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Parker @jeffparker Anarchia, Oregon

I'll walk right in your house and turn off Motion Smoothing, IDGAF I'm the writer on JAMES BOND: ORIGIN, give it a try!

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@ZackDavisson @DocShaner Still so happy you got that splash @taterpie That’s a decent answer! It’s funny, I remember deleting maybe two references to Caesar’s end in the past four years @JohnPontoon @BradenAndEggs I do! @jetjocko maybe if we outlawed everything that even has a whiff of pyramid schemes.... @jetjocko I would be very good with our society dropping the 'run horse full tilt until it collapses' model of everything @ThatWeissGuy half my adult life is stuff like this, constant lame epiphanies of 'why didn't I just put on a jacket/hat'I think I missed when Ian Holm went? lucky class of 5th graders got to name the AstraZeneca vaccine @THEKarlaPacheco @TerriDrawsStuff the great thing is I knew this was going to be followed by something "problematic… first really big trip was going to Puerto Rico at age 7 and visiting the #AreciboTelescope is a landmark in my… @gabrielhardman @BatagorJohnson @byWilliamJMeyer @ibrill It does sound like Brill
@alex_segura @yashar is all of Planet Parler like this? Pure distilled OANN? @kenlowery people want that Kentent, they can PAY @OhColeman @LuBellWoo dam rite @jorm that was a brilliant move, congratulations @MuseZack I love it and the Moon Tank @gabrielhardman you need a place to put a big bag of money, Joe Piano will take care of you @Jody_Houser @GeekintheCity @sandy_jarrell @ZackDavisson @georgembenson @matthewkmanning @Ben_Abernathy
I'm going to run a holiday sale on original art for CRONE all month! All art will be 20% on my site until the end o…
Retweeted by Parker🐶 @TJoyceChin best time of the day! @RalphGarman @DCComics let's go! @_SHANEWHITE Please stop sending these magazines where others can see @noel0023 @RalphGarman Garman’s my dude!what if people could share their lived experiences through memory downloads, and how much money would I shovel at R… @sandy_jarrell @ZackDavisson @georgembenson @matthewkmanning @Ben_Abernathy @tomfowlerbug @RobotJQ @Jody_Houser @highway_62 @jason1749 oof, all they had to do was use HIS name at the end, everyone knows which studio it is. Hope they change it
@johnwordballoon remember Cosell's Randall Tex Cobb moment?Was Deezy in Mike's corner @MuseZack I guess this is why MMA took over @marissadraws @ZackDavisson @GeekintheCity @Jody_Houser @sandy_jarrell @brentschoonover @ryancody @gavinguidry @wastedwings 🧐
@IvanBrandon keep a stick right on the counter, friend! That we may all spread it smoothly, together2021 is going to be a big year for us! What upcoming Valiant comic are you most excited to read and why? CC:…
Retweeted by Parker @BrianChurilla thank you @OhColeman In my lab I have developed a covered "butter dish"you're asking 'why did so many Americans vote for Donald Trump' but you're not asking why so many of us think butte… @ibrill don't you have a child's balloon to pop @RamonVillalobos Robert telling Frank "I'm building a pizza oven into my kitchen"Trump: “Biden cheated!” America: “Do you have any proof?” Trump:
Retweeted by Parker @philhester why are they showing pics of our houses @monkey__marc @gabrielhardman @Jody_Houser @CorinnaBechko @JenniferLMeyer @JennyMcKinnon_ @MarcAspinall
@ZackBornstein it's the way the Presidential Seal stays the same size that slays me @fordgilmore hahaha
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Retweeted by Parker @RebeccaRHelm These are actually featured in @AztecEmpire1520 's comic, which is the best telling of the fall of th…
Retweeted by ParkerTiger Tanaka playing James Bond's pratfalls from 5 minutes ago back to him on dual television screens is a real bos…
Retweeted by Parker @pauljholden @David_Hahn PJ that was San Diego @David_Hahn @TerryBlas I wonder where he categorizes Apple Fritters @David_Hahn some teenager would be hauling absolute ass from concessions to get up there and dial in that projector @bigredrobot RIP all your chewable furniture, socks and shoes 😢 @mudron still works on me not only because my senses understand that it's really 'there' but also because puppeteer… @bigredrobot how old we talkin @KurtBusiek @hotelfred #Pyles @TonyParkerArt @DavidWalker1201 I mean, @sawdustbear Inspirational, you are the real deal SYK
@OhColeman my brain still locks up at 'you killed my mother's sister!" Isn't there a word for that, maybe a simpler way to say this @AlalmeCreative @nytimes I still think there's plenty of good journalism. I wish they wouldn't waste space on thing… @EZSnappin nic3 @AlalmeCreative @nytimes well the right has always thought of it the lefty paper, it's the equivocating a lot of us… @UnlikelyLass I wish I could take credit for the S idea but that was the brainstorm of @cracksh0t !Cranio 4 Ever @bigredrobot good idea giving the boy a tranq @ImMichaelBrown also The BirdsThis is a good reminder FOR ME too had been thinking after January of finally resubscribing to the @nytimes again, but nope, they're still on their… to the NYT, Facebook knows perfectly well how to slow the spread of misinformation on its platform. It ha…
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@TerryBlas 🥳🎶⭐️ @tonytost Ah! I lived near there, out on 54 by the post office. Thanks for the thread! @thatpetewoods @mercuryeric by this logic since most astronauts are Dems we should have OUTER SPACE to counter with @tonytost I hope you save all this into an ABOUT page so you can direct interviewers to it because that was pretty… @mercuryeric well he says it with conviction at least @BrianLynch challenge!MAMA'S FAMILY (1983) @andykhouri "Nevertheless," that old Don standby @CatStaggs reported, blocked and cursed @kibblesmith I've honestly never seen such bad Disney opinions @kibblesmith I bet she was one of those Disney Park gangs that there were articles about a few years ago. Like she… @Jody_Houser that was the best possible way to get out of answering a question that the entire panel had ALREADY ANSWERED earlier @Myles_Lobdell my cats and dog are assholes @ConroyForReal @zdarsky he meets the Canadian requirement, and I have faith he can act as smug as anyone holding the provided answersSomeone threatens my pets every day, you don't see me whining at Joe Biden about it @maguirekevin the network is called Fox NEWS, I would just keep repeating that in court
@shadipetosky I daresay it would make a good sweater too @shadipetosky it looks cool! @DallanB only saw them once and they did seem like good dudes afterwards @JayFaerber can we all just sub-vibe off this particular vibe? @Brennanator how many Todds could a Chuck Todd Chuck if a Chuck Todd Could Chuck Todds @McLauchlin I think it was Ben Shapiro @gabrielhardman this man is our origin story @Erick_willand can any of us look into the mind of Megan @gabrielhardman I didn't realize Dr. PB went to Florida! He hosted Shock Theatre on our local WGHP when I was tinyDear @GSAEmily Pay attention to what Trump just did to Sidney Powell. This is your future. Trump’s only loyal…
Retweeted by Parker @EZSnappin I was just thinking what if that kid is Ben Shapiro or someone now @mudron the only clue you have is 'hot chess champion'I don't know why Megan Fox is trending but it reminded me of this classic photo from the Before Times @McLauchlin @zachpennington @steve_lieber Jim I just became aware of Herschel Walker's twitter feed and I can't ans…'s like a glimpse of a photo where the sky is blue again after it being full of smoke @shawnaldridge a *van* made of *weed* @kmellon heck yes