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Educator, historian, and lifelong learner. High school history teacher and disruptor of the boring and ignorant🦁

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🔊Attention! #UNLADYLIKE2020 by @PBSAmerMasters drops this Friday! Why am I just now hearing about this!? See some o…
Retweeted by Jessica Buckle @historysandoval Yaaaaaas!
More summer reading ❤️🦁 #WeAreCarter #LionPride @historysandoval @DrCDMendoza @ComptonUnified @CUSDSecondaryEd As far as I know yes @DrCDMendoza @ComptonUnified @CUSDSecondaryEd Awesome! We are creating a framework for US History Race and Gender course
@creativeedtech Sooooo cute!!! Congrats! (I like Sherlock!)
@RialtoBoard I could always use more books! Haha the more you know right?! @mrsmapess Orange, next to the Block @mrsmapess YaMoving one truck load at a was my books lol 📚❤️#Lifelonglearner
@MsConradEDU Peanut butter and jealousDespite COVID, my amazing coworker Kenny and the wonderful people at Cause for Paws are out there trying to save fu… PJ found out she’s getting a house with a backyard and she’s really excited 🏡🐶
Come out and support Carter Baseball. Our Lions Baseball Boosters fireworks stand is up and running in the Riversid…
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Students are not apathetic, they are uninvited. How are we inviting them to participate in and fight for the world… @historycomics @ProjectLITComm @MissECastillo My students and I read Stamped Remix this summer and they really enjoyed it!❤️🧡💛💚💙💜 Board of Education for @RialtoUSD voted unanimously to declare racism a public health crisis! Thank you all for…
Retweeted by Jessica BuckleRUSD Communications recently teamed up with @RialtoNetwork to highlight the achievements of some exceptional top st…
Retweeted by Jessica Buckle#sschatreads @maineteacher They read this article and listened to this clip @maineteacher I’ll look it up!A3 I played a piece for my students where a man talked about being deported as a young boy during the GD even thoug… @scottmpetri @DrUrbanTeacher @authorgutierrez I need to reorder his book! Mine disappeared with a student over COVIDGood morning #sschatreads PLN 🌞 I just got my book and haven’t made it to these chapters yet so I’ll be lurking with @CHitch94 ❤️ @CoachRandallCL CONGRATS COACH!!! 🦁❤️“Xenophobia is not only about immigration; it is about who has the power to define what it means to be American, wh… @prof_erikalee Doing my homework. #sschatreads
Retweeted by Jessica Buckle @scottmpetri @prof_erikalee @creativeedtech @theflaticon @historysandoval @mrsbyarshistory @stacyyung @jcorippo @historysandoval @PaullaTilton @CNUSD Wow! They start back the 6th?!
I think one of the best things about being a teacher is the ability to grow and evolve! You don’t ever have to be t… @Eduk8n @GuptonTeaches @OEASAaacps @MattRKay Awesome to hear! My copy should be coming in the next week! @GuptonTeaches @GuptonTeaches Good?! I ordered Not Light, But Fire and these are on my To Order List @GuptonTeaches Haha I know my kids get superrr excited over stamps
@GuptonTeaches 🤣🙈We will be passing out more USDA Farmer to Family boxes today after meal service at Rialto Middle only. Extended ti…
Retweeted by Jessica Buckle @mrpradohistory Thank the Lord!!! 🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻 Been praying for you
Very interesting look at how hip hop has grown out of a response to what is happening in society and how it is used…
@historysandoval No dice, ill keep my eyes peeled! @historysandoval There’s a Ralph’s and a Walgreens by my house I’ll check on the way home right now @historysandoval Where else would have them? Regular grocery stores? If I find one I’ll get an extra copy for you i… cool VR look at the Occupation of Alcatraz
Check out the Class of 2020 Graduation Highlight video! Congrats Lion Alumni! #WeAreCarter #LionPride
Retweeted by Jessica Buckle @CoachRandallCL Get it Coach! 💪🏻 song gets my absolutely every time. How can you watch it and not cry at the injustice. At the fight for basic… you wondering what a station rotation lesson might look like in a socially distant classroom or online? Station…
Retweeted by Jessica Buckle @adamdovico @TechNinjaTodd @dbc_inc @burgessdave @burgess_shelley @TaraMartinEDU @mrsmapess 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻❤️ @maineteacher @historysandoval has an amazing lesson on it @JoeFuertsch @amyfuertsch CONGRATS!!!
@scottmpetri @maineteacher @historyfrog My copy comes Monday!
4 Ways Schools Can Support Teachers to Become 'Actively Anti-Racist' ⁦@educationweek⁩
Retweeted by Jessica Buckle @maineteacher I mean I would tell them that science is always evolving. Like the idea of white has evolved (I alway… @maineteacher I just ordered this book at the encouragement of @scottmpetri Ive been spending sooo much money on books lately 🙊🙈 @theresa_maughan @isabeljmorales It was only this year that Iearned about Margaret Sangers involvement with all of… always tell my students- we are quick to talk about the evils of Hitler (for good reason) but we also need to kno… @scottmpetri I tell my students this every year! We all like to talk about how evil Hitler was (and he for sure lol… @edcampOSjr I made the mistake of doing it, def made it worse lolWay to go!!! ❤️ @historycomics Fingers crossed!!! @JoeMarquez70 @edcampOSjr @AndersonEdTech @rchids Dayum!!! 🔥LOOK AT THIS STUNNING WORK OF ART BY MR. ARNOLD!!! 🦁💙💛 #WeAreCarter #LionPride @lik54 I’m trying to lay the groundwork for future classes, testing things out, our focus has been how does race/ge… @lik54 Most of my summer school students had never heard about slave revolts before, they didn’t know that there we… @lik54 There are some sad truths to the gaps in my formative years of education... like it wasn’t until college tha… @lik54 Or if we had had better history classesGreat resources
Amen short video talking about intersectionality in!
My students matter, my colleagues matter, my community matters ✊🏻✊🏼✊🏽✊🏾✊🏿 Great turn out of coworkers, educators, f… to go Benjamin!!! 💙💛🦁 #WeAreCarter #LionPride @Benjami24535264 @CoachRandallCL @LionAthletics1 @Salasf56 @RhareBreed7on7 @rbourneII @UofR_Football @UofRedlands @msyoung428
Breaking this down into three lessons on power, social identity, and intersectionality. Really good stuff!… @maineteacher I think our school will be ok, we too are adding in classes. We already have ethnic studies and are a… @JoeCost4786 @jenniferkfleck Some people have been met with resistance for teaching about things or the way in whic… doing your best to create an anti racist curriculum, how will you address possible backlash from parents/colleag…
An interesting activity to get students thinking about their social identities: discussion on the criminal justice system today and the link between the 13th amendment and mass incarceratio… never knew a woman disguised herself as a man to serve as a Buffalo Soldier! You learn something new everyday tell my students all the time to question me, to question what they’re learning, to find their voice and to make…
Great list of books! memorial in Alexandria, VA deserves more attention. The Edmonson Sisters. Enslaved in DC; their father purchas…
Retweeted by Jessica BuckleHard to watch but important. It wasn’t just the KKK that was lynching people. Two things that stood out where when… that this should ever have been a question but thank you SCOTUS for doing the right thing @historysandoval @TchKimPossible @triciaebarvia @tianasilvas @escribescribe @nenagerman Definitely ❤️ @historysandoval @TchKimPossible @triciaebarvia @tianasilvas @escribescribe @nenagerman Can’t wait to see this!
I stand for my students, I stand for my community, I stand for my fellow man. Will you? #BlackLivesMatter🏳️‍🌈It’s pride month!!🏳️‍🌈 I’m hosting a giveaway for 2020 queer releases 🙌🙌 F+RT, follow the authors (see thread…
Retweeted by Jessica BuckleBlack girls are often left out of dominant narratives about racism in policing and schools. But adultification and…
Retweeted by Jessica BuckleGreat and FREE summer PD opportunity for educators: connection from recent event in America to World History @mrsbyarshistory
We will be meeting at the corner of Day Creek and Foothill in Rancho Cucamonga on Thursday, June 18th from 8am-9am.…
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Really great reflections from my summer school students today on what we’ve been learning in these short last two w… lot of students are less aware about the history of anti-Latino discrimination video talking about what we as educators need to be doing for our students. I am constantly telling my studen…
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