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Jennifer Adam @JenFSAdam Missouri, USA

Hedgemagic, stormhorses, crows & brave girls: THE LAST WINDWITCH (HarperCollins, 2021) Repped by @SarahLandis1 I love fountain pens, ballet, and BLM mustangs.

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@BooksBabiesBeer I can't wait for you to get your turn!!!! @ethiedee This is SO TRUE. I tell my husband all the time how amazing it is that internet people care about my thou… @CasieBazay !!!!! Thank you so much for the kind mention. <3 Brida claims her true magic, finds her place in her family and community, and orchestrates the balance of seaso… The answer involves spoilers, so I'll just say the wicked queen forces some characters to do things they wish t… @CiannonS Aw, thanks! @CiannonS 🤣😬A5: Brida must learn to master her own magic, untangle threads of intrigue and betrayal, and figure out how to free… @CiannonS I am SO excited to read your book!!!A4: It forces her to examine the truth about her past and requires her to step outside her comfort zone. When confr… @jsamtaylor Yikes! But I love that you turned the experience into a book. :D And I can't wait to read it! @JessicaOlson123 I can't wait to read your book - I am always here for a Phantom reimagining!! Also, I'm so sorry y… @shakirahwrites I am so excited about your book. It sounds AMAZING.A3: I live on a working family farm, so the balance of weather/seasons impacts me in a profound way. I started with… @jessicavitalis I am so excited to read this. @Mingshuwrites I NEED SERIOUS SKINCARE HELP SO PLEASE DO @meganefreeman @SimonKIDS This sounds so good! @hopefullhappens I definitely need more pirate books in my life.A2: Brida must discover what her real magic is in order to defeat a wicked queen and restore balance to the broken… Hi! I'm Jen and my book is THE LAST WINDWITCH, coming April 13, 2021. It's about a hedgewitch's apprentice, sto…
@AlixEHarrow 👀 @Saille @stephanieburgis I love them too and I have five I use ALL THE TIME, so I can't really complain! And the tw… @Emily_R_King Oooh, EMILY. I need this book *so badly.**FLASH GIVEAWAY* Retweet to enter to win an arc of WINGS OF FURY, releasing March 2021. Contest closes 10/27. Open…
Retweeted by Jennifer Adam @raecarson (Evidently my coping strategy for stress is just FIND ALL THE DISTRACTIONS). @erinhahn_author I'm so sorry. Holding you and yours in my thoughts and prayers. @raecarson Finished edits on 1 book and 2 drafts of another. Got back on my flighty mustang after coming off hard t… promised myself I would never read my reviews because I'm a ball of nerves and self-doubt even at the best of tim… @jandersoncoats Oooh, love that! @CasieBazay I just did! Sent you a reply. <3 @CasieBazay I'm thinking about totally rewriting my first book. The heart of the story hasn't let me go yet, but no… @kazmahoney WHAT. There used to be peacocks roaming wild around my childhood neighborhood in northern California an… this evening! Come chat with us about conflict, antagonists, and all things spooky!
Retweeted by Jennifer Adam @jessicavitalis 👀🐺👀 @CLiwrites @KirkusReviews Yay Christina! That's fantastic! @jandersoncoats Ha! I just made a list of all the features my dream house would have, also instead of wording. :P @matociquala @aliettedb @stephanieburgis @Inksea @fran_wilde Ooh, thanks for the suggestion! Those look beautiful.… I've read many excellent spooky MG books in the last couple of weeks, but SMALL SPACES by… @jandersoncoats YES. That book is delightfully terrifying!! @aliettedb @matociquala @stephanieburgis @Inksea @fran_wilde Thank you!! @aliettedb @matociquala @stephanieburgis @Inksea @fran_wilde How do the nib sizes compare with TWSBI? Is a FWI fine… @aliettedb @matociquala @stephanieburgis @Inksea @fran_wilde Ooooooooh. Those look AMAZING. Thank you so much for the suggestion! @eloraflora13 Oooooof. Sorry - sending you love and support. They didn't deserve you anyway. Hope you find the best possible job fit soon. @stephanieburgis @matociquala @aliettedb @Inksea Thanks for tagging pen friends, Stephanie! I'm always interested t… @matociquala @stephanieburgis @aliettedb @Inksea @fran_wilde Oh, thanks for the warning! This is super helpful. It'… @matociquala @stephanieburgis @aliettedb @Inksea I have both a Metro and a Plaisir and I get along okay with them,… @glenatron That sounds a lot like Cricket! Every time her dull response frustrates me, I just remember how nice it… @AlixEHarrow This is so lovely and soul-filling. Thank you for sharing ~ I needed it this morning. <3 @glenatron Licking is a far better use for humans than kicking or biting, so he sounds like a winner. 🤣😉 @stephanieburgis I'm not sure! I'm enjoying the research phase ~ I LOVE my TWSBI Eco pens because they hold so much…, I LOVE these questions ~ especially if you're trying to decide between a couple of potential projects. @glenatron He's looking good! I love his wide white blaze. @stephanieburgis I'm so sorry. Sending you hugs and love. I have a lot of work to do today (deadline at the end of… @tlecountmyers I don't either! WOE. @CasieBazay Sending all the good vibes and well wishes. @marikoturk Congratulations!!! And welcome to the world, little one. My daughter was very slow, too, so I used to r…
@alexadonne @GetUnderlined LOVE THAT COVER!! @jelenawoehr Congrats!! @MeganBannen Last winter I bought myself a little space heater that looks like a fake fire and it is seriously one… looked out my window to discover that it is SNOWING before Halloween. I... I am not ready for winter. 0.o @lauraeweymouth In honor of the disaster that has been 2020, I am breaking my own rule and putting up lights the da… @megfuzzle I used to tell my kids: "You don't have to sleep, but you do need to be quiet because momma needs a break!" Lol @troublesomej3nn @SikuthaniMeg Ooooh, THANK YOU! @megfuzzle HOLY CATS. That is a lot of snow - but thank goodness. Sending warm and safe thoughts your way.
Okay, friends. I did it - I added a project for #NaNoWriMo. My username is wldhrsjen3 if anyone wants to find me th… my husband just before I turned 20, married him at 21. 22 years and two kids later we're still best friends and… @troublesomej3nn @SikuthaniMeg Yes! I was going to say Lindsey Stirling. I admit to an obsession with classical mus… @megfuzzle WHEW. So glad y'all have gotten snow. (Never something I thought I'd say in October... ha.) @saskwriter I'm seriously considering it, too, only there is NO way I can get 50k right before the holidays and whi… @Lora013 @The___Pete Happy Anniversary! Also, that cake!!!!!! @MirandaWriteNow I AM DYYYYIIINNG. 🤣 @KrisRey19 LOVE. @jencoxshah @CarolynTara My 1st book doesn't come out until April 2021, but so far I'd say: A) ALL THE WAITING and… @FinkHernandez I am so, so, so sorry. Sending you love and light. @arden_katherine HAPPY BIRTHDAY! @jenichappelle I'm really looking forward to it. Last Halloween I had to have rather complicated finger surgery, so… @jenichappelle Bonfire and hot cider! Hot dog roast and s'mores! (My college kids are coming home for a campout, so…
@glenatron Ha! Yeah, I'd have to be transformed first otherwise it would definitely not be the best experience... 😹🐭Well, Sparrow is much less enthusiastic about the Nutcracker. 🤣 @BlueSummerGirl SO MUCH YES. @mycandacejean GORGEOUS. @BlueSummerGirl YES I NEED THIS IN MY LIFE.So I have just discovered that all three of my cats love Vivaldi as much as I do. My evolution into eccentric old c… ~ missed a couple of days because #Harvest2020 and also #amediting but this one is easy: I wish I coul… @JessicaBurkhart @megfuzzle @MeganBannen Ooooh, I like the idea of a half NaNo! @MeganBannen MEEEEEEE? I'm turning in edits at the end of this month (at least that's the plan! 🤣) and then I need…
@Bibliogato Yeah, my sister lives there and she's been texting photos of red skies and ash all over her car. She's… @SG_Marsh CONGRATS!!!! I cannot wait to read this. @Cmiller61408 I am 43 years old and I am still not over that scene. @CjWalke19139700 @steven94117 Those are GORGEOUS. The horses especially... I am all 😍😍😍Speaking of happy mail! I also got my package from @PenzeysSpices! @SPrineas @JohnDeere happy mail for a farmer! (Came at the perfect time, too - he's been stressing about harvest. T… handwritten card, a photo book of our tractor and signatures of the line workers, and an Ertl miniature tractor.…, one of the things my family was looking forward to this spring was a Gold Key Tour for our new @JohnDeere 9570… @hayley_chewins Happy Birthday!!Today is my Birthday, so here are my wishes 🥳 🎂VOTE!! Please vote, please make sure everyone you know votes…
Retweeted by Jennifer Adam @AGWishingrad HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!I AM CACKLING. 🤣🤣🤣 (Ohhh do I remember those days. My son, Stretch, HATED reading because he said, "Number rules ma… @JacquelineMWest @GreenwillowBook WOW. That cover is AMAZING and I can't wait to read it! @NicLesperance SO TRUE.