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irene @jellyfish_val 19, she/her, los angeles

F/A ☁️ || @presidentdove PRO PLANTS VS ZOMBIES PLAYER

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@stallionxf you are literally a nobody bro please step down @stallionxf LET THE OTHER GUY PLAY JETT @K3YL0GGING OFMAOFOAOFJFJF @stallionxf J I'M TOLD YOU DONT GO JETT YOU FUCKIGN CURSED IT MAN INDONT CARE IDC IF U DROPPED 50 AND I DROPPED 1 AND WE LOST ITS UR FAULTyes i recognize this is an issue no i dont plan on fixing it thank youno pc for the next few days i think i might actually die without it @K3YL0GGING gimme a week i wont have pc for a week @Fryxenn in my head he now hates meduoing is so hard sometimes because it actually breaks my heart when i let my duo down 🫀 @qaasty STOP PLAYING @dawnmoer im gonna do this to you @airplanesCSmaybe 1 day i will be strong enough to not let people who dont matter affect my self imageevery single time a man is sexist in ranked they turn it around and act like the victim it is MIND BOGGLING
@presidentdove i only publicly associate with doveduh @whoooobie @airplanesCS HAHAHAHAHA @whoooobie @airplanesCS OMGGGGG @jboogie033 what about him @stallionxf @COOKIEOREOYUMMY @careertwitch ironic @BubonicBabes period @solace6k @_routers 🀭 @stallionxf @_12pk @COOKIEOREOYUMMY @careertwitch LMFAAAOOOO @stallionxf @COOKIEOREOYUMMY @careertwitch that's my last straw how dare u bro the wound is still open @stallionxf @COOKIEOREOYUMMY @careertwitch u think i am DYING to go triple negative in ur lobbies bro ??? no man go hit the vaaks bro @stallionxf LMFFFAAOOI @stallionxf @COOKIEOREOYUMMY @careertwitch u literally beg me to queue like every day but ok 😭😭😭🀭🀭🀭 and u asked an… @kaenanza small @yungcalc LFMAOUES @COOKIEOREOYUMMY @stallionxf @careertwitch i think COOKIEOREOYUMMY stallion jellyfish timJB and CAREER 6FT5 should run up a 5 stack @K3YL0GGING @EskayOW i dont recommend it girl @stallionxf @COOKIEOREOYUMMY @careertwitch yes hilarious @parowastaken @TeamAssaultGG yeah im praying for you 😹😹😹 @K3YL0GGING @EskayOW OH VOUCH SCENE πŸ‘©β€β€οΈβ€πŸ’‹β€πŸ‘©πŸ‘©β€β€οΈβ€πŸ’‹β€πŸ‘©πŸ‘©β€β€οΈβ€πŸ’‹β€πŸ‘© @ExtremeZbtw @itsmarouS wtf @cloudsfunerall @kiwiramune not me also doing this in hs @parowastaken @TeamAssaultGG interesting... @ExtremeZbtw @itsmarouS i never notice if its on or off @TimJB_ @stallionxf @COOKIEOREOYUMMY @careertwitch FIGHT FIGHT FIGHT @COOKIEOREOYUMMY @stallionxf @careertwitch LMFAOAOO @ExtremeZbtw @itsmarouS what is finalmouse @Teklinor69 realest shit ever @morgeestreams u seem 5'2 bt act 5'6 @dwarflis @aloneswrld so real @aloneswrld my skin @FatalGlytch @presidentdove id always defend u @_Od26 @stallionxf cameo @416naru u work really hard @morgeestreams so valid @hikarival @TeamSynergy lemme just figure out how to use my brain @stallionxf @careertwitch never stallion he only top frags @0Ktinaa @TeamSynergy 🀭🀭🀭 @cleaned032 @TeamSynergy that is not a thing you can do @BlingCakess @TeamSynergy wow @marmarpits @RSolosW @TeamSynergy I LOVE U MARMAR @RSolosW @TeamSynergy shh its ok i love u @ARealBadTimex WHO WHO @ARealBadTimex WHI @_tributes @TeamSynergy thxxxxxxxx Goat @ObeyCast @TeamSynergy 😭 @risorah @TeamSynergy LOL I SAW THE REPLY YES AT LAN I LOVE U @risorah @TeamSynergy RESPECTFULLY AND WITH LOVE ^^^ @risorah @TeamSynergy ur getting rolled in july idfk whos gna be on my team but im rolling u.wish all of them nothing but the best ofc ^_^no more @TeamSynergy very grateful for the friends i made through the team especially watson my homie. it was a pre… @kasx12x @sarah_frags this would be nice @sluxo_ no 20rr i lost 40 like two days ago @FatalGlytch my aim is good enough at this point but i need to work on everything else @FatalGlytch i just need the rr peak so my mmr goes up i need to get better and if i stay in diamond lobbies im gonna improve so much slower @Bronzejack1 if i actually hit 200rr before this act ends i think radiant is achievable for me @aloneswrld real @aloneswrld @mazooter i think u have me mistaken i have no idea what ur saying @yoxics this is for impressions right @jboogie033 i did i went pos 2/3 games but the other one it was a 2-10 half and we started coming back but i litera… @yongledd i mean yeah i think its a good habit anyway @yongledd only minisculily ??2!2?? how do you write that word ?? i think because i dont think i counter strafe @ImposterVAL @DenzFPS_ oh im not mad at all idc im 99% sure i dont have it @ImposterVAL Mfffff @DenzFPS_ U BITCH @fairyfps he follows me i cant say @fairyfps IM RIPPING MY HAIR OUT @fairyfps put a finger down if u never check ur viewerlist but u decide to check it for once in ur life after u whi… @florscnt where did i disagree @kar_ie i look like a goldfish irl @kar_ie probabyl yeah @saruwuv @florscnt not my fault dont care @florscnt true @cowffeeeee name is irene i use raw accel and am 80rr immortal 1 peak! i am in no hands elo. basically the people in my elo… @florscnt rt it @florscnt hii
@reddi1_ proof @kar_ie @kiwiramune LMFAO @reddi1_ the moment deez nuts enter your mouth @kar_ie @kiwiramune 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭 @kar_ie @nosval_ @tarik id be radiant if i never had an off game @kar_ie @nosval_ @tarik never see karie commenting nice things so this must be good @wahoooopunch LETS GOOO @cowffeeeee i havent been able to sleep before 4-5am for the past 3 days it's unbearable