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vibin to my hearts content. streamer on the rise! @nzxt Stan. Twitch affiliate.

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@Daisyy_Michelle Working rn while tryna start genshin impact waifu wars in two different streams lolNot me trying to start a genshin waifu war in @Valkyrae stream chat 😈 @JToTheOh this honest game trailer should explain it better than i @JToTheOh It’s a jrpg massive open world game with anime waifu elements while the open world itself looks like a br… @JToTheOh Cough cough genshin impact 👀Never beef with anyone who would announce it online! They want the attention, not the smoke.... Just saying
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@MoshuaByrd Why?!? @NZXT I wanna go with RTX since that’s what my pc uses but the AMD one can do about the same thing for cheaper it’s toughI just don’t give a fuck no more. Ima do me. 🤷🏻‍♂️Due to my low vision and near sighted ness I can’t right away read the messages in chat but I try to read them all.… you’re main focus for streaming is numbers you’re already doing it for the wrong reasons. I lost like 3 follower… @craymusic 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 @CouRageJD What kind if watch is that?!?“For the last time I’ve been thinking a lot about bob ross.”’s so fucked up @PokemonGoApp how you gonna kick me from the app mid raid and then not allow me to do the remot… @Kiwi_burd Kewl!!! Imagine him with a mustache a One eye glass and a top hat 10/10 lol @PaladinAmber What’s the one thing that motivated you to do streaming?!? And what advice would you give someone who’s a small streamer 🤔👀
@imane I think what you could do is put out there what you feel you need to otherwise there’s no need to tell peopl… watch she’s awesome!!! no stream tonight either not really feeling it atm @Valkyrae You should try all greens juice next time. celery spinach cucumber kiwi and some pineapple @khellsiexd Who are you trying to get?!? @SuperButterBuns Kh3 was a good exampleMe: watching @Asivrs try genshin and seeing her get Lisa. @Zomb1e_201 : rach change the language to Japanese and ju… @AvaGG @Curvyllama @madeyewlook Bet it’s gonna haunt you in your dreams eh lolAlso sorry if streams haven’t been as upbeat and vibrant as usual I’ve been working a lot this past week and have b… streams for the rest of the week after tonight I plan on getting a new desk and 2 new cable strips. And maybe ju… anyone looking to get a pc @Benny_Illini @JTrapz3 @KlutsySparkz @A1coho1icKiwi @JToTheOh’s stream was chill af thanks @Darebears5 and @StreamJoinerMK for hanging with me!! And anyone else who lurked!! See y’all tomorrowGrinding before the new update!! eat then stream some more genshin 👀 @Drift0r Did ya get Cold War for pc and console or just console?!?God of War on PS5 Supports Save Transfers and More -
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Weak ass players genshin impact at your own risk @Zomb1e_201 @GhostLfo @Asivrs Lmfao @Asivrs @Zomb1e_201 Lol what something 🤔👀 @Asivrs @Zomb1e_201 Wait what about ghost?!? Lmao @Asivrs LOVE YOU TO RACHEL!!! Thanks for being an awesome streamer person :D paak. @NoahJ456 Will it be with @drdisrespect 🤔👀You can now buy an at-home COVID-19 test kit from Costco
Retweeted by Jc Ambriz @Asivrs @Zomb1e_201 I didn’t read it that way that’s probably why lol @Zomb1e_201 @Asivrs Yea I don’t see a typo either @Asivrs You’re gonna get addicted so hard lmao @AvaGG Do an opening on stream or as a YT video 👀👀 @brookeab I’ve been informed it’s a Christmas movie that’s why they tend to show it off during the holiday season @Daisyy_Michelle What kind of tattoo you getting?!?How times have changed
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@Electra 5’2So i was waiting on @Asivrs to go live today then I remembered her router died. @PsyQoJennifer Where’s genshin impact 🤔y’all..
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The Klutz is going rogue! See ya there live at
Retweeted by Jc Ambriz @Valkyrae to help you with what characters do and what the best items for them are among other things!!New #RogueCompany video out now! We got some spicy Snipes with a side of Lancer Clutches topped with an insane diff…
Retweeted by Jc Ambriz @Benny_Illini I think they mean original Xbox not the 360 I could be wrong though idkTimesplitters trilogy and I’ll happily buy a ps5 @Asivrs First griffin chews out the Ethernet cables now your router/modem is dead Fs in chatNadie: Los mexicanos:
Retweeted by Jc Ambriz @StreamJoinerMK reference @Benny_Illini Trump casts early ballot in Florida: 'I voted for a guy named Trump' @Benny_Illini Nah it low key was though cuz I saw on trending that some article thing said grump had cast a ballot… @Benny_Illini NoCan the president really vote for himself?!) 🤔 @toriraeart For real I hate how I sound when I hear myself through a recording 😭😭Twitter, PLEASE HELP ME... You don't understand how much his beatboxes mean to me 😩
Retweeted by Jc Ambriz @Valkyrae Lmfao 💀 they got you messed up! Lol @TheUnkown57 @Jewelxo Well obviously she’d have to edit stuff out but I get your point lol @Jewelxo You can always download them to a flash drive and upload them to YT as content 🤷🏻‍♂️A home concept having open views seems therapeutic
Retweeted by Jc AmbrizHere we go again...AGAIN!! @ToriPareno Hopefully you can beat Cerberus on your first tryRIP retweets 🙏 rt if u agree
Retweeted by Jc AmbrizMore genshin tonight 👀
@Valkyrae YASSSSSS!!!!!Bitch don’t kill my vibe. @XxArchangel66xX Oh okay cuz I preordered like a few weeks ago before beta @ToriPareno @sparkles_qt is a fortnite god and @FaZeSway could be your other member 👀🤷🏻‍♂️What if I already pre ordered though?!? @AvaGG There is no wait time just do it and be like yea you like that you fucking mistake of a fetus 😂😂 @Asivrs @Electra @Complexity Vouch @SuperButterBuns I was hoping for the kh3 for beginners since for the past few days I’ve been binging the playlist… best thing I see about this presidential cycle it is the amount of younger people that are engaged in political…
Retweeted by Jc Ambriz @discord Yes the auto disable notifs feature that can be changed in the settings 🤷🏻‍♂️Just 2 for me since nachos seem the most ideal snack pop corn is well overrated imo @Asivrs was sick af specially the Rambo vs terminator part everyone, We're are super duper aware of the current hacking issue and we're looking into it. We will be push…
Retweeted by Jc Ambriz @AvaGG A hit or a shot?!? 🤔Walking 5 long blocks to and from bart in sf is a pain. My knees hurt so bad 😭😭 I can’t sleep @Valkyrae Cuz we luv and appreciate you!!! ❤️❤️👉🏼👈🏼🥺😊 @eldroopygrande @brendittabonita @FernandoAmbriz6 🤔👀 @khellsiexd Wait really?!? People be upset over someone defending themselves?!? a fun stream 10/10 thanks everyone for stopping by and hanging out!!! Thanks @Shepard_ToneTTV for the raid and… grinding
@pokimanelol Check maybe Best Buy in their tech department or something 🤷🏻‍♂️ a lot of amazon stuff is delayed due to covid. @ToriPareno Ohhh that’s how it works thanks!!!