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Julia Baum🗞 @jbaum_news San Francisco Bay Area, CA

📚Education Reporter for @PleasantonNews | USC Center for Health Journalism 2019 California Fellow✒ | Past: Bay Area News Group/Mercury News and @BBC5Live |

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"I'm retired and we had a business here, we paid a lot of revenue, and I deserve to not be the havoc of cats" is my…
32% of #SpartanFoodPantry users say they are vegetarian and/or vegan How do you think the pantry assists you with…
Retweeted by Julia Baum🗞 @rizolah @Edwin_of_Urlish @HBO @BrendanSchaub @DanSoder Yes!!! @Edwin_of_Urlish @rizolah @HBO @BrendanSchaub @DanSoder The doctor helping himself to Larry's canned lemonade!😂😂😂Th…
@juliboggs Are the breakfast burritos at La Garnacha on 16th still available/any good?
@JaniceBitters There's no reason to even debate the legislative intent of minimum wage because FDR made it painfull… @OKcouncil @OakMorr ??? @mesofunblog @sacbee_news That riverwalk is what Sac should've been doing over a decade ago @OKcouncil @OakMorr That seems kinda snobby, what, like they couldn't find a good enough writer in the Bay Area? I… @hikariscyrus @IowaPeg @castlesburning @shaylakraze @mslinda_j @mnmsz_ @dezgn4u @ilymalabella @BeardedBitcoins
@hikariscyrus @momma182 @EdCoghlan @IowaPeg @castlesburning @shaylakraze @mslinda_j @mnmsz_ @dezgn4u @ilymalabella @hikariscyrus @IowaPeg @castlesburning @shaylakraze @mslinda_j @mnmsz_ @dezgn4u @ilymalabella @BeardedBitcoins @hikariscyrus @momma182 @EdCoghlan @IowaPeg @castlesburning @shaylakraze @mslinda_j @mnmsz_ @dezgn4u @ilymalabella @ngaio420 Yung Emptynester? @hikariscyrus @IowaPeg @castlesburning @shaylakraze @mslinda_j @mnmsz_ @dezgn4u @ilymalabella @BeardedBitcoins @hikariscyrus @momma182 @EdCoghlan @IowaPeg @castlesburning @shaylakraze @mslinda_j @mnmsz_ @dezgn4u @ilymalabella @momma182 @EdCoghlan @IowaPeg @castlesburning @shaylakraze @mslinda_j @mnmsz_ @dezgn4u @ilymalabella evidence that #SNAPMatters for health: research in @Health_Affairs finds that SNAP participation reduces all-c…
Retweeted by Julia Baum🗞 @SRodd_CPR I wonder if they considered doing this in Davis for their hostile turkey problem a few years agoMore weird local news like this always plz.
Retweeted by Julia Baum🗞 @kbschroedy I never really paid attention to the lyrics before, but, ewwwwww🤮 @MsMonicaFay @kibblesmith That's a dude with control issues; last I checked, the other person has to actually agree… City becomes first major American city with universal fare-free public transit
Retweeted by Julia Baum🗞 @carpe_futurum @Lansing_Rawls Re: tapering from bupe, I know for a fact that it can and should be done veeerrrry sl… mom
Retweeted by Julia Baum🗞 @mnvan_98 @StillPokherface I talked to my parents' CFP about my retirement plans the other day because he owed the… @StillPokherface You're missing retirement savings, healthcare, transportation costs, childcare, typical debt like… @thestripeysloth @shorgio @erinbiba @Alice4all42 @MicrobiomDigest @ngaio420 Fresh Toast's take is stale🍞 @justinsmith33j @zGuz @JackBMontgomery "Hey Siri, what year did Madonna's 'Material Girl' come out?" @carpe_futurum @Lansing_Rawls I guess my question is kind of rhetorical because I have a few ideas why it's not more common @carpe_futurum @Lansing_Rawls Omg, why isn't buprenorphine treatment more common?Naaahhhh... it's racist @mslinda_j @hangouthangten @castlesburning @shaylakraze @mnmsz_ @dezgn4u @ilymalabella @BeardedBitcoins @NBCNews I… @hangouthangten @castlesburning @shaylakraze @mslinda_j @mnmsz_ @dezgn4u @ilymalabella @BeardedBitcoins @NBCNews Po… have a column this week about political drama involving Marlon Bundo from @LastWeekTonight and I am HERE FOR IT: @hangouthangten @castlesburning @shaylakraze @mslinda_j @mnmsz_ @dezgn4u @ilymalabella @BeardedBitcoins @NBCNews Sh… @hangouthangten @castlesburning @shaylakraze @mslinda_j @mnmsz_ @dezgn4u @ilymalabella @BeardedBitcoins @NBCNews Yu…’s not OK. And Pam Karlan rocks. (14/14)
Retweeted by Julia Baum🗞This makes me so sad. This was my all-time favorite museum, one I made sure to visit whenever I was back in D.C., a…
Retweeted by Julia Baum🗞 @allyjarmanning Only if I get assigned a shady dive bar as my locale, then things would be interesting @530BruceRoss @RyanSabalow I don't see how he did that at all. He just shared an article that he wrote and then som… @hardin @ByRobinEpley Seriously, how can it be both, though?🤔 @hardin @ByRobinEpley It's both @daviddebolt They took BART to *reduce their stress*???🤣🤣🤣 @evangoldin @nextdoorsv @PaloAltoYimby @penforeveryone @pydems @corywolbach @HousingValley @yimbyaction @SVatHome @ChrisRby1 @EdCoghlan @IowaPeg @castlesburning @shaylakraze @mslinda_j @mnmsz_ @dezgn4u @ilymalabella 👏 rocky 👏 home 👏
Retweeted by Julia Baum🗞 @Majesty1418 @castlesburning @shaylakraze @mslinda_j @mnmsz_ @dezgn4u @ilymalabella @BeardedBitcoins @NBCNews I thi… @Majesty1418 @castlesburning @shaylakraze @mslinda_j @mnmsz_ @dezgn4u @ilymalabella @BeardedBitcoins @NBCNews Caref… @DMJreports @ByRobinEpley Waa-ha-mole!🥑 @530BruceRoss @RyanSabalow That's not bait and switch, which involves promising something and then not honoring tha…
@RealTagas @RyanSabalow IME, it's usually wealthy homeowners who complain the most about paying for both social ser… @jenn_elias Is he neckbeard? I bet he's a neckbeard. @youknowkempa I'd be more impressed by a benching contest, honestly @408Nate @grace_hase You should do it! I love reading your retail tweets @CNN Yet I painstakingly handmade all these earrings with recycled materials and can’t sell one pair.
Retweeted by Julia Baum🗞 @grace_hase @408Nate better be the one writing that retail blog!😁 @shaylakraze @EdCoghlan @IowaPeg @castlesburning @mslinda_j @mnmsz_ @dezgn4u @ilymalabella @BeardedBitcoins @EdCoghlan @IowaPeg @castlesburning @shaylakraze @mslinda_j @mnmsz_ @dezgn4u @ilymalabella @BeardedBitcoins @IowaPeg @shaylakraze @EdCoghlan @castlesburning @mslinda_j @mnmsz_ @dezgn4u @ilymalabella @BeardedBitcoins @shaylakraze @IowaPeg @EdCoghlan @castlesburning @mslinda_j @mnmsz_ @dezgn4u @ilymalabella @BeardedBitcoins @KrisReyes @SJSUFoodPantry @BillWilsonCtr DM me and I can send you my email address😁 @dezgn4u @castlesburning @shaylakraze @mslinda_j @mnmsz_ @ilymalabella @BeardedBitcoins @NBCNews Despite the "elite… @dezgn4u @castlesburning @shaylakraze @mslinda_j @mnmsz_ @ilymalabella @BeardedBitcoins @NBCNews FYI, I've also int… @dezgn4u @castlesburning @shaylakraze @mslinda_j @mnmsz_ @ilymalabella @BeardedBitcoins @NBCNews I've lived with fo… @mslinda_j @castlesburning @mnmsz_ @dezgn4u @ilymalabella @BeardedBitcoins @NBCNews The student who I interviewed f… @shaylakraze @castlesburning @mslinda_j @mnmsz_ @dezgn4u @ilymalabella @BeardedBitcoins @NBCNews 😂She blocked me--I… @castlesburning @shaylakraze @mslinda_j @mnmsz_ @dezgn4u @ilymalabella @BeardedBitcoins @NBCNews No, I actually pul… @castlesburning @shaylakraze @mslinda_j @mnmsz_ @dezgn4u @ilymalabella @BeardedBitcoins @NBCNews Your anecdote abou… @castlesburning @shaylakraze @mslinda_j @mnmsz_ @dezgn4u @ilymalabella @BeardedBitcoins @NBCNews How do you know th… @castlesburning @shaylakraze @mslinda_j @mnmsz_ @dezgn4u @ilymalabella @BeardedBitcoins @NBCNews Your entire argume… @castlesburning @shaylakraze @mslinda_j @mnmsz_ @dezgn4u @ilymalabella @BeardedBitcoins @NBCNews If you bother to s… your 🗣IMPEACH THIS RACIST MOFO🗣 hearing to let y’all know that my final horror rentals column of the y…
Retweeted by Julia Baum🗞 @castlesburning @shaylakraze @mslinda_j @mnmsz_ @dezgn4u @ilymalabella @BeardedBitcoins @NBCNews The ABAWDs on SNAP… @castlesburning @shaylakraze @mslinda_j @mnmsz_ @dezgn4u @ilymalabella @BeardedBitcoins @NBCNews This is also wrong… @ilymalabella @castlesburning @mnmsz_ @mslinda_j @dezgn4u @BeardedBitcoins @NBCNews Those two changes that you're r…
@castlesburning @mnmsz_ @mslinda_j @dezgn4u @ilymalabella @BeardedBitcoins @NBCNews This policy doesn't affect peop… Trump admin. has formalized work requirements for recipients of food stamps, a move that will cause nearl…
Retweeted by Julia Baum🗞 @RickPaulas That the pay is severely disproportionate to other industries seeking similar or identical skills and experience? @carpe_futurum You might just have tight hips, which can contribute to lower back pain. I've been having lower back… San Jose Students! Don't forget to check out by our cooking demo at our last SJSU Mobile Market stop of the yea…
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#SJSUCares is working with @BillWilsonCtr for drop-in assistance for students who are housing insecure Drop by in…
Retweeted by Julia Baum🗞Ahead of the census, this nonprofit is setting up free internet access in locations around Georgia. The group's tr…
Retweeted by Julia Baum🗞Pantry will be open an additional day this week. Today, Tuesday-December 3. Next Tuesday, December 10th as well. O…
Retweeted by Julia Baum🗞 @cherpers @FlashReport @sleavenworth Yeah, but you're also not comparing SMUD to a developing country with a vastly… @FlashReport @sleavenworth Yeeaahhh, maybe sit this one out--SMUD rates were about 20% lower than PG&E when I lived…
"Elf on a Shelf" is a @cia sponsored psyop to get the next generation of American youth used to/comfortable with th…
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@ChroniclesOfAzu @NickMiller510 Real news room pizza is what's left in the break room 3 days after election night
Here is a thread of dogs who destroyed Thanksgiving dinner
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@carpe_futurum Maybe just don't call if it's *her* unit that's beeping. Eesh! What an ogre. @evan_adams @WhoUnionman792 @sashaperigo @jbenmenachem @uhshanti That's unfortunate, I grew up in Davis and 9-10 mo…
A sheepdog herding sheep, seen from the sky. Mesmerizing.
Retweeted by Julia Baum🗞A food desert in a small town in Florida has led to the city opening its own grocery store. “Fundamentally, what yo…
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@carpe_futurum @MrVinceRocha Morals are too subjective, really, so just go with what your conscience says. I think… @ByRobinEpley @emptyDir @carpe_futurum Her stomach might be though 😂Not only are bungalow courts cheap to build, they're also smol and adorbs. This one's in Alameda, CA. Image by Jen…
Retweeted by Julia Baum🗞Please plan ahead. Visit for additional resources before pantry and campus closures. We can…
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