be an insta block-- i cant do this again. im not strong enoughreno final fantasy 7 remake is woof woof awooga
Retweeted by ☼ πš“πšŠπš£πš£πš˜ ☽this griddlehark warm up kept goin. anyway, here they are πŸ₯€πŸŒΉ
Retweeted by ☼ πš“πšŠπš£πš£πš˜ ☽RIP twitter crop you would have loved the colour of the sky
Retweeted by ☼ πš“πšŠπš£πš£πš˜ ☽ @tardonkieart ohhh thats why i dont see the movements. i have my in app animations turned off because they drive me… @tardonkieart lmao i cant keep up with that shit, i will just ignore it LOL @tardonkieart yeah but like what the hell is it??? function wise?? is it just fleets but more?? so is it just... ba… @tardonkieart oh weird πŸ€” i got the uncropped pics, but also noticed that my posts with 4 images in them are all fck… got em @tardonkieart yeah i can def say i don't rly like having to scroll thru whole images nowmy brain's been molded by storyboarding, i am realizing most of my art i post is just naturally landscape because w… @Foervraengd LITERALLT AJXBDJ everyone is rting their own art today and its just rly funalso if ur this kinda person and u take this tweet very seriously, ur part of the problem @NnamierArt it sounds like it! im legit just here to be gay and draw anime, if ppl dont like it they can go