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Beefcake & Comics, Oh My! ★ old cryptid ★ Lupin the Third/DS9/ST:NG fan ★ Currently drawing Exorcism Academy (18+) over on @Asmo_EA

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Drawing comics during 2021 still like evidence Lupin ditches his clothes at every opportunity presented in his hijinks Swimmer Update:
Retweeted by Himbo Beefcake, PhD🌈💪 @prinxeMu isn't this like the third time they've done a kickstarter, this is absurdKickstarter why are you even letting this happen my mans @MarySafroArt she sounds like someone in her fav fandom got a lot more kudos on their A03 fic than hers didNow listen here fanfiction introduced me to the concept of alternate universes with college age darth maul having t… Caption: Me on my way to sell my smut comics in an increasingly puritan online landscape lol @evegwood the new Serenity Prayer for artistsPretty Dahlia peeping in. Dahlias here bloom almost all year round. I have sown seeds of Dahlia this time. Buds hav…
Retweeted by Himbo Beefcake, PhD🌈💪Please grant me this level of tenacity in 2021 @Aszabla Uuugh ppl sure do put a lot of energy into the weirdest things, tags are not that deep :/ @lostgubbins lol
@purpletop2 Ethan, suddenly looking up from where he's reading, 3 rooms away bcs he somehow knew Al was making the…,400 year old Ancient Egyptian painting palette with its colors still preserved. (MOMA)
Retweeted by Himbo Beefcake, PhD🌈💪this just needs to be the first message everyone sees when their home feed loads shitpost Al bcs it appeared to capture his soul this magazine cover I found sure looks interesting...if only i somehow had the full thing 🤔
Retweeted by Himbo Beefcake, PhD🌈💪That feeling when you get a brand new story idea, but it literally has no plot yet, just vibes
Retweeted by Himbo Beefcake, PhD🌈💪 @purpletop2 its free and syncs between all devices! @CakeRaptor I know squash is one of them, but are there others you find are easy to start from seed?What would I do without Trello to capture all my thousand comic ideas and to-do lists hhh 🙏 @steelknife23 there are SO MANY critters I have seen in the backyard already, I'm fearful I won't get to harvest a… @Orudeon listen this is a high stakes game lol @Rosengeranium Nope I'm still just reading on the basics of garden starting/care and when to plant what seeds hahaFor someone who sits here and yells "Just start your comic! That is how you learn!" I've really got egg on my face… @pepurika called out LOUDLYNot even picked up my gardening gloves yet and I'm already effing up lolMe, watching a youtube video about top 5 new gardener mistakes and taking notes: this is very good for my research… kinda feel like my username is slightly misleading making ppl think I am constantly posting beefy himbos when in… @Laugh_Hurt I was definitely used that as a "well at least this won't last forever" coping mechanism for a while 😔Hey, all webcomic creators who use ComicFury! The moderator made a post on the forums talking about how it's becomi…
Retweeted by Himbo Beefcake, PhD🌈💪I think comic artists are always slightly vibrating with the energy of their current comic effort and also the 17 o…
Retweeted by Himbo Beefcake, PhD🌈💪 @gpike_ Often my worst case scenarios are simply unrealistic, bcs I'll take them all the way down to "this, then th… @gpike_ Honestly some of it was medication and a lot of it was therapy - one thing that helped me a lot is to write… @purpletop2 I wasn't prepared 😰 @artyewok I don't know how I functioned before I got on anxiety meds, tbhTurns out living in a constant state of panic and dread isn't good for humans 🤠This is one of the first things therapy taught me - if you're always living ready for the worst, you're taking the… did I think manatees had mouths like hippos and instead they have whatever is going on in this
@eatyourlipstick Hmmmm I hadn't considered that but must I do it when it's just me and the cat alone in the house lol @universalfoe That movie would still scare me today as a 37 year old hhhh 😰😰 @eatyourlipstick Why do we suffer like this lolI dunno if it counts bcs I think I was already in like, 7th grade but the movie Se7en gave me nightmares for weeks… @eatyourlipstick Is this a universal thing bcs I do this too and then I text him, real mad that he left and I made myself scared lol @Josie_Fenton Lol that's a perfect name for themI know I'm foolish but must I always look it 🥲Time for a haircut 💇 I got a wing of hair that always juts out over my ear bcs of my glasses if I don't tuck it in,… this week's page of Bicycle Boy, playtime and cuddles. No, really. 🚲
Retweeted by Himbo Beefcake, PhD🌈💪 @Avencri That was one of them, yeah 😰Like why is it just apparently a basic lid on top of a tank, it's like it's a tupperware container 😭Watching you tube during lunch break regarding mysterious water tank deaths (your typical appropriate lunch time me… @rott3nMILK Happy birthday!!!🎉🥳Gotta be a 3 @nyankokimi 😮I FEEL ATTACKED
Retweeted by Himbo Beefcake, PhD🌈💪I don't actually remember anything remarkable about high school at all except that it was obvious I had an anxiety… @y2jenn 😤👌👌👌I like a llllllot of characters in star trek but Picard & Q will always be my favorite far we haven't had any specific "being a human sucks" moments from Odo but I'm sure they're coming hahaOdo got changed into a human in this episode and all I could think about was Q when he got turned human and was lik… someone actually sat down and typed this out and hit send
@rays__helll I hear nothing but sad stories about ppl trying to use tiktok for shirtless mens drawing and I'm angry about it every time 😤I'm rooting for my bones.
Retweeted by Himbo Beefcake, PhD🌈💪 @VelvetRasputin Twitter, sees there's news about a much more infectious strain of the virus spreading rapidly across the globe: 🙃 :closes Twitter: @MattHTaylor Love this goblin manFound some old quality concept arts
Retweeted by Himbo Beefcake, PhD🌈💪 @pepurika Your character clothing always looks amazing, I will draw nice outfits once and then they get progressive… Webcomic artists: w-would you consider backing my Kickstarter 🥲 sunshine🌻 Looking forward to seeing a variety of sunflowers and pollinators again this season💛 Happy Thursday…
Retweeted by Himbo Beefcake, PhD🌈💪 @Toastheaven It shouldn't take this much effort when all you want is for someone to help you when you're at your lowest 😔😔 @HakuryuKagami 😩😩😩nooo
@purpletop2 That really sucks, healthcare really needs to do better overall but especially in this particular arena @prinxeMu It's a lot to have to go through especially when you're at the end of your rope, which is unfortunately w…'s also important to match up specifically trained therapists for specific issues and sometimes that's an extremely narrow target to hit 😩To add to this, one bad experience can put you off trying again for years (meeeee) and that sucks especially when y… made a Regrets Hanzo skin myself Sad murder boy 😭
Retweeted by Himbo Beefcake, PhD🌈💪Cat: "I'm baby, let me in" 🥺🥺🥺 Owners: the hell you are, walk your ass over to the cat door which you are pointedly ignoring @Charlietrypsin Cats are so shady😹
Retweeted by Himbo Beefcake, PhD🌈💪Lolll belligerent cats acting like they don't know any better @QueerBogWitch There are a fair number of ppl who were like Ahhh who do you think you’re fooling with that so it’s… @purpletop2 It’s incredible anyone is still tethering themselves to his wagon like ok you go bravely into that dark…‘He never said to go and be violent! He never said that specifically!" Bitch pleaseListening to the second impeachment proceedings and feeling my blood pressure rise whenever ppl stand there and che…おめでとうございます🎉
Retweeted by Himbo Beefcake, PhD🌈💪they........
Retweeted by Himbo Beefcake, PhD🌈💪Fresh Waffles and nice secret you got there. Would be a shame if someone were to... use deductive reasoning on it.…
Retweeted by Himbo Beefcake, PhD🌈💪Trying to impress cats and failing is universal
Retweeted by Himbo Beefcake, PhD🌈💪They'll never understand the c o m p l e x i t y wanna watch the lupin movie real bad but I know the second I do I'm gonna go off on a lupin fan art tear and I mu… @CansofBeans It's indispensable 😤 @atomic_maria It took me a long time but my home feed is very nice now hahaI haven't seen any of the discourse just saw someone talking about the discourse happening bcs my mute list is batt… @heysawbones Do ppl think that once you've landed one (1) professional job you are set for life or whatI guess the classic "don't participate in portfolio day hashtag events if you're already a professional artist" dis… @Neekko I did a double take, it's so tiny??! How would the lead not break immediately haha