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Jeremy P Bushnell @jbushnell Greater Boston Area

I write about magical claptrap, diabolical villainy, and ordinary human confusion. Exhibit A: THE WEIRDNESS. Exhibit B: THE INSIDES. He/him.

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these motherfuckers are going to be reasonable and agreeable all the way to the end of the world and i want you to…
Retweeted by Jeremy P Bushnell3. MY COCAINE MUSEUM by Michael Taussig. A work of gonzo anthropology, of “death sociology in a country of killers”… @itsreileyright @CerebroCast #TeamTempo!!I’m getting convinced to be #TeamTempo here @schweben_weben reading your tweet but also you're in the northeast U.S. and you're having internet problems, you're not alone. Pics from Downdetector: Ma…
Retweeted by Jeremy P Bushnell @tezcatlipoca Oh, what the hell!!! @scumbelievable Jurassic Park is a model of something uncontrollable (in dream logic, possibly something emotional)… @pode_node How about 🌾🐑 @pode_node got any brick @upstreamism @sannewman How to Do Fings with Words#rivertwitter Charles @gytrashh (also, congratulations!) @gytrashh I think you get to charge him this timeIt comes out after an almost thirty-year hiatus from publishing and Taussig also describes it as "a book as much ab… any of you bookworms read Jean Genet's final book, PRISONER OF LOVE? Michael Taussig describes it as "basicall… @Aaron__Burch Make America Unemployed In perpetuity @bully_thelsb @chrisarrant I’m ready to Kickstarter that one @ethanhein What a great series
@disquiet Rare to see three panels in a row where Namor isn’t yelling something @disquiet Awh yeah @hawksley Haha what’s that second one from? @patbits I think this was partly responsible for me only wanting to live in citiesWhat’s a comic book moment that lives in your head rent free? @alex_segura I didn’t see this gem @DudeWutDaHell @ruedbaga @alex_segura I was the right age for this one for sure @danahaynes @alex_segura They talk about this on an episode of @CerebroCast"The Plague Year" is so monumental that it has taken me weeks of scraps of time to read it carefully—I finally prin…
Retweeted by Jeremy P BushnellUnderground zines, situationist art, concrete poetry, golden age comics: shop DOMINO
Retweeted by Jeremy P Bushnell @dexterauthor Do you think watching it at home, instead of in the more spectacle-friendly space of a theater, might… @tomcritchlow Honestly, just Word. @tomcritchlow I’m no professional, but I’ve made some POD books through Lulu and I’m pretty happy with the template I made for themdavid simon vs glenn greenwald has godzilla vs kong energy @uzionmain seals 3.5-7 @defaultxr the finished versions are over at insta if you're over there ever @defaultxr just trying to stay sane in the year 2020-1 @defaultxr thanks!!!detail
@rachael_moravia sounds grand, I should be vaccinated by then! I also have references from twitter friends I have m… @rachael_moravia Would happily meet for a coffee should you ever pass through Boston @ithayla Don’t worry, it’ll fall apart eventually ;) @Chiligoat It was a challenge to capture it well in a photo but I think I managed ☺️ @Chiligoat And I heard they pulled some dynastic shit in the last one @exboredom 👀 @kenlowery I thought this thread was gonna be about the Big Lady Vampire at first @hot_jughead The 2016 DOOM is practically minimalist by today’s standards and I’m finding that very much a feature and not a bug @HASHJOURNAL You don’t know how badly I want those last six words to make sense togetherThis is either a fake trailer that reminds you how ridiculously sublime Adam Curtis can be or it’s a real trailer t… week in antifa history richard spencer was punched in the fucking face (jan 15th 2017)
Retweeted by Jeremy P Bushnell @HASHJOURNAL They call them hoagies out there in CA? You sound like you’re from Philly! @hot_jughead Word @faircopy It is a really good one—and if you like the title, you’ll like the book2. TOXICON AND ARACHNE by Joyelle McSweeney. Poisons, weapons, feelings, grief @HASHJOURNAL 😇 @Chiligoat I’m still mad at STAR WARS over this @Chiligoat I’m always suspicious of genetic explanations (too close to some very dodgy ideologies) so I’ll stick wi… @timescanner Also more should have Joan Cusack @theJocelynbee I want all my mutuals to do powerlifting for at least a short period of time @robwitts @chick_in_kiev @christapeterso About twelve chromosomes @_stevenhess Still in rotation around these parts @dreadfulpoint like how the muppet movie picks up right where solaris left off
Retweeted by Jeremy P Bushnell @dreadfulpoint This makes everything make a lot more sense @st_somatic @incastellated @SublinguaIgnota uhhhhh yesdetail
Retweeted by Jeremy P Bushnell @AishaGunn3 Gonna sit down with some peace pie and watch flight club
What ever happened with that whole weird thing early in the pandemic where governors were ganging their states up i…
Retweeted by Jeremy P Bushnell @faceyouhate SolidMy great-grandfather, Alvah Bushnell Jr., worked in the stationery business, but he also wrote light verse and he l… @bhurley @melissafebos Intriguingly, Baskerville was also found by Errol Morris to be a font that confers a credibi…😐😐😐
Retweeted by Jeremy P BushnellLookin at m’self on Zoome
Retweeted by Jeremy P BushnellLin goes to her car but cannot start it, and instead walks on a path in the unfinished Daan Forest Park.[1] She the…
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Important reading, on a “queer activist ethos of care”’s nice to have representation in Congress @IsabellaRotman @chicagozinefest The Thuban Press Guide to Analog Self-Publishing is a good one!… @st_somatic I’d do a mixture of kind (“my job is to help you to achieve the course objectives, and I’ll do whatever… @upstreamism Guh, I hope it’s a temporary squall, or else I’m going back to adding everything I follow to a single mega-List @Vaguery I definitely just did an “I don’t like this ad” spree @aquinton 😀 @GhoulTech Why 😭I just got two promoted tweets with only a single non-promoted one inbetween, a dose which feels actively punishingAnybody else noticing a sudden uptick in sponsored tweets? I’m getting one between like every five tweets in my TL right now @aquinton This is getting ever higher on my “to read” list... @tezcatlipoca @TopLeftBrick 😞 @flipyourface Good to know, thanks! @amycutler1985 The dinosaurs are great but I love the abstract sequence the mostWhoa, it looks like the Equal Rights Amendment might finally go through though?
If you want your right to web hosting services protected by the Feds, you could start by nationalizing Amazon 🤷‍♂️ amendments require 2/3rds votes in Congress (both houses) just to get proposed, and then they need r…"a poll conducted in the name of a publication that effectively no longer exists, conducted at the conclusion of a…
Retweeted by Jeremy P BushnellDo you ever stop and think of the infrastructure that was stolen from us by the automobile, and just weep?
Retweeted by Jeremy P Bushnellday of awaking
Retweeted by Jeremy P Bushnell @RiverRunBkstore That’s a great one 😊 @NwBart @travis_view That’s my guess. An attempt to tank stuff that might result in criminal charges while pretendi…’ve done some bad things on this account but under no circumstances will I ever RT or quote-RT Amanda Palmer. My p… @Marcissist When visiting the Yin Yu Tang house (a 200-year-old Chinese house preserved and reassembled in Salem, M…
I’ve been watching the old HBO JOHN ADAMS miniseries, and let me tell you, January of 2021 was a WILD time to choose to do that