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Grandfather, Sr. Management Scientist and adjunct professor. Barba non facit philosophum

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Abraham Lincoln, Postmaster of New Salem, Illinois, delivering mail, 1833:
Retweeted by John BordeauxOver 900 health care workers have died from coronavirus. A new database tells their stories - CNN @RadioFreeTom @Morning_Joe I remember sleep.
DO NOT SLEEP on the foremost historian on the US Postal Service, Richard John (@RrjohnR), putting #SaveTheUSPS and…
Retweeted by John Bordeaux @BobbyJindal This is your priority today? @alexzfinley Oh, most certainly. Military Won’t Save Us – and You Shouldn’t Want Them To - Defense One Taken to the woodshed by the best.…, it is possible to vote safely in November.
Retweeted by John Bordeaux @paulinebrock As is framing, there is a way to report lies. “POTUS said” is the laziest possible option. @paulinebrock Without framing, this is just stenography for propaganda.This isn’t journalism. It’s not even writing. Parroting lies should be beneath all of us. @GrayConnolly Yes. It happened before so no need to ever focus on THE CURRENT ADMINISTRATION. This is political analysis?
@GrayConnolly “If true.” Glad that keeps you warm at night. @MaggieCaroline1 @Newsweek Remembering all the articles about John McCain being born in the Panama Canal Zone. Oh, wait. @GrayConnolly One reason we have permanent election cycles - began with Clinton I believe. But what you choose to h… @GrayConnolly This is your example of American political grift? Holy shit, get another channel added to your cable package.You don’t need to understand what’s being said to understand this video from Belarus today. So powerful.
Retweeted by John Bordeaux @AlexHortonTX Dammit, I finished shaping in 1990. @MaggieCaroline1 Hi! Sorry about the brief manel!Today marks 3 years since the Unite the Right rally in #Charlottesville when Heather Heyer was murdered by a neo-Na…
Retweeted by John BordeauxWhoa, @HowardU!
Retweeted by John BordeauxThe DC “derecho” had weeks of coverage. @coffeeshopjihad Personally, I could never go back to the lower sightlines again… @ArmsControlWonk @planet Account doesn’t exist? @ccacy Hello there, CC! @joshchafetz @Klonick @benjaminwittes @inlieuoffunshow Sorry to water-shame, good sir! All in good non-fun.
“I know there’s only one path to my destination, and getting there is very important to me, but I just don’t know w… @AlexMorash Because that’s the only way you, oh never mind.It’s Kamala. @djrothkopf Annnnnnd muting “cake” again.Why? @Empowlr I canceled travel DC-LA in February, paid $200 or so. Wasn’t aware of the March policy, I thought their tw… @NoahShachtman @TheRickWilson The uncomfortable question is when did this become obvious to Mr. Wilson?For those of us who realized in February that air travel was unwise, well, we just suck up those change fees. Bette… @MaggieCaroline1 @ahfdc Au contraire. @jeneps @Kris_Sacrebleu But but but, Sen. Harris speaks just before the Biden family - so she’s the obvious pick! Sigh. :) @sloyoroll01973 To be fair, she never said that specific phrase. That was Tina Fey. She was the one who talked abou… @postsecret The hands tell a story.UPDATE: Tikhanovskaya speaks: Clearly distressed, she says she left Belarus for her children’s sake. “God forbid yo…
Retweeted by John Bordeaux @paulinebrock It’s all good, friend. @paulinebrock @RAND_OCR @RANDCorporation @RosannaSmart 1) It’s not an exorbitant amount, 2) deciding what is obviou… @paulinebrock @RAND_OCR @RANDCorporation @RosannaSmart Perhaps, but evidence useful to augment what appears obvious…'s Gun Policy in America project found supportive evidence that stand-your-ground laws may increas…
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@BobbyJindal @JoeBiden So close. You almost got it right, Gov. @varsha_venkat_ He doesn’t mean “argue over state bailouts,” he means “let states go bankrupt so we can force them to restructure services.”In our @RANDCorporation study, Raising the Flag, we looked at each service separately and analyzed how the archetyp…
Retweeted by John Bordeaux @bryanbehar Ok. Yes. Captured by party interests, therefore: Yes. @AngryBlackLady Did that years ago. @paulinebrock Good point, I didn’t see the paragraph where the good Senator argues for compensation.“This is a moment for leadership, which to me means sending young people and their families into harm’s way so I’m… is the first day of Virginia's temporary statewide eviction moratorium. If you are struggling to pay rent,…
Retweeted by John Bordeaux @_Astro_Nerd_ What I learned from my cancer is that I had friends I’ve never met. May you find the same.
@krcraft No, I’m pretty sure they know what I’m thinking by now. @GaryCecchine @NatlParkServlce Always have, always have. @GaryCecchine @NatlParkServlce This is why I always have a grandmother with me wherever I go. @GaryCecchine @NatlParkServlce I believe the message is legit, but the Twitter account that spells Service as Servl… @GaryCecchine @NatlParkServlce I’m pointing to the Twitter account you tagged here… Didn’t seem legit. @GaryCecchine @NatlParkServlce Is…this the right twitter account…?Why does Peter Navarro keep getting booked on shows like Meet the Press? He openly lies about everything, promotes…
Retweeted by John Bordeaux @emilybell Still miffed that yesterday’s didn’t allow for pitot. @jycefisher The rationale that $600 was too much because it incentivized staying home is just insane. $600 a week =…
@Vancbromycin These are related, if my RN daughter’s rants are anything to be believed… @CarolineCBaxter Ok, now I’m tempted to consider it... sigh. I mean, I just learned where all the silverware goes in THIS house.Colleague: I’m out of town next week, taking a vacation. Me: Wow, what’s the plan? Colleague: We got an Airbnb a fe… Hey Bride, whatever happened to the idea of drawing your spouse a bath? Seems a gentle way to say I love you, n…
@Kinniska Are you certain it wasn’t an Apple? ::showing myself out::
Retweeted by John BordeauxAndy Warhol was correct. You can live 50+ years and suddenly become world famous for simply and nakedly chasing a w… had the honor to brief Gen. Scowcroft once. Wise and generous captures him well, I treasure this memory always. @TonyCava @Klonick Oh lord.Mail-in ballot applications in Virginia tap into worries about fraud with faulty instructions
@hjarche Dude, you’re Canadian. You are my happy place. @hjarche That’s “happy” in the way The Joker is “happy.” No. @Klonick @marty_lederman @jesqa_ Puree and pretend it’s mashed potatoes. My Bride thinks this works on me. @AboveRebroach Puking mad. @sfmnemonic @paulinebrock @jilliancyork Good choice. Malta is hell-hot this time of year. @RonsReflections Thank you, Ron. It’s difficult to hear of your situation and moreover your resignation to a fate d… @sfmnemonic @jilliancyork Looking forward to your writing on this, when you figure out how to articulate... :) @thomasafine @benjaminwittes The Capone take is a good take. @markknoller Um… the NRA is in Virginia, though? @sfmnemonic @jilliancyork Dental-tourism?important info for fairfax COUNTY voters! you may have received an application to vote by mail from the Center for…
Retweeted by John BordeauxThis isn’t the year to be incompetent. And the Center for Voter Information is incompetent - this isn’t their first… on the lookout for this inaccurate, potentially misleading mailing from the Center for Voter Information. Fairfa…
Retweeted by John BordeauxI will never forgive those who stole one of the years I have left to be a fully present grandfather. Never. @swardley Which election? The popular vote or the Electors’ count?
In case something idiotic is trending, I’ve saved you a click. All you need to know. @JennaMC_Laugh Brave soul, best of luck to you. @JennaMC_Laugh But… not necessarily in that order, yes?If you received a pre-formatted ballot application mailed to you in Fairfax County today, please note the return (p… @dralissajay Disconcerting to see an article amplified that characterizes the NSA primarily as known for “questiona… behaviors may shift after it becomes personal for enough Americans. Safe Elections During a Pandemic | RAND
@gmoomaw @kanyewest @BradKutner 14 hours, Johns Hopkins screening ahead of a procedure the next day.There should be no confusion of a Watch vs a Warning with this example. A Watch the ingredients are there for somet…
Retweeted by John BordeauxFollowed a @WashTimes journalist for some time, don’t want to live in a bubble after all. Said journalist today amp… @GrayConnolly The soundtrack is even better than your imagination.Perpetual Beta 2020 has just been released — 160 pages encapsulating 16 years of sensemaking, writing, and interact…
Retweeted by John BordeauxI’m going to be thinking about this for a long time:
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