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read this if you want to understand how to price your work and not from a well-paid tech company meister of many, but a partner of none. Professor Stein for #blacktober.
Retweeted by Deb Lee @ sign up for my class!!Someone over there emailed me for work in Feb, got me mixed up with another John Lee, ignored their mistake while p…
Retweeted by Deb Lee @ sign up for my class!! @johnleedraws HAHA WHAT THE FUCK
@juststeffiart STEFFI!! @ngsabs @t_durdy Sabrina!!!!!!!!! @t_durdy LOL TYLER we miss you so much @MagpieJoyful Magicing up a new apartment requires a ton of raccoon bones and basilisk intestines :( no can do @raynnings THANK YOU!! @aj_mcfly JESUS :( @tiffanyxjiang 101 Curses For your Depression(4/4) wish you were a witch?? (1/4) @tnyshouts thank you!!!!!!!!!!!I DID ANOTHER COMIC FOR THE NEW YORKER @rachel_nak @joshgad DONNER DONNER DONNER
Actually no full time until 2026 I’ll just take the boba jarsHire me Netflix I also want free boba jars
@ElliceWeaver And That’s Why We Drink does half paranormal and half true crime!!! Their 4th episode is one of their… costume this year is gonna be so stupid no one will be readylmao
It's here !! The guide for two-legged people who don't know how to draw wheelchairs !!! 7 pages of infodump ! Dis…
Retweeted by Deb Lee @ sign up for my class!! @nickwmoy I was!!! It was great. @hirosemaryhello I’m......this is so uncanny rose(mary) wtf I’m shakenwhich parallel universe?
Retweeted by Deb Lee @ sign up for my class!!I am part of “others” btwI love that others are disclosing their advantages but then we don’t know what do to with that infoCan we also talk about how more privileged illustrators can help give back and level the playing field?
Should also mention that we are moving to Pittsburgh in the spring where the rent is less than half of what we would be payingNo student debt, saved up from tech job, still freelancing for tech (partner is an engineer but we pay for oursel… have been a full-time freelancer since I graduated from college in 2015. This was not made possible by secret mon…
Retweeted by Deb Lee @ sign up for my class!! @AlukahKaran thank you <33 @joekimhq good taste! @sharkalanche @giannameolaa thank u!! @carlldpn ooh my god that's the exact inspiration for these!! thank u! @lgions THANK YOU BEXANNNNND that’s all the work I did for #AdobeMAX2020 !!! I’m mega proud of these. 🐳 🌸 parallel universe? edges
Retweeted by Deb Lee @ sign up for my class!! @yogurtknife Thank you!! @FearPowned ♥️ @panda_gem @shionyaahh ♥️♥️ @hotarujaejae Hell yeah!! Thanks hotaru! @kesalt Omg I had to look this up but it makes sense and I’m so pleased @nimasprout 🥺🥺 @Cornelia_illo @USC Omg!!! ♥️♥️♥️I am an Indian artist working in animation. #PortfolioDay
Retweeted by Deb Lee @ sign up for my class!!A database of Japanese woodblock prints, from the early 1700s onwards. 200,000 of them. 🤯
Retweeted by Deb Lee @ sign up for my class!!
@Echo___River LOL haha thank you! @Echo___River thank u!!!! i used .....procreate lol @EssieCharm <3 @ReneeMurat thank you thank you! @thejumbles ♥️♥️ @shanhorandraws no..?!?!?!!??!!?!We still think this is hilarious @egallagher_art i want these dogs to drag me to hell @emilycarmichael Omg thank YOU!! @danipendergast Dani!!!! Thank you so much ♥️♥️ @grossbois @alohasushicore thanks!! @Sofanasn huh, no idea LOL it has...lines??? @outhwaitegeorge ty!!! @ejknoodles THANK U EJ!! @heylauragao <3 !!!!ALSO these are now prints! sweet home
Retweeted by Deb Lee @ sign up for my class!! @zapfriend PleaSE @zapfriend 🙏🏼🥺 @billiamjoel Thank you!!!Another background commissioned by the folks at Adobe for #AdobeMAX2020 🌅 edges @MeganRoseRuiz1 we are all. rooting for you @shanhorandraws thank yOU!!! @AlanWritesStuff oh my gosh!!!! okay i'm so glad that they're actually up because i;m having trouble finding the backgrounds at all @juststeffiart thank you YOU TOO
@t_durdy HAHA like, the lid snapped off, like in a little piece @t_durdy wait no joke our toilet broke todayi showed them this and we both laughed so hard we started to cryMe: “Hey, sorry for the delayed response! It’s been a busy week” *Me during my busy week* @ulsiart @hirosemaryhello omg im so honored your work is BRILLIANT @ulsiart @hirosemaryhello !!!!!!!!!! @ItsJibble thank you!!!!!!1/3 video backgrounds for #AdobeMAX2020 !! You can download them now I believe if you’re participating sweet home @heylauragao Laura i drew like two pages, cried for an hour, took a nap and it’s already 6!!!!!!!!!!!!
@StuartWhiteWM asian girl has no friends and mean mom @cuppabroo mewthree @celinaoseguera YEPUpdate: saw this again and actually had a good real Cry
@JennaKassArt Survival of the Most Emotionally Unstableone of my first memories about ikea was crying specifically at this image bc this dude probably spent like $300 on… felt this so deeply i might have teared up @SaraAlfageeh now im having flashbacks of making references of yugioh abridged during school without realizing that… @SaraAlfageeh i was more of a yugioh abridged gal BUT i heard so many good things @galleonlazer I’m shooketh!!! I feel like I give BIG Sokka vibes @galleonlazer WHAT @Trungles Just when I needed that extra inspo too!! @Trungles WOWW