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Mr. Bonnie. Actor w/dubious oeuvre: space aliens, serial killers. Corpulent, world-weary. Sazerac fan. Board Prez HOLLYWOOD FOOD COALITION Lefty.

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Reminded of an old Andy Griffith episode . . . "Citizen's Arrest! Citizen's Arrest" yelled Gomer, as he pulled Barn… awfully obliging of Lindsay Graham.'ll be away from Twitter for a couple of weeks. Off to shoot a pilot in Colorado with the missus, huzzah: we get… on drugs. Who could have seen this coming?
HAHHA This is genius!!!! Exactly what I thought as he made this announcement. Shitty used car salesman huckster…
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@Caitlineli1 @Caitlineli1 "Apparently" Dems hate the Jews? This is what 'you've heard'? Are you suggesting that… @GeekChiFu My best side. @Caitlineli1 One party believes that climate change is real and one party doesn't. That's True North enough for me, Caitlin.Trump is singlehandedly keeping the art of musical parody alive. So there's that at least . . . is the opening of tonight’s show. x
Retweeted by John BillingsleyVote. Indeed. And preferably for the folks who ain't inclined to murder us (in ways direct, ways indirect . . . )
Trump refusing a stimulus deal is the greatest political blunder in presidential campaign history
Retweeted by John Billingsley @RepKatiePorter Thank you for visiting us @HollywoodFoodCo on Sunday! A shout-out to your unsung sons who helped m…“It wasn’t a choice,” Amanda Kloots said of her late husband, Broadway star Nick Cordero, in response to Trump’s tw…
“Don’t be afraid of Covid,” Trump says, while in quarantine, in a hospital he was airlifted to, and been in for the…
Retweeted by John BillingsleyIs it immoral if you feel schadenfreude about Trump’s Covid-19? via @voxdotcom @jillmwoodman Well fuck yeah, but not a cartoon hug. @Caitlineli1 Wasn't invited. They wanted optimal star power, I assume. We Denobulans are used to this.Murderers. What we should learn from the White House’s coronavirus cluster
OH FUCK I'M A BOOMER!!! MY KITCHEN IS TACKY!! I'm so glad that somebody's still making a living figuring out how… @Caitlineli1 Sometimes bringing the best out in people means encouraging them to be more honest about what they rea… @Caitlineli1 I act on my urges, what can I say. Probably why I'm an actor. @Caitlineli1 Pshaw. Yer neither wholly 'good' nor wholly 'bad'; yer struggling as we all are to make sense of the t… this matters: R's downplaying severity of Covid symptoms = more denialism, more deaths. The medical briefing o… @Caitlineli1 Trump & key lieutenants/enablers are mass murderers. Climate change denialism = millions dead. Covid… the documents Trump is reviewing
Retweeted by John BillingsleyWhy I don't send my thoughts and prayers to these schmucks . . . Kool-Aid social to honor Jim Jones.
Retweeted by John Billingsley @Caitlineli1 @ArfWeGo Celebrating the death of somebody who cared about the downtrodden is a category difference fr… White House under a black sky @ArfWeGo @ArfWeGo Once I accept the premise of supernatural intercession, I am led inexorably to: "FUCK YOU GOD WH… out this great video I am watching over at
Performing arts are near the point of no return. Conservatives should rescue them.'s admit it: Karma has finally come for Trump and his inner circle Rubin in the first person I go to in the morning to writing something bracing and straightforward. I just…
Spread this far and wide. #EndTrumpsHate
Retweeted by John Billingsley @mikemcgannpa @Marina_Sirtis @mikemcgannpa @Marina_Sirtis Look at how we're drawing all of the felatio fans out of the woodwork, Marina! @BubbaSiemens @BubbaSiemens To be candid, the work I'm doing with the Hollywood Food Coalition @HollywoodFoodCo fee…
For my pals who are Trek fans, check this out. Dr. P. (and a few stray non - Denobulans) hold forth on how you can…
In parts of Australia, bars once closed at 6PM. Drinkers leaving jobs at 5:30 dashed in, had to guzzle rapidly to…’s broke. And facing criminal charges. That’s why @realDonaldTrump is sabotaging the mail, welcoming foreign inte…
Retweeted by John Billingsley @Marina_Sirtis @Marina_Sirtis 'Felating For Nothing' is a terrific memoir title. I sense a turning point in my life . . @KtownPB I would totally trust him to host my Poetry Jam.No, sorry, that was me. Kind of a thing the crew's got going. Bit of a rotation, actually.
I'm not sure I'd trust this guy to pilot my starship. No offense. Gin. Video Poker. Dialectical Materialism. I hate the bastard and I haven't even met him. @EnterpriseExtra I recognize that look. That's the look that Connor gives you when he hopes you might be able to f… womb hurts just thinking about this.
This is how democracy dies. A president so desperate to cling to power that he won’t commit to a peaceful transiti…
Retweeted by John Billingsley @RandPauI I did watch the video where Dr. Fauci called you a liar (without raising his voice) and suggested that yo… . . straight from farm produce boxes Monday only. On M, Thurs, and Sat, though, they share their kick ass p…
New: @cindymccain said she decided to fully and publicly endorse @JoeBiden after @JeffreyGoldberg story about Trump…
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The 26th Woman to Accuse Donald Trump of Sexual Assault Deserves Just as Much Attention as the First via @jezebel
Did anybody else hear that plangent, lonely call . . . ? Listen . . . There it is again . . . it sounds a lot like… an amazing story. Read it slowly. Caputo is a well documented wack job who should not be serving in any posit…
Retweeted by John Billingsley @BrentSpiner @Caitlineli1 @BrentSpiner and @Caitlineli1 HEY! I Talk to you, too, and I ain't seeing a nickel!There are no good choices via @voxdotcomNITWITZKE ALERT PART 2 Voters in November can’t say they don’t have a real choice. via @slate
@Caitlineli1 @AlienGhoullie POLYAMOROUS. CALM DOWN THERE, CAITLIN E.!Q will hunt him down . . oh no wait . . . million views! Thank you for retweeting and not letting Trump hide from the truth. We will be running this ad i…
Retweeted by John Billingsley @Caitlineli1 Well, you'll just have the watch all of the episodes now, won't you?Herman Cain's death didn't even change Herman Cain's perspective on Herman Cain's death, if you can believe his Twi… @Caitlineli1 HE HAS KIDS, HE HAS DOGS, HE HAS CATS, HE HAS WIVES, HE HAS BIRDS, HE HAS LEECHES, HE HAS GROTESQUELY… QAnon-Allied GOP Senate Candidate Also Pushed Anti-Semitism, Flat Earthism, and 9/11 Conspiracies… reports of non-consensual hysterectomies in our migrant camps, the case should be submitted to the ICC. If pr…
Retweeted by John Billingsley1/ Once you accept that climate change is *already* making large parts of the United States nearly uninhabitable, t…
Retweeted by John BillingsleyIn which we learn WHY you never see any f'n Denobulans on Star Trek apres yours truly leaves the scene . . . for th… NitWitzke is upset that W. Sommer got her age wrong in an article in which he claims she was a heroin user, a ho… @LaurenWitzkeDE @willsommer @LaurenWitzkeDE You'd think you'd be more concerned about responding to his claims that…
@HollywoodFoodCo Just cuz I haven't mentioned in a while. Serving a nourishing multi course meal to all comers, 7… wildfires out West inject climate change into the presidential campaign Trump, Fucknut Magnet, Chapter Gajilion. Top Trump health appointee Michael Caputo warns of armed insurre…
@Caitlineli1 Let's just say that you have the ability - I KNOW YOU DO - to take yer fridge magnet wit'n'whimsy . . . to a higher level . . . @AlbaAndroid @gates_mcfadden @sidcityonline @RobertPicardo @wcruz73 I contain multitudes - Walt Whitman (In other… @SarahSerioArt Rock on Sarah @SarahSerioArt! xox Dr. Phil Phlox @AlbaAndroid @gates_mcfadden @sidcityonline @RobertPicardo @wcruz73 Phlox would doubtless wax philosophical; Billin… @startrekeire I liked that guy who tortured people via the medium of soup. @Gwionbach @redqueenar @redqueenar The father of Ted Cruz is perhaps ALSO the father of . . . one Andi R. Bloodyhands! @Caitlineli1 "Please be honest". I've survived to 60 by ignoring that adjuration.
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Retweeted by John BillingsleyElderly female python lays eggs without being near a male snake in years
Retweeted by John BillingsleyYes
Retweeted by John Billingsley @redqueenar I know that you killed JFK, Andi, I'm just missing a teensy bit o' evidence . . . .“When I give food to the poor, they call me a saint. When I ask why the poor have no food, they call me a communist.” - Dom Helder Camara
Retweeted by John BillingsleyThis new Biden ad is downright POWERFUL 🇺🇸 Nikki Haley wants us to take it down. You know what to do: RT RT RT…
Retweeted by John BillingsleyThe Bay of Pigs Award?? Right up there with the 'Battle of Baatan" Award, the "Little Bighorn" award, the "Staling…, there is no Bay of Pigs Award. Why are you so hollow you have to make this stuff up all of the time? I would…
Retweeted by John BillingsleyMy dear pal Tommy B devotes hours taking care of incontinent cats (in fairness, they're not all incontinent). Gre…
Susan Sarandon is the James Woods of Tulsi Gabbards.
Retweeted by John Billingsley @TerilynnS @EnterpriseExtra Ah shux Terry! 😊 @Chameleon777771 Thank you @Chameleon777771 I shall report to the missus that I made somebody cry yesterday and she… @neilkid75 Smooch, @Neilkid75 - And the cool thing is that so many great people are out there doing things, that i… Impact Slates: Progressive Donors Maximize Impact - There are countless great candidat… @TrekEthicist I'm sorry to hear that, @TrekEthicist. Although it is, perversely, the intolerant who teach us toler… video contains imagery not suitable for all viewers. Lindsay Graham contains a lack of courage not suitable fo…
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Time to get our sh*t together so we know our votes will be counted on Election Day. Step 1: Figure your state’s vot…
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@wlsalyers Opinion | Republicans never flinch in their support of Trump — even when he insults our troops @CryptoAStick @chiefzager @votevets @CryptoAStick Uhm, 20,000+ plus provable lies later, Crypto, ya might begin to… Jennifer Rubin (W. POST) says, over and over again, the entire R. party has beshat itself (not a word, but shoul…