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@benjaminwittes @petestrzok Someone has to drive. @SashaAnnSimons Some of us ran through our lifetime allotted metabolism too quickly… @rubicon49bc You complete me… @GrayConnolly FOR A PERFECT TWEET? @McCainJack @cdrsalamander @ConsWahoo Get thee to Shenzhen for the bespoke experience. (Hong Kong tailors moved north some time ago.)
Manitoba army reservist with ties to neo-Nazi terror group arrested by FBI | National Observer @RadioFreeTom But also because one person blew a whistle. Thinking of that individual today.Yes. We know. makes perfect sense that Putin, a man raised in the Communist system, would see it as natural to govern from the…
Retweeted by John BordeauxNBC News: "U.S. restarts counter-ISIS operations paused after Soleimani killing"
Retweeted by John Bordeaux @RadioFreeTom Are you just trying to remind us all how plebes shouldn’t be allowed in the front cabin again? :) @MiriamElder My favorites are “Are you asleep?” “Why aren’t you asleep?”
@GrayConnolly @JarBomb I don’t accept it, because I am on my second passport - having added 50 pages to the origina… @JarBomb @GrayConnolly Well, yeah. I mean, Frankfurt? A labyrinth from which escape is unlikely, I barely made it h…’s something very American about not believing in single payer health care because you don’t think you’ll get…
Retweeted by John Bordeaux @GrayConnolly FRANKFURT? You’re kidding, right? And Singapore reflects a culture of: “Walking in between terminals?… @ericgarland Look up the Irish definition of “Friend.” @kljoyceny @Cubs_2016_WS @Teri_Kanefield @tcwittes @AmyResnick But he’s smiling. @GrayConnolly @RadioFreeTom @sheLLbeLL_xo @JarBomb My first wife was a townie. @BradMossEsq @RadioFreeTom I’d like to not overreact, but I’d also like to not miss the obvious.
@woodruffbets Question everything. @SashaAnnSimons @wamu885 Fool me once… :) @GrayConnolly @RadioFreeTom @sheLLbeLL_xo @JarBomb You may not get Fox there, but he’s morphed into a white suprema… @qjurecic Bell should have warned him not to take notes while participating in a criminal conspiracy
Retweeted by John Bordeaux @GrayConnolly @sheLLbeLL_xo @RadioFreeTom @JarBomb “You’ll regain your sanity and sense of perspective after chemot… @JarBomb @GrayConnolly Twist: The Democrat was a Republican until 2008. An SBC preacher in the 1980s. Former USAF.… @GrayConnolly @RadioFreeTom @JarBomb The preconditions were met, in case that matters. Also a process. @GrayConnolly @RadioFreeTom @JarBomb I was in the US for Watergate as well. We did keep chugging along, but are sti… @GrayConnolly @RadioFreeTom @JarBomb This is absurd, even on the Gray scale of silliness. Give it a rest, and perha… @GrayConnolly @JarBomb So I’ll take this off ramp. I swore an oath to that Constitution that doesn’t expire. You do you, friend. @GrayConnolly @RadioFreeTom @JarBomb One more thing to thank the Brits for. Point is: it is a process. Also a legit… @JarBomb @GrayConnolly If you think there’s no ammunition, you’ll be surprised to see what they have despite “utter… @GrayConnolly @JarBomb If only the Constitution didn’t have this pesky clause about Impeachment for Bribery, Treaso… @GrayConnolly @JarBomb For some reason, Barrister, you conflate that point of view with laughing off other corrupti… @GrayConnolly @JarBomb This isn’t breaking through as a message, but I’ll give it one last go: Biden is not the sub… @JarBomb @GrayConnolly Yeah, it’s just naive to think that an indictment would result in witnesses who can attest t… @deb_lavoy Does your mood also feature a significant margin of error?
@CindyOtis_ Pre-ordered since August. We got you. @alanlepo Teams @yankees_28th Living with an awareness of misogyny? Yeah, I think I’ll keep doing that. Thanks for the reminder.Now where have I heard this logic before? #manels no women directed movies this year
Retweeted by John BordeauxThe Trump White House will proclaim “up is down” before this is over
Retweeted by John BordeauxI don’t have any words, but after a 69F day in DC I cannot fathom why the official White House story is…um..this. @rongarson1 @benjaminwittes Thanks - hence the quotation marks…
@benjaminwittes “This is something up with which we shall not put.”Amazon delivers, on time, with a doorbell ring and associated photo to prove delivery - a completely empty envelope… our name.
Retweeted by John Bordeaux @McCainJack My overgrown sword for an edit button. @McCainJack Your traditions aren’t ornate and overdone at all, sir! if the NFL dropped the bottom teams into a junior circuit every season, a la Premier League? My Jets would h… @robertcaruso @lorakolodny @robertcaruso My favorite part is that all of this person’s friends provided honest feedback. “Well, yeah, but what… you aren’t a soccer fan, be advised that what’s happening with Liverpool is very special. Arguably the best team…
Retweeted by John Bordeaux @RadioFreeTom Ok, but hedging that he believes POTUS has intel he doesn’t implies a serious breakdown in the intera… @BradMossEsq Yeah, Hulu feed died here. “Channel not available.” Back now. @KatyTurNBC @tonydokoupil Introduce him to a sommelier.
@brianklaas Florida man. @mtanji Oh, her Saturday is worse, don’t get me wrong. @mtanji You Saturday weirdly. @JakePlunkett @BBuchman_CNS World Kitchen is onsite feeding people.
If you know a hero like John— and we all do— please make them feel this way today. Don’t wait. @BeTheMatch…
Retweeted by John Bordeaux @MargLTaylor @benjaminwittes The plot line for Occupied. @LEBassett If you have to ask… @compassgrl @DeathMedieval Seems you do not! @Susan_Hennessey @nicoleperlroth Slander people on Fox News, apologize on Twitter. Good, but good enough?There is no treaty or status of forces agreement (SOFA) authorizing the presence of U.S. troops in Iraq.… @TCHuse @tonyjoyce I know where you’re headed with this, big guy. @tonyjoyce Congressional staffers should understand the various authorities governing federal employment. Citing on… @LadyPutz A evening worth living. Bonsoir. @MollyJongFast “Anyone who knows me won’t be surprised.”Since everyone wants to hear from a white straight Boomer: Egg: Over easy, on English muffin, nestled up against b…
The RAND Graduate Institute admitted its first students in September 1970. This year, we're celebrating our 50th an…
Retweeted by John BordeauxConcur. @kairyssdal Pretty sure you were supposed to say France.
@mtanji Did NOT see that coming. I keep mouthing “SHAMELESS” at her, but she’s remarkably able to maintain focus on… reno time: Bride - Do you think we should keep the microwave above the stovetop after all? Me - Yeah, I nev… @MaggieCaroline1 Disapproved. Resubmit in 90 days for final disapproval. @petersagal 40 clove chicken. @NamelessCynic The rebirth of expertise. @SulomeAnderson Some of those sources were suspect, though, no? @Limeylizzie Connections and love are all we have some days. It’s a testament to your humanity that you’ve managed… @Limeylizzie The time you’re taking to gently educate well-meaning people in your timeline is an extraordinary gift…
This is really not the time for journos to confuse rockets with missiles
Retweeted by John Bordeaux @NatSecElitist Raging debate among a little group of us right now.This is some absolutely PRO government social media work during winter weather. Well done, @fairfaxcounty and…
Retweeted by John Bordeaux @mehdirhasan @SulomeAnderson @Adamaniac @Trevornoah Haven’t we had enough funny? No offense, Mr. Noah. @ktumulty Took calls and assembled pizza boxes for a pizzeria in NY suburb. Large men in black trenchcoats occasion… @IPAzRGR8 Oh, I’ll pass.How bad could it be, it’s just a dusting...? (It’s 4 pm, gov closed three hours ago) days left now til Win7 extended support ends 👀
Retweeted by John BordeauxToday, we *officially* launch The Affordability Desk @wamu885: a year-long beat exploring the true cost of living i…
Retweeted by John Bordeaux @EdwardGLuce @RadioFreeTom @TomWlost @vali_nasr @CuomoPrimeTime No interest in derailing this conversation, but the…
@IlhanMN Disinformation, pardon the mansplaining."The Lawfare Podcast Special Edition: Law and the Soleimani Strike," the latest from Mikhaila Fogel:
Retweeted by John Bordeaux @jbsyphrit @RadioFreeTom And yet - this letter was dated but not signed… @jbordeaux @RadioFreeTom No. Dates go on official memoranda AFTER signature.
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