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they got all the gangcorp kids on HBO u truly love to see itseriously, whose idea was the clapping thing. Does no one else see it as kinda gross and patronizing???"wow he's fucking slaying right now" it just me or do the days go by really fast now?Drake's kid is pretty adorable come onGonna be hard to adjust when all of this is over. Can’t do push-ups every 10 minutes at the office...I wrote about 'Tiger King' which I think is a show about America.
If you leave New York City after you were told not to, you’re a piece of shit.
Retweeted by Jeff IhazaCan't believe everyone is baking bread instead of masturbating like 13 timesagain tonite, except a lemon worst most self indulgent thing on the internet is the instagram of all of you wearing expensive outfits at homepretty tite @willystaley I think that's how he...recharged?and do push-ups, obviouslyI might watch The Accountant for the second time this week... @poisonfrog4 only when James is working, thoughbreaking quarantine to have sex, honestly, sounds really romantic I'm sorry!
Okay so who was the first person to make bread? How'd they come up with this?!Doing push-ups and watching fight club. Getting ideas...deafening silence from Russell Wilson on coronavirus...The bubble boy video is turning me into an anti millennial extremist and I'm 27even in a crisis, it’s important that we not condone being a drone guy
Retweeted by Jeff Ihazaidk who needs to hear this but you can make overnight oats in a rice cookerHuge story - China and Huawei have proposed the reinvention of the internet - rpt by @AnnaSophieGross @madhumita29
Retweeted by Jeff IhazaEvery single member of our union committee was fired. Anyone that currently showed public support of the union with…
Retweeted by Jeff Ihazawhich ny skater ghosted you
Retweeted by Jeff Ihaza @da_drought_3 and then mans won't shut up while this shit plays !!De Blasio has the worst case of Twitter brain everThe el toro tre flip feels apocalyptic idk whyLMAO N*GGA CALLING IT CORONA AFTER XI MADE THAT CALL🤣🤣🤣
Retweeted by Jeff Ihaza @BRYNNTRILL2 Hmm
@ElliottFoos @HarryChadha_ @Jacoblewon nothing but clapping cheeks for my boyz @HarryChadha_ @Jacoblewon I agree with jacob. Gonna be dapping od hard hard after this. Might fuck around and bruis… @ElliottFoos my homie today said if u have credit spend it bc shit is gonna get BADAll my crushes are busy. I get it though. They're all quarantined with their boyfriendsHappy to report that thanks to the quarantine im now extremely into drum and bass. Cant wait to come back od brolic… pushups listening to Max B idk man, maybe we should just keep things this way10000000 times this. Please shut the entire fuck up about seeing people outside, for Christ sake anyone know if banks have suspended fees? Seems like the first thing that should have happened in all of this
Retweeted by Jeff IhazaHEB is the best grocery chain on the planet by like 10,000 miles it's not even close !!'s talk about playing jungle mixes crazy loud in ur apartment while ur zoom call is on mute @poisonfrog4 Cry traxOn the cocteau twins portion of the eveningRe-upping this @Jacoblewon @terminal_avenue maybe marriages?imagine going thru a breakup rnMost amazing part about republicans being so plainly ghoulish in all of this is the fact they will almost without a…
somebody please sample Jim Jones saying pandademicWas there a new installment of the lena dunham book today?growing increasingly pressed that the only people having sex right now are in real relationshipsWhy, yes. I am an aesthetelet's talk about flexing ur apartment decor on zoomJust watching all my homies do push-ups in the group chatbrb jumping all the way back in my feelings think prison should be abolished except for whoever made the Slack notification sound. That person should be in jail foreverAre New York's cases doubling every three days or is the testing catching up to the scale of the spread??? Seems li… hand it to em, extremely good usage of a Beach House song here @BRYNNTRILL2 It’s goodPersonally astonished at just how far into my feelings I am. Listening to How to Dress Well's debut...v i b i n g
idk who needs to hear this but all the ingredients for Jollof, including meat, are like 25$For example, discussions of herd immunity, when to go back to work and how, the next waves, prioritizing risks, etc…
Retweeted by Jeff Ihazafuck it ima start rappingAnyone else feeling, uh, extremely terrible?The first great piece of art to come out of Corona
Retweeted by Jeff Ihaza @noahyoo I thought he was *checks notes* dad?I do not like Andrew Cuomo @Jacoblewon i mean...same @Jacoblewon can't get curved during a pandemic everyone seen the video of Stitch, from Lilo & Stitch, doing the renegade? I feel like this is the only thing a… @BRYNNTRILL2 everytime i go live nobody watches :(this is crazy if u remember the "death panels" BS from the affordable care act days far this Joker movies seems like a really important film. y'all buggin !
why everyone talking about zoom when facetime is right thereReally excited about this. @nkulw lol my body is readyaite ima watch 'Joker'gonna come out of quarantine a footwork DJbro, how the FUCK is Bobby Caldwell white??!can't wait till this is all over and everyone is singleThe fed rn
Retweeted by Jeff IhazaWow, they postpone the first Olympics to include skateboarding, a sport that at least one person has described to b… can't believe that back in the day you could do shit like drop a "polygamy mix" of your ballad about infidelity is what happens when white women gas u up on the internet, we hear from Donatella Versace on the crisis... every eBay mistake I’ve ever made as I obsessively clean the house. Including this @donetodeath fan art PLEASE bring me some kettlebellsmy fit today is really bananasI think I've achieved the mythic "perfect lighting" in my apartment
Great time to evaluate all of your many faults as an individualYOOOOOOO
I wanted to share some of what's been really helpful for me in this time. This is just my experience. would do anything for a squat rack rn
I'm zesting an orange rnFor the past 3 days, at various points in the day, someone outside my apartment blasts Bon Jovi's "Dead or Alive,"…"There’s a small little urge in me that’s like, 'Oh, I want him to like me.' I also want everyone to like me. But o… if the NBA had each player play as themselves on NBA 2k and we all watched that?
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Adam Curtis need to drop