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Deputy business editor at the Los Angeles Times, overseeing tech coverage. FAQ: It's burr-KOH-vih-see.

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@mathewi @pilhofer Newark is a nightmare airport, but possibly more convenient if your destination is midtown Manha… @Mr_Twamley easy call, seems like the kind of workplace where tip-skimming is rampant so
"While 'tech worker' conjures images of well-paid professionals in fleece vests, a Times analysis...showed Sanders…
Retweeted by Jeff Bercovicigotta admit, these Bloomberg memes are pretty good man wait until Trump and Bernie supporters hear about this thing called "memes" and Warren—big tech's two loudest critics on the campaign trail—lead in donations from Amazon employees. A…
Retweeted by Jeff Bercovici @BernieSanders @SamAugustDean A surprising number of Amazon employees used their campaign contribution as an opport… 2019 @BernieSanders was the most popular Democratic candidate with donors who work at the biggest tech companies… @DanBeucke even in the best of all possible worlds this joke wasn't gonna land @espiers Arianna Huffington used to dictate her blog posts and have other people's printed out for her, IIRC
@ashleymayer for god's sake, should the VCs have to do all the work? @ashleymayer seriously. have some respect for journalistic norms: the comms person writes the op-ed, then the paper… @jcahealey @ZaidJilani gotta have somewhere to spend those BloomBucks @ZaidJilani I used to write about the media business so I remember that at Bloomberg LP, when people badged in and… @fmanjoo The real threat to Amazon's retail dominance isn't antitrust, it's a carbon tax. The phenomenon you descri… @mmasnick he would have Obama's endorsement, if Obama would endorse him already. that's something! @MattZeitlin "so is bernie as much of a curmudgeon as he comes off?" is a question that seems designed in a lab to make some heads explode @ppolitics @HardballChris @MSNBC_Breaking how long has it been since his kids visited him? at least 3-4 years, from the sound of it
@justinhendrix ah right you are! i didn't remember seeing it, but maybe I osmosed it… @pareene there's that. It depends what's going on in the news cycle, if there's something he wants to avoid getting… have a politics prediction I want to get on the record so I can point to it later, when I'm right: Depending who… @ashleymayer throw in no cards and you have the deal my wife and I just cut @qhardy my favorite part of this clip is how long the closed captioner takes to figure out what word "aberrition" is supposed to be @mcoatney revealing in a different waySo many Game Theory Brain Geniuses out there treating this election like it's fantasy footballAn exit poll question I think would be revealing, especially this year, is "Would you have voted for the same candi… @ewiesen @noUpside Also I think you'll find what "transit twitter" wants is more mixed-mode options. Sure, very few… @ewiesen @noUpside Sure. But she was talking about commuting across town from Telegraph Hill to Potrero. It's 4 mil… @noUpside @ewiesen I don't know the math, but I'm all in favor of kids getting to school via bus vs. in cars. I jus… @alibreland I don't work in comms but "act like a real reporter" is a line of attack i'd probably save for journali…
@noUpside @ewiesen also, for many of us "things that people with families would benefit from" includes better bike… @noUpside @ewiesen I don't know how many kids you have or how big they are, or if you have other reasons not to bik… @nickrizzo it's just a huge missing piece. like, either we're gonna come out of our stagnation with innovative resp… @Pflax1 sounds like someone needs an electric cargo bike @nickrizzo good essay. I'd bet the "tech executive" was Thiel, so many of these ideas are his. Weird not to ID him,… @ldtimmerman I appreciate the credit you give me with that "re-" @bcmerchant explanation: he's a stealth socialist. his plan is to hire all Americans but pay them so little they ne… have a whole theory about how we got here as a society, via watching reality TV singing/baking/hairdressing compe… to some guy on NPR say he supported Biden but now is undecided after his poor debate performances, I am s… @SarahNEmerson my only problem with the article was the headline @mikerothstein @mbillman9 @jockoe28 @rayray1222 @rebeljournalst @jochsner4 @NightMoves212 @markakellogg @JRussellMI…
listen, Vice editors: anyone can write a clicky headline by just pretending the article says whatever you want it t… is quite a headline for an article by a person who is currently a climate activist, according to the article @VICE wtf is this complete trolljob of a headline? the article ends by her saying she's still a climate activist, o…
@Kantrowitz do you know what a guarantee is @Kantrowitz if i send you one of Ramona doing this can you guarantee it will get more likesMy favorite newish investigative journalism site, @Sludge, was looking into ACRONYM, the nonprofit behind the app t… @micsolana it's def a difficult one to keep. this is an invitation for a lot more slippage, inasmuch is there is no… @mathewi "ATM machine." Also slightly off topic, but people say "[x] kebab" to mean something with a skewer through… @micsolana in this case, the world wouldn't be any the poorer this piece didn't exist @micsolana it happens all the time. we just killed a piece last week because a source backed out of using his name.… "I'm worried people on Twitter will attack me" becomes an accepted reason for granting sources anonymity, there… @felixsalmon for sure. air travel breaks people's brains, they think "a 90-minute flight!" instead of "a 4-hour transportation saga"
@chriscolin3000 but if she's bigger I can at least see her coming. velociraptor vs. t-rexMy life is like a horror movie, except instead of everything getting eerily quiet, it's me thinking "my back actual… a tipster, photo of a16z partners after a pitch session you're in the business of betting on extremely low-probability outcomes it maybe distorts your sense of risk a…
@jtemple @RMac18 @jamiew Silicon Valley invented "done is better than perfect" @TaylorLorenz an 80-year-old with a walker in NYC clears the crosswalk faster than a 25-year-old on his way to the gym in Berkeley @RMac18 1. only build companies that have the potential to scale fast to billions of users 2. don't think too much… @suhaunah I started occasionally wearing reading glasses this year, mostly on Fridays when my eyes are extra tired…
The Times @jeffbercovici puts some of the pieces together on Shadow, the tech firm taking heat for an unprecedented…
Retweeted by Jeff Bercovici @ShadowIncHQ When you say "independent": What % of Shadow is owned by Acronym? Acronym initially reported it had "a… @balajis except a politician didn't code this app, a former Google engineer did @SamAugustDean sam @cyantist I have wondered. say more?
Show recommendation: "Cheer," which is exactly "Friday Night Lights" but 1)a documentary 2)about cheerleaders 3)wit… @Pflax1 for real, it's bizarre they apparently are letting it stand @Pflax1 ha, I was going for a traffic joke, might've missed the mark @Pflax1 I'm afraid if they stopped to fix this headline, thousands more would be stuck waiting in line behind it, b… @jonahweiner wow Jonah, didn't realize you hate school teachers @nickrizzo RSR ftwAs a rule, we newspaper editors prefer to read an article before writing the headline on it. But sometimes you just… @Quan if you drive regularly and think you've never almost killed a cyclist, you're not a great driver. you're a te…'t Weev's whole thing that Daily Stormer would pull people into white nationalism by acting like it was a big j…"I thought that we were promoting an agenda here that people believed in, but it seems that virtually all of you do…"Viruses often spark panic. But the coronavirus has spread something else besides misinformation and false rumors:…
Retweeted by Jeff Bercovici @RMac18 didn't Facebook also recently hire someone who played a role in the family separations policy, or am I misremembering?In response to California's new freelance work law, Uber is already changing in ways that drivers, and some passeng… @dceiver I think you mean "crazy"I'm inherently "suspicious" of any "argument" requiring this many "scare quotes"
@SarahNEmerson omg if it is it's brilliant
@espiers @qhardy time of death? @charliejane antibiotic --> probiotic --> symbiotic It's called the biolectic @InsideCableNews honestly, would reflect better on himTech journos who've been blocked by Marc longer than I have, how does this work? Do I stop getting invited to the A… is the only other time I've mentioned him in the past year. I get blocking journalists you see as haters but,… @Matthaber I know, I was always kind of proud of not being blocked by him for that exact reason. I thought maybe my…'t tell me it was this cup of weak tea suppose I knew this day would come, but I don't really understand why now? @candacejackson my best friend in high school in Milwaukee insisted on rolling the windows down all winter long and… Zuckerberg has a secret dinner with Donald Trump and Peter Thiel at the White House and still hasn't said what… I were Facebook, I think I'd be on balance grateful for this George Soros op-ed, which makes at best a C- versio…
@Larakate @WillStick naw some dudes right across the street...i think they may be startup guys, or possibly day tra… @qhardy in the sun or in the reflection of its rays on my neighbor's blindingly white belly? @Turlough7 @johnjcook yes, John doesn't know much about Greek theater, or "amphorae" as they called it, so I'm helping him @WillStick is that from weekend at bernie's?It's 61 degrees in Berkeley and my neighbors across the street are out sunbathing shirtless in their driveway like this is Moscow @johnjcook John, it's a reference to classical Greek drama, wherein a "deus," or god, would appear and rescue a pro…