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and im just some non lady who menstrates soid probably save around $100 a month if this were true in the US, but.. the US HATES womenthis is a pretty big fucking deal and rly cool damn scotland the sun hits your eye through that one crack in the blinds it's november
Retweeted by ‧͙⁺ πš“πšŠπš£πš£πš˜πš–πšŠπš›πšž ☽ ΰΌ“ο½₯*ΛšπŸŽ„i have send out like... idk 14 emails... and have 8 more ppl to contact.... part of me just wants to send back a "I… my commissioners are so sweet, thanks yall :')i never did an art giveaway raffle for passing 3k, and im nearing 4k like... should i just do one randomly for no r… sheer amount of productivity i feel from sending out these emailswhats up commissioners, to everyone who's filled out the google form (even ppl i've started on comms for): i'm goin… @NinGeko_Art his skin and hair colors are "pearlescent"!! just this jpeg is old enough now, the pearlescent details… @NinGeko_Art u would be correct. ummm, he's obsessed with his siblings?? so he literally keeps a nose in their live… @NinGeko_Art dis my oc cass (cassius) he's a demonic manifestation of vanity and desire, and he's Problematique, bu… @itskoob most of my move from nevada was driving thru texas, i s2g @amberbladejones im extremely nervous to upgrade, bec when i tried 7, it had one small change that infuriated me so… @itskoob @DannyAraya no fuckin way brolrt literally this was me boarding for castlevastleStory artists go to bed but then be like
Retweeted by ‧͙⁺ πš“πšŠπš£πš£πš˜πš–πšŠπš›πšž ☽ ΰΌ“ο½₯*ΛšπŸŽ„ @Arupugrin the lil eyebrows are everything @tendermiasma me right now upom seeing that image
Retweeted by ‧͙⁺ πš“πšŠπš£πš£πš˜πš–πšŠπš›πšž ☽ ΰΌ“ο½₯*ΛšπŸŽ„i am on the floor cruignngkdbenw're for me :) and katya
Retweeted by ‧͙⁺ πš“πšŠπš£πš£πš˜πš–πšŠπš›πšž ☽ ΰΌ“ο½₯*ΛšπŸŽ„ @prettysoup fcking rip misothe Subject actually very excited bec i admire all these artist's work so much πŸ₯Ί and many are outside my realm of comfortit begins..... hehe >:)c @savodraws 80s Color Pop!!!!πŸ™‰ #sephiroth
Retweeted by ‧͙⁺ πš“πšŠπš£πš£πš˜πš–πšŠπš›πšž ☽ ΰΌ“ο½₯*ΛšπŸŽ„ @tearabbit6 omg so i am collecting some art style examples for the meme, and i cant believe i missed this!!!! its g… there, little godling ❀️ #HadesGame
Retweeted by ‧͙⁺ πš“πšŠπš£πš£πš˜πš–πšŠπš›πšž ☽ ΰΌ“ο½₯*ΛšπŸŽ„ @Bad_Dream_Boat thats a reasonable fears, its addictingdang i just noticed that someone tipped me nicely on kofi when i was having that Very Bad Brain day on saturday, thank you kind stranger πŸ₯ΊπŸ’™πŸ’š @PancakeJoji LOL thank u, but the email is more gonna be like, "hey i gotta take a break, if ppl want or need comms…, drawing isn't coming easy lately, and its the holidays as well, so ppl are busy and ideally staying at home.… @uneventide gosh, briar is Gorg, but this art of them god me especially Looking Respectfully πŸ‘€ @LYT_28 andy ur an actual angel yes, PLEASE! i will share my art with u when i scribble it too~No he definitely could and definitely doesn’t want to
Retweeted by ‧͙⁺ πš“πšŠπš£πš£πš˜πš–πšŠπš›πšž ☽ ΰΌ“ο½₯*ΛšπŸŽ„
when kathy isnt home, i really practice singing, like i BELT IT. so i am currently learning Lily of The Valley, and… thinking about much queen makes me FEELS and then also if my neighbors have any thoughts on me crank… nervously with a painful under tone makes me wanna draw..... edling..........had the greatest live on ig with @andythelemon_ talking about edling like crazy!! ty for joining me you're amazing…
Retweeted by ‧͙⁺ πš“πšŠπš£πš£πš˜πš–πšŠπš›πšž ☽ ΰΌ“ο½₯*ΛšπŸŽ„reconnected with one of my fav friends frm hs the other day and honestly, A DELIGHT @secondsbutton the momenT u got some free time, u got this! @thekoihoi well deserved dude, u love those kids so much @secondsbutton @tendermiasma its a life long wrastle @oddgarbage @thekoihoi jackie this is EXTREMELY sexyoh that one famous emo vampire? you mean yuuki anzai from devils line?
Retweeted by ‧͙⁺ πš“πšŠπš£πš£πš˜πš–πšŠπš›πšž ☽ ΰΌ“ο½₯*ΛšπŸŽ„ @tendermiasma thats fair, u gotta take that goblin out @tendermiasma its more like a fun experiment.. i have NO idea how well i'll do, but challenging myself is fun, i th… @MotherOfBees give him a lil hat :>AWWW U GONNA TAKE ME HOME TONIGHT AWWW DOWN BESIDE UR RED FIRE LIIIIIGHT AWWWW GONNA LET IT ALL HANG OUT FAT BOTTO…
Retweeted by ‧͙⁺ πš“πšŠπš£πš£πš˜πš–πšŠπš›πšž ☽ ΰΌ“ο½₯*ΛšπŸŽ„the march of the black queen is what i want playing when my ashes are released to the windat my wake, everyone is required to party to Queen II and Sheer Heart Attacktho Keep Yourself Alive also has actually KEPT ME alive, damn freddie doesnt even kno in his death hes still out here saving livessure its the highlander OST BUT LISTEN THIS SONG MAKES ME FEEL POWERFUL. i am a prince of the universeif u wanna listen to some fun and totally epic queen pls listen to Princes of the Universe am i up to? whats my motivation? whats my reasonings and goals? nothin man im just trying to vibe
Retweeted by ‧͙⁺ πš“πšŠπš£πš£πš˜πš–πšŠπš›πšž ☽ ΰΌ“ο½₯*ΛšπŸŽ„New: leaked docs from inside Amazon’s Global Security Operations Center reveal company’s use of Pinkerton operative…
Retweeted by ‧͙⁺ πš“πšŠπš£πš£πš˜πš–πšŠπš›πšž ☽ ΰΌ“ο½₯*ΛšπŸŽ„every time i rt this i am CRANKING QUEEN and yelling to it'm not even a grudge holder but treating me like this is garaunteed I've lost all and any respect for you as another human beingif the good times were so easy to pretend they didn't exsist, fuck those ppl forever.idk if its just me that needs to hear this, but if someone u thought was a friend ghosts u without explanation or w… and afterπŸ–€ Japan is solving problem you didn’t even know you have
Retweeted by ‧͙⁺ πš“πšŠπš£πš£πš˜πš–πšŠπš›πšž ☽ ΰΌ“ο½₯*ΛšπŸŽ„so my dad is basically my only family, and he just started up his podcast with his friend again, but this time on y… am very bummed that im literally gonna be home alone until wednesday. like... its gonna take everything in my pow… in particular was really important for me to remind myself of (and hope other artists take away from it): that…
Retweeted by ‧͙⁺ πš“πšŠπš£πš£πš˜πš–πšŠπš›πšž ☽ ΰΌ“ο½₯*ΛšπŸŽ„Time for an Art Raffle! The prize will be a black and white portrait sketch How to enter: -Follow and retweet (n…
Retweeted by ‧͙⁺ πš“πšŠπš£πš£πš˜πš–πšŠπš›πšž ☽ ΰΌ“ο½₯*ΛšπŸŽ„ @clayhearth we can exchange hehe @mingenious_art may the gods bless Thee @Foervraengd i love how like specifically niche this ismight just use a character that's easy for me to draw in my style and would be rly fun in all these wonderful peep'… heres the group: @/Arupugrin @/tearabbit6 @/KaiLysander @/myriadgod @/boxmars @/savodraws thanks y'all im… Thee Stallion Gouache, Marker on Bristol paper
Retweeted by ‧͙⁺ πš“πšŠπš£πš£πš˜πš–πšŠπš›πšž ☽ ΰΌ“ο½₯*ΛšπŸŽ„ @mingenious_art what the hell minji @kakimari hehehe he deserves to bottom @KaiLysander id love to!The "curing disability is eugenics" talk: I think about the twelve or so friends with chronic pain who'd love the o…
Retweeted by ‧͙⁺ πš“πšŠπš£πš£πš˜πš–πšŠπš›πšž ☽ ΰΌ“ο½₯*ΛšπŸŽ„like, i kno this ones niche bec there is a total of EIGHT fics on ao3 @myriadgod OMG ID LOVE TO TRY!!!!!! ur style is so stunnin!!!anyone who talks to me right now is going to hear about devils' line i CANT HELP IT i love that stupid show holy sh…
@tearabbit6 omggg i would be honored to attempt to emulate it πŸ₯Ίi wanna try this out over the next week or so if ppl wanna play Right pointing backhand indexLeft pointing backhand… and me accidentally got rly into a 7 yr old animeoh that one famous emo vampire? you mean yuuki anzai from devils line? & RT: Note: Bree & Donna have to check their voter registration weekly & sometimes d…
Retweeted by ‧͙⁺ πš“πšŠπš£πš£πš˜πš–πšŠπš›πšž ☽ ΰΌ“ο½₯*ΛšπŸŽ„There are other HTX area orgs that specifically help Black trans women who continue to represent the most susceptib…
Retweeted by ‧͙⁺ πš“πšŠπš£πš£πš˜πš–πšŠπš›πšž ☽ ΰΌ“ο½₯*ΛšπŸŽ„here's a steamy tsundere edgeworth for your sunday ✨😀 try to scribble em up todayi almost forgot abt this clown oc meme BUT NOT QUITE [confident laugh] @prettysoup he is fyucking stunninFrogue
Retweeted by ‧͙⁺ πš“πšŠπš£πš£πš˜πš–πšŠπš›πšž ☽ ΰΌ“ο½₯*ΛšπŸŽ„me, as a poor person who could never "travel" as a hobby, being able to visit other places at all let alone in a fr… threads of ppl visiting other countries and bragging, basically, abt how much better that govt is handling th… in love with your creations. Take pride and joy in the thing you wrote, drew, created. Smile at a detail only…
Retweeted by ‧͙⁺ πš“πšŠπš£πš£πš˜πš–πšŠπš›πšž ☽ ΰΌ“ο½₯*ΛšπŸŽ„I encourage other private property owners in the city to speak up - the housing can't be removed if it's on private…
Retweeted by ‧͙⁺ πš“πšŠπš£πš£πš˜πš–πšŠπš›πšž ☽ ΰΌ“ο½₯*ΛšπŸŽ„ @fayren awww sarah thank you so much wahh ❣️ i miss you a lot, even just us chatting in the office i miss it sm!!! @makingleighway yes absolutely everyone is welcome to come awkwardly hang πŸ₯Ί