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Super cool stream today. OMEGASMELT V2 is looking cleeeean! Thanks for hanging out. Tomorrow is the dentist so I'll…! in 30 minutes! be aware that the previously announced Overwatch launch event scheduled for Wednesday, 10/16 at NintendoNYC…
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Beautiful stream today. OMEGASMELT V2 is fully functional. All we have to do is clean up the room and move on to th…! in 30 minutes!
Fortnite's 'The End' event will go down as the most watched gaming event in history for western audiences 4.5M+ on…
Retweeted by Jon BamsAmazing stream today. Bamboo is now harvesting. Tomorrow we finish things up. Have a great Sunday! <3LIVE! in 30 minutes!
Another amazing day! The OMEGASMELT is almost* done. Thanks so much for hanging out with me. Tomorrow we finish* it up. <3LIVE!
Some insane plays going on in the Tip of the Hats 2019 NA vs TOTH @Jbams01 I took the emote style character and made a little BAMFlex animation. :P
Retweeted by Jon BamsLIVE! in 30 minutes!
@4G_b4nny LET'S GO! Hype overload! @moastj Dude this is horrible timing...... lmaoWe've heard you and we missed you too. #TheBuildGuild
Retweeted by Jon Bams @PyroJoe Also don't talk to me on Twitter right now Joe MAKE THEM VIDYAS! @PyroJoe Except that first one... @Naggih @TeamFortress T O X I C @PyroJoe If there is make sure you abuse the heck out of it so you get that sweet reward. hahaaOMG SCREAM FORTRESS IS LIVE!Happy Birthday @TeamFortress 2 12 Years!Amazing day. We had a rare appearance from the Bamicorn. Functional part of the OMEGASMELT is completed. Tomorrow w… @MattDethridge @TheBaconBrotato @Wyld @TheBuildGuild @CysPlanet depends what world we're talking. We had a world th…! 333 in 30 minutes!
#TheBuildGuild Announcement. Tomorrow. 12pm PST.
Retweeted by Jon BamsGreat stream. We made 600 comparators, 200 hoppers, 200 repeaters and we're not done yet. Tomorrow we fire up the O…! in 30 minutes!
Not everyone at Blizzard agrees with what happened. Both the "Think Globally" and "Every Voice Matters" values hav…
Retweeted by Jon BamsBlizzard Entertainment, the game developer behind World of Warcraft, has banned professional e-sports player Ng Wai…
Retweeted by Jon BamsOne heck of a big dumb day today! Gold farm has been doubled and many iron golems lost along the way. Tomorrow we d…! Gold farm get's big and dumb. in 30 minutes!
Fantastic stream today. Gold farm is up and running. Tomorrow we are going to take it to the next level. Thanks for… new @Jbams01 stuffy
Retweeted by Jon BamsUpdated my Heavy loadout #TF2
Retweeted by Jon BamsLIVE! GOOOOOLD in 30 minutes! my Heavy loadout #TF2
"vocalese" is the word I couldn't think of.Well today was about as awesome as a hole digging stream can be. Here is the song I was talking about today. If it…! OMEGASMELT V2 in 30 minutes!
Amazing stream today. Somehow the same iron farm we always make the docm77 farm is producing insane amounts of iron… current BigDumbBuild Dropped 50K Sand Glass 6,163 And placed 1,635 grass @Jbams01 BTW it's my new base that I'm…
Retweeted by Jon BamsAnyone else unicorn cos playing with Jon? 🦄✌ @Jbams01
Retweeted by Jon BamsLIVE! Let's finish up this road and get the iron farm built. We need a lot of hoppers! in 30 minutes! @Jbams01 I was watching your YouTube replay today and came across these while doing laundry. Lol
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Ghost Fort is by far the worst TF2 Halloween map. Change my mind.Curious about the state of live streaming across the major platforms (Twitch, Mixer, YouTube Live, Facebook Gaming)…
Retweeted by Jon Bamswas on twitch for awhile and here is a picture i did for the streamer for fun ^W^ he got a subtrain of like 226 sub…
Retweeted by Jon BamsThis is amazing! <3 guess this sums up the day. Feels good to feel good again. <3 @Jbams01
Retweeted by Jon BamsNormal day in the Jon Bams stream.! FULL BLAST in 30 minutes!
Thanks for hanging out with me today. Sorry I can't be my "normal" self but I have a mouth full of stitches that I…! Base and Nether highway work.🚨🚨🚨 It Lurks Below announcement in a bit over three hours from now! 😅 🚨🚨🚨
Retweeted by Jon BamsLive in 30 minutes!
LIVE! Quick little stream to keep our streak alive. No talking or cam. woke up. On the wat home to start a stream
@MrSelenix Right normally it's half way through the month. This is odd getting the maps without any word from the d… see the Scream Fortress maps are out but no case or contracts. Will they come later or is this it for this year? #TF2In the spirit of Halloween we have replaced the TF Team with ghosts! Nothing's changed.
Retweeted by Jon BamsAnother super fun stream today! Thanks so much for hanging out. Tomorrow is my mouth replacement day. Stream will b…! Finishing up the Enderman farm. in 30 minutes!
Minecraft X Team Fortress 2 (SFM) Dumb Day! The Enderfarm is almost to full blast pog mode. Tomorrow we finish it up. Thanks for being amazing! <3LIVE! Level 70 Enderman Farm! in 30 minutes!
Just watched Slim tenderize the face of Fousey. Brutal.LIVE! in 30 minutes!
I have a new spirit animal! The Piglin Beast!OMG This Nether biome stuff got me HYPE!New Nether mob?!We didn't vote for chests on boats, frogs and a new building block.... This is fine. Phantoms Part 2 incoming?Fantastic stream. Dragon down and end city raided. Congrats to Team Mountain on the win. Looking forward to getting…! Dragon in 30 minutes!
Pog of a stream today! We made some great progress on the world and stalled the dragon fight another day. Tomorrow…! PogCore Minecraft 1.14 in 30 minutes!
Great stream today! We got our enchants finished up and had a bunch of fun exploring. Tomorrow we kill the dragon.… layout change.! Finishing enchants then world domination! in 30 minutes!
Well that was by far the sickest I have ever streamed but we made it through. Thanks so much for hanging out with m…!
@FPSaddiction JotD: CC: @AnneMunition for some good vibes.