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"President Trump was better behaved tonight, but he lied more. ... With this President, we just see a constant barr…
Retweeted by jeffrey combs @Airyn79 @ViktoriaJona @trekreport @cpmbiggs Correction: Weak eyes. Good ears.Snake oil salesman. Fraud. report on the Trump announcement: "They and almost all Trump officials here are maskless. Perhaps 40-50 people in Oval right now."
Retweeted by jeffrey combsThis is what we're fighting for. Four years of leadership. Four years of Joe Biden.
Retweeted by jeffrey combs @JosephMadawela Nah. It's spelled "get" BTW.
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@TheRickWilson @ProjectLincoln You should be.This is goodness and heart personified. message to Democrats: We are going to crush Trump & the sickness he represents. There are more of us than there…
Retweeted by jeffrey combs @larissafrehley THANK YOU! I don't have an Instagram account. Please report. Appreciate your help.Brilliant
Retweeted by jeffrey combsthis was sooooo amazing and I'm thrilled everyone else gets to experience it!!!
Retweeted by jeffrey combs @johncardillo Someone sees expressing love to their children as a problem. Thankfully, the vast majority of people don't.I saw this live in Baltimore. If you love Poe, you Love Jeffrey Combs, and you love an authentic period translation…
Retweeted by jeffrey combsSam Elliot is right. Listen to him. Please. @DonaldJTrumpJr Yet another arrogant, spoiled little rich boy born on third base who claims they hit a triple. @larissafrehley Thx!! @KitSwink Happy Birthday, Kitty!!
@GOPChairwoman @realDonaldTrump Is Donnie's plan coming in two weeks like always? @audible_com " 'Tis the wind and nothing more."They didn't slip. They were pushed.
Retweeted by jeffrey combs @TheBigLeeboski Thanks, Dude. @GrahamSkipper Thanks for spreading the news. @ValerieBrysK Please spread the word. @larissafrehley How? @larissafrehley Yeah. Not me. Sneaky and unethical. What to do, what to do. @jamesgibson279 A dream I have held onto for years. @thatcasehill As well as the entire Andorian Fleet!This performance is more beautiful and funnier than I could have ever imagined. Everyone if you can please check i…
Retweeted by jeffrey combsI cannot believe it. Finally! What a joy! What a fantastic performance. What an actor!
Retweeted by jeffrey combsSo excited to finally announce this. For years I've performed this one-man show all across the country. Here's your… @MoStarfleet @FinalFrontier87 True.
@DLoesch Nepotism? You mean like the rampant nepotism skulking the halls of the White House for the last four years? Such hypocrisy. @AoDespair @Lawrence Straight up illegal and immoral.You just don't see talent like this anymore. Enjoy. @BeazleyChum @Jwin81Jonathan @Marina_Sirtis Has anyone ever heard of a little group called The Beatles? In the 60s… @TheJeffBridges Feel the love. There's a lot of it.
@monkeyopera Very cool.Our Founders did not defend democracy only in private.
Retweeted by jeffrey combs @BillStepien @debates Amazing. Clutching your pearls while playing your miniature pity violin at the same time. @ChantalHandley @barbaracrampton Impressive. @DeepSpaceHole If I do I have Jonathan Frakes to thank. @Keva_Rosenberg Andorian Blue. @fayul_23 Seahawks = American Football Dodgers = Baseball @idahohioan I've Seen That Movie TooDODGERS GOING TO THE WORLD SERIES!! @WyldeDime78 @Steffen_Schlach Never.This is a great ad. It is deeply true.
Retweeted by jeffrey combs @pattonoswalt Who's going to believe a talking head? @Steffen_Schlach Something off about him.
@jonathansfrakes It thrilled me to see the two shot of Bellinger and Betts running in from the outfield together af… @realDonaldTrump Super-Spreader Express!35 years ago today Re-Animator opened in theaters and my life changed forever. I think of all the gifted people who… @kirstiealley @realDonaldTrump This is sad. He's an utter disaster. Never seen such incompetent chaos. Wear a mask.…
@emerald1910 We will get through this. @EricTrump And cue laugh track. Not his home. Great research there, dumbass.In 1974, Joe Biden bought this house in Greenville, Delaware, for $185,000. He sold the property 24 years ago.…
Retweeted by jeffrey combs @GOPChairwoman BS meter just went beyond 11. Sooooo desperate. Zero cred. @amused2Bhere @TrektheVote Bravo!Vote for change. Vote for her.
Retweeted by jeffrey combs @_mynameisbruce @Tiffanieskater Long Live Andoria.
@krunk84 Like never. @kayleighmcenany You play your toy violin with so much self-pity. Kinda whiny.A big shout-out to all of you brave, determined Americans enduring long lines, bad weather and a pandemic just to v… @waimoforever @SteveMartinToGo 'Appeared' yes. 'Starred?' Yeah, no.Trump's last 3 campaign managers have all been arrested.
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Retweeted by jeffrey combs @larissafrehley @Tiffanieskater Wait. Is this is a Prince cover band! @lanning_bruce NiceArizona — your voter registration deadline has been extended! Head to to get registered onl…
Retweeted by jeffrey combs @warpsurfer @RepMattGaetz They don't need to. 🌊 @larissafrehley @Tiffanieskater Well, Weyoun was a courtier of sorts. @Right_NotLeft @JoeBiden GOP suppresses your vote. Dems urge you to vote. Says it all. @RepMattGaetz GOP trying to suppress your vote.
Please help out a great cause headed by a great man. It was an honor to work with him and I admire him so much. ugly American. For shame. @MrMarkzilla @barbaracrampton @Horrorconuk That's spectacular. Love The Invisible Man starring the great Claude Rai… @aktur1981 @ShimermanArmin Clearly, there's no need to converse longer. You've made your choice. We have too. Just vote. We sure will. 🌊This guy is really good. Mad scientists in a mad year. @MrMarkzilla @barbaracrampton Spectacular. Honored. Mad scientists in a mad year.Hey Tejas! You're known for always doing things BIG & BOLD. In the face of shameless voter suppression by the GOP y… @aktur1981 @ShimermanArmin GOP doesn't resemble itself anymore. The party started amidst the fight against slavery.…’s 2:07pm and we surpassed the record for the first day of early voting, EVER in Harris County. When you open the…
Retweeted by jeffrey combs @Samera_Photo @ChristineMHorn1 @aktur1981 @ShimermanArmin @Jorgensen4POTUS This year it's a binary choice. Not voti… @aktur1981 @ShimermanArmin Give this a hard re-think. The Democratic Party has always stood for inclusiveness and t… this is good
Retweeted by jeffrey combs @ViktoriaJona A most Happy Birthday to you.
@sebulia1 Congratulations. You created a new word. @wlwdax @Marina_Sirtis They said Jesus wasn't political. @Rosie In the name of science, yes. @Marina_Sirtis I'd say turning over the moneychangers tables was pretty political.
Desperate dirty tricks. Don't get fooled. @realDonaldTrump You've had 4 years. Liars lie. @betweengracess All you need is a thin black tie.Lovely depiction. @Meriodoc @JeriousK @LOUISAGUIRRE Public health and safety clearly ain't your thing.
@JediGhostBear @Travelintrevor @sladesr Just vote. We will too. 🌊 @JediGhostBear @Travelintrevor @sladesr Ugh. Pointless. @Tiffanieskater Niiiice!