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@kyledion “Play Too Much” ft. @whoisumi & @DUCKWRTH TONIGHT at 9pm PST type of text msg @lainawells Wait robbed?We don’t talk enough about whoever rebranded Martha Stewart.Yo 😂😂😂 71st/Calumet, let’s me hit that lol
@elleC77 Ah duh my baby mammaoh i’m ready for allat .
Retweeted by Jeff Jackson | MixYo! @kyledion SUGA DELUXE | FEB 28TH!
Retweeted by Jeff Jackson | Mix @kyledion SUGA DELUXE | FEB 28TH! @DamnItDyna I learned that from The Secret Life of Walter Mitty.Feeling like blah today @yesssadrianna Exactly! You understand these thingsThat’s why I honestly keep my shine to myselfThey just be on the Citizen app 24/7 @__Callipygian 😭Mitch work at Bad Bitch Enterprise
Retweeted by Jeff Jackson | Mix @Sterliogne Wait feeling cute, might delete later? I peep the 4:44.Might have to hit up my taco truck @ChuuchGawd But you found it @ChuuchGawd Slaps🚀©️💪🏽
Retweeted by Jeff Jackson | Mix @mayilamusic @kyriebriana I’ll be MichelleTrue shit @kyriebriana @mayilamusic I’m Bey
@lainawells You ma’am have a way with words lol spot on @lainawells Gin gets me where I want to go QUICK lol that’s why I like it. @lainawells When I order that, first thing I hear is “old man” @lainawells Okey fellow gin drinker @LNDNLO There’s never any cap in my raps 😭 @_AbdouKareem 😂 @icleverlines Yeah I’m all good a glass broke on me @lifeofjackred Man gotta getting funding somehow @Just_Re_Lax No lol but I need me oneI’m never washing dishes again lol @MaddoxChhim Gain staging and exciters @DamnItDyna Yeah when I was getting my stitches I was getting light headed. I need to lay down for like 10m.... got hot and sweaty 🥵My first time seeing him in “regular” clothes @DamnItDyna I’m on the edge of my seat like keep going with story. Lol did you make it to the doctor? @ready_set_lena Love this @Projected_GOAT Yeah? Did you hear that he was a human being??I used to have the biggest crush on Kim Fields. shit I still do. @mayilamusic I don’t have one. I’m not a grown up @Chickenfredo_Yo 😭😂 taking over the empire? @Diamond_ChaseMi Just the stitches done @kendrickcarter_ 😭 @mayilamusic Yeah 😭 @Diamond_ChaseMi 😂😂😂I cut myself washing dishes. I need stitches. Literally. 2 of um. Tell my momma I love her. POP hold it down.... 😂
@NewZealandShaan Same @lifeofarmstrong Yeah @HBO tweakedWhat’s not to love about this man? staging and multiband exciters'm less and less dependent on a limiter for loudness @lifeofjackred No wonder we get alongThey are not a producer then 😂 @enwashingtonjr @VonOnTheBeat Bruh not the way to use my name @JohariNoelle Yeah unfortunately that seems to be the trade off @mayilamusic LemonsI mixed a dope song for @lifeofarmstrong 🖤 this man applies the durang on your head? I’ve been doing it wrong of me wants this mic to unlatch and hit somebody. I don’t know why.
@Dee_Jai_Counts What’s good bro unfortunately I don’tIm convinced no one knows what I do for a livingShe so bad tho, this is my first music video. I directed & edited it. it’d mean a lot to me if you watched. enjoy your day
Retweeted by Jeff Jackson | MixI will forever love how the 1176 brings out the throat of a vocalist. Set the release to fast (far right) and work it back.This is dope @Stewdiopheen They’re really default utility plugins @Stewdiopheen Waves been a wrap 🤦🏽‍♂️ @ToriMarieC Yes ma’am 🌴🌞 @ToriMarieC You don’t have to warm your car up out here. The engine is already nice and toasty 🤣Wait, did I just sit and warm up my car. Wth Lol I forgot what that was like. @GorillaMamaWho This looks dry asl @Rich_L_O Yeah chill lmaoThis is an all-star playoff game
Retweeted by Jeff Jackson | MixYo!! @realkashy_t $40 @MusBeNyce Oh damn I stand corrected @Rachel__Nichols @Rich_L_O sorry not spoil itI see you @lifeofjackred !Why is there not footworking... not this big band stuff.Love to all my niggas performing during the halftime showTrae Young’s hair is gonna be gone in a few years.Ye either mad about sitting next to the mans that dissed him or the fact he didn’t perform. @MaecyBae Who? HahaGotdam lob city @DamnItDyna Okay im going to shut up then 🤐 @DamnItDyna Oh no...Everytime I see @1KevinMiles on TV I get crazy hyped @HeardChefJared The chef himself smh 😂 you get a pass tho. @DamnItDyna I use to think so highly of you... it’s cool, I still do.I HATE Devin Booker’s haircutDon’t tell me y’all still eating pizza rolls 😐Common up last night trying to think of a word that rhymes with antetokounmpo
Retweeted by Jeff Jackson | Mix @Rich_L_O He was like 10x Grammy winner...Y’all thought Kanye was about do the national anthem Lol... I know I did. @common and @kanyewest need to get back in the studio. I’ll engineer it. @miclee_ Hell yeah