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JRY @jearysylves Da Republic of Brooklyn

Artist, Educator @metmuseum | Not Brooklyn I was born but Brooklyn I was formed—Who will tell the stories after us?

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@Biltmore_B You nailed it, B! @Biltmore_B New England different. @suedejury Yeahhh I know.. I was mostly being facetious. I was low key shook to go the first time I visited last summer.Also— nothing goes down in Beantown with Ben & Matt. started City on a Hill last night and be they throwing Nigga around with the hard R a lot. Boston, explain yourselves! Lol @andreakcastillo Nailed it.Lol this exactly how Jesus became white
Retweeted by JRY @LifeWithJRDN And laundromat combo.Teranga on site! 😭 @yaminahmayo You taking orders?
Retweeted by JRY @so14below Yo. This really is mad gross. Lmao.Lol @yaminahmayo's the late actor Chadwick Boseman's birthday. Watch his greatest performances:
Retweeted by JRY @MichellCClark Divine timing. @byshefon I scraped my entire list after the second conversation so. Lol @byshefon Hmm. She might have been, that or Jazmine for sure. She been should have been in your list then.Roy’s body absolutely does not feel like it was a draw. #TysonJones @DiaryOfKeysus Was AK day one or day two of our discussion? @byshefon @photoDre Amen.Our King. 🖤, I am forever thankful for the gift of life. I am forever thankful for the gift of life. I am forever thankfu…
Retweeted by JRY @Biltmore_B @officialkenny10 No equivocations. @OnyeHere 🙏🏿Real.
Retweeted by JRY @SpreeWilson Completely different human.🎯 #TysonJonesThis too much #TysonJones⁉️ @YAYAMARTINEZ Oh chill. LolThis is really a thing that is happening in the year 2020. #TysonJonesQuote this with a black & white picture of you. 📸: @kennystgeorge“We Must Continue” by Jeary Payne @someguynameddez My man!Run that.
S/O to not having 4 days worth of leftovers.My foods almost here, quick someone suggest a movie! Lol @Tayyyyylorr_ @BoogieDeBeast She not. Happy Birthday, though Tay. LolOne of my favorite things is telling my Boys in relationships how cute they are when they post joint content with their girls. Lol @rcmason1 @officialkenny10 See, young niggas cannot be trusted.Donate Navajo nation Covid-19 relief
Retweeted by JRYSTOP THE MADNESS! O’Neal @DerekScott_ Like.. you literally don’t get one without the other. @W3stCoast_LAd See where you went wrong? She chose, instead of your selecting— for her. lol.That part. @pejamane I keep my T4 on me for this reason.When you say it like this... lol I took Gym/P.E in summer school because I absolutely refused to be sweaty in the… disillusion. Lol @GoldingGirl617 I’m glad somebody is as awestruck about it as I am.Check your tastebuds, you might have Corona, fam. Lol. did the #MeganTheeStallion challenge. I don’t wanna hear another thing about her impact. Going back to sleep. @byhthlnd 🥴 don’t ask for much... but this right here? We deserved. @mrmedina Bro... the greatest episode in two season. They really brought this character to life in a live action se… @pjpolicarpio Thank you, brother. 🖤 @MsCr0ss I’m sorry. I can imagine it to be. @MsCr0ss @ohmakeda For sureeee. Lmao @ohmakeda @voodouvega YKTFVThere’s Jada Pinkett as Peaches and then there’s ever other Jada role. @CoryTownes The music of our lives, for a time. @LifeWithJRDN I’m over here like will you just believe, Jeronicus! @byhthlnd Word up. He’s on a way different track.Not me getting emotional and teary lmao.
@QiQi_26 I mean.. they blowing down. lolprint shop update 😬✨
Retweeted by JRYOhh. This is a musical..Jeronicus Jangle! Lol @jinmarieee Aye cmon young love. Y’all cute.🎯 @deandrejamaal_ *lays down under desk & doesn’t move until paramedics arrive*Heads up!! All of my prints are 20% off for Black Friday! Pretty much any photo from my Instagram (@kidnoble) or…
Retweeted by JRY @BoogieDeBeast Gotta burn the entire house down.Do NOT drink on an empty stomach. You will be slumped. @JasmynBeKnowing 🖤😍 Sunday sitting for and with @justin_sisson We caught up over life updates, laughs, Black Thought verses and red w… @EustaciaLondon It’s my reminder too. I’m turning it on now. Lol!The brotherhood and love that always shines through in our images together. Always a joy to sit with and for you… y’all know any good Black Friday deals going on for camera equipments 👉🏼👈🏼
Retweeted by JRYMy sister @laprieta19711 sent me her recipe. I ask her every year for it and she’s sick of me. Lol.I definitely want to buy something Black, today. @smnpls_ Going to pick some Bacardi or some Don Q now. @andreakcastillo I’ve never had it but I trust you and I’m down to try it. Lol. @andreakcastillo Oh absolutely!Happy Buy Black Friday! Pre-order your @casrumbeverages #casrumpunch bottles right now though. #ohdatnice
Retweeted by JRY @andreakcastillo Oh this you! Say less then. I already bought everything but I’m definitely copping from you.Determined to make Coquito today.Black Tuesday: Full price on rent.
Retweeted by JRYAbout me:
Retweeted by JRYDefinitely buying Black if I grab anything today. Keeping my eyes on the timeline.
Retweeted by JRY @CoryTownes Yeah, brother. I’m holding the line.Still here.Man. @stephiieb @Biltmore_B I might not be able to help out here...’m really thankful for not having to see pictures and videos of y’all feeding the homeless this year because of Covid.