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you know me, better than i do

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someone be the cold to my warm hate this mf sm, he can rot in HELL @SPACEYUGI A WEED CAKE PLA @mqkichi_ the hand up by his chin too @takachans_ third circle, i’m proud @takachans_ gn akumaa @TSUKElS same 😐 @luvrkento SO TRUEE @TSUKElS i tried to get into it but i couldn’t and apparently it’s good, i cantttt @yamsvolleyball hiccups r the best feeling in the world @takachans_ BLACK CLOVER IS SOO GOOD, YES WATCH IT @takachans_ go for it bae @kaeyaskitten so true @takachans_ isfp @monokiss3d FRRR @____fr0g____ 👀👀 @D4NDEL10NS WIFUJWWHSHQH THE MOMENT I FOLLOWED U IT POPPED UP
@xiaqwo hella prepared @D4NDEL10NS @urbandictionary PLS @D4NDEL10NS … i was gonna ask to be moots but idrk anymore @takachans_ gnnn sleep well akuma!! @TSUKElS PLS IM CRYING, THAT WOULD BE SO EMBARRASSING @TSUKElS MORE THAN ONCE TOO?! OOFTA HAHAH
genshin is so mf fun, everyone go download it rn @TSUKElS JEFJQJ DW CH NOOO PLS @mqkichi_ nothing works, 😐 @luvrkento ACE WHY @luvrkento deserves the world @luvrkento SHES THE BEST @takachans_ JSJCJWJD LMAO PLS @____fr0g____ OMG WHO SPILL BAE @____fr0g____ hahahaah me too ;) @drummerbaku dude i’m so sorry, i hope they start understanding more! </3
The best comedic duo in Teyvat #genshintwt #genshinimpact #kaeya #diluc #genshinfanart #原神
Retweeted by jc @____fr0g____ NO STFU UR SO CUTE, @mqkichi_ omfg tysm ily @yamsvolleyball those r so nasty, cmon now. @takachans_ taehyung, yoongi, and minho <3 heheh wbu
sometimes i miss my old online friends, a lotta fun times @danzy_mm i’m normal now dw @danzy_mm dannnyyyy i missed you 😆 @takachans_ yes!! skz, bts, ateez, cravity (i think that’s now it’s spelt), bts, loona, twice (starting to)SEASONS OF BLOSSOMS NEW CHAPTER IS AMAZING IM SO HAPPY @____fr0g____ LITERALLY.. ALSO IS THIS FROM THE NEW CHAPTER? @icedyerii bro dessy is ur name now @icedyerii what’s ur nickname? dessa or dessy? @kaeyaskitten ofc! :) @____fr0g____ TJ IM STRAIGHT UP SOBBING @____fr0g____ @danzy_mm nvm i figured it out sorry i got curious 🤨 @kaeyaskitten HOLY SHIT YOURE SO COOL @denkizwife i usually cry to why didn’t u stop me by mitski, but it’s not a sad sad song @____fr0g____ HOMOPHOBIC. 😡😐 @____fr0g____ am i 😮 @icedyerii i think we all know who that is @____fr0g____ no is this a song lyric or are u fr @____fr0g____ 😏😏😆 @____fr0g____ YES 100%why is this turning me on 😣☹️ @____fr0g____ no 😔 @____fr0g____ you’re literally the only person who understands me, i might be crying rn @____fr0g____ TJ LETS HAVE A NIGHT PICNIC SOMETIMEok but the way girls do anything and are still perfect @____fr0g____ OMG ILYSM IM COMING OVER EN @jcp3nny we are soulmates bc im tjmaxx and you're jcpenny😍😘
Retweeted by jc @unbrokentorso … stfu slut 😡😡their so hot omg @db_gmng AHHH YESS FINALLY @db_gmng @Sydsnap LOL @takachans_ GM AKUMAA @icedyerii IM IN LOVE W U @unbrokentorso lily i’m so happy that u are active ily ❤️since idk how to make a card here’s some things abt me pronouns: she/her nicknames/name: jc or jacey i don’t rea…, sky blue, purple, yellow, orange, lavender @mqkichi_ hi 👋 @mqkichi_ good morningthoughts on ppl who don’t order food but eat off everyone’s plate?
@takachans_ yaa let’s interact more!! @SPACEYUGI MITSKII, what’s ur fav song?!In 2 days, it's Venti birthday #原神 #GenshinImpact
Retweeted by jc @icedyerii send me links @icedyerii THE LITTLE DRAGON @unbrokentorso ty <3 @unbrokentorso white, yellow, purple @____fr0g____ all the timestolen feelings r so complicated @irlasukaryo psshh don’t be worried abt ur weight, you look amazing 🤗 /p (idk if i used that right)
@icedyerii BEOMGY @icedyerii 🥺🥺🥺🥺 uWu @icedyerii MHMM AGREEDYou know me better than I do So why didn't you stop me?
Retweeted by jcaccents r so hot, especially russians @irlasukaryo i’m so sorry dudei envy ppl who live in canada @TSUKElS praying for u @TSUKElS mobile is always the way to go sadly @littlenikiii @rikizken CUTE HEHEH @irlasukaryo YOU VAPEim so sorry inumaki stans
Retweeted by jc
Retweeted by jc