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valorant & over sharing

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@yurasweb we become best friends when??? @havenily cutie omg @daiseehue YOURE SO CUTE AND PRETTY BAE @PinkGoat2 you’re so beautiful bby <333 @Lovesicksavii i love you more hehe :> @esmehuh @ftpEMI TYSM BAE ILY @ftpEMI i love you sm emi hehe @babagirl VEE IM LITERALLY SO IN LOVE WITH U @tiyanaisdead kiss me.
@sillybabyjen hey lol @PinkGoat2 I LOVE U SO MUCH ADA @lovrbrit ILYSM WIFEY @lovrbrit TYSM HEHE IM SO GLAD I CUT IT @luvaudie tysm 🥰🥰 @daiseehue you <3 @aceiexd OFC WE CAN @cantbluvdelise U ARE <33 @jaIeybear love u hehe :>i love valorant also hashtag anime @foreplay dropped to my knees @yourstaka beautiful 💗 @_rxze_ OMG MY GF IS THE CUTEST @aceiexd aw you’re so cute @seroqwel i love u sm bae @Naniinaa_ you’re STUNNING @kamixdoll this is my wife. @nvrcall you’re so pretty @turntdais YOURE SO PRETTY IM GONNA CRY @tiyanaisdead @BRO_5033 @hashjenni omg BRO_5033 with no picture of his face just called you ugly… how will you EVER survive??? @Naniinaa_ pepper and kiwi @aiddns @RomieandJuliet less men like u pls 🙏 @aiddns @RomieandJuliet good god save us @isabellelunaa YOURE TOO PRETTYhot take: women are not men’s babysitters @cantbluvdelise YOURE SO STUNNING OMG @peachgrlros you’re so gorgeous @daiseehue YES I MISSED YOU SM @s2rotonin so pretty omg @havenily you’re the cutest and prettiest human ever @newbsha YOU LOOK SO GOOD @ilyjunkoo omg go off @cakeooooo cutie @abstraccted so stunning wifey @ulirawr you’re so beautiful
@emommyy1 literally perfect omg @foreplay you’re the hottest omg @cocoimao you’re so adorable ilysm @jaIeybear you’re so beautiful omlll @lovrbrit @DarkZeroGG it’s their merch 😩😩 @lovrbrit @DarkZeroGG TYSM MY LOVE @westjett1 did she leave u for a reyna main? ☹️ @lameegirl tysm <33 @foreplay @DarkZeroGG compliments from you >>>> @siewuh @DarkZeroGG i love love LOVEEEE you so much @strawburriest @yurasweb same height as my wife hint hint wink wink @lovrbrit MEEEE @yurasweb would you do me the absolute honor… and make me the happiest girl in the world 💍🧎‍♀️ @xshiae YOURE SO PRETTY AND YOUR CAT IS SO CUTE OMG @yurasweb is now a good time to propose?? @wyyandere @DarkZeroGG THATS YOU HEHE @yurasweb hi :> @honey_bunE beautiful <33 @seroqwel you’re so perfect oml @wuvrs YOURE TOO CUTE OMG @lumbogg @babagirl *starts sweating nervously* i-i am!!! @babagirl are u free rn bae?? @tiyanaisdead i said i hâte happy couples that live in the same state, moron… @bunnbunn_15 @88remmy how do u mess up a typo that bad tho… @ftpEMI ILYYYY @L21saac NAHHHH THIS IS THE ONE @babagirl @DarkZeroGG OMG BB I WAS JUST TALKING AB HOW MUCH IMY @cocoimao @DarkZeroGG AWH ILYSM
@cocoimao cutie omg @PinkGoat2 YOURE SO BEAUTIFUL I CANTTTT @afkings i would do anything u asked me to. @seroqwel you’re so hot and sexy and perfect @cocoimao 😩😩 @_rxze_ @PinkGoat2 @DarkZeroGG KISSES FOR U @nevermrnice @DarkZeroGG DO IT DO IT DO IT @jaIeybear @DarkZeroGG THATS ALL YOU BAE <33 ILYSM @seroqwel @DarkZeroGG HEHE TYSM @aceiexd @DarkZeroGG SAYS YOU?? MWAHHHH @lilixbby @DarkZeroGG ILYSM BAE HEHE @PinkGoat2 @DarkZeroGG ilysm wife @systemicallysai AWW TYSMpersonally, i’m a huge fan of ur work @DarkZeroGG @jaIeybear beautiful girl <3 @PrincessBabynox i want you 😩😩 @veritynicole_ hi bae hehe @seroqwel NO NEVER @jaIeybear OMGGGG BAEEE @lumbogg ty i know @PinkGoat2 hi wifey ilysm hehe @crvingangvl KISSES FOR YOU AND ONLY YOU @westjett1 i’m better at valorant than you btw @westjett1 boxing match at twitch con. come any girls wanna watch anime with me? :> @lolmochiiii HI CUTIE @SnoodFN @wrenalaine i’m gonna cause u physical pain