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I’m supposed to go another month without dick?????????? I can’t!
Retweeted by abbywtphoUnexpected side effect of Coronavirus: The wildlife is returning to Las Vegas
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What should I buy for next semester?🙌🏻
Retweeted by abbywtphoAfter this quarantine, I’m getting DICKED THE FUCK DOWN. Fucking hate it here
Retweeted by abbywtphopussy like boys, damn is my pussy fucking stupid?
Retweeted by abbywtphoDudes stay asking women if we can cook and clean. Nigga can you mount a TV? Replace a sink? Lay some tile, fix a leak? tf 🥴😭
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ITALY: 101-year old man who was born during the Spanish Flu pandemic has recovered from a coronavirus infection
Retweeted by abbywtphoIf a girl gives you a threesome your dick is trash, girls don’t share good dick, i said what I said🤣
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i want my money 🥺Girls when they get their period and their titties swell is equivalent to when I work out and I get that chest pump.
Retweeted by abbywtphoI heard Doja Cat removed one of her bottom ribs so she can suck her own dick
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OweohhhweeeeohweowweeehhI literally cannot stop thinking about this
Retweeted by abbywtphoYOUNGJAE IS A BIAS wrecker OFMGi hate when people expect ME to be cool. fuck you i am insane
Retweeted by abbywtphoMy poor tittie wondering if she ever gon get sucked again 😔
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Imagine Dating A Kpop Stan And Never Being Able To Live Up To Her Standards. Thinking She Loves You When She Would…
Retweeted by abbywtphoTURN ON THE FLASH, PARTY
Her:”You only ever FaceTime me when you wanna see pussy” Me with my dick out:
Retweeted by abbywtphoMe tomorrow cause I got way too comfortable being quarantined & not doing shit 😭
Retweeted by abbywtphoLive in Vegas and looking for work? All these businesses are currently hiring: @MySmithsGrocery, @amazon @Walmart,…
Retweeted by abbywtphojust took a boner pill lets see where this goes
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My professor is 74 and he isn’t confident using Zoom so he’s prerecorded the rest of our classes. Today, I watched…
Retweeted by abbywtphoI can’t believe this actually worked and yes this is a real story
Retweeted by abbywtphoLife as you know itI feel like I’ve tweeted this before
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Retweeted by abbywtphoWhen cleaning at home using household cleaning products, be sure not to mix chemicals which can be harmful. See th…
Retweeted by abbywtphoSocial distancing does not mean go chill at your friends house
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can’t get over youuuu you’re currently dating someone, this quarantine is really going to highlight how invested they are in dating yo…
Retweeted by abbywtphoDay 6 of Quarantine: C-Section went smooth. The Cuties are in great shape and mother is recovering
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Retweeted by abbywtphoMy carbine kicks your asstwin babies chatting about coronavirus
Retweeted by abbywtpho200321 @/byzelo Instagram update #Zelo Caps trans: «It's been a long time since I ate it🍞» link:…
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Abel has failed me.
Retweeted by abbywtphough my future self needs a date like himMen don't get up early on the weekend and wash cars like they used to. It's sad.
Retweeted by abbywtphoHood niggas running animal crossing rn
Retweeted by abbywtphoIm trynaa get highA lot of y’all don’t know how tax brackets work. Watch this video
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200319 @/byzelo Instagram story update #Zelo link:
Retweeted by abbywtphoTrump said $1,000 per adult. Now Bernie sayin $2,000..... do I hear 3?!
Retweeted by abbywtphoNo school, no work, no gym. How tf y’all bums be doing this.
Retweeted by abbywtphosave meClass of 2020 been saying no cap all year. Well no gown either
Retweeted by abbywtphoquarantine made me download tik tok
Retweeted by abbywtphome on day 7 of quarantine when i escape my house for wendy’s
Retweeted by abbywtphoImma just control my dick by controlling my stomach
Retweeted by abbywtphoHow about now?
Retweeted by abbywtphoWow... Earth is recovering - Air pollution is slowing down - Water pollution is clearing up - Natural wildlife ret…
Retweeted by abbywtphoDay 3 of quarantine: We made a Tick Tock and idk why Tick Toc deleted it 😭
Retweeted by abbywtphome social distancing after The Weeknd drops his album
Retweeted by abbywtphoSide effect of quarantine is it's really hard to end phone calls. Twice today I almost said "okay I have to run" be…
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Retweeted by abbywtphoim a virgin for 30 days ty guys love u remember me when im deadyoure telling me nevada is on lockdown but i cant get my late night sex fix?i've just been told by a definitive source that dispensaries are essential - liquor stores yet to be defined
Retweeted by abbywtpho"STAY HOME FOR NEVADA!" -slightly pissed off @GovSisolak
Retweeted by abbywtphowhy coronavirus gotta hit right when i started getting my shit together 😭
Retweeted by abbywtphoWynn has decided to pay all full-time & steady extra employees their hourly rate + tip compliance for the next 30 d…
Retweeted by abbywtphoHere's an unexpected side effect of the pandemic - the water's flowing through the canals of Venice is clear for th…
Retweeted by abbywtphoGovernor Sisolak: All gaming devices must be shut down by midnight tonight. 🤯 #coronapocalypse
Retweeted by abbywtphoThank you to everyone doing their part to get us through each day: 🏥Public health workers 🧽Custodial workers 🍎Groc…
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ima flirt with as many people as i can during this quarantine. what y’all gonna do?? come see me? LMAO
Retweeted by abbywtphowho tryna be in a 2 week quarantine relationship
Retweeted by abbywtphobe left home with no food because their parents were dependent on the school feeding program. So if you can, try an…
Retweeted by abbywtphoDuring school breaks child abuse rates significantly increase. A lot of children are left home with predatory rela…
Retweeted by abbywtphoWhen I’m stuck in quarantine but my mans horny
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professors when they realize a majority of students won’t fail classes with online exams
Retweeted by abbywtphoI am a: ⚪️ Male ⚪️ Female ✅ Student In search of: ⚪️ a 4.0 ⚪️ A free trip to Hawaii ✅ emails from my professors ab…
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Retweeted by abbywtphoI guess I gotta start it soon you have NO reason not to start One Piece and it’s 900+ epsidoes since we are QUARANTINED. WATCH ONE PIECE
Retweeted by abbywtphoTHINGS YOU CAN DO IN QUARANTINE: -chores -sweep till the floor's all clean -polish -wax -do laundry -mop & shine up…
Retweeted by abbywtphome while I'm social distancing
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Breaking News - @ClarkCountySch K-12 schools will shut and remain shut until at least April 6th, 2020. This is for…
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Retweeted by abbywtphoNevada deserves its fair share of federal funding — billions of dollars for schools, hospitals, health care, & much…
Retweeted by abbywtphoYou can file an unemployment claim 24/7 at – the fastest way to file. Starting tomorrow,…
Retweeted by abbywtpho.@GovSisolak just announced that all Nevada schools K-12 will close starting tomorrow and remain closed until April…
Retweeted by abbywtphoSlurpin the nut sack
Retweeted by abbywtphoEVERY THING IS CLOSING DOWN BUT I STILL HAVE EXAMS PLEASE CANCEL MY EXAMS I DIDNT STUDYThis bitch was pissin me tf off with them dumb ass faces
Retweeted by abbywtphoima die aloneFear is the mind-killer
Retweeted by abbywtphoI don’t know what’s worse getting corona or dealing with my demons.
Retweeted by abbywtpholemmeee just fucccckkin not study lol#ThingsYouSayWhenYouCum I'm so fucked up.
Retweeted by abbywtphoWe've been quarantined for like 12 minutes, and y'all already got cum trending. #ThingsYouSayWhenYouCum
Retweeted by abbywtphoOn March 13, 1976, Microsoft became a public company. Its founder and CEO, a 26-year-old Bill Gates, took a seat on…
Retweeted by abbywtphoAn older woman in front of me demanded her drink get remade because her barista was Asian. When I tried to inform…
Retweeted by abbywtphoAre you quarantining with other bitches, YES OR NO
Retweeted by abbywtphothis and a blunt
Retweeted by abbywtphoThis is literally what twitter is like when there’s crisis
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200312 @/byzelo Instagram story update #Zelo link:
Retweeted by abbywtphoI thought Zelo's doing the #KickItChallange and then I heard Justin Bieber
Retweeted by abbywtphoi just wnaaa fkk and see ur eyes under meeee omfg when zelo said that omfg ofmg