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JC | 😴 @JCDotface Redmond, WA

I work in Nintendo’s Treehouse. This is my personal account—not for business. Views expressed are mine. Let's Go #SJSharks!

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@ProbChild Neutral B Hold in air, Hold Left Stick dodge to set it up, SPICY @SarahWellock84 @michaelphigham And I need Judgement. I’m a huge RGG Studio Fan! 😁 @michaelphigham It’s soo good, dude!Even more hyped after seeing Astral Chain in action at E3! Didn't get to dig too much into story or your role as a…
Retweeted by JC | 😴 @Persia_xo @KURT_INDOVINA @GameSpot Seriously! I would say “See you at Evo?” But I don’t even know if I’m going thi…
@KURT_INDOVINA @Persia_xo @GameSpot I'm just glad I was on time for you, my man. #hottake @KURT_INDOVINA @Persia_xo @GameSpot Was great seeing you both at E3, @Kurt_Indovina and @Persia_xo!SHUEEZUSSS @spakfuls Yay! Have fun! Hope the park is mostly empty!Yay! I’m Todoroki’s height. 🔥&❄️ to celebrate the end of E3: #tacobell @jhug00 It’s cool. Check the cap hit: It’s signing bonuses that don’t affect cap, we should be able to sign them. @jhug00 I'll take it! Full NMC and everything. @MellanaTV Whoa! I just watched the second episode of BM (S1,E2) and I, too was eating Ice Cream (Mint Chico Chip!) Good plan.
Whether you’re player one, player two, or just there for support, Nintendo wishes all the gaming Dads out there a…
Retweeted by JC | 😴 @agentbizzle @IGN 😭 Thank you! Can't wait to explore Koholint Island again! @GlitterXplosion @vivizuela holy moly--those look amazing!
@spakfuls @justingameow Congrats! It always is. 😊 @limeaway Ahh—sorry you heard my alarm. Haha!!!Ending the night with World of Color. Relax level: Maximum
@CoolGrayAJ Already reserved next hour. LOL @CoolGrayAJ Exactly. ITS PERFECTSrsly haunted out just some of the upcoming games headed to #NintendoSwitch, including titles recently announced at #E32019
Retweeted by JC | 😴 @jaredr @blurrygil Sweet! Thanks! @blurrygil OH YEAH is SICK. @MarkMan23 @EricaNagashima Great seeing y’all! @MarkMan23 No, thank YOU. @NintendoCadeEVY #KeanuHoverHand @TheDerrit You too, bud! @Bizarro_Mike @BamOfThePpl @mikeeb13 You too! Thanks for time with MH! 😉 @Bizarro_Mike Are you kidding? Thanks for keeping it real, man. Huge fan of you and your brand and all the effort y… @2GGstrides @sydortiz 🙌🏼 @shinypuntato Ty @sydortiz Yay!!! 🥳And...that’s a wrap. What a great #E3. See you guys next year!
@NintendoAmerica Yay!!!!Indie day!! 🙌 Anyone else super excited for Cadence of Hyrule? The soundtrack is bombbb 💣
Retweeted by JC | 😴#E32019 Day 3. Thanks to the amazing @NintendoAmerica Ambassadors for all their energy and passion this week!
Retweeted by JC | 😴Cadence of Hyrule: Crypt of the Necrodancer kicks off a showcase of Indie content on Nintendo Treehouse Live today.…
Retweeted by JC | 😴✧BotW2 I think I might actually be more excited for this than I am for Smash, and I was pretty excited for that too…
Retweeted by JC | 😴 @Overlord_JC @Hypnocrite I like your name and your art. Nicely done! 😁 @jdwitherspoon Morning! Rise and Grind, my man!Just realized I was speaking to Rudy “The Stifle Tower” Gobert today. Nice guy. @Tasty_Steve @StLouisBlues Congrats!! So happy for you and your town! @RaptorJesuss WHICH MEANS ITS A NEW SEASON! 🥳Congrats @StLouisBlues!!! @NineWholeGrains: Congrats! #LetsGoBlues !!! @DamnItDanKim Wasn’t it good?! 🤤
@mganai77 @EditingEntropy THEY DO NOWWWWSmol dargan UNITE!!! proud Koholint sand crab sings the song of its people. #E32019
Retweeted by JC | 😴Nintendo at E3 2019 Day 2
Retweeted by JC | 😴Well, my E3 is made 😁
Retweeted by JC | 😴 @mikeeb13 ITS SO GOOD“...Mario?” curious how they presented the Bowser gag in the Japanese version of #NintendoDirectE3 ? While Bowser is kn…
Retweeted by JC | 😴my boys are back
Retweeted by JC | 😴Luigi’s Mansion 3 is up next Live on Nintendo Treehouse Live.
Retweeted by JC | 😴OMG I MET @TheComboFiend!! ITS HIM, OMGHGGBJSJDNX🥰🥰’s Awakening Displays are 🥰 @BearUNLV YOUHEARDMEKazooie hella swole @RangoSSB ...have you ever clapped someone else’s sleep bubble?Smash is insane We're really capable of having a match be Snake VS Banjo & Kazooie VS Joker VS Cloud VS Mario VS So…
Retweeted by JC | 😴 @MarkMan23 @TX3017 @EVO @tenomedia @BandaiNamcoUS @TEKKEN @Razer Yeah!! Work at Nintendo, Manager in the Treehouse.… @DanGanGalaxy @thatss0metta @yumeparadox Yup! Her.
We could not be more excited! The classic Banjo-Kazooie music will be revisited in #SmashBrosUltimate with a rearra…
Retweeted by JC | 😴 @JWonggg Start with Link’s Awakening or BOTW. Two different flavors of Zelda game, but appealing in their own way. 🙂 @CoolGrayAJ So wholesome. Miss you buddy!THE LUIGIS MANSION SECTION IN OUR BOOTH IS AMAZING HOLY CRAP (I didn’t see it until this AM). Highlight of my show. @MarkMan23 🙃Banjo-Kazooie is DLC Fighter #3. ...LOL.The Hero from the #DragonQuest series will be joining Super #SmashBrosUltimate! Purchase the Fighters Pass now and…
Retweeted by JC | 😴Next #SmashBrosUltimate Fighter: Hero. From DQ11, 8, 4, 3. Summer 2019. @shotRoHi @kaimatten Rhythm tengoku GBAEarning this one tonight, folks. #E3🥳
😯’t forget to tune in to #NintendoDirect | #E32019 Tuesday at 9am PT for a video presentation featuring around 40…
Retweeted by JC | 😴 @perepereden Yup, heading back to LA Live Area @NairoMK Leaving it now. Need dinner. LOL @perepereden Oh, you’re here too? Haha!
@kateburning Pretty posh. The beard cream aisle was awesome.The happiest place on earth is actually the men’s grooming section at Target. @JWonggg @jchensor Looks hella good. @BearUNLV Wasn’t me this year. Daps to Ed and Santa.THE TRADITION CONTINUES!💪🏽💪🏽🤗 @Ssb4_Zackray @auaubabutyan
Retweeted by JC | 😴 @robopenginangry Oh god yeah!!!When @SamuelLJackson gives a shout out to @Reggie... ...what exactly is life? 🤔 @JKCompletesIt @jordanrkent @NineWholeGrains PUMPKIN HILL LOL THAT FLOW!!!Registration for the Super #SmashBrosUltimate Online Open June 2019 is open NOW! The winner of this tournament will…
Retweeted by JC | 😴 @NineWholeGrains @jordanrkent hahaha! Thanks...!