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Natalie @jbfan911 Minneapolis, MN

(in case my employer sees this) I love ethics and HIPAA she/her

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@fallen_lucy I played YoVille and my 4 Facebook friends were my family members I think I was probably ok back thenWhy was I depressed at 10 years old @COYOTEPETERSON I have oneGoing to bed at 9 is my new personality trait @RepMTG @JoeBiden This is kind of embarrassing girl @FaceofCoffee Ya it’s called the search button @JackWilliamRtF Name every law @badboychadhoy
@KylePlantEmoji Well that counts me out @crocfanpage that’s so dumb and stupid @crocfanpage liquor stores @jazz_inourpants Wtf @jazz_inourpants saw this one already. Next one pleaseEggs for lunch
Retweeted by Natalie @AOC you guys should kiss ? @SenTedCruz Calm down broNo more cursing in the White House ❤️ finally @kyrajacquelyn No but if it gives you this kind of reaction I might @bigstachechris @JoeBiden @POTUS I don’t need cops I have a gun @ilyseh What about mine @bigstachechris @JoeBiden @POTUS I wish he did
@spaceyholly how long will you call him the guy in your apartment @HickoryBadlands @FINALLEVEL Howie mandelToday, I’m grateful. I’m joyful. I’m hopeful. And I know this wasn’t the perfect outcome. But I did get a lip tattoo of the Walgreens logo @ValterSkarsgard HUH? @FINALLEVEL Me too brother. We’re on the same wavelength. Lets link soon xx @AsianinFargo @FrazzleMyGimp @notnathanroe Then Uber eats McDonald’s and not actually get anything you ordered @jazz_inmypants K whatever @jazz_inmypants UR MOM @jazz_inmypants Oh @jazz_inmypants Is my uncle my biological uncle or was he married into the family @jazz_inmypants No but okay @JoeBiden @POTUS no offense but you look like a cop @niceladybugs want to go to a batting cage one day @IlhanMN Where is this? @ossoff Where is this? @KylePlantEmoji Scrambled eggs“Do u wanna make a tik tok” no I want to die @JoeBiden Abraham Lincoln said the presidency is the loneliest job in the country. Text me anytime you need me girl @KamalaHarris Listen, I’m sure you’re probably nervous for tomorrow and the next 4 years. Can I offer some advice?… @kendrastop Ur right it doesn’t start til March lol @Pontifex I heard a rumor @JoeBiden I need you to call in to school for me tomorrowTomorrow everything changes ❤️ I have to start paying my student loansI wonder if joe and Kamala been going to bed early the past week or so to prepare for their new schedule 😂✌️One of my most common and less violent intrusive thoughts while talking to people is what if we were literally swimming right now lol.... @BigTucsonDad Swallow @diskpix How tf you keep getting s*sp*nd*djust kidding idgaf about it I just wanna piss some people offdrivers license is overrated yea I’ll say it @jaketapper @JoeBiden @KamalaHarris Too early broIf anyone is sad ummmm thats dumb.. . But kind of punk rock @jaketapper Pardon deez nutsImagine if the world was just 7 billion versions of me. There would be no taxes or infrastructure. I have no idea how those things work
@momjeansca ummmmm.... hi lol @jazz_inmypants Just solve it @howiemandel @TheEllenShow Why are you doing this @howiemandel This isn’t real @FINALLEVEL Yep. My ex husband jeremy said this a lot. I should have knownresearching try eating a house lol weapon formed against me shall prosper. Unless it is a gun I am not sure how to handle that oneNot gonna be able to take my lexi (lexapro) until later today.... sorry if I’m a little unhinged until then 😂 do yo…’m just trying to charge my phone man @jodieegrace Delete this rnWhen comparing the constant stomping in the apartment above or the garage door opening and closing below, I think m… @nich_stein I can’t read @scienceshitpost This is not what I expected
If I was his friend I would swallow it as a prank @BigTucsonDad sorry bout that lolIn a pANDEMIC? @howiemandel Sand @ValterSkarsgard What’s all this this day 8 years ago my very homeschooled, Christian friend tweeted “Shoutout to that guy who nailed some stuff… @BigTucsonDad I’m so sorry @BigTucsonDad with his phoneIf I woke up from a coma rn I’d go back to sleepMeant to tag white claw but i don’t care and want to dieNew flavor of alcoholic seltzer. Wheat flavor (do not take this idea it’s mine) @budlight dm me let’s talk @sza Ok. Ummmm anyways can you give me back my money @Loganismyself @IRS_CI I haven’t even done anything illegal and ur already snitching smhgoogling if it’s actually bad to not pay taxes. No solid answers yet. Looks like this could actually happen guysto whoever gets him next: don’t forget to tip! I am talking about my waiter at applebees @jaketapper Pardon deez nuts
@HomeboyPanini Yep that is surely me @BarackObama Zoom tonight? @SbFramesInOrder Fav partYou know how celebrities make their own products or brands or whatever. I’m gonna do that but with an antidepressantUmmmm why are Cheesecake Factories that big.
y’all ever think how crazy glass is lol
Retweeted by NatalieWalmart yodel boy was at the Capitol
just paid $250 bill it was soooooo sad. @badgirIkiki Ok still good“What happened to you?” I grew up and stopped eating chunks of butter. That’s what happened. SorryOff grid mom has logged on @AnotherNeal Ummmm yes it is lol. It says recycle on the box so I put it in the recycling bin. Bam recycling @coolest_dude7 I’m closing my eyes @kisarasmith Seems like excuses!