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NYT bestseller AREA X, BORNE, DEAD ASTRONAUTS Bookings: Signed

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@alyssaharad She's risen at Metabolic, the Dutch sustainability company, from intern to second in command. In a ver…
Our daughter wrote this great article! She's doing wonderful work for Charlotte, Boulder, Singapore, and others. Ve… @sarahhoodlum Yeah, it's why I wasn't quite sure what I was looking at at first! @sarahhoodlum Yes! They were! This photo was at the edge of my camera's range. The squirrel was about 150 feet up i… copy of Dead Astronauts arrived and looks amazing!! Thanks so much to @jeffvandermeer and @SubPress! Get your ow…
Retweeted by Jeff VanderMeer @Fiordiligi5 Poofy ball fungus.A few last shots from our Munson Hills hike. If you're in the Tallahassee area, I highly recommend this on a weekda… @Mullins87C @AnnVanderMeer Yes! It's so cute. And we heard basically just that and the wind for about two hours.I think this is a black fox squirrel! Also seen today at Munson Hills outside of Tallahassee. @thescarydoor2 Oh good! I think I might've read a misleading headline. Thanks.I did get one decent still shot of one of the red cockaded woodpeckers. I can't tell you how wonderful it is to hea… Hills trail outside of Tallahassee. @AnnVanderMeer got to see her first red cockaded woodpecker! This is my… @imjasondiamond Well, it's true, I saw #747 last night and was like "that's like ten of me," so... the dream is snuffed out...All about A Peculiar Peril. You know you need talking marmots. One transcription error indicates Kafka is an "amphi… @imjasondiamond Me too. I'm thinking about entering the contest. @djdaisyjohnson Really, really glad to see this.So proud of our community - there are many many more of us on the side of love than you can see here and we will al…
Retweeted by Jeff VanderMeer @neeratanden I didn't feel like Wallace had any thought in his mind of what to do if the president, predictably, di… @dhammelef This is a criticism-free zone on this tweet, so I'll assume that ends "...and cute when they're adults."I don't think any number of baby raccoons can make up for the memory of that debate last night, but it's all I've g… @zoomcity Well, that's a relief. Not the parallel universe part. @rokwon I just realized my jaw is like locked up from being clenched. Ah well. 2020. @EeyoreWasRight It's not like I'm saying it would've been easy. But Wallace didn't have a strategy. He just had one… feel like a lot of people are ceding a lot of power to Trump on the debate stage by acting like Wallace did every… is really truly seriously the worst debate I've ever seen. Frankly, even though it's the nuclear option, if Wa… @LailaLalami I don't even have the words for it any more.Chris Wallace should either be fired or shunned after this. Like, never have anyone listen to him ever, ever again. @QueenOfRats It's just...I don't know what it is, but... oy.Well, Chris Wallace is a total waste of space. @WoodvilleFLBeer Ann's made old fashions with Bullit rye.EMERGENCY NEO BECAUSE THIS DEBATE IS A BIGGER SHITSHOW THAN ALCOHOL CAN HANDLE. @KarenAttiah This is one of the worst things I've ever seen. I just... @Fungal_Love It's a nightmare. @BigSamThompson BOTH BOTH. I WANT A RACCON RULER. #RaccoonMother save us. @altonbrown Just drink. Just drink. And watch reruns of F Troop if it comes to that. It'll still be better.WILL ALL THREE CHILDREN SHUT UP AND THEN LET THE ONE CHILD WE WANT TO RULE US SPEAK?! @WoodvilleFLBeer It is a goddamn nightmare. I'm going to need more booze. Jesus H. @fozmeadows @Knittingand @FrancineHibiscs It was totally ridiculous. On the other hand, we hired a ton of freelance… @MarieMyungOkLee Eeeeeeeeek eeekekekekekekeekekekekekekeekek @Knittingand @FrancineHibiscs @fozmeadows Yeah--exactly. We would have meetings debating whether a line -- like one… This is really happening? I haven't been just having a long nightmare while in a coma somewhere by the side of the road? @Deepwater521 Well, that is why I don't corner wildlife. If i were cornered, I would fucking slice shit up too. @karenyhan #ReinstateTheSwearingParrots !!I went down into the ravine to refill the bird feeder late and surprised the three little raccoon babies, who ran o…
@KaciusMaximus @reparrishcomics @slimyswampghost "What is Midsommar?" @mcimaps Yeah, the sunset today is pretty amazing but also weird. @studiesincrap And it's just a dog taking a crap on a flag. @mmmdraco @Perry_OB !!!!! @Gwenda @AlongsideWild Is this a disguised snake ID?Like, maybe it was a waterlogged piece of rice or something, but the fact remains he became aware of it and HE ATE IT. @KellyBrenner @mat_johnson "Dipshit dipshits" @BuckyKatt Aren't you a chipper, upbeat Bucky Katt! @lizvmeer Eh. Keep your damn cat insideWith regard to debates, I will never forget the Republican 2016 presidential debate when Ted Cruz appeared to have… @studiesincrap Biden comes out with an ear horn... only it's like one of those ricola horns and it's facing the oth… @joepabike That's wonderful!!! @joepabike @HARSavesLives He's got his own TV show now?! @Authoroux That seems even more realistic. LOL. @Authoroux Heh. Good.Yesss... the joke is that the end of the second signature is "help." I appreciate what seems like concern, but that… @justsavebirds @FeatherFriendly Just got ours. Will prioritize the windows that seem highest risk. @severalmonsters @FrancineHibiscs @fozmeadows But a passage by the late, great Stepan Chapman about a girl who goes… @severalmonsters @FrancineHibiscs @fozmeadows It was just all odd. Like "nothing sharp" was after 9-11. So we had t… @Nicole_Cliffe @LiamGavin Oh thanks! @Nicole_Cliffe @LiamGavin Yeah, that's what had me in awe, having been disappointed by so many horror movies that h… @Nicole_Cliffe @LiamGavin Yeah--it's really amazing. @craigtimes @FloridaTaxWatch @GovRonDeSantis DeathSantis. @jeff4hd @JamesOKeefeIII @IlhanOmar Why do you support domestic terrorism?Y'all r the best. Thanks for ordering A Peculiar Peril from our local @midtownreader. Finished signing all current… @FrancineHibiscs @fozmeadows "Kids drown in swimming pools and fall into empty ones. So don't mention them in any passage." @fozmeadows I actually oversaw and wrote content for part of the prior FL standardized online practice (for the FCA… signature at the beginning of 2020 and my signature now. @djmorris89 @AlongsideWild Who does? @djmorris89 @AlongsideWild ...until it's too late... @AlongsideWild And tonight it'll happen again, on a stage. @reparrishcomics @LostFlyingFish (seriously, though, i'm flattered and that's incredibly cool) @reparrishcomics @LostFlyingFish !!!!!!! ❤️❤️❤️😬❤️❤️❤️ @JohnDFowler LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Now I wish we had a zip line after all. @camcamdamn Thanks. I'm just stretched a little thin re twitter crap, local politics stuff, and then the T-word. @LostFlyingFish @reparrishcomics Central has stepped in and redacted most of it. Sorry. I suspect Whitby just can't… @lexomatic Oh good. Yes, they shouldn't get another penny. And frankly the only way I see for them to continue in g… @punkvenus I never thought of taxidermy as being priced by the yard.Seconded. Bad faith actors like this often try to just come back to the scene without actually making any changes o… @QueenOfRats I'm just not sure which way am I more stressed. It feels like a toss up. I agree with you, just not su… undecided about watching the debate, though. And if so, whether it be wine, whisky, or beer. Because I just d… @reparrishcomics @apocalypsenyet2 Also, the frame is transmitting options directly into your mind.Fair... @shannbugs Oh cool! So important! @joepabike @RosemaryMosco I think there's a lot of commercial potential in that. @joepabike @RosemaryMosco You've learned to eat bark butter?! Now people can eat bark butter too?! @jeffreyford8 I go back and forth on watching. I still don't know what I'll do. Maybe I'll just ask doctors to put… @itsneonyang LOL! But... but if we're unlucky that image will be better than images stuck in our brains from the debate? Maybe?Joe Biden can come out on stage tonight for the debate in a pantomime walrus-skunk costume spanking his ass with a… @MollyJongFast Really quite an endorsement of the Biden campaign. @saradgore I see all three and the mother, but harder to get them all in one vide now. Now a lot of the time… @VoidSciences I wouldn't...I wouldn't, um, I hate to say it... but you might want to vet a bit. @VoidSciences You can take some of us in. @Birder_Katie Like maybe an English chicken?