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JD Ferries-Rowe. Head Geek at Brebeuf Jesuit. BYOT, Social Media, edtech. also debate, comics,and Jesuit Stuff. married w/kids.

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@birdbraintech note to self -- all those amazing new mac and chromebook computers? they all have USB-C only Off to the hardware storePork poblano tacos w/ pickled onions, deconstructed. (Pre-constructed?) #daddydinner
The @brebeufjesuit #digcit team distributing @birdbraintech hummingbird kits for the first session of (virtual) sum… teachers: When we engage students in learning about racism, we must move, not at the pace of those most resis…
Retweeted by JD Ferries-RoweMarking this thread on my to-do list. @polonerd always skeptical when a theoretical model becomes an assessment tool used to measure something. Not sure…
Day two of breaking in the new cookware. Today is non-stick large pan, and bagels with loads of yum (lox, turkey, e… @jdferries Today is the anniversary of the start of the Tulsa Massacre. We're seeing replays of the past. Hopefully…
Retweeted by JD Ferries-RoweSpending the morning trying to parse some semblance of meaning. Always appreciate the thoughts of @Wishbabydoc - th…'m not even sure how to process this on a personal level let alone how to discuss it with students, reflect on it… over truffled mushroom risotto with brown butter herb sauce #daddydinner
BLT on everything bagel w/ fried plantain chips. First use of our new cast iron pan and bacon press. @mocovington ...and not nearly long enough #catholicedchat --- those supply chains are keeping me up at night whil… @mocovington No student or adult should feel pressure to come to school. Create a continuous learning opportunity… @mocovington This is my life the last month... measuring classrooms, testing microphones, building streaming set… @ncara @polonerd @jdferries @cathyrobey3 @mocovington We can follow, cite, and hire IBPOC faculty, staff, PD/traini…
Retweeted by JD Ferries-Rowe @ncara @polonerd @jdferries @cathyrobey3 @mocovington books: How to Be an Antiracist, White Fragility, Stamped, Bet…
Retweeted by JD Ferries-Rowe @ncara @jdferries @cathyrobey3 @mocovington We started in February with a Podcast PLC so Ts could listen to the sam…
Retweeted by JD Ferries-Rowe @21stCenSupKW @NDAcademyGA congratulations! let me know when you need a subversive tech with dreams of legos for all! :) LOL @APannie7 @polonerd @cathyrobey3 @mocovington @ncara its my daily mantra.... check your frustrations at the door.… @APannie7 @cathyrobey3 @mocovington @ncara combination. have had guest speakers (many excellent, some not so much),… @mocovington @cathyrobey3 @ncara the @wishbabydoc? she is brilliant - and no nearly on twitter enough :) #catholicedchat @polonerd @cathyrobey3 @mocovington @ncara i know it is frustrating for some teachers particularly when out of thei… @cathyrobey3 @mocovington @ncara my wife had a really powerful reflection on the racism of anti-racist social media… @mocovington @cathyrobey3 @ncara omg. Laughed out loud as my wife gently hits me on the shoulder and says "See?" --… @cathyrobey3 @mocovington @ncara we spent years of faculty development addressing issues of privilege, microaggress… We created a @Flipgrid topic for each of our graduating seniors. Teachers left messages for Ss. Students receiv…
Retweeted by JD Ferries-Rowe @mocovington @ncara i know a number of our students are discussing going to the daylight protest in indy, but nothi…
wroking through an hour of technical training/onboarding videos, i am acutely aware that this is what many of our s… cowboy ribeye, pasta in pesto, and arugula salad.
#daddydinner (partial contribution)...I did the beer brats and onions. @wishbabydoc made the amazing mac'n'chz.
#daddydinner steakhouse seasoned pork chops w/ shallot pan sauce, lemon green beans, and mashed potatoes.
Nerd hiking for memorial day weekend. All about the l0ve (who, Zelda, science, cthulu, rainbow-related cultural sta…
Just because I don't post a #doesYourShirtmatchYourbackground doesn't mean that I don't put in the time. The… shrimp and chorizo paella (w/garlic aioli)
@KelseyConnects @BrebeufJesuit @birdbraintech @microbit_edu what video switcher are you using in studio? I might ne…
When they told us we had to move summer #digcit course online our first challenge was "how do we get them to use th… @SteinbrinkLaura @johnccarver specific coding is a now, but parsing out instructions, breaking the complex into par… @scibri @JenWomble @Rdene915 @iste ha! we teach worksheets by having kids to a self-analysis of their instagram (or… @JenWomble @Rdene915 @iste 2/2 Thus, part of the "un-learning" is that there will not be an "answer from on high" a… @JenWomble @Rdene915 @iste its more of learning new ways to access new material. many of our kids have been taught… the kids feel that much emotion, you know you are getting through to them :) #FETCchat @kylecsteele @JenWomble have chains of kids accomplish a task (set plastic rings on a cone 20 ft. away). Each kid c… @Rdene915 @JenWomble @iste we tell the kids in both #digcit (which is a direct ISTE standards course) and robotics… @kylecsteele @JenWomble love the door open anology. we more look at it as the expression of a mindset -- the logica… @JenWomble Coding is a great way to teach computational thinking and sequential logic. It provides real and near in… @phlisteningroom @BrebeufJesuit @birdbraintech @microbit_edu Of course. I will dm you our office hours link.Excited to start summer school #digcit at @brebeufjesuit - we are all online, but that doesn't mean all screens, al…
spent :30 minutes beating my head against the wall before getting some coffee -- after the coffee, began to think a…
Gouda Pork Burgers e/ Carmelized Siracha Onion and Potatoes with lime Mayo #daddydinner
@LaneWalker2 @mocovington @MicheleCMueller @ChristineMonge @Studyo at this point #digcit might as well be called "t… @LaneWalker2 @mocovington @MicheleCMueller @ChristineMonge @Studyo The kids really respond well to the "you have to… @LaneWalker2 @mocovington @MicheleCMueller @ChristineMonge @Studyo let me look....i did a deep research dive on it… @mocovington @APannie7 @kristinefull @BarbInNebraska @MicheleCMueller those numbers look pretty good. hard to figur… @LaneWalker2 @mocovington @MicheleCMueller @ChristineMonge @Studyo A lot of those note-taking studies (particularly… @MicheleCMueller @ChristineMonge @LaneWalker2 @mocovington @Studyo yeah, there are students with good habit and EF… @MicheleCMueller @LaneWalker2 @ChristineMonge @mocovington @Studyo that is a lot better than my "onboarding" placeh… @kristinefull @MicheleCMueller @LaneWalker2 @ChristineMonge @mocovington @Studyo yesterday i decided it was time to… @kpatterson_10 @LaneWalker2 @ChristineMonge @MicheleCMueller @mocovington @Studyo i like the idea of being able to… @MicheleCMueller @LaneWalker2 @ChristineMonge @mocovington @Studyo "Do not fall into the pit of unattainable perfec… @kristinefull @BarbInNebraska @MicheleCMueller How is/are students adjusting... With all changes, how are they doin… @ChristineMonge @BarbInNebraska @MicheleCMueller we all have our jobs and are trying to stay conscious of need for… @ChristineMonge @MicheleCMueller @LaneWalker2 @mocovington @Studyo Yeah, i cannot imagine executive function softwa… @ChristineMonge @MicheleCMueller @LaneWalker2 @mocovington @Studyo yes. students can even create quick tasks by tak… @BarbInNebraska @MicheleCMueller we had a team of admin, teachers, etc. make calls to eachfamily w/ a set of standa… @ncara I have been using @wevideo a lot...they released the GIF maker last week and it is so simple.... Adding a G… @ncara that why the lego-table/experiment station is right next to my desk. Sometimes i just step away and build. :… @ChristineMonge @MicheleCMueller @LaneWalker2 @mocovington very intrigued by @studyo. been having good discussions… @mocovington @ChristineMonge @MicheleCMueller @LaneWalker2 exactly and the condition (much like using technology ef… talking a lot about the fatigue that is taking its toll on us: - no real eye contact - self reference checks (… @ChristineMonge @MicheleCMueller @LaneWalker2 @mocovington Yes. i am looking at executive functioning software for… choir teacher used clicktracks and some great editing from our student engineers to send off the students in st… a great way to combine the virtual and the physical. And such a personal touch. Nice job! #catholicedchat @BarbInNebraska @ncara @NeumannLeaders Learned a lot too....very useful information for my mobile video streaming s… @BarbInNebraska this was something put together and conceived by the support team. crosswords, coloring pages, and… all! JD, Geek from Indy. Lucky enough to have really creative people taking care of Graduation and end-of… @johnhughes1993 that is so awesome! congratulations. what a great idea #catholicedchatHappy who-knows-what-day-it-is-today! Learning about video switchers to put together mobile streaming solution for…
@jeremieg21 @Miss_Mireles always happy to help....this world has done nothing if not show us the need for our netwo… out my PD dance card for next week. #remotelearning panel, literacy lessons, and math instructional videos… on some examples for the #digcit Make-a-Meme Project. Part of creating good communicators is giving them… running out of things today...maybe i can distract them with a pretty zelda background :)
#daddydinner beef ragu spaghetti w/ zucchini and Italian seasoning a good day presenting with @40ishoracle, but you know as soon as I was done with #EducateMagis it was time t… heart is full! Spent an hour with #EducateMagis, @jdferries and the people of the global #Jesuit network of scho…
Retweeted by JD Ferries-RoweTaking the Jen & JD show on the international road... "What would Ignatius Due -- Educating at the COVID Frontier
The Split Screen Drawing the necessitated me making a how to video. I don't understand how this was not crystal cle… @theobviouschild it was great talking to you today. we should do more #edtech #jesu_IT home tours :) @theobviouschild its surprisingly minimal...lots of light play and a virtual backdrop but i will send you some shots.A quickly made @wevideo QuickTip: Resizing for Split Screens in WeVideo -- didnt have a lot…
You asked and we listened! 💙 Educators, you can now create GIFs using WeVideo! 🎬
Retweeted by JD Ferries-RowePlaying around with the new @WeVideo GIF creator and thinking of our @BrebeufJesuit Seniors in #classof2020. End…
So very good. Congratulations to All the singers, the student techs behind the scenes, tippel and his team (and of… & Kale breakfast casserole. #daddydinner but Mother's Day Brunch at a safe social distance. deluxe tonight... Duck a L'Orange w/ duck fat potatoes and arugula almond salad #daddydinner
@GeraldineLewis @mocovington as a general rule, #catholicedchat is a chat for people who work, teach, and support c… @olalibrary @ncara most people forget...printers are low priority, but alexas have been known to get chatty. also n… @olalibrary @ncara 1-3 devices for every person, google homes or minis in most rooms, printer, switch, xbox, mutlip… @ncara @olalibrary im averaging, 30 connected devices in the house...we do lots of prioritization coding. :) #catholicedchat @APannie7 @ncara my drawing shows my current thinking. PTZ cams, preferably two, in each class. Ceiling mounted pan…