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Sr. Management Scientist, just outside the Beltway. Our decisions need work.

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@qjurecic While a strong argument, doesn’t Congress’ inability to secure McGahn’s testimony weaken the path forward during a Senate trial?Congratulations to @mPinoe, the 2019 Sports Illustrated #Sportsperson of the Year
Retweeted by John Bordeaux @Green_Footballs I can guess what you did there. @jkuehn50 Is this seriously your view? This one murderer stains 3B people?
@BradMossEsq @RepGregSteube “But some of my best friends are New York lawyers!” @McFaul @deb_lavoy …under oath.Throughout his questioning and speech, Rep. Steube made several references to a "New York lawyer." Without explici…
Retweeted by John Bordeaux @WorldofIsaac They cheated against my Jets, so the pattern is established. Same impulse that led Nixon to cheat against McGovern…“New York lawyer.” Wait, I think I know this one.Just checked the dress code for #NSGSCON2019 Putting suits back onto the mothballs!We'd like to announce that we are the official briefcase maker of Steve Castor. 😜 You can fill your briefcase up w…
Retweeted by John Bordeaux @AdamParkhomenko Twice. @MollyJongFast Such a natural pose.Pensacola Victims: Three Hopeful Men at the Dawn of Naval Careers
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Score Update: SF 48 - 46 NO Final That's Scorigami!! It's the 1053rd unique final score in NFL history.
Retweeted by John Bordeaux @DrSturg Nah, I mean the Mariah Carey / Love Actually song. That two front teef song is ableist.Chuck Todd asks why Dems now are unhappy with Russia compared to 2015? His analysis: “Because a president they loat… @DrSturg “All I Want for Christmas” is stalky.Delta Force rescues woman trapped in Peloton commercial
Retweeted by John Bordeaux @FPWellman There is an imbalance here that I will NOT articulate.After serious consideration, we have decided not to proceed with the Conference. The progress of the process has be…
Retweeted by John Bordeaux @burkese @srs2_ @AtlanticCouncil @AtlantDK @ducoexperts @jteurope @AugensteinWTOP New feature with latest iOS. Don’t understand why it wasn’t marketed more loudly. Every number not… @snowded Delighted to hear the outcome, Dave. Rest up!
With respect, I feel stronger language is warranted. This is chilling. @MaggieCaroline1 A+ calendaring, madam.I have heard that a draft of the text of my talk may be "available" at the meeting. In any case, you can also see i…
Retweeted by John Bordeaux @ChadReisser @seanfeucht Fortunately, there’s no historical precedent for a member of Congress off-handedly promisi… @seanfeucht @ChadReisser Proverbs 26:19Academy Fellow @AlanBalutis writes in @GovExec: When It’s Time for You to Go #NAPAFellows
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We. Do. Not. Deserve. The. Coast. Guard.
Retweeted by John Bordeaux @BradMossEsq @MarkSZaidEsq Pat needs a Mark.This has been a devastating week for our @USNavy family. Our hearts break for those who lost their lives in Pensaco…
Retweeted by John Bordeaux @JuliusGoat Viaduct? Why not a chicken? @NatlSecCnslrs In tweetdeck, I have columns set aside as persistent queries… anyone posts using that term and it ap… @danevans87 @batess You can okboomer me all day, but we need to retire the fecal emojis very soon.The Post Office has a site where you can answer letters to Santa for kids from poor families.
Retweeted by John Bordeaux“Sorry, but we’re still looking at it.”—@JamesAcastor on British museums and colonial theft
Retweeted by John BordeauxToday is the 30th anniversary of the misogynist massacre at Montreal's École Polytechnique. A man who said he was "…
Retweeted by John BordeauxTHREAD: For Clausewitzians. For everyone else there's Baudrillard... Good thread.
Retweeted by John BordeauxIt’s the time of year when many of us write reference letters for our junior colleagues, students, interns, and oth…
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@AlexJamesFitz Ah. I didn’t know a family legacy, although I recall seeing Fran Tarkenton throw for the NY Football… the naval expeditionary force of the future will require an honest assessment about the relevance of both…
Retweeted by John Bordeaux @AlexJamesFitz Never understood this construct. For this Long Island native it was Mets, Jets, Nets, Islanders. The… compound interest and steal from your future self! Sign up now! out to Mets fans!
Retweeted by John Bordeaux @jeffhester May not be official! @soledadobrien James Rosen.Noticing that my “BTW” is autocorrecting to “BYE” on the iPhone. My phone is more aggressive than I am, but it’s th… stellar choice, congratulations! @GaryCecchine Oh, please. When do I not?You try to defend that you are not the one to blame But I’m finding it hard, my friend, when I‘m in the deadly aim… @eliehonig @WajahatAli He deserves the truth. @blackgirlinmain Great restaurant in Charlottesville, VA. Wicker basket full of reading glasses at the host stand… @robertcaruso Shia LeBuff.
@ZerlinaMaxwell Nope. @timkmak But… they don’t. @everywhereist Vote for this as the next Snickers ad. @AugensteinWTOP @justinwmmoyer @nhregister Interested to see how they can compete on price, as all good pizza must use NYC tap water…Well, yes and no. @RadioFreeTom What, you hate expertise now? @RadioFreeTom Non-concur.Can’t wait for “irregardless” Twitter. @benjaminwittes @BradMossEsq Because you refuse to bid on his livestock’s product. @Avi_Bueno Hope you’re ready for Turley 2.0 @Avi_Bueno That point, if it exists at all, remains in the future. @CrispinBurke @sgtjanedoe True in every dimension. Spherically correct.
@akrolla47 Obviously used in the production of….
Possibly the single worst phrase for our times. @DaddyFiles They’ll say the game just flu by. @SeamusHughes 2.5 @varsha_venkat_ Ask @fortnowhere @LarrySabato Pols != Billionaires. @Avi_Bueno A high school girlfriend’s father once told me he never used his blinker because, and I quote: “I know w… @Teri_Kanefield This is a small thing, for which I apologize. But it’s the RAND Corporation, not Institute. It’s lo…
@Empowlr @pptsapper @Msummerslowe “Does this tinsel make me look…?” @seldo This may add to your stress, but there’s also a “day of coordinator” option, as not all planners show up to… @GrayConnolly @RadioFreeTom By all means, we should definitely limit our policy instruments to the literal translat… @GrayConnolly @RadioFreeTom It’s part of a system of systems. @GrayConnolly @RadioFreeTom Hot war, I mean. Hot Way is what Tom calls every Indian dish. @GrayConnolly @RadioFreeTom NATO isn’t an island, concerned only with its interests. The ongoing occupation of, and… @jeffhester @peetscoffee Tis on Spotify… @GrayConnolly @RadioFreeTom That we’re confronted by a Mafia state with a significant challenge to the global inter… @GrayConnolly @RadioFreeTom Will that be Apple Maps with an updated affiliation for the Crimean Peninsula? @GrayConnolly @RadioFreeTom Deal. Provided you wait in the car and read up on the post-WWII global order and subseq… @GrayConnolly @RadioFreeTom We’ve had a few since. @GrayConnolly @RadioFreeTom What’s Crimea cost? Donetsk? Is there a bulk rate? @RadioFreeTom @GrayConnolly Gray’s American history stops with Wilson, Tom. @GrayConnolly @RadioFreeTom See previous cite of 19th century thinking, Gray. @GrayConnolly @RadioFreeTom I painted his lampshades with curry, he still can’t find the source. @GrayConnolly @RadioFreeTom So only policy options are war, payoffs, or surrender? @GrayConnolly So... we’re good with the occasional annexing because it’s in their nature? I sense you own no personal stake in the Baltics. @GrayConnolly Which, yeah. Perhaps by not annexing neighboring lands? I mean, off the top of my head. Also, not ass…"No government survives without the will of a majority of its people." 👀👀👀
Retweeted by John Bordeaux @Limeylizzie FUERTE! @IPAzRGR8 Agreed. His natural constituency appears limited to the Morning Joebots. @IPAzRGR8 And his presumption that billionaires don’t need to engage in the primary process or established DNC guid…, Mike.