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@mr_Alsheimer @McChain_L @BizzyITC @DrJerLowe @CoachGoodman @MrCoachEli @johnnorlin @MrRileyjo @Gameboydrew's girl wrestling medalists. Go LIONS
Retweeted by Jessica BuckleWay to go girls!!! Congrats Lea!!! ❤️🦁 Jafri from 96.7 KCAL ROCKS is going to be a surprise guest DJ at my students’ Bootlegger’s Ball on Friday!!! 🎉 you show up an hour early to your first Saturday bc you got the time wrong 🤣 Catching up on Twitter and my rea… @Counselors4chs @CHSCareerCenter BEST COUNSELORS IN THE IE!!! 🦁❤️🦁 @mrsmapess @DoInkTweets Awesome!!! @kellermultiage @OTorcas @myfsdnutrition How cool!!! @MsConradEDU @historysandoval @CNUSDInnovatEDU You guys rock!!!Way to go Carter!!! 🦁❤️ #WeAreCarter #LionPride @Helen_Yoshida @CSUF_History @next_nonprofit Is it up?! I’m in that photo! 😁 @mrsmapess I don’t remember if it’s free or not but Green Green by @DoInkTweets is awesome! Great for pictures or v… @RialtoUSD Thank you district went above and beyond and put together this lovely video ❤️ thank you @RialtoUSD for all your support! @RialtoUSD @NCSSNetwork You guys are too good to me! ❤️Message to my students: I did my first CrossFit class this week and although I definitely almost threw up after rou…
Today was our House Spirit Challenge! 🧙🏻‍♀️🧙🏾 Congrats to Slytherin for having the most spirit!!! 🐍 🎉 #WeAreCarter are finding Ring Around the Reindeer to be especially challenging 🤣🎅 #WeAreCarter #LionPride @mrsmapess Nice!Change of venue for Saturday’s fundraiser. Sadly Isaac passed away this week but the event is still taking place to… my students are ready for some reindeer games 🤣 #FunFriday comin ya you complete with our weekly Guild Battle,… @mrsmapess @lcccarrillo Thank you! ❤️Blessed to be a part of such a supportive district! Thank you to my amazing coworkers, principal, and members of th…
@SyedaRocks @RialtoUSD @mrsmapess Awesome! Thank you! @mrsmapess Cool! Any particular work you focus on? @mrsmapess I have not, this is my first year doing US but I am open to suggestions!U.S. History students compared Langston Hughes to Tupac to aid in this weeks discussion on changes during the 1920s… students examining the lives of immigrants during the Industrial Revolution 🏭 #WeAreCarter #LionPride Hat day y’all 🎅 🦁 #WeAreCarter #LionPack
I love when I am able to share with and inspire my colleagues! @CarterAPUSH is jumping on the murder mystery train… @historysandoval 🤣🤣🤣 @LucyKirchh @socialstudiestx @scottmpetri @historytechie @historyfrog @MsMimura @historysandoval @PeterPaccone amazing @TrevorMuir new book came out today!!! 😍 Ordered!!! @EthicsNValues Lol thank youOFFICIALLY DONE WITH THE FIRST QUARTER OF MY DOCTORAL PROGRAM!!!
Students really enjoyed getting invitations 🎉 They said it made it cooler and more unique 😁 #WeAreCarter #LionPride @ganderson59 wore my sweater for the Admin Xmas photo!!! 😁😁😁 #WeAreCarter #LionPride @historysandoval @historyfrog Nice! @historysandoval @historyfrog Amazing! Is this an adaptation from your PP on the 20s?Well I wasn’t having much luck making myself go to the gym and work out so I joined a CrossFit gym! Now have someon… @historyfrog Maybe if our breaks are different I could come visit one day!One of my super sweet students from last year brought me this super thoughtful gift 💝 They know me so well! ❤️… @historyfrog I wish I was a student in your class! ❤️
@mrpradohistory Yes sir : DUnveiled our final and students are pretty jazzed 🤣 APUSH will be doing a Historical Figures Murder Mystery Party 🔪… contribution to the Ugly Sweater Contest! 😁 #WeAreCarter #LionPride
@SyedaRocks @mrpradohistory @RUSD_Urteaga @PrincipalCamac2 @ganderson59 @mrsbyarshistory @lcccarrillo @jenncuevas5 @IACUEHey IE family, go out and support this little boy! Let’s show him what community is all about! ❤️@LionAthletics1…
Way to go Carter!!! 🦁 #WeAreCarter #LionPride
Had wanted to have everything on my list finished today but I’m a little behind. Focusing on the last paper I need… ladies that do us proud everyday! Great job ladies! 🦁❤️ #WeAreCarter #LionPride
*and gentlemen!I LOVE THESE LIONS! They are amazing representatives of our school! Keep up the great work ladies! 🦁❤️ #WeAreCarter @Flipgrid to record a secret knock for students to get into the Speakeasy 👯‍♀️ It’s SOS in Morse code 🤣…
Don’t forget about the Ugly Christmas Sweater Conest Carter!!! The winner will be worn by @ganderson59 at the Staff… @stacyyung @PearDeck @googlemaps Super cool! @MrsBaer1 @adonato15 Got the ax off Amazon and just projected a target on the whiteboard (gave them 5, 10, or 15 po…
@SyedaRocks Will do! Thank you! ❤️ Have a great Thanksgiving! @SyedaRocks Haha no club music, just jazz and 1920s music, thought it might be fun 😉 It’ll be during finals (dec 12… @SyedaRocks Any chance you’d want to be a celebrity DJ at a 1920s Speakeasy Party? 🎶 @historysandoval Haha score!!!!! @historysandoval Where’d you get your cardboard cutouts?! They’re awesome! @historysandoval LOVE IT!!! @CarterAPUSH Lol I’m going to the dentist tomorrow too. I like the idea of carbs and sleep 🤣 @historysandoval If only I could be a fly on your wall! 😍 I’m at jury dutyFirst day of break= jury duty 💩 What are all the “regular” things you’re going to get done over break you don’t have time for during school? @SrtaLisa Thank you ❤️Because of the generosity of someone else I was able to help one of my student’s family have a good Thanksgiving. I…
When you tell your students there’s an HP marathon this week 🤣❤️ to go Cassandra! 🦁 #WeAreCarter #LionPack
@HofmannEDU They loved it!!!
Thank you everyone that participated in our Thanksgiving Potluck! 🦃 Have a great break! ❤️🦁 #WeAreCarter #LionPride @MrsPateHistory They’re toy axes from Amazon, foam handle with suction cup endsThank you for the love AVID!!! I love that you added Harry Potter art just for me! ❤️🦁 #WeAreCarter #LionPride weeks #FunFriday Guild Battle was the LUMBERJACK CHALLENGE!!! 🪓 🦁 #WeAreCarter #LionPride
Today’s Seminar MVPs 🦁💪🏻#WeAreCarter #LionPride #EdRenalineRush got heeeeated during 5th to the point that even though they had been worried about talking for 25 minute… @MeehanEDU @EquityMaps Game changer for sure! I shared it with my whole staff and a couple teachers have expressed… @historysandoval Awww ❤️ My dog likes watching animals on tv too hahaSeminar day! So far 2nd period crushed the convo content wise and 3rd period did a great job working on the equity… @historyfrog @ausd_jgreen @lantonha ❤️What’re they doing? @Coach_Stephans Sounds awesome! Would you share it?? @historyfrog @stickermule So cute! @MissAdoryan @DocsTeach is where I got the sources from. I printed out enough that there wa… @historyfrog I wanted to use TourCreator to make one but our district has us blocked from it : (Did a 360 view of my classroom 😁❤️🦁 #WeAreCarter #LionPride
@alexiswiggins @MeehanEDU #EdrenalineRushToday we are doing station rotations using primary sources from @DocsTeach to prepare for our Spiderweb Seminar tom… @historyfrog Haha no but that would’ve been great!My mom got me a Mandrake for my classroom!!! 😍😍😍 who successfully submit their financial aid application will receive a FREE T-Shirt and will be admitted to…
Retweeted by Jessica Buckle @mrpradohistory Awww ❤️ @jedikermit @MrNathanHale @ABRAMSbooks @CBR @libcomix @comics_teacher @historycomics Ooo that looks good!
Way to go girls! 🦁❤️ #WeAreCarter #LionPride video I’m sharing with my students and our staff today. We never know what people are going through. More… TO GO MESA!!! @mrsjamiehalsey @historysandoval She’s the best!!!
Super grateful for our amazing VAPA teachers Mrs. Ramos and Mrs. O’Brien who are collaborating with me on planning… love notes went out today! #🦁❤️ #WeAreCarter #LionPride #LionPack #StaffClub