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Jack Badelaire @jbadelaire Boston, MA USA

Hybrid Novelist. Works w/ @WolfPackPub . Action Movie and Post-Modern Pulp Fan. Stalwart Gen-Xer. In my day job, I turn computers off and on again. He/Him

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@LianaBrooks @kilbourneknight So many crabs in buckets and tall poppies being cut down over this. It's mind-boggling.
Taking a break from social media tomorrow. Making a concerted effort to avoid news and drama that I can't really do… @joelansdale I wonder if this is less "realized they were duped" and more like that quote from PATTON, "Americans l… @CadyCait I mean do these people really think a Uni staff journalist is going to take the time to write back to som… @CadyCait The person writing a comment on the Free Speech article who goes on for three paragraphs mis-attributing… @CadyCait The last few big articles are just comment magnets for idiots. But that's been the case on there for a fe…'d think people who work at a major University are going to have better-than-average reading comprehension and c…, [clears throat] LOCK 'EM UP! this book gets finished and released, it's going to be both so relatable and so, I don't know if I want to… feel like now more than ever, writing a novel about someone who decides to live alone in a cabin in the woods, on… based off of the beta reader feedback on my fantasy novella, now titled THEY KILL FOR GOLD, I'm pivoting to work… @BrinaStarler @angelajames After reading up on Tall Poppy Syndrome and the Law of Jante, it explained my mom *so well*.Crab mentality is so deeply baked into our culture, it will be generations before we break free of it, if ever. @DavidBrockley @Pramas @JeffAlerman I am no expert on MTG, but after reading through her Wikipedia entry, and seein… @Cigargoyle_ @wildbillflint If I didn't have lunch on its way here already, I'd be annoyed by how good that looks right now. @ArkHorton Yikes, that sucks. I'm sorry you've got to clean that up. I at least hope you have some support from sen… @ArkHorton This was hard to learn. I found that for me, the best was to be a manager whose primary goal was to supp… your personal brand in one photo: AF in Massachusetts / Boston. @TaffetaV This guy approves. @TaffetaV'Gold and Gilt' Cape Enniberg, Faroe Islands photographer by Karl 'Shakur' Ndieli
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Please share this post, asking donations for Help Star with Cancer Treatments. She is a wonderful and loving compan…
Retweeted by Jack BadelaireI have been looking for 3D print files for marauders in Age of Sigmar. Might have just found them
Retweeted by Jack Badelaire @mattphillion Harley thought that was very fun and exciting!Jared and Ivanka told the Secret Service not to use ANY of the half-dozen bathrooms in their home, so the federal g…
Retweeted by Jack BadelaireYou have to take your pleasures in life where you can. #convoy #franklynajaye
Retweeted by Jack BadelaireCurious what that money would be used for. Hmmmmmmm. 🤔🤔🤔 @MENA_Conflict That 1911 should just burst into flames and melt down.This person is going to treat their next two years in office as a reality TV series where their only metric for suc…
In what is definitely a first, received some fan-mail in the form of a poem.
Retweeted by Jack Badelaire @dmsreadwrite I saw the video of him and the mob a couple of days ago and I watched it four or five times. This guy… cool Sci-Fi. Buy a book and promote it. Review it, or rate it. Help your favourite authors to create the…
Retweeted by Jack Badelaire @vonpeepster I suspect awesomeness is not why many of these new users are going there, but yes, it is a good platform. @Alpharius_lives Oh yeah I don't have anything bad to say about it but uhhhh... hello new neighbors. 😒"Telegram surpassed 500 million active users. In the past 72 hours alone, more than 25 million new users from aroun… Just wow. We just past 16,000 ( 👀❗️) individual donors that have chipped in so far. Thank you *so* mu…
Retweeted by Jack Badelaire @dweldredge A real "patriot". 🙄The filings from all of these cases are gonna be better entertainment than anything Netflix can cook up…
Retweeted by Jack BadelaireThe stars and stripes on the Glock. 🙄🙄🙄"I stayed up late to finish reading your manuscript and now that I've finished it, I can't sleep because the battle… was a death threat factory with no redeeming qualities
Retweeted by Jack BadelaireAWS responds to Parler’s lolsuit and points out how the CEO’s own braggadocio undermines his own lawsuit
Retweeted by Jack Badelaire @Schneider_CM Hi. I've been working in social media ToS enforcement for over 20 years. This proposed policy is harm…
Retweeted by Jack Badelaire @dweldredge Honestly I should just have a few drinks sometime and write this. @dweldredge I think I just need to pivot into sleazier literary territory.I need to find these immediately. @jennifer0104dg @munson_jo My 9y/o saw the photo of the Congresswoman lying down in the gallery holding hands with…
Retweeted by Jack Badelaire @Cassandra_Carr I like how when Americans feel their rights are being infringed upon they always claim something is… @vonpeepster I was once down in Florida and sitting on a bench on a college campus. Was eating trail mix, and dropp… @vonpeepster He's a lil chonky boi.Sounds about right. this. yikes. 😬 @TapDatAasimar Poor little dooder. 😞💓
@furiouscinema JFC like, what does he think the upside of not complying is here?Stephen Colbert: “For those of you who don’t know what Parler’s Twitter, but all trolls. It’s like a Thanks…
Retweeted by Jack BadelaireWe need to stop imagining the Jan 6 fascists are purely "brainwashed," misguided, etc. Neither are they guided by white supremacy *only*.
Retweeted by Jack Badelaire @sleepyserenade You're not wrong! @om2kool @Tessicat HO BOY, time to go digging. @Tessicat Ed Harris, Tony many good folks in this. @Tessicat Was probably the last good Connery role as well. "Winners go home and fuck the prom queen". Genius. @Tessicat This movie is beyond ridiculous, but I remember going to see it in the theater while in college on some r… @vonpeepster Abominable. @vonpeepster I find myself doing it with Text messages, which annoys me because I am from the past, when Texts were… @vonpeepster @sleepyserenade Not going to click "Like" on this one. Sorry to hear this, and I won't go on a health care / mental… fantastic works here: @Cigargoyle_ @robopulp @JuniCat81 Roasted corn on a pizza with other appropriate toppings *might* not be bad, but t… while you can, Monkey-Boy! @ReporterJenna Otto's for the variety, Upper Crust for that thinnnnnn pizza, and Veggie Crust because they serve a… @MilHist_Shane Good grief, not by a long shot. I've gone through several waves of desk cleaning in the last year, b… photo popped up on FB and reminded me that two years ago, I bought a new home office desk and set up a new wor… smart piece by a really smart person who understands authoritarian regimes. Fiona Hill:
Retweeted by Jack BadelaireUmmm ... what now? 😬😒🙄 manheimer-rosenberg, acclaimed ballerina literally started a riot at auschwitz upon her arrival. right o…
Retweeted by Jack Badelaire @Ninja998998 The guy next to the piper is Lord Lovat, however, not Mad Jack. @Ninja998998 I have a bit of a crush on Mad Jack. He pops up now and then in my Commando novels. @CapnHonour I really like that font... @cinema_strikes @robopulp Someone needs to slap one of those BRAZZERS logos on his photo, stat. @stuffedskullcat He ain't got time to spell-check, too busy masturbating to back issues of Soldier of Fortune magazine. @bianalog @robblatt @JustJon @donstugots Yeah we have a couple of Surface Pros at work. I wouldn't want to use one… guy needs a hobby seems reasonable. 😶😑😒 @bianalog @JustJon @robblatt @donstugots The closest I see is "Steam Link" which makes the tablet some kind of I/O… @bianalog @JustJon @robblatt @donstugots The Steam issue seems to be the tough part. I don't know much about this,… you're going to take photographs of swords to sell as generic fantasy stock photos, *maybe* you shouldn't use a…
Not that masculinity is in any way a trait necessary for the governing of a nation but, uhhh, Theodore Roosevelt wo… @Film_lust @NetflixUK I find myself using the "meat grinder" quote at least once a week. @wildbillflint @Cigargoyle_ @Cigargoyle_ @wildbillflint Proof that anything is "Soooooo good" after five or six cocktails. @wildbillflint @Cigargoyle_ BEHOLD @Cigargoyle_ "Dude, it's sooooo good when you're super drunk and hungry at like 3 AM!" I mean literally any pizza i… @Cigargoyle_ Something that some Long Island pizza place invented to sell really old slices late at night to super… @Cigargoyle_ Have you ever had a "cold cheese" pizza? It's just a NY slice where they, uhhh...throw unmelted shredd… isn't that Yeah, not great. feels good to slowly get back into the writing / editing / outlining routine again. I've got a beta-reader worki… @Cigargoyle_ Your body is so used to working overtime processing those dogs, that in their absence, it's like a car… @Cigargoyle_ Coney withdrawal symptoms may include... 😆This...this looks amazing.