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RIP Dad @john_POPS_spoon 💔

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It ain't Early, but it also ain't Late by giveaways/raffles I mean (Pay in ones) Normal ones are great 👍🏾 if people are genuinely giving back to th… @HeroChoice @Charalanahzard I wasn’t calling anyone out specifically, I don’t even watch his content so yeah. I’m m… @Charalanahzard I should’ve written (Paid in Giveaways) normal ones are great 👍🏾 but I’ve seen people do $25 - $50… to the wise... Don’t buy from scalpers/resellers out of desperation. It’s not worth it. Even if they are you… @NickSwagyPYoung Bruh u so disrespectful
New Podcast today @ScottFromTwitch I know they’re here somewhere I just don’t know where I put themI can’t find my Pokémon cards 😢
Good morning ☀️ @NickMassey123 One of the WORST too 😭I wanna goto sleep but I can’t stop thinking about that K.O. 😳 is ABSOLUTELY no way this is true, and if it is then......damn @HarrisHeller Smart 🧠Y’all they updated #naterobinson Wikipedia already! 😭😭😭 NO NOT THE SONIC RINGS!!!!!! #NateVsPaul 😭 aint it Kathy feel like I was dupedA DRAW?!?!?!?!??!?!?!?!?!??!!?!?!?!? BOY TURN THIS SHIT OFF!!!! RIGHT NOW!!!!!!! #tysonvsjones TYSON LOOKS LIKE A BAT OUTTA HELL! @spidadmitchell STOP! 🤣🤣🤣Well I know what my next podcast episode will be about lol 😂 #TysonJonesJr @unrooolie I’m trash at that one but we should play sometime 😁👍🏾 @SupDaily Yeah ur right, the other fights were actually really good. And this is not the national boxing league, Lo… @unrooolie I’ll dog u in super street fighter 4, I got the arcade stick ready 💪🏾 @kevikevshow Fax u right I take it back @BrennanMcNichol Dude I have never boxed a day in my life in a real life sparring match, and I even know to never rush in!Man the Entertainment Industry needs to be Very careful with these New Age “Celebrity Matches” they are allowing no… @BrennanMcNichol But I mean MY GOD! What was he thinking???Damn....Nate will never live this one down. Jeeez that was bad. GGs to Jake PaulThis is literally the first time a KeyBoard warrior talked trash on the internet & won the fight! 🤯 #JakevsNate #TysonJonesJrBRUHHHH JUST END 2020 ALREADY JESUS CHRIST!!! 😩 #JakevsNate #TysonJonesJr HAVE MERCY, NATE ROBINSON!!!!!!!! NOOOOOO!!!!!!SnoopDoggs commentary is SAVING this fight! 🤣🤣🤣WTF AM I WATCHING BRO!!! OMGMan only 2020 could give us a fight this Hilarious 🤣 #JakevsNate Paul came out to Bow Wows basketball 🏀 🙃 #tysonvsjones #JakevsNateI feel like I should be betting on these next 2 fights with @DraftKings 🤔 #TysonJonesJrOh snap @SnoopDogg IS IN THE BUILDING HAHA! #tysonvsjonesYG going off 🔥🔥🔥 #TysonJones“He don’t want No Moe” - Badu Jacks Coach 🤣 #TysonJonesilovemakonnen going off in this fight! #TysonJones #GoingUpOnaTueadayBADU JACK lookin like a character from Tekken #TysonJonesOkay this looks like another good fight #TysonJonesWhatever happened to 50 Tyson? 🤔 #TysonJonesThis Mike Tyson highlight tape is SICK! #MikeTyson #TysonJonesFrench Montana got DJ Khaled syndrome, both of them think they’re black 😑 #TysonJonesAlso who’s winning this fight tonight??? 👁👁 @LamarrWilson I thought they would say streaming services lol 😂So who’s winning tonight? 🥊The legit ones I mean, Jeez Twitter lol 😂Hey what channel is the fight on tonight? Or what streaming service?
Bruh I tried...🤣 leftovers are the Devil......and also Angelic 👹👼🏾 Good Morning ☀️Thank You to everyone who watched us during this crazy year. We appreciate each, and every one of you. ☺️ @Alphacat all the season finale of #SuperPunch is on tonight on @TBSNetwork tune in and enjoy 👍🏾
I respect this dedication, but damn companies really need to start cracking down on scalpers/resellers, because it… I’ve got the ITIS 😪I am very disappointed that 34% of you don’t know what the itis is 🤦🏾‍♂️ @HypnOToaD0_0 @John_POPS_Spoon It was chill while it lasted...when’s ur next episode of dead space?So how many of y’all caught the itis?
Thankful for the time we had together. Love you Dad 💔 @northvolt @ridecake Hey RideCake team, love everything you’re working on. I sent you an email,and a DM on Instagra… where we eat food, complain with our older relatives at the dinner table about politics, and argue ove… Night Boredom onto more pressing matters, how many of y’all copped a #PS5 on that restock? 👀 Or did bots get them all again?lol a lot of y’all did not like the amount of truth in my last tweet 😬Am I trippin or by celebrating #Thanksgiving tomorrow, we are also celebrating the slaughtering of the entire cultu… cooking for thanksgiving?🦃
Good afternoon friends @PhillyD When u read the title before watching the video lol 😂Sir...please...this is just embarrassing now @EmperorPyros google#BoycottDaveChappelleShow ✊🏾 @sethmeyers @mulaney I watched this, all of it. I did laugh, but the real question is, are y’all high?Pinky just did the Leroy Jenkins meme!!!!! WTF!!!! @TheAnimaniacs Pinky & the Brain! 😭😭😭 Thank you to 2 of my favorite voice actors @yakkopinky & @MAURICELAMARCHE for reprisi… @TheAnimaniacs on @hulu is AMAZING!!! My childhood thanks you for bringing this back 🙏🏾I think I might post some of my at home quarantine acting self tapes for things I’ve auditioned for this year on my… TELL ME IVE BEEN PLAYING UNO WRONG SINCE 1995!!! WTF!!! and Viacom who owns Comedy Central 🤷🏾‍♂️ @Ye_Biz yeah factsAlso don't blame platforms 4 streaming #ChappelleShow blame Comedy Central 4 leeching off of Dave's Greatness 4 so…
The GOAT has SPOKEN! If he is NOT making a DIME off of #ChappellesShow anymore (WHICH IS RIDICULOUS) then I’m don… @blackgirlgamers @Fwiz @YouTubeGaming Am I trippin or is Griffin Gaming just Leafy? I swear they sound the exact same @LouLouGonzalez Lol @LouLouGonzalez Ugh Lou Lou these redundant questions 🥱 I’m bored 😑 what? 🤔 sh*t we on yo ass now! 😤 @alyssarosaaaa @PlayStation @trvisXX @Nike These are them, only 5 people will win. I don’t think there’s another co… @alyssarosaaaa @PlayStation @trvisXX @Nike Makes sense, only 5 pairs made I assume they will be $50k on the low endDid they ever announce who one those 5 pairs of @PlayStation X @trvisXX @Nike Dunks? 👟
I’m Up 🥱 @MarcelasHoward @Twitch lol nah here u go Sony Alpha a7R II Full-Frame Camera and Sony SEL2… @MarcelasHoward @Twitch @MarcelasHoward @Twitch dont worry bout that....LA is on Curfew so we Might as well Stream #thanksforthesnuggie @Twitch @Casey my wife made me sleep on the couch because i ate one of her popsicles once...