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@MisterMcLaren It's the Skunkworks. @darylwriterguy @CChrisrose I want this. @tcboyle At least you have no MSD. @chefjoelb @HNTurtledove Made me laugh out loud. Perfect. @Jody_Houser This is what they'd like you to believe.
@tjoneswriter @SGJ72 @SSTPublications Love the art. @victorlavalle A dream come true. Could they take Chris Christie with them?Here's a couple more. day. @smallbeerpress The GOP has a deep bench of miscreants, dissemblers, half-wits, haters, and mouth breathers. @mjohnharrison And that's on a good day. @scottedelman I always meant to but never did. They would be cool to collect if you could cut out cardboard to put them on.Mike Gallagher sent an old Teenie Weenies last night. @sinKEVitch I like both the ones you mentioned but also, right up there with them, is Lost Highway. @cheshire_adams Cheshire, you might appreciate my buddy, Nick Parisi's recent comprehensive book on Serling. @zombiehotflash @JoyceCarolOates Yes, on the Giuliani : )Dennis Hopper playing Trump on Twilight Zone this morning during breakfast.
@tadethompson @TheNuminous1 @JoyceCarolOates Good thinking. @JoyceCarolOates Give him train fare to the fucking moon. @JoyceCarolOates Soooo, soo, sooooooo loathed. @EllenDatlow @washingtonpost This, the capitol thing, Trump, just goes to show you that education needs a complete… @victorlavalle @schanoes Also paid with loans. With you on this totally.
The old oak. @paulGtremblay Not a hill I'm willing to die on : ) See me about Friends of Eddie Coyle. I'll fight fight fight. @paulGtremblay If you're talking about the newer version, definitely. But I like the old one. Hey, it's got Crazy S… @StraightTie @Hal_Duncan watching this gave me a boost. @tadethompson That speed bag deal is fun. I'm envious of that. @tadethompson When I was younger I used it all the time, but now I'm waiting for spring. It's a great thing, though, for sure. @tadethompson I have a bag like that out on the back porch as well. Do you work out on it in the winter? @TheNuminous1 My mother would send us out in the morning and tell us don't come back till supper. Cell phones hadn'… @haszombiesinit It's got that winter light.
Cold as hell tonight. @haszombiesinit Based on Gogol? Or some wholly separate walking, dancing Nose deal?I'll be teaching this 11-week novel-writing course with Kathryn Heyman, come March, through the Faber Writing Acade…
Retweeted by jeffrey ford @schanoes I can't believe this jackoff's crying in his beer after the ridiculous stuff he said at the podium.
@LairdBarron So perfect. @ChuckWendig Just got a card yesterday from Dec. 9th. @TheKaufmann @librarian_alexa Happy Birthday to Alexa!
@NB_Chris Congratulations on the PKD nomination, Chris! Great news. @SwanRiverPress He will always be King of the Zombies. @tcboyle Wonderful day!Green means go. Yellow means caution. @BBolander Looks good. @BBolander Getting results on Peps bloodwork today too. Best you both and that old dog.In American folklore, the Yankee peddler always gets run out of town in the end, but only after he has fleeced the…
Retweeted by jeffrey fordBu-Bye you horrid shit head. Wishing you and your circle of micreants only the worst. @TananariveDue Time and more Maxine Waters. @gengornichec Congratulations! @adamm0rgan @shannonmstirone Dark and Cool
@haszombiesinit Birthday today, Edgar, you crazy. @jeffvandermeer DeSantis, what a fuckin creep. @victorlavalle They might want to look a little harder. @benloory Eat your teeth. @SwanRiverPress Throw one in the basket for me too.
Lynn has repurposed the Nutcracker as a count down to the eviction of the head nut and cracker -- tRump. That was t… @haszombiesinit Dinosaur on Dinosaur crime.New painting by Derek. watches the Watchmen? YOU DO! TONIGHT! @thecomicbug Dramatic reading of Sam Hamm's script w SFX & Music by…
Retweeted by jeffrey fordOUT OF BODY (novella) by Jeffrey Ford, ed. @EllenDatlow: small town horror from, the thrilling nightmare fuel possi…
Retweeted by jeffrey ford @usmantm Quite an accomplishment. @lynnemthomas Hope all is better very soon. @timlebbon That seems like an accurate breakdown : )
@haszombiesinit They even let you know when they lay one. That's service. @MisterMcLaren Liked the song, Chris. Thanks.
@PhilipFracassi @paulGtremblay @ThunderstormBks Hadn't seen these covers before. They're terrific. @NifMuhammad Thanks for this.Thanks to everyone who sent well wishes to Peps yesterday and today. We so appreciate it. I think you're good will… @lorenlcrawford @JoyceCarolOates I think the coyotes are up next. @paulGtremblay You mean the one Lynn and Jack were shaving? Crooksy. @paulGtremblay After some more years, the floor will become a foreign country, too difficult to visit.Caught sight of this red fox out of its den this morning. Lynn was quick enough to get a shot of it, which I had to… @artfulCrone Linda my memory isn't what it used to be but your name sounds so familiar to me. did we ever meet a lo… @JustinHowe @jeremiahtolbert A paradox. @jeremiahtolbert Always better than a poke in the eye.Trailer for a new upcoming Nick Cage flick. Hope it's gonna be on Netflix. @Catrambo Boulevard of Broken Dreams by Kim Deitch
@BBolander Best to your dog too, Bo. Thanks. @paulGtremblay @MichaelTCisco That's some painting : ) @paulGtremblay @LairdBarron That's Squeak-A-Mo. @terriwindling Thanks, Terri. @pd_mouse Thanks!Take a second today to send Peps a healing thought. She's in rough shape.
@benloory Throw the toilet in there too. @Hal_Duncan Sounds superior to most Marvel flicks. @LairdBarron Darkly hilarious. @tcboyle A beauty.
@nalohop1 Thanks. @claramadrigano Thanks, Clara. @Karch_Writes Readercon is going to be online. Hope to see you there. @TerryMorgan45 Thanks, Terry. @rosefox That's what we were thinking. @haszombiesinit It'll all work out for the best : ) @timlebbon @joelansdale Might as well put Pompeo up for that one as well. @MichaelTCisco @SarahVLangan1 @swierczy Boethius. @TheKaufmann It looks good. Want to see it. @limeybastard55 Thanks, Pete. @SarahVLangan1 @swierczy Gig Young is the creepiest. @Magicknegro Onward.