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The internet never ceases to disappoint me.

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@drjowinchester @chelsea_hetho Exactly my first thought. That particular set up is not recommended in classrooms no…
@kazia_s @felladin @FictReal @qikipedia I apparently share my name with one of his daughters too (Jemima). But I’m… @Gray14899675 @wireless_pen @angelof_d @qikipedia Freaking twitter, making me google stuff instead of cooking dinner... @RushWalter @KariByron I hate the cold, but glad I’m not closer to the QLD border for this reason. I’ve been doing… @boynxdor @DunkenKBliths @COVID_Australia @9NewsSyd Ahh, crate head. @chelseaperetti @NormOrnstein @BlantonsBourbon Herbal teas are nice 😊 @MaraWilson The generation divides are useful, but as with most groupings, lacking too. My mum is a Boomer, like he… @DunkenKBliths No solar. And very old electrics in my house. Once I’m actively looking to upgrade EV is certainly h… @DunkenKBliths Oh no! I don’t have an EV (rural and absolutely no infrastructure nor dealer interest) but love my H… @9NewsAUS Those are all certainly words... @KariByron I’m in Australia and totally down with permanent daylight savings time. Unfortunately a few states here… @peter_ravn @SamRegrets @gaelofdarkness @jephjacques Yeah. This guy had been doing this for years. He admits it’s d… @peter_ravn @SamRegrets @gaelofdarkness @jephjacques I had forgotten this. I went to school with a guy who lost a f… @koffs @KeithSNewman @jephjacques There lies the tragedy of accidental cleaning.
@KeithSNewman @koffs @jephjacques To be fair, running just water through it is a gentle clean in itself. @savagethypolli @drvyom I only unlocked a tiny memory of this show after looking up what other things Luke Carroll… @smh @karlkwin Considering they’ve decided regional areas can use streaming services instead of television... Bec… @agerson24 @RoamingDrunk @H_vonn @JoyChaos @MaraWilson @ThisIsJordanKay I certainly agree with the original comment… @agerson24 @RoamingDrunk @H_vonn @JoyChaos @MaraWilson @ThisIsJordanKay Or anyone, for that matter. @bymysidebritsau @qikipedia It’s generally used to get someone off the street when they’re bordering on other offen… @april_beelou @goodisanoun @drvyom Basically, masks are a single point of protection. But the idea that even this s… @april_beelou @goodisanoun @drvyom Most disposable masks have the same problems. I wear glasses so know when there’… @RoryBurnside @lachlancpollock @kysebollie That is the nature of the internet, unfortunately. Some do it because th… @RoryBurnside @lachlancpollock @kysebollie It truly is scary seeing what is happening elsewhere in the world. I’m t… @RoryBurnside @lachlancpollock @kysebollie That is excellent news! Tracing really is the key for controlling this v… @goodisanoun @drvyom That is just. Wow. My local acf supplies kn95 (Chinese standard, but comparable) to all staff… @RoryBurnside @lachlancpollock @kysebollie Indeed! The skirting and such happening in Sydney lately has been frustr… @WFKARS International Ladd The sleeper Republican! @RoryBurnside @lachlancpollock @kysebollie Unfortunately fed vs state politics is crazy. I was super proud in the b… @UrzilaCarlson Why has this title never been used by a comedian before? It’s perfect! @9NewsAUS The organisation that damaged a massive cultural and environmental wonder for a publicity stunt claims this? Eh. @401authrequired @jephjacques You could say it was, Bruntal... @goodisanoun @drvyom Did I read that last line correctly? Staff weren’t allowed to wear n95s even if they bought it themselves?! @TheRealPembo @drvyom Or lockdown for whatever us in NSW did a few months ago. Because that, and actual Melbourne l…
@Logisticsau @Michael99908062 @gifuoh @TurnbullMalcolm I know someone who once failed to vote due to working. He to…
@jaccidental @DoctorKarl My (layman’s) understanding would guess no, as COVID-19 is viral, whilst the black death was bacterial
@smh Isn’t the number one right the right to life..?
@TPRThomas7 @qikipedia I do tend to hide away inside though, I’m also one of many who avoid blood tests as much as… @TPRThomas7 @qikipedia Indeed! Though, as you did point out, a fairly cheap pill. May do my own personal experiment here though. @jephjacques So I just googled “chipmunk rabies” coz I’m Australian and rabies confuses me. Learned a thing though! @TPRThomas7 @qikipedia I appreciate the info (and disclaimer!) I think anti-vaxxers are more anti-government and th… @TPRThomas7 @qikipedia I got excited that we may have a round about cure for mental illness, then learned a thing f…
@catorobinson @P55Gilbert @9NewsAUS I thought it was anyone leaving Vic, so it should then extend to the NZ peeps too. @kas0966 @9NewsAUS Ch9 probably chose the one person that blames vic... @9NewsAUS @ChristineAhern So, another blame game of who supplies this equipment then? @anne_theriault I had this thought in high school, lying on the sick bay bed, reading the graffiti on the wall.
@TooSnarky @Ricky_Flores @amandadeibert Exactly how I read it without the guide. It’s brilliant! @realerjoetalley @msmandypandy @AliceAvizandum Pop your spoon in a cordless drill. Stirred in 30 seconds! *please… @WormFinger @beelzeborp @WendyMolyneux I always find it odd that we know so much about space, but virtually nothing… @beelzeborp @WormFinger @WendyMolyneux True. Thank you! Our back and forth made me wonder if I should gather all… @_ClaireConnelly @beelzeborp @WormFinger @WendyMolyneux I’ve only had depression and anxiety diagnosed, but I suspect there are othe… @benleemusic Gee, I think you’re an amazing musician and person, then you go and do something like this. How can y…’t believe it took me all day to realize I had to do this.
Retweeted by Jem @beelzeborp @WormFinger @WendyMolyneux I’ve never cut, but I self-sabotage. Using terms that are also emotions was… @beelzeborp @WormFinger @WendyMolyneux But you laugh and smile and tell jokes! You’re fine! @beelzeborp @WormFinger @WendyMolyneux Just don’t stress over things and be happy!! @funder Hey, don’t threaten the rest of the world!
@Elephant_Abroad @susie_dent @tompeck I cannot hear Dutch and clutch sounding the same as butcher, as some here hav… @NPaulson1 @qikipedia I feel like I would ace this. Love me a flat pack! @MaraWilson I definitely have not seen nurses wearing masks incorrectly... @anne_theriault My parents had a cat that would play fetch. He was very old by the time I was born and definitely n… @trillharris @ShrikeTron @socialistdogmom So what you’re telling me is androids dream of electric cows, not sheep? @PxPata @Vic_Rollison I think the concern is there is no tracking of their movements. They also cannot go back to N… @BriBriOnTour @iresimpsonsfans @MaraWilson She replied to me once. My brain malfunctioned. Social media has given…
@jeromolasky @Lubchansky @scabellumpedum This is true, but the sweetness is balanced by tart fruits etc, usually.… @researchplusltd @qikipedia The book is better @CricketnBeer @drvyom I knew there had to be spin on this! The Feds are determined to divide the states and it’s really frustrating.
@OzChauffeur @DunkenKBliths No, WHO have stated that only using lockdowns as an approach is not effective. Don’t re… @KArandjelovic It’s an issue for most portfolios. Parliaments are full of career politicians, not people who actual…
@qikipedia Based on a number of tweets here, I should see my GP... @scott_sycamore @EdelStraum @qikipedia Well, most advertising I’ve seen in Australia uses a mysterious blue fluid t… @LynneShasta40 @ejane2010 @occamsrazor45 If all things are God’s choice, why did he choose to let us discover how to abort? @NaderMokdad_ @9NewsSyd @cokeefe9 @lizziedaniels Certainly breaks up the day! @becauseimjewish So and Alaskan king would pretty much fill my tiny bedroom, but I might actually have space to sle… @NaderMokdad_ @9NewsSyd @cokeefe9 @lizziedaniels The cynic in me thinks the rush and excitement is to distract from… @caitiedelaney Similar to tea cake then? @sianprior What kind of absolute low life doubles down in such a manner after such a reply? @9NewsAUS @Natalia_Cooper9 Here’s the link to the CSIRO study, if anyone is interested in it @wabster @smh @carriefellner Not just national. If you’re in a safe seat, you get nothing, if you suddenly vote aga… @ItsDanSheehan If this is figured out, can we make it go viral so I find out? I’m a little too invested in knowing,… @NaderMokdad_ @9NewsSyd @cokeefe9 @lizziedaniels Came here to say the same. Though it’s not a spelling error, it’s… @migga Look at that landfill...
@MegBennett82 @brionyryles @qikipedia I’ve been told mine will need to go one day because I don’t have the full set… @simonedens @pjcarey11 @qikipedia I’m guessing also that jaws are getting smaller, so the space for wisdom teeth is… @drvyom Hasn’t she been getting death threats already? Is Murdoch just inciting this behaviour now?
@realscienceeee @drvyom Oh wow. Thought I was having some friendly discourse here. Apologies for disturbing you! @veraknieval @amandaortman My uni has about 3 of these in each lecture hall. In really undesirable locations for viewing lectures. @vornietom I’m right-handed, was ambidextrous as a child and both my parents are left-handed. My parents encouraged… @realscienceeee @drvyom I agree, but the power murdoch has is likely to have influenced this. There is an obvious c… @realscienceeee @drvyom You realise that the media is one of the drivers behind some of the stupidity around covid,… @mikesseventy8 @lesleygood1 @smh Pretty good numbers for a weekend! @MatthewBevan Ah yes, the Emu. Or as my 5yo calls them, emmayou.
@DunkenKBliths My backyard maggies are lovely. They bring their babies to our back verandah for snacks. Also to po… @LoungeLised @smh @Dana_Adele Did you read the accompanying article? What I said is what the article states.
@SplendentSweven @LouisatheLast Yes, even if she initially didn’t get it, she probably has it now. Plus, they don’… @JulianBurnside @ScottMorrisonMP I’ve seen so many images of politicians in parliament sitting on their phones. The… @LouisatheLast I’m wondering if Trump is sick, but Melania isn’t. Is this a lie to say they have contact and that’s… @smh @Dana_Adele So “Morrison govt will foot the bill of any compensation payout, but the claimant must prove the c…