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19, she/her, d3 peak ;; tiktok & twitch jellyfishval ;; @1millisecondval ;; mel fangirl ;; 30% wr duo @maple_editz

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@teallyy no lol im terrible @kuzonami samelol i'm never getting immortal im so done i just want to be good @magnum69420 i thought u were a boy... heyyy lol @magnum69420 is that u @snipoor4 so trueI take site. I clear site. We plant. Team starts swinging. Lose round. The end
Retweeted by irene @xxclaiire1 omg do u vouch @MoonKillerYT yea ik @sadIucas reali hate subtweets bro because it could be someone who doesn't know me and it's obviously not about me but i still think it's about me @whosmicheIa same @FaNbF41 @_novaVAL WH AT????? @smartpunchsp tiktok comments hurt my head bro do your best to ignore them and not let them get under ur skin. theyre all silver @Kodahu1 @cloudyerin_ holy shit
theres like 6 diff leaks in my tenor sax all good bro i'll never play music again ig my b @momosFPS YEHSKDAJJDS @1EDEN_ cereal ong @btookess im 5'5 @_novaVAL hi son @TrickAIM nah i hate yiu LMFAOOill buy ithey @jellyfish can i get the @ please @cyb3rcide AINT NO WAY😭😭😭 @ignovercook JELLYFISH CAMEOIntroducing Fwog Fwens @cowffeeeee @synoked @AthensBtw @jellyfish_val @Laysix_ sub @Junafour we are curren…
Retweeted by irene @COLBEEval @_novaVAL ong @_novaVAL can u send link so i can make one @sadIucas what am i watching @Sn0wyVAL @Sundehx why does it even have a break animation?!?! @iamhcu nt @wolfyval i have a p1 and a p2 acct @zoasxo @wolfyval same @ChefAmyyyy @0Ktinaa same lol it actually pisses me off tho cuz it's toxic asf 🤪 @StevieNoriyuki LMFAOOOO @bhopsu @btookess check my account @cycotic me pretend y dont alr know @lilstarro this is not you this guy was not real @lilstarro no star no @Jones05146169 @Skrrtfps put a fucking shirt on @Jones05146169 @Skrrtfps ofc i dont need help??? you fuck off @presidentdove LMFAOOOO that guy was so odd @hyr4xFPS STOP @er3ina he dont want me but ima try.wait these accounts are real people??? @Jones05146169 @Skrrtfps WTF UR A REAL HUMAN? @er3ina THANK YOU @er3ina HAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHA @cupkatez ??? @er3ina u think i got a chance @er3ina LMFAOOOOO EVERY GIRL 😭😭😭 @Jones05146169 @Skrrtfps DUDE @Skrrtfps idk LOL im actually perma suspended as well but the account info on this acc belongs to someone else so im jus kinda sneaking by @Skrrtfps hes suspended bozo @Skrrtfps if g**za comes to my page i dont want these shit tweets to show up @Skrrtfps stfu @HK4RI inhuman. @t1ffsny @yukowii LMAO @TwitchLunaam hi luna em @miszeroh @D9imyo this the one @1EDEN_ LMFAO @btookess you are platinum DO NOT SPEAK @0Ktinaa yeah but omg dms @ellieminate__ real @btookess i am diamond 2 @snowsbtw BEST WINGMAN @snowsbtw OH SHITgeeza if you see this HEY LOL HEY LOL HEY LOL HEY LOL @sznFPS irs not worrkingI FOUND THE TWEET HELP HELPBHELPHELPHELHLELP THOUGHT I WAS SAFE BUT IM NOT SAFE BYEYWYDHDJFKEJFTELL ME HOW I GO TO GEEZAS CHAT AND HE SAYS JELLYFISH I SAW SOMETHING ON TWITTER A FEW WEEKS AGO AND IM LIKE NAH W… @HarmonyyVAL nah bro mans has 7000 and is buying light shield bulldog like hes a LINE OF CODE @ThyHighway @cloudyerin_ real @HK4RI when you have 7,000 creds??? @magnum69420 shes si ortty @Roseryy__ @dizzy im gon have it one day. @Roseryy__ @dizzy one day. @Roseryy__ HAD TO BE BRONZE😭😭😭 @73WRAITH jealous @Roseryy__ @dizzy he don want me bruh. @stellariwnl @dizzy he don want refused to smoke on attack which caused our entries to have a VERY HARD TIME ENTRYING and then said "don't tell… u gonna be diamond 2 and buy light shield bulldog, and then full shield spectre, and then light shield guardian… @0Ktinaa @BlanketsVAL i shall practice. i just usually play w the team cuz im good at trading :/ so lurking is hard for me @0Ktinaa @BlanketsVAL i will simply ask a friend to help me understand it then i dont have to waste my time trying to figure it out 😎 @dizzy i can be hernot a want but a need
Retweeted by irene @AthensBtw dm her @ @HarmonyyVAL idk u didnt wanna play wit me anymore ... whenever u want im down tho @whosmicheIa LMFAOO @HarmonyyVAL my bad @rev0hh hey im diamond 2 🤓 @0Ktinaa @BlanketsVAL i rarely lurk 😭 i dont know how to effectively lurk so i just dont LOL @HarmonyyVAL diamond 2 😔 @Roseryy__ nt @Skrrtfps LMFAOO @ignovercook @Raki4k MEOW @NarwhalFPS fornite