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Difficult to describe the joy of meeting ⁦@BehrouzBoochani⁩ in Auckland and to hear him say “I am free” “I survived…
Retweeted by Jeff Sparrow @gtiso Um, I think he might be dead. The Tolerant Left killed him with censorship. @gtiso Ah!Can someone explain this effort by Junior Leak? He thinks the fires were lit by the kids of inner city elitists? Is… @stukitto I didn’t say anything about the secretary. I posted something about how the union was being fined and vil… yet here they are fighting for basic amenities for women. Why, it’s almost as if building workers are actually… fined $50,000 after refusing to work without female toilet. The union was told by the builder that the femal…
Retweeted by Jeff SparrowHere’s a union in a male-dominated field trying to make the workplace welcoming to women — and they get fined a hug… @anintegralstate @cristyclark I reckon this guy is just a cynical hack who figures it will sound a bit like Final Solution. @rgcooke Be warned: the stupid is very powerful with this one.It’s hard to stand out as truly stupid or dishonest in the crowded field that is Australian political commentary bu… identity politics giving an interview to a national news site to proclaim yourself ‘quiet’.'I have a theory that frightens me: probably, the best job a writer can have is one that is as far away from the ac…
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@bencourtice Interesting. Would you say the same about Bruce Pascoe? Dark Emu makes very similar claims to Gammage.
@LukeWhito @tiredandstrong Actually I never mentioned the last election. My post was inspired by the current fires.… @LukeWhito @tiredandstrong That’s just silly. It’s perfectly possible to criticise Trump or Morrison without saying…
@craigrd6514 Yeah. That’s why I’ve been agitating for years for the kind of politics that would have prevented this is what is happening in the NSW parliament today: a bill to prevent assessment of the impacts of coal burni…
Retweeted by Jeff SparrowOh ffs this country is ridiculous. @shauncrowe I said both parties have locked themselves into rw positions. Labor still won’t, for instance, oppose A… @DrBenjaminJones @ItsBouquet Julia Gillard met with the Australian Christian Lobby, declared she loved the bible an… because it’s beyond you, doesn’t make it untrue. Labor in QLD is urging on Adani and implementing draconian la… @DrBenjaminJones @ItsBouquet SSM only became illegal in the first place because Labor voted with Howard to ban it in 2009.At least historians won’t have any problems identifying those who worked to prevent meaningful climate action. is still spring
Retweeted by Jeff Sparrow @drdejantesic Yes. And that’s the problem @Susan1961 @Scottludlam But the determination of that best response is an ethical — or at least political — questio… climate debate reminds me of the shenanigans over same sex marriage. Both parties locked themselves into right… been more of an opportunity to take on the conservatives over climate change. If Labor seized the high ground… do you call someone who is trying to shift blame from his own criminal negligence after years in government by…
Retweeted by Jeff Sparrow'The story of the helpless French convict rescued by the resourceful Australian conformed to a standard perception…
Retweeted by Jeff SparrowUber CEO on Saudi Arabia's killing of Jamal Khashoggi: "It's a serious mistake. We've made mistakes too, right, wit…
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These are the letters sent by former NSW Fires Chief Greg Mullins and 22 other former emergency chiefs to the Prime…
Retweeted by Jeff Sparrow @unknowthyself Yes agreeconservative culture is your brainworms seeing the unprecedented "catastrophic" rating for sydney and thinking hmmm…
Retweeted by Jeff SparrowIt’s wrong to say politicians aren’t doing anything about climate change. It’s more accurate to say that they’re ac… premier hops around from one euphemism to the next — “deep drought,” “extreme conditions,” “unique circumstance…
Retweeted by Jeff Sparrow @KateFre22792549 That’s how bad it is, and it doesn’t matter who is burning the coal. But…’s almost like we’ve been told this exact scenario was coming
Retweeted by Jeff Sparrow @KateFre22792549 Um climate change is making the fire season worse and coal exports are making climate change worse… to Media: Enough Bullshit. Read the evidence, believe the science, stop mucking about. This is what our BOM…
Retweeted by Jeff SparrowHow good Is criminalising climate protests!
I drink to you in smoke-mirled, blue- black sloes, bitter and dependable.
Retweeted by Jeff Sparrow @oz_f Given how much Bolt gets paid, you should be coining it.‘We are in uncharted territory’
Retweeted by Jeff Sparrowswear to god, versions of this hilarious book have been published every year since 1995 @gingerandhoney Here’s a narrative they could use Albo, I feel like a “coherent narrative” from politicians is something that politicians and their PR teams ca…
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@thepsychclinic @justindclemens Anna Akhmatova: ‘why is our century worse than any other?’ Twenty-first century: ‘hold my beer!’Rightwing scumbag hits @ggreenwald who refuses to back down but simply presses forward. Profile in dignity, grace,…
Retweeted by Jeff SparrowI wrote a piece for @GuardianAus about treasure hunting'The defining quality of rude media is skepticism about power, and a refusal to respect the niceties that power dep…'All over the world, for the past few years, birds have been starving to death.’ reporting and a crucial story @spmpoet @beneltham @uwapublishing @terriannwhite Oh what terrible news!
.@afneil asks Nadhim Zahawi if Jeremy Corbyn really wants to have rich people ‘shot’? "I don't know, you will have…
Retweeted by Jeff Sparrow @SkyNewsAust @TrudyMcIntosh @DaveSharma @drkerrynphelps Ok Boomer.
Retweeted by Jeff SparrowEvery year the same kind of abuse. It never gets easier to read.
Retweeted by Jeff SparrowVIDEO: NSW Police Minister says he would want officers to strip-search his children
Retweeted by Jeff SparrowI wrote a cup piece for @EurekaStreet"George Groz himself could not sketch a more fitting tableau of class relations under late capitalism." #auspol
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@theshufflediary Rundle can write
How to submit an invoice as a freelancer: Submit invoice Wrong department Send to right department You must regist…
Retweeted by Jeff Sparrow @six_2_and_even @aamer_rahman Mate, I’d never heard of you. You contacted me out of the blue, apparently eager to d… @six_2_and_even @aamer_rahman Lol the rule of law is a rigid paradigm? Crazy far out ideas like due process? Woah — utopian stuff! @six_2_and_even @aamer_rahman Mate, the rule of law isn’t some exotic new fangled invention. It’s been a basic demo… @six_2_and_even @aamer_rahman Yeah. I mean, it’s not like allowing powerful people to kill their enemies entirely o… Spencer recorded being the horrible racist white supremacist he is. Vile but not surprising "My ancestors…
Retweeted by Jeff Sparrow @AndrewBartlett who wrote that?Ha ha tony blair is a vicious buffoon @abandonedameric @GreenJ Did he say that before or after he herded Japanese-born Americans into internment camps?
India air pollution at 'unbearable levels', Delhi minister says
Retweeted by Jeff Sparrow @Picketer And some set off bombsThis article about immigrant maids and landscapers fighting their way to work in Brentwood homes that their employe…
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'Never expect a pure climate change horror.’
Retweeted by Jeff SparrowLock him up.
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@djlecornu Oh ok. Well I hope it’s useful🔥🚨 Your morning reminder that the world is on fire and the arsonists are in charge. Which means we all have be li…
Retweeted by Jeff SparrowAt least the Liberals don’t pretend to be anything but what they are. when VicPol said they checked with Senior Constable Travis Gray (the 👌🏻 cop) and that he was just doing an…
Retweeted by Jeff SparrowIs this the type of activism that @ScottMorrisonMP will ban if he is worried about activist impacts on business?
Retweeted by Jeff SparrowI’m hitting you to protect you from violence.‘It’s all or nothing. Alternative views are not permitted,’ says the guy trying to outlaw boycotts.Photos of @VictoriaPolice officer at blockade IMARC, taken yesterday, who has covered his bodycam with a sticker th…
Retweeted by Jeff Sparrow @sarah_smithie @crikey_news ha ha i thought you'd like that. Also, now that I am a music journalist, you should be commissioning me! @theshufflediary Thanks Charlie!I wrote a piece for @crikey_news about the mopey music I used to like (ping @sarah_smithie )United front between Libs and Labor against climate protesters of that Corey Robin argument about conservatism as 'counterrevolutionary practice’, except here in can…
They so much wish they could make coal compulsory @RoderickMakim No one knows!Given Crikey’s new Qanon story, I might give a nudge to the piece I wrote on the original revelations the very least, Scott Morrison hangs out with deeply strange people. I mean, of all the people to implicate in a… how survivors of institutional abuse will feel learning that Qanon cranks influenced the official apology?This is totally fine and normal follow up piece by @crikey_news about Scott Morrison and Qanon“The casualisation of the tertiary teaching workforce across the world is a much greater threat to our literary cul…
Retweeted by Jeff SparrowHe was just checking that everyone was alright