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Natalie @jbfan911 Minneapolis, MN

(in case my employer sees this) I love ethics and HIPAA she/her

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Fergie was so good at spellingCanvassing for biden @KylePlantEmoji Took me like five minutes to realize you spelled that wrong on purpose. I was like why is kyle so stupid @YuckyTom Natalieray19 @YuckyTom It says “venmo natalie $10”
@bIondiewasabi pudding sandwich @KylePlantEmoji @crocodilethumbs @aubviouslynot @yours_truly_bex @roxiqt @jasminericegirl @perfectsweeties is horrible news @aubviouslynot @yours_truly_bex @roxiqt @jasminericegirl @perfectsweeties @jazz_inmypants @Coll3enG @Skoog @badboychadhoy Omfgyou have got to be fucking kidding me
Retweeted by Natalie @jazz_inmypants She loves ur mom jokes @BoyYeetsWorld Is that why you’re the way you are @travishatley No that’s so funny lmfao @strokesstan Ur welcomeAnyone else grow up ItalianWho are some ppl I can follow that will follow me too I’m not running a charity here
Retweeted by Natalie @narboink Is everything ok at home @travishatley Happy bdayCrunk 2020 @V1kha @vswaggy97 root beer time tomorrow night @vswaggy97 I’m golden (pony boy)Never thought of it this way for tweeting ....I tweet a lot when I’m HAPPY and have ENergy. Two things that are hard to get! really liking this whole politics thing! @dvdplayuh maybe figure that outanswering random dm requests from months ago love 2 interact with the fans........................What are you guys gonna be for Halloween @lilvanhooters my allergies
@jazz_inmypants is that sarcasm....... @jazz_inmypants ya i only did this for attention @jazz_inmypants You weren t talking to me @jazz_inmypants feeling this rn...... @nicothe420th bro............i am fr in my own world on here. when i log onto twitter.......i am traveling to mars. i only care about me and mar… perry @goodbeanaltalt @NateBrant69 @thatdweebo Mfer said picks @goodbeanaltalt @NateBrant69 @thatdweebo Oh that’s why I said she’s on her way. She is coming back. Do u want picks… @goodbeanaltalt @NateBrant69 @thatdweebo What they say it’s deleted @goodbeanaltalt shes on her way ...... can’t I just do the splits? Like just simply do itlistening to music. sorry to be different....... not @Joseph_Thill you’re right. Everyone should stop doing it @jazz_inmypants I don’t like Bennett @kileyrhoden then they r bone shifting pains. I am not growing trust me I have triedWahoo, 22 years old experiencing discomfort in my legs: yep must be growing painsForgive me next thanks’s it like to win something @DodgersIs there really going to be a new episode of the bachelorette on election night. I can’t handle that many emotionsGlad to know who @jbfan911 is rooting for #TheBachelorette
Retweeted by Natalie @KylePlantEmoji @dave_cactus Did someone say something ? @dave_cactus @KylePlantEmoji I’m so tired of men @KylePlantEmoji is this you what i was looking for
@jasonkinny kwikade @vswaggy97 she’s geniusGlacier freeze Gatorade when mr Krabs made plankton think he was the secret ingredient for the krabby party....... savage af 🤣🤣 @itsmattfred Whatdamn. 47k followers and I don’t even know y’allI am overwhelmed by the mass of this lad @Coll3enG Omfg @Coll3enG RectangleI think I could swallow an iPod nano @ab0gaill i still remember the actions ....headphones out.... @theb0tfather People can actually see this you knowfellas’s time to tweet @badboychadhoy this is so embarrazzing...... how r u not embarrazzed... @Harry_Styles Hey. Text meWhy do men go out in nature and be like hey I should get naked and post a pic of it on igThey’re on the come up just watch
who can relate 🗣 banking for Biden is going well
Retweeted by Natalietaking pictures of myself (for obvious reasons) and letting everyone watch (i live above da garage) then saw a (fat… would you sell me 100 year old hot sauce @FranksRedHot @offTheReefer @jasonkinny was about to dust off my electric chair .... @jasonkinny @offTheReefer do you do this
Retweeted by NatalieIf u do this ...... I hope you find peace @girlfr0g This is fake right @itsmattfred @BoyYeetsWorld They’re my glassesshe started emailing me again
Retweeted by Natalieputting myself into hospice care. just need a break or something idk what else am I supposed to do?How is anything built. Umm...... that looks difficult. ..........How’d you figure that out
Retweeted by Natalie @dvdplayuh do you know why my display name is natalie @dvdplayuh I just assumed ur name was david n it’s a play on thatmood board actually happened involving men that mad me have a bad day. I just didn’t know who else to blame it onDraft check @TommmyBear How did you take these pics“Please just vote” @JackWilliamRtF it was so close ... @JackWilliamRtF He tried to steal HOME lolWe are cheering for the rays on this page. Thanks