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@PDXJenni Sorry to bear bad news.
@PDXJenni Trust you saw the 100-mi zone is no longer ‘operative.’ @AndrewBakaj Just subscribe to Barr’s 45-second podcast summarizing the day. @brooklynmarie Or… anyone’s. @RandPaul Still amazes me how someone can cut revenue and blame expenses for the resulting chaos. Did you do that i…
Retweeted by John Bordeaux @CindyOtis_ @nadabakos Speaks volumes for you, Ms. Otis. Most DC types read the acknowledgments section almost imme… #PKMastery online workshop starts in September Book early and save
Retweeted by John BordeauxIf you’re looking to defend an SNL cast member who was wrongly fired for a minor mistake, Jenny Slate is the better choice
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@mrshellwinger Story this afternoon about how a drug dealer about to be indicated was among the honored guests at the event…ODNI creates new position dedicated to election security
Retweeted by John BordeauxWhat does Delaware know? is a wealthy celebrity who abused women, walked away with millions & saw zero jail time discussing his lack of…
Retweeted by John BordeauxWell, this was expected.
@MaryRobinette @tericee MARMs everywhere thank you. @DeathMedieval @rabiasquared No backsies. @varsha_venkat_ Teach them how to say goodbye.The effects of sleep deprivation on migrant children at the border can be dire. My colleague, @RANDCorporation's…
Retweeted by John BordeauxFrom 1946, the Project RAND report that heralded the age of space exploration. Download it here:…
Retweeted by John Bordeaux @lourdesgnavarro The eternal sunshine of the spotless mind.I'm aware that some people don't think summer is the worst season, but they're wrong
Retweeted by John Bordeaux“A typical cult has a charismatic, unaccountable leader, persuades by coercion and exploits its members, economical…
Retweeted by John BordeauxThe future is female–at least, we should hope to dog it is. Amazing effort by @GirlSecurity_ and the team of profes…
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Stuff it, racist. Both sides of my family also from Ireland - white privilege applies to me and my family “despite”… you’ve never done it before, now’s a great time to get into genealogy. Make a family tree. Talk to the elderly…
Retweeted by John BordeauxReal Buzz Aldrin Spends 50th Straight Year On Moon Trying To Signal Earth To Warn Of Imposter…
Retweeted by John BordeauxOn an O'Riley kick today @timoreilly. This analysis of how Google is gradually taking over its search results is fr…
Retweeted by John Bordeaux @MaggieCaroline1 @PeterLucier @ZaknafienDC @EvolvingWar @TheKrulakCenter @timrvmi @NatSecGirlSquad @thedanward @EvolvingWar @MaggieCaroline1 @TheKrulakCenter @timrvmi @NatSecGirlSquad @thedanward @benjaminwittes @EvolvingWar @MaggieCaroline1 @TheKrulakCenter @timrvmi @NatSecGirlSquad How would one encourage more diversity, if…
@RadioFreeTom Also: like any good Irishman, you (and I) have no actual chin. @RadioFreeTom But you have his cell #, right? Just in case. @mikiebarb Moon landing anniversary. @CindyOtis_ This took FAR TOO LONG! Bon voyage, ma’am. @CarolineCBaxter Yeah, my beloved USAF misses yet another chance at recruiting gold. @CindyOtis_ Delighted to see your sense of humor intact, so sorry you had to endure this. @zenpundit Ha ha, yeah of course. It’s um, 70, am I right?
@CarolineCBaxter Thought that was the Air Force brand. (Who, as you know, told Hollywood to pound sand when asked i… @CyrusMMcQueen How many American towns do we not want to ever move to? @IlhanMN You are the best our country has to offer. Stay strong.Reminder: On Broadway, the talent can hear you being stupid. @KillerMartinis Years ago a few Navy pilots were busted for having pot on their systems… and they executed night ca…
@HonestCharlie @positively_bri Is my success your evidence for this? ;) @positively_bri I earned my Bachelor’s degree at the tender age of 30. Got (re)married, inheriting two new daughter… this story closely, if you have used this app you have given a Russian company permission to use all of your p…
Retweeted by John Bordeaux @bobgourley Yes, but is ‘recommended’ (compensated) content amplification fundamentally different than that covered… @cdrsalamander Tis true, a bureaucracy’s least-attractive characteristic is the “prime directive” to perpetuate its… @bobgourley This returns to the CDA question regarding platform versus content, no? @cdrsalamander Reminds me of what I heard years ago about “how to learn from retiring experts” during knowledge man… @cdrsalamander “Soon” is always relative. I’m concerned about morale and early retirements (already hearing of a fe… @cdrsalamander I’m hearing B-ring anecdotes that concur with this op-ed. Not that we won’t be fine, but that the la… @Doctrine_Man The original intent of the “knowledge is power” phrase is exactly this. Roughly: Man’s shared knowled… you for a lifetime of service, Justice Stevens
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@nilslofgren Amen, brother. @MaggieCaroline1 @pptsapper Having just returned from Savannah last week, let me just say… It’s awfully warm there.…“It’s a folk singer’s job to comfort disturbed people and disturb comfortable people.” Happy birthday #WoodyGuthrie!
Retweeted by John Bordeaux @CyrusMMcQueen I am sorry for your pain, I cannot imagine it on any level.Those we invite to our country learn much, first hand, about how we fall short of our great vision. That’s our faul… @MaggieJordanACN Irish, both sides. Maternal line fleeing famine, paternal line arrived 1904.
“and ours” @jtlevy @AshaRangappa_ It was a kidney stone of a decade, then it passed. @brooklynmarie @JuanSaaa A new low every day. @JuanSaaa @brooklynmarie Sofi’s choice, honestly? @EdAsante77 @GrayConnolly Bold stance. @nadabakos ‘Some people,’ reminder of his other lies about Omar, that “some people” attacked us on 9/11A U.S. Senator claiming his entire constituency believes that criticism of this country is unacceptable speech. @pptsapper @cortney_dc You’re not the first. @zlj517 Truth requires evidence. @rossdawson A trend chased only by an uptick in bar attendance…
When threats are just part of everyday discourse. This ambassador is looking forward to engaging with Americans. Al…, here’s a book a friend recommended. I’m already in the Kindle app, so… no. No way to purchase. Hm. Ok, let…, twitter is good.
Retweeted by John Bordeaux @Avi_Bueno I also never had to do this for 40+ days. @djrothkopf Me, golfing poorly.This is Sgt. Maj. James G. Sartor. He was killed by small-arms fire in Afghanistan on Saturday, July 13 while deplo…
Retweeted by John BordeauxYes, I’m cheering for the “old” man who is less than 2/3 my age. Ugh. @GrayConnolly When I retire to full-time columnist, I will definitely look to you for weekly topics. Of course, the… @GrayConnolly For some of us, this is lazy noontime fare. No one’s fault it’s already Monday for you. ;) @batess @willwilkinson These aren’t policy discussions, these are challenges to our moral frame - questioning wheth… @batess @willwilkinson As the VP celebrates the caging of migrant males, while claiming the children they’ve separa… @batess @willwilkinson There are dozens of interesting papers addressing the very real failures of democracy to add… @batess Disagree with use of the term “erosion.” Difference between onshore winds and a beach landing. It is “erodi… @batess And yet. It positions anyone who feels our democracy is under threat as merely uncivil. Jefferson did not a… @prchovanec Precisely. Can only wonder about 50 years hence. @GaryCecchine It’s good to be king.And today…? @kmallwein @kttobin Thinking here about IDIQ more than RFP, how do you vet a list of vendors against future adaptiv… @kmallwein @kttobin Are these clauses standard? I’m interested in learning how multi-year contract IT vehicles capt…
@RadioFreeTom We all must do the best we can.Have always appreciated this quote. Strikes me, however that Mr. Jefferson did let certain politics interfere with… have questions, St. Augustine.
I don’t know how this ends yet, but I sense @RadioFreeTom may find the tale of interest… report is out! This one explores the question of what it means to be "fair" when using algorithms for decision…
Retweeted by John Bordeaux @safainsapphire Bon jour! Aftershocks from yesterday’s glitches, perhaps. My addiction is such that I use multiple… @safainsapphire ::waving:: @RadioFreeTom But that quote is new to me, and I cede the point for this individual. @RadioFreeTom It wasn’t true for everyone, just as not all of your party was trying to hasten the Rapture. @RadioFreeTom I believe had your former party had any public recognition that anthropogenic climate change was a pr… @tonyschwartz Unfair. This is his workspace. You can request, but he has to be in that space for the entire shift.… @TheRickWilson Visited friends in Palm Bay last month, newly arrived. “Once we learned that every puddle should be…