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Beefcake & Comics, Oh My! ★ old cryptid ★ Lupin the Third/DS9/ST:NG fan ★ I use #spicybeefcake for my suggestive art ★ Currently drawing Exorcism Academy (18+)

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@purpletop2 What the hell kind of work call was this that he thought Yes this is doin' it for me, hahaIs that kin*kreb*el site ever gonna officially launch I keep waiting to see what it's gonna do haha @purpletop2 Wait who was this about now???Most definitely I'm second owl haha @byelacey you've hit a whole new level of twitter tomfoolery 😔 @zosiamazzoleni why are plants SO dramatic sometimes @purpletop2 I killed my poor orchid so swiftly I didn't even have time to mourn haha @celineorelse You need an elephant sous chef 👨‍🍳 @pIantporn House plants: THIS IS NOT ENOUGH WATER, THIS IS TOO MUCH WATER, THIS SOIL IS HAUNTED I DO NOT VIBE WITH…
Retweeted by Duchess of Beefcake🌈💪My peace lily gets brown leaves if it's watered too much and also gets brown leaves if it's watered too little so a… the crowd yelling each time an elephant smashes a pumpkin This is what sports should be @Razwick82 Lol that's adorable
Does anyone else's cat make little honking noises when they're too tired to give it a full meow lol I will capture it in a video one day 😤 🤌 @pashawasha 😬😬😬 that is horrendous💜💜💜💜💜
Retweeted by Duchess of Beefcake🌈💪 @2ndHandPrince Oh that's good to know!🤘 @MattHTaylor Nnnoooo ear infections blow I hope you feel better soon 😩 @2ndHandPrince I'm not sure, tbh! I dunno if they're beefing it up this year bcs there's more flu strains likely or… MAT FAIRY @kmclaude There's a path to narnia and by god she's gonna find itThis but with Twitter Drama If you'd be embarrassed to explain to a non twitterer what half these discourses are a… @carr_toons Whichever way we dissect this one it's just Bad 😬 @acearohanda Lolllll @byelacey Hallmark throw everything in your card idea list out we got a winner here @byelacey She kept it she KEPT ITHoly shit @BrittSabo @MittieArt @sethsmithart I definitely had an awakening just now that sea loofah is in fact not a thing @BrittSabo @MittieArt @sethsmithart Why did I think they came from the sea lolI got my flu shot and apparently this one has a cocktail of like 4 different strains in it so I'm nervously wonderi… what’s stopping you from dressing like this
Retweeted by Duchess of Beefcake🌈💪 @MittieArt @sethsmithart WHAT 👀 @chaotixcomic If we could, if we didn't need to cling to it for advertising/marketing, I think a lot of ppl would leave in a heartbeat haha @frenchpressplz I'm so tired of this notion that we have to tack on several caveats to a tweet like we're writing r… @zappBEAST Honestly I'm getting too old for this nonsense so I feel you haha @byelacey @whotookfowlie All of this makes me want to just yell "Log off log OFF LOG OFF" @Vimeddiee That's so ridiculous I hate that anyone would have to do that over something so inconsequential hhhh 😩 @BatichiKristen Same, constantly. Read my comic, but do not perceive me 😤 @ElaineMWill Uuugh SAME and I've gone back and deleted tweets after I've thought of some angle or interpretation th… @artyewok Ppl just...have nothing else better to do but go after random ppl on Twitter I guess 😩 @LhoBrockhoff @ashworksco @makinggardens @geraldstratfor3 @ShowAmateur Yessssss🌺👏👏🤘 @byelacey God that's exhausting, what do ppl want, for you to complete a thesis on every user before you interact with a tweet @JessiSheron @starstarparty Can you imagine all the times you'd get caught on, like, drawer handles or whatever lolrex moves
Retweeted by Duchess of Beefcake🌈💪oh well |
Retweeted by Duchess of Beefcake🌈💪 @galev_ph I walk the line between "I want ppl to read my comic" and "please don't perceive me" all the time hahabirds playing volleyball
Retweeted by Duchess of Beefcake🌈💪 New Tigers! Is here⛵️⚓️ #hiveworks
Retweeted by Duchess of Beefcake🌈💪 @starstarparty Oh no this makes me so uncomfortable knowing it exists and someone made it haha @purpletop2 "They said they didn't like horror but then they watched Hannibal, shows how fake and performative they… don't know how anyone with a high follower count manages to operate on Twitter without thoroughly analysing every… @LhoBrockhoff Definitely @makinggardens, you'll find all manner of gardening enthusiasts over there! And…'s not wrong, it's like tap dancing over a minefield wondering if today's the day you'll share some innocuous tho… explained to Brett the whole backlash against artists posting pics of their work space and every time I tell him… course of action is decided on, in today's page of The Black Orb! 🗨️- Support the Comic…
Retweeted by Duchess of Beefcake🌈💪New Blitz Phoenix!
Retweeted by Duchess of Beefcake🌈💪Nothing feels as cheerful in the morning as looking at gardening twitter and seeing posts from ppl who are positive… enjoying the rain - the clues in the name 😂🌸#Flowers #Hydrangealove #Gardening
Retweeted by Duchess of Beefcake🌈💪Fresh Waffles and you've got something on your face | #webcomic #hiveworks
Retweeted by Duchess of Beefcake🌈💪 @Vimeddiee Hjsadkljfh 😂Demon wants to destroy a bed with exorcist, but like, lovingly
@BatichiKristen Hang in there, bud! 💙 @CoreyremarK Aaawww 😩I know a lot of art/webcomic people are introverts and/or have depression and it's VERY EASY to just lock yourself…
Retweeted by Duchess of Beefcake🌈💪I feel like if you have the energy to get involved in ridiculous online discourse then you have energy to start a p… @lakehounds Social media was a mistake @SunScales Right??? The fact that ppl typed those words means they need to go stand outside in the sun and listen to a bird or somethingEveryone needs to log off and go outside sometimes, you'll feel betterDo ppl just make up things to be mad about now what the hell are all these weird subtweets about human bones today @Hdharris_irl @Alakotila I legitimately do not understand ppl who wholeheartedly believe writing fiction = endorsem… @Alakotila Characters making poor decisions is possibly the most believable part of any story, imo. It's certainly… artists are lying if they don't say they'd create their OCs/comic setting lol @shawnlenore I mean, there might be clothes in there who knows @ShadowWolf_32 A triumph 💪😤💪 @BeeZeeArt @Alexis_Royce Right?! No one ever mentions quarterly taxes 😩It feels exactly like those shitty "budget" worksheets everyone makes fun of bcs the budget didn't include heat, or… "how to know when you can move to being a full time creator" forum post that doesn't include "be able to afford… is just how I draw every fantasy type character bcs I don't want to do proper research into costume design so…🌺 Draw Bath Beefcake🌺 @imagni At least a couple times a weekSeen not warbling and then, warbling fiercely @genicecream I put a lot of effort into making merch I'd want to put on my stuff or wear or use so heck yeah I use… your OTP in a cooking AU?? look through your old hard drive from high school
Retweeted by Duchess of Beefcake🌈💪Sometimes making comics is just wait how do you hold a fork how do you hold a plate how do you--
Retweeted by Duchess of Beefcake🌈💪Lets be gay in the woods --- Satoru Noda
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@lostgubbins :deposits filth into your hands: sorry about this 😔🍆 @purpletop2 He's ready he's ready!! 😤👏👏👏 @galev_ph It's back!!!👀Would you like...comic🤲👀 comic updates tomorrow 👀
Retweeted by Duchess of Beefcake🌈💪Nathan Lane's high pitched theatrical scream lol "What are you giving him, what the hell are pirin tablets???" "The… time to watch The Birdcage and draw comics @KeezyBees Nothing ruins a meal like a soggy fry 😩 @purpletop2 I feel like that's how it goes! The final straw that tips the scales @JessiSheron I think that's as close as we'll get!Maybe I just like chips, huhI like crunchy over-done fries where is my square
they're lesbians
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