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Jordan Scales @jdan Hoboken, NJ

he/him. Friendly tools guy @Stripe. On a mission to give you super powers. Bigger @Lights fan than you. ✍

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@CityofHoboken @RaviBhalla @PATHAlerts @HobokenSchools @hMAG @KenFerrante @HobokenPD @HudsonCoView @njdotcom need a… @ken_wheeler I can smell the new carpet from here @bytesbymike just a happy coincidence :) @thekitze kitze; thank you for standing up for mark zuckerberg(verdict: you need two dimensions to do anything cool one-dimensional "sandpile" is a list of numbers. if any number is 0 or 1 it stays. if it's 2 or greater, 1 grain… @xthek1ng I idle other artists to throw off the algorithm, can't have the FBI know everythingthe data they provide includes your streams from the past year in json, so I concat'd em and tossed the result into this house we love data ( @_tessr der Großvater die druckt der Internetseite did I get itCountry goes to WHO. Says it’s suffering pandemic. Feels alone in a threatening world where what lies ahead is vagu…
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@qrush we gotta get those numbers up @ScottPresler @realDonaldTrump Report Tweet -> It's suspicious or spam -> Using the reply function to spam @SlackHQ ty! @fionaosaurusrex @SlackHQ +1 :(
@tarngerine wait omg you're Juju did we play on @muanchiou's island? @MaryKMcKenzie should I have a second cup today mkI can think of a ton of things I could do to build this better, and I would love help! If you want to contribute, o…
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IG Story looking like ---------------------- yet you couldn't tag me in your carrot drawing challenge, curious @jonnysun some good news amongst all the bed, the peach trees are growing once again @petecorey @iquilezles oooh tell me more about this formula? @boring_as_heck As a gamer; this is just another boss fight for me
Retweeted by Jordan Scales @arb mrs brown; welcome to the resistance
@jongold @lachlanjc sad but true @jongold @lachlanjc right??? no idea how they do it @soffes @mds (website is 404ing for me btw) @TatianaTMac @mds @soffes its sooooo goodLachlan is so good at this making-websites thing @Brauhaus @lights Thank you :) @muanchiou @jessicard @ohhoe @notwaldorf would recommend muan's island. 5 stars.
2020 one: Me: here is a thread of @lights albums as Animal Crossing paintings (use the nintendo switch companion app… @chelsea me
@aannggeellll I sent you these messages in confidenceEnjoy @andrewingram There are some characters that reappear so I would recommend! (the first one is also amazing and worth your time)Stepped out of my adorable Animal Crossing world for a bit to slay some demons. God that ruled.
30 iron nuggets? in this economy?
2020 passionate Mobile Engineer with a life-long curiosity for tech and creativity–providing consultancy and engineeri…
Retweeted by Jordan ScalesWorst day of my career. Our little @ReactTraining won't survive payroll in this pandemic and had to throw in the t…
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@spiralstairs I don't mean to hype you up too much but when that top animation came in I said "holy shit" out loud at my desk @scottjehl 😂 welcome anyway! @left_pad @adamgryu this is free on the epic games store for a few days! (+1 to your review, it's really cute and relaxing) @srinitude @holman @rrhoover @holman does discounts on some SaaS subscriptions (disclaimer: I work there)
@asolove my brother and his three year old love mario party (I also kinda like it not gonna lie) mario kart is my… best bit on twitter is criticizing Facebook, having one of your friends who works there say "hey man cmon," and…
Good leadership @justinjaffray amazing how many of us have touching stories of jeff bezos <3In times likes these it's important to take a deep breath and thank jeff bezos for sending me coffee beans in 2 bus… I have a very good JavaScript developer friend that's been remote for a few years and is looking for a new gig.…
Retweeted by Jordan Scales @ryanflorence e) answer her security questions and delete her account
to be clear this is literally not me lmao but thank you concerned, gossiping friendsHi I have a very good JavaScript developer friend that's been remote for a few years and is looking for a new gig.… @dhh @RaviBhalla Woah a local one. Yeah @RaviBhalla give them a nudge.absolutely beautiful—people in lockdown in New York City are singing to each other from their balconies & windows
Retweeted by Jordan Scales @oneunderscore__ couch to 5k but double everything! @Draknek thanks for a fun 30 hours :) so very excited for your next masterpiece @jkup I spent 10(!!) glorious hours with Supraland this weekend. Would recommend, I didn't expect to enjoy it so much.schrödinger's vanguard account balancescreaming at my participants in user testing because their feedback doesn't match what the metrics already told me
God our president sucks so much lmao @CityofHoboken @RaviBhalla @HobokenSchools @holahoboken Do you need to volunteers to help pass out free lunches?
@ox Uh ohI cannot stress enough that I will do literally anything to get this @barilleon don't hesitate to bug me if you need a table and chair to work at! @ScribblingOn that's lil jdan!the secret to happily and productively working from home is to cancel all your meetings and play And Justice for Al…
@_tessr unit, thank you @_tessr do not subtweet my heartwarming IG story of me coworking with me stuffed three-toed sloth, Charlie @MalloryLoar I can't wait to play doom and animal crossing simultaneously for 3 days straight and become very confused about myself @arshia__ I didn't read Harry Potter until last year so no shame here don't worry @arshia__ what are you reading?! @raganwald You're so rightRan a small A/B test and went from 19 to 23 clicks on a certain link, so I will be taking the VC route and reportin… @lachygroom 🔒🔑🤵
@collision brb making an "ughh why are people so fake. text." background @gecko I love itMe reviewing your code with two nested calls to Array.reduce
@ironimus42 @threepointone Bravo @Samhanknr @threepointone Software should look less like a power plant and more like a group of white blood cells send tweetHow the hell do ants run efficient colonies and build intricate tunnels without strong types and state charts @AdamRackis I’m going to remain skeptical. When shit hits the fan is the test, and leadership (and their VC coaches… @AdamRackis You’re preaching to the choir (I’m a fan of LS and many of their team members) and agree that the path… @AdamRackis Not disagreeing with you there! Still, sweeping bad things under the rug as “everyone makes mistakes”… @AdamRackis Honestly this sums up my feelings It’s not a good defense to compare it agains… @mscccc thank you, was all downhill from there @dens that's a hard area!! what's getting you? lizalfos? environment? @tenderlove that looks pretty gouda sorry aaron I'm new at this
@MalloryLoar stonemill?? @regulatorynerd best of luck! @stevenspohn @craigums Ugh so sorry friend. Sending hugs.
@suchipi YUIPretty incredible how quickly Facebook acts when called out on its BS at a large enough scale. It's almost as if th…
@aweary @ me next time