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Para | BLM @JediMasterFinn Arthur Morgan's grave

Clone Wars, Fan Account, Marvel's avengers, #RDR2 #blacklivesmatter BOUNTY HUNTER/OUTLAW/CLONE TROOPER STAN ARTHUR MORGAN, RDR2 AND FIVES he/him

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Retweeted by Para | BLMMy cousin is missing in Georgia. Help bring him home. Please retweet and reach out to the news stations listed here…
Retweeted by Para | BLM
@BryceCl81607213 @IGN Then get em k*lled💅 @DevilOfHK99 @AyeTayloor_Kidd @King_Rodgers14 @anglscry What you mean? @King_Rodgers14 @anglscry Beautiful black people need to support other beautiful black people. Let's hold each other upCurrent mood: sadness😔I hate the fact that people always try to make you someone you're not. Haven't even done anything wrong @jaimeofoldstone Yeah I heard of the wolf among us but I never looked into it. I'm gonna watch some videos on it like a review @jaimeofoldstone I played the borderlands telltale game never played the walking dead one. Is it good? @FlawlessCowboy4 Yeah I tried to play fallout 76 yesterday ugh I didn't work out I hated it. I was thinking about g… @King_Rodgers14 @anglscry Bruh you dark just like her we all black we should be supporting each other in these time… @IChuvochin @anglscry Igor look in the mirror buddy you can't judge nobody @FlawlessCowboy4 Yes I've played every halo game every release.Can anyone recommend me some great story games? I play on xbox and I'm really bored☹Why reduce her entire life to that? That's weird, at least she using her platform to do good. @bork_21 I think king pin bought it.I ALMOST DIED OMG I'M WHEEZING @jaimeofoldstone HAPPY BIRTHDAY KAYLA❤ I HOPE YOU HAVE A WONDERFUL DAY😁 GOD BLESS YOU🙏🏾
Guys hear me out
Retweeted by Para | BLM @TrashBrock @kiss3dbyfire_ I'm not even gonna go to your profile @MCU_Direct Wanda and Carol @tcason67 @jaxdotcom They have already said that there was no foul play and it wasn't a suicide. She drowned, stop… was really praying and hoping they would find her alive, I had a dream they found her ALIVE ugh I hate this. @zukosjedi I can't believe shes gone so soon😔 @sokovianrainbow @Variety I'm so devastated by this.My worst fear just actually came true and I can't believe it. I'm lost for words. Rip Naya, RIP lovely:( BAD BATCH IS COMING THE BAD BATCH IS COMING THE BAD BATCH IS COMING THE BAD BATCH IS COMING THE BAD BATCH IS CO… cavalry has arrived! Star Wars: The Bad Batch, an all-new animated #DisneyPlus Original Series from Lucasfilm,…
Retweeted by Para | BLMThey just asked y'all not to hate because its their opinion yet y'all still hated on them anyway.. I hate fortnite… Dynamics explains to us how Kamala Khan and M.O.D.O.K. became the unexpected hero and villain of Marvel's A…
Retweeted by Para | BLMBut other then that every shot in this film is really beautiful. The saber fights just don't sit well with me, imo… opinion: but the lightsaber fights in tros are worst then tlj, and tlj only had two. These were so underw… family : you about to go to work ? Me in my work clothes:
Retweeted by Para | BLM @roguewidcw Joss Whedon is a weirdo @daisyswidow I loved when she told him he should've run harder against the wall💅 we stan a legendeven if people did actually believe that about marvel movies, four wide shots from a single scene in a single movie…
Retweeted by Para | BLMDislikes won't stop her from making that money just want to see fitz in agents of shield again:( jemma hasn't seen him in so long I just want them to be happy. @crack_bandicoot @Ubisoft I'm excited for Valhalla but I do miss this type of gameplay farm aka the greatest Disney channel show ever with the greatest cast PERIOD. dogs legion looks amazing too. The character animations are awesome. It just looks so much fun I might preorderAssassin's creed Valhalla looks amazing why is everyone so keen on hating on every game if it ain't spider man, cyb… @Alan28002 @GeneralTankMan Same here.
@SuperSonsTalk They only have like four good movies tho, wonder woman, aquaman, shazam and joker
@EvanFilarca 🤣😂🤣Anyone else feel extremely powerless and sad that we can't do anything to help these girls? I hate this Bernie Sanders was the democratic nominee I would've voted for him because that's who I preferred but Biden is o… @disneyplus @ChrisisSingin @HamiltonMusical Really don't care just give us the wandavision trailer @HyperSleet0 .... @treyonfilms @bork_21 WAIT- @TwixAreTopTier @Enemies_Allies Fair enoughPls don’t waste your time debating about the private lives of celebrities or anyone you don’t truly know. There’s n…
Retweeted by Para | BLM @helaromanoff Endgame poster @asparkinthefire Omg I see the avengers endgame poster with tony at the top.the most boring musician to ever exist.
Retweeted by Para | BLMNever forget that drake kissed a 15 year old girl and then kissed her again after he became aware she was 15. He should be CANCELLED. @Enemies_Allies And people bad mouthing avengers because they're excited for cyberpunk 2077 @TwixAreTopTier @Enemies_Allies Even avengers? @LazlowTF @NWhereabouts Good choice @WayneMeetsWorld @PlayAvengers Also the game is 60 bucks unless you buy the higher edition which you don't have to. But you do you bruh. @ysobh53_ I'm such a clownI thought he was gonna be in halo infinite @WayneMeetsWorld @PlayAvengers Maybe you should learn to stop being so negative. If you don't like the avengers gam… @WayneMeetsWorld @PlayAvengers Nobody cares just leave#disneyisoverparty cause we still ain’t know what happened to my babysitter’s a vampire 😤
Retweeted by Para | BLM @ControversyGeek Lol @JohnBoyega Love your hair dude
@Al_B_TLP Rest in peace Arthur morgan:(NEW SCREENSHOTS FROM MARVEL'S AVENGERS. sorry for the low res @nab1803 I don't like that thing @crowsmack @jmdornbush @ShaunEscayg @BillRosemann @CrystalDynamics @MarvelGames @IGN I know right."A Marvel fan wants that story, that grounded, human, accessible, believable, relatable story. And our fans are rea…
Retweeted by Para | BLMI miss cloak and dagger:( Tyrone and tandy come back TO ME PLEASE 😭😭😭 @curry2k_ houses look like them houses from those (WHO) movies @touch_dic_ Yes the witcher 3 gameplay is so mid even for its time @TwixAreTopTier I liked it. I think it's a pretty decent gameOr maybe they gonna freak it up and ruin it and if they do I don't want it they can take it back for all I careRemember folks Gotham has always been a corrupt p*lice department so if they do it like they should they wouldn't m… @Alan28002 Lol @TwixAreTopTier @TheLunwi Okay maybe for the first time @bork_21 Oh man...Charli d'amelio is a 15 yr old child you sick, disgusting piece of trash pedophile. @IamSeanAnthony Can't actMan I feel really sad about the naya situation:( I just hope shes found and okay.Me walking into my home just now see everything that's going: @its_menieb @FarCrygame Why are you like this? PLEASE hush @Alan28002 hey what console are you gonna be playing avengers on? @TheLegitMinds @_emo_euriah_ I can kinda see what you mean. And I agree it would've been fine if it wasn't assassin… @TheLegitMinds @_emo_euriah_ Talk smack about odyssey again its on sight @TheRealNadom Ok that's what's up, I'll definitively let u know @TheLegitMinds @_emo_euriah_ @_emo_euriah_ @TheLegitMinds Y'all hurting my feelings down here STOP @TheRealNadom For now, I'm planning on getting a ps4 pro before avengers comes. Because I won't be able to afford next gen at releases. @KhameekJ03 Nah man I'm glad people like it but I don't I hope everyone enjoys. Plus I was really just making a joke @TheRealNadom XboxThe game The actual villain Villain