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Sr. Management Scientist. An “Unverified Man of Twitter.” America and Survivor Bias:…

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@CyrusMMcQueen If she hears you stop mid-snore, that’s one indication. Still worth chatting with your primary care… @CyrusMMcQueen Ahem. Apnea possible? Life-changing here when I attached a vacuum hose to my face. @LaurenFishDC Woah if true..@StephenAtHome and @brandicarlile at their very best: raw, soulful & deep in gratitude. Love everything about this:
Retweeted by John BordeauxChef Me tonight: Glory Days delivers burgers. a fabulous @inlieuoffunshow with @korischake! Check it out.
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9 April. 5.3 9/11sBrilliant opening from BBC Newsnight. Watch.
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Retweeted by John BordeauxI’m ever fascinated / concerned by the (apparently intentional) overuse of the word “disgusting.” Can’t quite put… @20committee Well, not THAT much transparency. @sloyoroll01973 The literal kind. @sonjabl @elmibester @Snowden @ValdisKrebs @snowded Not Eddie… @kairyssdal The last Laff.Wondered about this for the last 50 years. Never curious enough to look it up, though. Thanks, Twitter Dictionary. @sssobel It’s the worst episode of Chopped ever. @baratunde Read that as what are we going to “buy” with our hair. I mean, my experience aside, this was an O. Henry story.The federal government will end funding for coronavirus testing sites on Friday. While some sites will transition t…
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Bad actors are using a global pandemic to try to hurt the U.S. and our allies. They're targeting individuals as wel…
Retweeted by John Bordeaux @AshaRangappa_ Blockbuster on line 2, ma’am. @CarolineCBaxter This would be the Costco. Hence the bulk, I rationalized. @CarolineCBaxter I’ve been instructed to read up on meat loaf recipes. The nuts and ramen have not yet come up in polite conversation. @PeterLucier I, um, couldn’t decide? @CarolineCBaxter Yes. Yes it is. Did you know ketchup expires? I did not. Turns out this has to be consumed by 6/21… update. Effective immediately and on the Bride’s order: we have instituted the “two-person rule” for future o… @AlanBalutis Outstanding and apt historical reference, Alan. @RVAwonk @Avi_Bueno Remember the Maine! Remember Pearl Harbor! Never again the Holocaust! Never forget 9/11! Plagu…'s a plague and everyone's out of yeast, happy Passover
Retweeted by John BordeauxThank you to all the healthcare heroes who are on the frontlines giving everything they have to fight #COVID19 & sa…
Retweeted by John BordeauxWatch this. Dr. Fauci recalls his work on HIV/AIDS, then says: “I see similarities here because health disparities…
Retweeted by John Bordeaux @tal62 The difference, to me, is the intentionally flawed design of the FL unemployment system. People are reckless… @tal62 My upper class village here has people using bike paths, jogging, strolling with children, all with no masks…
@cdrsalamander Buy American! does he have PPE? @tal62 The online systems are nearly impossible to navigate, by design. @Avi_Bueno Try not to use the word “Tuskegee.” @Avi_Bueno Request the IRB notes as a fellow professional…NYT columnist tells us to go all-in on blind squirrels. Don’t. @robertcaruso Yeah, I guess we die hard.Pass. Coronavirus Index: More people know someone who got sick - Axios“The Covid is banking on you doing nothing. Your indolence.” @chriscuomo shares insights from the first few days o…
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It’s the “cloud-based health portal” that makes the sale. @AncientRoots4 “Bad take” is not an argument. @Kelley_O Wait, when was…? Never mind.In a first, State Department designates Russian white supremacists as global terrorists via @jmhansler @kylieatwood
Retweeted by John BordeauxAlways impressed with the Pentagon press corps, who never seem to know when the C-SPAN feed starts sharing audio… @jjmacnab “What have you got to lose?"Among the things I never thought I’d have to say: Yes. Social science Ph.D.s can read medical graphs and statistic… is excellent advice, and applies no matter the context. @IPAzRGR8 I find it indeed partisan, but the original SOTU claim was the risible one - as is the constant and speci…
Somehow this talking point is taking hold, that anyone is gleeful about the deaths and loss descending upon America… @dgardner In our defense, she wasn’t on the money then. @RadioFreeTom Ah, that’s where the looks went. Mystery solved! May his memory be a blessing. @RVAwonk I used to open my grandmother’s living room window when I stayed overnight with her in Greenwich Village.… being in lockdown for 26 days, I think it’s important to mention I have a magnificent roommate. @RVAwonk You have your book title. @RVAwonk “Mom? Why did you hate me on my first day?"Her Majesty The Queen addresses the UK and the Commonwealth in a special broadcast recorded at Windsor Castle.
Retweeted by John Bordeaux @BrainRage @maddiesaywhat Thanks - this was all I could see.PSA. (Shamelessly stolen).
Retweeted by John BordeauxDr. Drew is a snake oil salesman. Really terrible stuff here. What a disgrace.
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Film from inside a New York ER.
Retweeted by John Bordeaux @Klonick King Arthur on line 1, are you in? @RadioFreeTom The hell you say. Water is a border. @CoulstonSusie @Macman_23 @rwang0 @WSJ @elonmusk Suggest blocking idiots and provocateurs. @rwang0 @Macman_23 @tal62 @WSJ I’ve been thinking a lot about your #3 idea here. Yes, we need better data. But when… @tal62 @Macman_23 @rwang0 @WSJ If Fauci said that about national orders, he is out of his lane entirely. That’s a p… @tal62 @rwang0 @Macman_23 @WSJ Understood - but we are assuming people understand their infection levels, when they… @tal62 @rwang0 @Macman_23 @WSJ I’ve heard this as well - Ray will agree with me that information out of China needs… @rwang0 @Macman_23 @WSJ Yeah - the DPA might have been useful here. A national response is (still) needed. @Macman_23 @rwang0 @WSJ No worries, I’m not an epidemiologist - so any idea I might have is likely not useful. I be… @Macman_23 @rwang0 @WSJ InMyView (with apologies to Ray!): This happens when we get antibody tests, and not before.Same. @jtlevy Stranger was the title: considering it was played using a guitar and banjo.If anyone tells you this was unforeseen, from May, 2017:
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Realizing as I prep a meal - how much I feared touching raw chicken and contaminating nearby surfaces. Those innocent days of March.Dear Twitter - how do I block every last “parody” account? @RadioFreeTom When I tell people I’m the oldest of one family, the youngest of another, and an only child - they stop asking any questions. @MaggieCaroline1 @Oriana0214 I got Sam Seaborn, so really - YMMV.Outside. I used to love outside. It was easily top 2 on my list of sides. But after I discovered outside was killi…
Retweeted by John Bordeaux @SpartanLegends @RadioFreeTom The ones I remember had this image with “SAC does not forgive.” But wow, yeah. This will do.
@BradMossEsq Isn’t it also true he could have gone directly to Congress if his chain of command was failing him? Th… @SemprePhi Maybe rethink that, whoever survives this.Some of us don’t need a curve to see this. If only there were some national policy. @NYinLA2121 Ted Bundy style.Elect idiots, get idiocy. @anamariecox Loves. Adores. Needs. @michaelstjames Nickelback. sounds like someone who once drove slowly past a business school. During week 1. @jenmercieca I place the money inside a ziplock bag in the cargo area, or under my doormat for home delivery. @snowded Indifferent Red Wine. That will be a Napa Valley offering within weeks. @Avi_Bueno Great progress, yes. @olonoff The probability of that approaches 1.0. I didn’t mean to blame the individuals - they are being sent int… crew placing mulch around the neighborhood trees. Working in close proximity, no masks. Fairfax County, Virginia. 2 APR 2020 @CheriJacobus February, 2019.AAAUUUUGGGHH! @quinncy Repurpose the semi-colon tattoo? @jbordeaux Anna Catherine Kemp (d. 3/25/1920 - Willowdale, KS). I bought you another hundred.
Retweeted by John BordeauxI’ve read that there are two deaths. One on the day you pass from view. The other 100 years after your name is said…