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Jeffree Star @JeffreeStar Calabasas, CA

Self-Made. Makeup Magician. CEO. Owner of Jeffree Star Cosmetics 💦 Wife to Nathan. Singer/Songwriter. Co-Owner of Killer Merch.

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Tomorrow expect the unexpected… We are not playing games 💯 morning everyone! By this weekend the #JeffreeStarCosmetics team should be done shipping all #ShanexJeffree Got this Baby in!!😍🤤 @JeffreeStar @shanedawson
Retweeted by Jeffree StarTaking a nap before a threesome and a conference call 💎
OMG in 9 days it’s the 5th anniversary of #JeffreeStarCosmetics anddddd it’s also Black Friday!! 😭😁😍 There will be… @spillseshYT @TeaSpillYT @beautybay I’m so sorry how this situation was handled, that does not reflect our company’… love FaceTiming with our dogs when I’m feeling home sick 🐶🐶🐶🐶
Being in love and traveling the world with my best friend is truly unexplainable… 💯 Grateful for every second we sp… morning from paradise 🗺 Update: They had one bottle of superglue on the entire island, let’s pray it holds 😇 @natetdubs Same middle finger, different hand... cursed!! Haha 😭🙃I just broke a nail while having sex 😭 Let’s pray this island has super glue 🔩
Staying humble and grateful every step of the way 💯 star is my sleep paralysis demon
Retweeted by Jeffree StarHow are we all feeling about yesterday’s review?? 🌋 Bora Bora with my baby for a week 💙 #birthday #starfamily
Time for a 9 hour flight ✈️ Off to celebrate my birthday for a week in paradise 🏝 we need a #JeffreeStar review of the new @Jaclynhill Highlighter Collection??STAR KUSH BDAY 🦂 Last night was perfect and one for the books... I’m still high 💚 can’t stop eating birthday cake 🎂
NEW VIDEO ALERT 🔥 Reviewing Forever 21’s #Cheetos makeup collab... 🥴 Watch for the full tea: morning everyone!! 😱 Who is ready for a brand new video today??⭐️💖🔥💚 #BirthdayBitch
@JeffreeStar Happy Birthday! We hope this year is fire. 🔥
Retweeted by Jeffree StarHappy birthday to one of the kindest souls ive had the pleasure of watching grow. You are an inspiration not only t…
Retweeted by Jeffree StarHUGE THANK YOU to everyone for all the birthday wishes and messages!!! 😭😭😭 This has been the craziest year of my l… a Happy Birthday to the ICONIC @JeffreeStar!! 🥳💖🌟🎂✨- From the Morphe Fam, xoxo 😘
Retweeted by Jeffree StarWishin' a huuuuge Happy Birthday to our ICONIC alien queen @JeffreeStar 🎉👽🔥 We hope your day is as SICKENING as you…
Retweeted by Jeffree Star @shanedawson Thank you for just being you… Love you so much ⭐️🐷Happy Bday Jeffree!!!! ❤️❤️❤️
Retweeted by Jeffree Star🦂🦂🦂🦂🦂🦂🦂🦂
Public Service Announcement: Make sure to check on yourself.How are we all feeling tonight? ✅
@Eugenia_Cooney 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻 @ChantalAlicia @shanedawson 💖💯🔥I’m currently at Forever 21 right now shopping for the Cheetos makeup.... 🙃🔥working on the last epsiode of the jeffree series now. i don’t wanna give a day cause i don’t wanna disappoint anyo…
Retweeted by Jeffree StarMy piggy family is complete!!! ❤❤ #ShaneDawsonXJeffreeStar @shanedawson @JeffreeStar ain't they cute?!
Retweeted by Jeffree StarPerfection😍🐷 @JeffreeStar @shanedawson #ConspiracyPalette #amazing
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Do we need a Jeffree Star review on the new Cheetos makeup collection?? 🤯😂 That liquid lip set looks expired the ho… the makeup lab working on 2020... 🔥🔥🔥 #JeffreeStarCosmetics everyone, how are ya?? This week you are getting a brand new episode of the #ShanexJeffree series 🤯🖤Can’t wait to keep expanding #JeffreeStarCosmetics ⭐️ Going to need a lot of new employees in 2020 🏗
Don’t ever underestimate the underdogs 💯 @msmariapreda 💯💯💯Gooood morning everyone! How are we all feeling today? 💯 Remember today is a federal holiday, and our offices are c… VIDEO ALERT 👁 Time to sit down and tell you guys what’s been going on... 🐷 What @shanedawson deleted from the s…
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I’ve been contouring my face with shade #TanaCon from the Conspiracy Palette 🤯 My cheekbones have never looked so s… @Tonya_Stylz @shanedawson That inner corner is the cherry on top!! 💯🔥Me trying to get people’s attention @JeffreeStar
Retweeted by Jeffree StarIt’s a highlighter palette from the brand @CTilburyMakeup 😂 It was sent to me in PR and was a gift! Love the formul… @brit_mun @shanedawson Amazing!!! Wow 🔥💯 @JeffreeStar @shanedawson how are ya #ShaneXJeffreeStar
Retweeted by Jeffree StarNEE VIDEO ALERT 👁 Time to sit down and tell you guys what’s been going on... 🐷 What @shanedawson deleted from the s… pig swatches of the #MiniControversy palette are so fucking cute 🐷⭐️😭 VIDEO TOMORROW on my channel! 🐷⭐️FENDI PRINTS ON 💖
OMFG in just 24 hours both Liverpool and Newcastle makeup classes are SOLD OUT ❌ you don't build your own dream, someone will hire you to help build theirs 💯When two icons finally meet... 💉👁 #ConspiracyPalette #BloodSugar #JeffreeStarCosmetics shipping centers will be working overtime on Saturday and Sunday this weekend. Our only p… morning everyone! ⭐️ SHIPPING UPDATE for all #ShanexJeffree orders from my website: we had one of the bigges… @betsyHuey1 @shanedawson @MorpheBrushes 😍😭🙌🏼Finally filming a new video for my channel right now 😍😭💯 I’m sitting down w. the #ConspiracyPalette to talk about s…
Omg @shanedawson’s merch store will be restocking some items today starting at NOON PST / 3PM EST 🔋 Who’s ready??TICKETS are NOW ON SALE for my makeup masterclasses w @MMMMITCHELL 💖 Ireland, UK & Amsterdam 🎟 Shop:… @cohlsworld Thank youuuu! 💖 @ThreeDailey I’m ready!! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️I know my pink vault was just completed 6 months ago but... my mental health is way more important than a closet 💯… we are officially in escrow as of today!!! 😭 hi new beginnings, how are ya?? 🏰
The shade “Pig-Ment” in the #ConspiracyPalette is my new favorite blush to wear! Try it and you won’t turn back 🐷OK I LOVE Kesha's music so I can't wait to see what the packaging looks like!! @trishapaytas Can we get married next? Nate and Diva gave their approval, they want me back before Christmas! @mikemajlak Will you be the security guard on the weekends inside the vault? I know you’re busy but could use the help, thanks 🥺 @2020predicts Someone else will be enjoying it, whoever buys the home… Time to build something bigger and better! I… @EthanDolan 💯💯💯In honor of the “unnamed green shade” killer merch made me a green pig hoodie!🐷💚 out this friday…
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THIS Friday the @shanedawson merch store is restocking some items!! 🐷🔋 Also there will be a limited-edition emerald… found the perfect new house only a few miles away but it’s more private, has everything we need and room to grow… week Nathan and I are putting up our house for sale! 😱😍 We are ready for a big change... 2020 let’s fucking do this.HEY UK & EUROPE, HOW ARE YA? 💖 Myself and the amazing @mmmmitchell are coming back BIGGER & BETTER. We had the best… @abigailchamblee @shanedawson @HanTyson This made my day 😭😭😭this is so cool!! :,)))
Retweeted by Jeffree StarOmg my birthday is in 9 days!!! 😱 #Scorpio #Nov15
Yessss! I love looking at the stages of birth 🛸 #ShanexJeffree @ColeCarrigann THIS IS EVERYTHING.OMG all 60,000 units of the #ConspiracyPalette have sold out in 26 minutes.... WOW. There are some Mini's left!!!! @JeffreeStar BITCH I FUCKING GOT ONE!!!!!!!!! I’m literally jumping up and down in my break room at work!!!!! I lov…
Retweeted by Jeffree StarThe #ShanexJeffree Palettes are now up for pre-sale! 👁 This next batch will start shipping end of November and fini…🍏 morning everyone! 🖤I am in awe @JeffreeStar @shanedawson u guys absolutely killed this, down to the tiniest detail!. To have watched t…
Retweeted by Jeffree Star @Abby_Mcfall We wish we could make more faster but it’s humanly impossible, but I really appreciate you saying that… you so much for saying that!!! I’ve never been more proud of something in my entire life 💯 @HerendiraHerna2 Yes!Episode 7 of the series is coming soon & will show you everything that happened on launch day and all future plans.… on @shanedawson merch store: This Friday Nov. 8th his store is restocking Black and pink embroidered logo ho… 👁 Pre-Order goes up for Conspiracy Palette AND Mini Controversy Palette! We have 60,000 units of each b…’m announcing and discussing the #ShanexJeffree Collection restock plan on my Snapchat and Instagram Stories in 20 minutes 👁Omg this completely made my day! Thank you so much for sending me your collection Shane! I am SO grateful. This is…
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