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Jen @JenBarclayX Scotland, United Kingdom

'All of our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them.' - Walt Disney💫

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I don’t know why but I’m always in floods of tears at the end credits of the last twilight 😭 @robynmcallister Amazing💛💛💛One year ago 💙💙💙💙
@Hermesparcels why did you send me order back to the sender?Quarantine day 9
Retweeted by JenPracticing for my first holiday after lockdown
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This is Ruby. She likes to pet the other dogs at daycare. 14/10 extremely relatable
Retweeted by JenJust scrolled back on my pictures from last year😭😭😭😭 I promise to never take for granted seeing my friends and family!Got this update from my wee granny😢 93 and still going strong ❤️
Retweeted by JenAm I soooooo unmotivatedHow do you hack someone else’s Alexa????😂Hopefully able to get the dates changed for going to Ibiza later in the year, would be nice to have something to lo… wish my neighbours could just be slightly more considerate on how loud they play their music when I’m trying to chill🙃start of march vs. end of march
Retweeted by JenI just spent over an hour building a radiator cover for it not to fit properly 🙃🙃🙃🙃🙃⁦@paigebarclay99⁩ 😂😂😂
2020 I’m crying at Big Hero 6 @chloegillies_x Thank you honey xxxOk I dont care what anyone says, I would appreciate someone to do TikTok videos with to pass the time😅One day we’ll be reunited my love
Retweeted by JenMe: Trying to eat healthily despite working from my kitchen. My food cupboard:
Retweeted by JenSuch a lovely day ☀️
Ok to early to sleep more Disney+I’ve actually forgotten what hunger feels like because I can’t stop stuffing face🙃*Day 6 of Lockdown* Parents: Why are you always in your room you never come out Me:
Retweeted by JenAnother day, another bottle of wineAm I right in saying you can only go for walks with people you live with??? I am the couchI am becoming the couchdoes anyone else randomly say “ somebody come get her, she’s dancing like a stripperrrrr” or just me???
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Thank god for FaceTime, I’ve spoken to Owen then my gran then my mum and stew❤️It literally broke my heart hearing my gran getting upset on FaceTime as I was saying bye and her saying how much she’s missing me😭😭😭checking my temperature lately
Retweeted by JenThis isolation is really not doing any good for my mental health☹️☹️☹️☹️ so lonely! I will never take for granted g… about all the times I left the club early
Retweeted by Jenthe first part has me wheezing 😭😭😂
Retweeted by JenThis hit ever nerve no being able to give my nephew a cuddle😢💙 would’ve been a perfect day to climb a Munro 😅😢😢😢😢
Hahahaha this self isolation has got me using Tik Tok😂😂 love itSitting getting drunk myself #Quarantine @paigebarclay99 @erynpattie_xx @rebeccambarclay 😂😂😂 @rebeccambarclay @lauzyfaulks @shansxoxox Thanks sis💕💕💕
@JenBarclayX I miss you too Auntie Jen 💙
Retweeted by Jen @XRitchie I agree😂😂 @XRitchie I feel you hun😂❤️Guess I’m going to have to start fancying bald men then eh..
Retweeted by JenBetween folk clapping for NHS workers to me watching another Disney film I can’t stop crying😢I feel so proud to be part of the NHS👏🏼Amazing response hearing so many people clapping and cheering😢💙Any advice appreciated 😔
Retweeted by JenAlready missing my blue eyed boy💙 it’s only taken me over 2 years but I’ve finally managed to make a meal for one and not a meal to feed the entire street😂 @rosiemccarroll 😂😂😂 @samurphy_95 Reminds me of Camp😂😂
Ok now I’m crying at Inside Out, Disney really knows how to hit the heart strings😢 @rebeccambarclay I’m sure @paigebarclay99 has mines😂Crying my eyes out at the lion king even though I know what happens, too emotional for this 😢Family video calls making isolation easier💕 @rebeccambarclay forgot how much I love Frozen❄️ having a wee sing along since I did buy the frozen soundtrack for my car all those years ago😂It’s not letting me download Disney+ on my tv, it’s saying service updating😒
The ghost in my room when it see’s me eat and cry for the 5th time today
Retweeted by Jeni was done with these until i saw this 💀
Retweeted by JenDays like this call for a beana colada
Retweeted by JenBooking bank shift is so mich easier when you are booking them with pals😂
Me pretending I’m a dog to trick the coronavirus
Retweeted by JenSo glad I am able to do my bit and work during all of this, otherwise I wouldn’t see anyone 😅No more lashes😅
@shansxoxox @rebeccambarclay I wonder what you were looking at @robynmcallister Thinking of you❤️
@xdannixpussx @BongosBingo I’m working tomorrow so I’ll get to play another weekend😅 how do you get it? X @xdannixpussx @BongosBingo This sounds like so much fun🤣Face mask and twilight, can my Saturday night get anymore exciting 🙃The first recovered COVID-19 patient in the province of Modena (Italy), a 95 yr old grandmother Some positive new…
Retweeted by JenFor anyone who may struggle with tomorrow being mothers day or anyone in general. Share this far and wide❤️
Retweeted by Jen @elliot_gourlay_ 😂😂😂Day 6 of quarantine
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Someone PLEASE control my eating asap
Retweeted by JenCategory is.... Quarantine couture 👠👠👗 Women: I have nothing to wear! Gays:
Retweeted by JenSelf isolation is going to be a lonely time 😓
Thank you to all our shop assistants in retail just now, they’re doing amazing and are probably not getting the recognition they deserve ❤️
Retweeted by JenWhyyyyyyy has my dad just sent me this? 😭😭😭
Retweeted by JenMy Quarantine Routine! this is just a general guide for myself based on my goals & what works for me! i’m allowin…
Retweeted by JenHad the weirdest dreams the past couple of nights and it 100% means something😂
You can’t please everyone 🤷🏼‍♀️meanwhile sharpay being an unproblematic queen and enjoying social distancing
Retweeted by Jen'Avoid pubs, clubs, theatres and other such social venues'
Retweeted by Jenthe fact ive just finished a 12.5 hour shift to empty shelves in asda😕 it’s so frustrating! Stop bulk buying!!!
Not used my inhalers for a while and noticed they were out of date, so just picked up new ones. If you’ve got asthm…
Retweeted by Jen @GabbsLoutit @OliverFleminggg 😂😂😂
Retweeted by Jen @JenBarclayX you’ve got this babe! we’re all in this together❤️
Retweeted by JenI know that there are bigger problems right now but due to all face to face teaching being cancelled I am very conc… don’t know who needs to see this but it’s Arnold Schwarzenegger in his kitchen, wearing a Terminator t-shirt, giv…
Retweeted by JenHow is this wee baba gonna be one next week😭❤️ #nephew
Watching the news and someone being interviewed ‘been looking for toilet roll for 3 days’ so you’ve not wiped your arse in 3 days 😂
i just know Meredith Grey could stop the coronavirus.
Retweeted by JenCan’t moan when I’m working all weekend because I pick my shifts 😅