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@_arf___ @yourmomsuk smol @yourmomsuk @_arf___ She’s actually like 5’4 LMFAOIt’s me I’m mfsMfs be up at 4am eating gold fish for dinner and watching anime @BegoneIsHigh You want the real answer? @_arf___ i'd beat his ass @_arf___ @_arf___ yes you @_arf___ I think i this the right bitch @_arf___ you attacked me first @_arf___ and who kills everyone for you? THATS RIGHT. @_arf___ true @Desiluted Heyyy @_arf___ *kick* @savannahIoI text me if you want @Desiluted imsg @Desiluted im not horny im just sad lois
2020 @_arf___ Ily#lljw🕊
Retweeted by LambLegends Never Die. 7/10. #LLJW 🕊
Retweeted by Lamb @Moristiko I think you misread XL it’s probably an XS @caIebxo @savannahIoI Same
@NotMystxc Cus he knew his ass was about to be beat LMFAOOOI’m crying this dude just rocked his shit @_arf___ whatever my fuckin bad @_arf___ OK MF @_arf___ What about me lol @bIushin Dude no fucking way @caIebxo @bIushin LMFAOOOO @bIushin I wanna watch you burn
@bIushin You ain’t gonna have a gf for very long mf gonna have to mass delete @bIushin I hope you get a girlfriend and she just scrolls thru your tweets @BasedGothlol All I want is s4 ong @BasedGothlol Isn’t this literally just s3 in movie form... @savannahIoI Takes so long to shave cba with it but I still do it cus I’m ugly with facial hair @savannahIoI My facial hair grows back in not even 24 hours it’s so annoying @_arf___ LAUGHING @_arf___ Ok yo chilllll @_arf___ That you know of @_arf___ One game where I gave you 3 kills @_arf___ LMFAO mhm @_arf___ ...Just found out that s2 of fire force started wtf @_arf___ Oh my gawd @_arf___ Need you @_arf___ This is true LMFAO @pipesbaby Lamb :D @pipesbaby 0 replies 😭 @_arf___ Frrrr... @secvill number 2 gotta go man i'd rather blow my brains out then play that @zzzz729 mmmmmm fuck
mmmmmm fuck @zzzz729 I turned on the spinning and vibrating feature and it went into my eye @_arf___ Ong @zzzz729 I DID THIS YESTERDAY LMFAO @nottrevis Man... @_arf___ AWWWWW @_arf___ YO THATS ME @_arf___ LMFAO @Moriztiko Game js fun af the movement goes crazyLook at this dog’s drip
@savannahIoI ??? @_arf___ LETS GOOOOOOOO @pipesbaby Jdnwds @zzzz729 watch The 100 @preshvee Cash money @_arf___ @savannahIoI I have my mic muted too
@Desiluted Like yuh cut g @yourmomsuk Dadadadadadadada *slams desk* @Desiluted GO LOIS GO! @savannahIoI @caIebxo I just realized that’s a chicken nugget box @caIebxo @savannahIoI @savannahIoI I just have them cus there funny af @caIebxo WHAT @dogcheerleader @P4ndamei I’m gunna knee ko knee you in the stomach! Retweet it! @zzzz729 what i like minecraft
Happy birthday babe @yourmomsuk
@savannahIoI help, seek it @Desiluted @gothicowgirl is girls @JupiBangx @nottrevis i could one up this mf rn LMFAOLiving my best life @preshvee @Nefertidddy @Nefertidddy PLSSSSSS @preshvee @Nefertidddy omg pls kiss holyyyyyy @Moristiko dude... @Moristiko no fucking way @caIebxo @savannahIoI my loss* @savannahIoI I just fought 4 teams and almost won by myself I blame are loss on you @savannahIoI What ... @savannahIoI yea im home now @savannahIoI miss you too