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Justin Courtney Pierre's new album 'In The Drink' is available now via @EpitaphRecords. Get some!

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I have noticed a 485% increase in the use of the phrase “sit down and eat” since we went on lock down. Thanks for…
100% of sales go directly to @epitaphrecords artists on @Bandcamp from now until... well, there is currently no end…
I completely trust @SceneStealrEric on all things film related. Check out this thread and fill your social distanci… YOU CAN DO WHILE SOCIAL DISTANCING: -clean the oven -check my tires -count the number of tiles in the ceili…
Retweeted by Justin Courtney PierrePlease send this woman all the money you can. I’m starting to worry.
Tonight: 🤘
We want to reassure everyone that we are STILL ON tonight for the world premiere @ 7pm in San Jose at the Hammer Th…
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This is TRULY cause for celebration. Can’t wait! 🤘
This kid can dance! 🤘 @TheAndySundwall No plans. Been away a lot already this year. Hadn’t thought of doing more. It’s not impossible, bu… @SergeantFrick Are there dolls in that video? I know there are some kind of toys in that video but it’s been a whil…
What a TRIP. Had a blast in LA playing/recording/hanging w/an incredible bunch of musicians, a fantastic engineer,… 6: Finished 6 songs for JCPLP2. What a whirlwind. This is Jason Soda. He runs Palomino Sound, engineered this s…
Painting with John is going to be amazing. Going to cheer everyone up. Hope I can finish it quickly for you.
Retweeted by Justin Courtney Pierre @annihilationed Feature!Day 5: Finished vocals & started adding the essential weirdness to the tracks (including gang vocals with… @Thoughtlesskyle No.
Ok people, appreciate this! @TheColorNo @annihilationed I didn’t have a lot of friends growing up. Also, film magazines in the ‘90s helped a bi… @annihilationed Here’s a few more of my favorite films: Faces by John Cassavetes Stranger Than Paradise by Jim Jar… @annihilationed Sweet! Have you ingested all of them yet? If so, what did you think? @baycitygraham Sorry to hear about it, but glad for the catharsis. @IdiotDahl @TFCGofNA Only every time I close my eyes.Day 4: The only picture I took today was of @BrettGurewitz getting artsy as fuck with the percussion. You haven’t l…
Just a heads up that my buddies in @UFBRocks have a new record coming out April 10th! You can listen to their first… @EastCoastMemory @ctredici13 @AGBPOL 🤘 @salcheeto @MotionCityMusic We are appreciative. @Flaximfc Nope. I appreciate the enthusiasm. Thanks for caring. @SDMusicDude @MotionCityMusic Thank you, kindly.Day 3: all drums, bass, and guitars are now finished (minus solos and any overdubs). Even sang some vocals. It was…
@johnnyb1211 Many thanks.A little while ago @MotionCityMusic was in informed “Everything Is Alright” had become a gold single! Many thanks t… @mikedamante @mattmusic14 @starlandNJ @MotionCityMusic @SidekicksOhio Much appreciated!Finished tracking all drums, bass, & most guitars. Thanks to @briankeithdiaz, @tonythaxton, & @bill_mcshane for kic…
I heard it was Ash Wednesday today. Guess that means I’m watching the trilogy and television series again. Get so… @TooManyRecords @cangerine Congratulations!If anyone out there was confused by the title of track 9 on My Dinosaur Life, this should help clarify things. 🤷‍♂️ @rozzgrigsby42 @tonythaxton You’ve done us proud. @eatingpetitpois @MotionCityMusic Congrats! @punr0ck @HannahTiedeTV 😂Day 1 of solo adventure #2 with a great group of guys, including @tonythaxton, @briankeithdiaz, @bill_mcshane, and…
Hey y’all! My boy @Joshuacain is currently Twitching it up (that’s insider slang). You can witness the magic by goi… @Salty_Specter You’re welcome.T-Thax with a candid from last night’s rehearsal adventures. @tomdante58 @MotionCityMusic Yes. This: @mpeh4teh Yes you can. @bill_mcshane Excited to have you, brother! @Joshulkin Yes. @Chellie30001 I am now!
@TLATPodcast @BabyOnceMorepom はい, @epitaphrecords は最終的にアルバムをリリースする予定です。 @cheesepolice @tonythaxton More like the other way around. We love us some @thedplan. @jake_melaas @MotionCityMusic @tonythaxton @matthewstaylor 🤘 @JoeSMTLP @MotionCityMusic It’d come back to me if I listened to it a few times. @WhelanQuinn No. I believe @AbleBrewery has a list of where it’s sold. @overtheboom That’s too good.Heading to LA for a few days to begin work on solo album #2 with @BrettGurewitz, @briankeithdiaz, @bill_mcshane, &…
I asked my kid what she thought of each democratic candidate. Here are some of her responses: Bernie Sanders looks…
Good times from Orlando! @Dspohn388 @jake_melaas Go to the @AbleBrewery website and find out where it is sold. Good luck! @mitchluber You’re Welcome. @emmarcook1 @MotionCityMusic It was great talking with you. Those things are weird. No one wants to talk to you for… @annihilationed It’s interesting to watch the characters grow up and the various styles of the films as each one is… @punr0ck YOU’RE... @JohnsBlindRage @MotionCityMusic Sure sure. 😉
Hey y’all, we’ve built a beer! Join us tonight at 5:00 for some sweet nectar of the gods as well as a surplus of fe…
Retweeted by Justin Courtney Pierre @dachanatems Many thanks! @Dougauld @MotionCityMusic Much love!I miss @edackerson. He was a champion of the people. He believed in the noise I was making. Do yourselves a favor a… @JohnsBlindRage @MotionCityMusic No comment. @Risky_Popcorn @MotionCityMusic @tonythaxton @Joshuacain Congrats! I’m not one to say who should and shouldn’t take… @JoshSalwey I don’t drink anymore. But I’m going to attempt to make it in support of the arts. @13_Shells Class of ‘94 right here, baby! 🤘We’re playing @SlamDunkMusic in May!!! @yerawizardlexi @MotionCityMusic You’re welcome.Sick Pics from the tour, y’all! @HurricaneIvory @MotionCityMusic Hope it was strictly radical. @Rosie3_14 @MotionCityMusic Maybe some day. @Kenniee_Lynn @MotionCityMusic Hope you had a rad time!
Last show of the tour is tonight at @FillmoreMPLS! 3 for 3 here in sunny Minnesota. I believe a handful of tickets…
Retweeted by Justin Courtney PierreJack is one of the coolest kids I’m proud to say I know! I am super jealous of his lucious locks! 🤘 @Roseinthetardis Sorry to hear you’re having a bad time. Glad our music is helping, even if just a bit. Hang in there. @earlynovfan @MotionCityMusic Many thanks! @alexhall11 @MotionCityMusic Congrats! And thanks for hanging in there! @GalenCox @LookItsMaren Thanks for coming out! @dave_vanderwarn Retroactively... YOU CAN DO IT! @SamxRiot @amazon Hit me with an email immediately and I’ll forward to our people and see if they can rectify it. B… @JoeSMTLP @MotionCityMusic Nope.Had a blast singing with @lydializamusic last night! 🤘 @bandgeekfreak87 @stevielurking @Mack_Lucking Sorry, just now seeing this. @annihilationed Enjoy!
Tonight is the second of three shows at @FillmoreMPLS! Doors 6:00 @lydializamusic 6:10 (you don’t want to miss th…
Retweeted by Justin Courtney Pierre @FritzKapptain 🤷‍♂️ @motherofdogz @MotionCityMusic Thanks so much! You should have come and said hi! Or hit me up. I know people! 😉 @IrmaCayt Ok so you’d have to come get the ticket and then hand it to the person, I’m assuming? @IrmaCayt Sorry. I’m so swamped with stuff, but if I can help out, just ask and I’ll see what I can do. @UniStacyCorn Can’t wait!