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@RaidsBoosted Pls join guys BOOSTED HO-OH Instinct Gym "BThe Porterhouse Hotel" Timer at 40 PLease join at 37 -33.880654,151.213690 #ExPassGym
Retweeted by yewkingPikachu 29/749/89✨👧 35.687562,139.726126
Retweeted by yewking🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥PLEASE BE CAREFUL the terrible game of the #BlueWhale is going around again!! If you don’t know what it…
Retweeted by yewkingPidove 💯 CP 787 L35 28.381038, -81.536287 #ShinyCheck #Max
Retweeted by yewkingPikachu 27/703/91✨👧 -34.960914,117.928424
Retweeted by yewkingNice Charmander ✨ Nest Want to lure up? -36.8954785, 174.78954923
Retweeted by yewkingPlease, please, hot air balloon rocket..I warn you not to fly in to my territory 🙏🏻🙏🏻 @wagner_fortes1 @Last_Praetorian It is old normal in pogo game..unless you are new abnormal trainer 😂 @jenghom Tks Hyde park is awesome 👏 👍
Retweeted by yewking @gianj_18 Since Niantic return all banned accounts @Last_Praetorian Nice ❤️Happy 4th of July to all Americans out there. 😀💯✨ Shundo Pikachu didn’t give me hard time in this event. 🤣 Just sha…
Retweeted by yewkingLONGEST ROW OF POKESTOPS IN POKEMON GO (coordinates in video description) @BPost222
Retweeted by yewking
Lastly not forgetting this 🔥 Squirtle nest -33.98902, 18.43220 spawn is a lot more than what has shown in the map boosted Balbasaur nest in Nagoya Japan 35.06323, 136.95311 @AbhiPrinc3 I don’t use GPX sorry 🙏🏻 @gianj_18 lured up Charmander nest in USA 29.71699, -95.39432 Charmander spawn at Keningston Gardens London 51.50548, -0.18576 shiny without shiny sign and spark animation? I like yellow Hoothoot anyway 😂
Oh no I di-in’t! Gurl, oh yes you did... 😉 #PogoShinyMasters @FoxxyFoto @BrandyShemal2 @OzRlate1 @shinypok3hunt3r
Retweeted by yewking @dab2047 @i_arceus Try alternative installation, you may need a computer @nyankosensei252 That was general event spawn I think ?Shiny Squirtle y’all 🤩!! Now to get Charmander, Bulbasaur and Pidove 🥴!! Squirtle wasn’t bad thanks to the nest sha…
Retweeted by yewkingNice Squirtle nest in Bremen Germany - my first 5 checks already got shiny Squirtle with hat nest 51.47087, 7.47… @i_arceus @dtdmtdr Yes @nyankosensei252 👍👍notedAnd pidove the god bird is shiny..anyone caught and show off? will come with Balloon bet 😂 @iamarchis16 You bet .. previous Voltorb nest has changed to Six Eggs is windy boosted for six eggs Five normal one br… major cities from the middle to south of Japan are rainy weather..Tokyo, Nagoya, Osaka etc green color in map s…✨✨✨ 34.61177771587458, 135.51815069452982 Thanka for the Nest bro @jenghom
Retweeted by yewkingHave you tried out “Zaragoza of the East”?? 😂😂 Zara-style luring stops but no lures 😂 Jakarta-Zara pogo spot -6.…✨ Eevee ✨ 💯% boosted CP: 979 Level: 34 🇺🇸 university 🇺🇸 28.071381,-82.423770 #hundo #shundo For more 🔥🔥🔥 coords follow @PoGoHubOfficial
Retweeted by yewking join this discord Go go “NESTS” - they are mappers and updated the nests non stop daily…😱✨😱✨🤩✨😱✨😱 #1 Friends 💪🤩🤩🤩🤩 he is so cute 😍
Retweeted by yewkingNot easy to locate Pika nest guys ..even you tried the source of nests - when you click pika it pop up this message… @carl123456798 @Reclaimer_9 No limit of purchase..😂😂 @shinypok3hunt3r @OzRlate1 @IceColdMystic @ToddyG77 @BrandyShemal2 @Conservativ_Cat @Pokebuddie45 @cuito4028 Congrats 🎊 @Ryokichan2 No one knows what causing ban..this might be one of the many possibilities. Choice is yours bro, to risk or not to risk @Ryokichan2 I only use at my Yolo accounts @Ryokichan2 @Ryokichan2 Use third party “enhance throw” but risk of flagging @ThruMeSheShines I thought it was shiny & retweet for you😅😅Bulbasaur too 😱
Retweeted by yewkingFirst shiny of this event 😍 @CoordsPokemon @GaganGulati333 @BPost222 @Shinytracker
Retweeted by yewking @OzRlate1 Thanks brother 😊
Retweeted by yewking✨Squirtle✨ Nest 🍃 in Japan 🇯🇵 34.615320,135.518255
Retweeted by yewking✨Bulbasaur Nest✨ ✨Get your party hat on coz the Event has already started here in Christchurch ✨ ✨Coords -43.530427…
Retweeted by yewking @Iceman9780 Still searching..Nest shifting happens , previous pika nest has changed 🙏🏻Guys anyone having this problem?? Or just me?? 🤔🤔
1.366481, 103.8449,-15.428776 T5 Raid #Boosted #Zekrom #ExraidGym #windy Mystic Control 12 Min to Hatch Join at Hatch
Retweeted by yewking @Gr34tWhite @OzRlate1 This is flying & dancing Pikachu 😂 @jenghom I'm looking for shiny Riolu. (Registered) I have this Klink to trade and several other shinys! DM if in…
Retweeted by yewkingStill giving away a shiny articuno (pogo) And shiny starters (sword and shield) Check it out 👇…
Retweeted by yewking @ThruMeSheShines Haha 😂👌👌"C" to "G" mega..which one is your favourite? @SnehBhansali1 @dineshdash3 @FruitPokemon @StardustPokmnGO @nui103kp_kp @GaganGulati333
Retweeted by yewkingOnix nest Singapore @jenghom #PokemonGo 1.284541, 103.787453
Retweeted by yewking @SnehBhansali1 soon to #pokemonGo, 103.79317 @OzRlate1 The Snorlax is green color 😅🚨 GOFEST TICKET GIVEAWAY 🚨 Giving away 16 Gofest Tickets(from me and amazing Donors) -Watch full video for detail…
Retweeted by yewking1.30786, 103.79317
@OzRlate1 This is how flying pika look like in Go Fest ?I’m not sure about this lol Pikachu looks like the flying piggy,also looks nervous and uncomfortable
Retweeted by yewking @W_andrianto @wernericeman @OzRlate1 @IceColdMystic @BrandyShemal2 @Kaz5183 @The_Trap_Is_Set Good luck! May the shi… @W_andrianto @wernericeman @OzRlate1 @IceColdMystic @BrandyShemal2 @Kaz5183 @The_Trap_Is_Set This shiny butt is not… you are looking for Taiwan’s Pokemon spawn, then undoubtedly WeCatch is the me I know what I am intr… @66linkjoker99 @FLWvideos T5 Zekrom 🇹🇭 Thailand Boosted ExpassGym Potenciado Weather : Windy Gym control : Instinct : 💛…
Retweeted by yewking @66linkjoker99 @FLWvideos I have tweeted a YouTuber video just now, it very much answering your questionIndianapolis zoo turned into a Skitty nest!!💖💖 #nestmigration 39.766649,-86.181037
Retweeted by yewking✨Clefairy✨Nest in Brazil 🇧🇷 -26.507305,-49.127925
Retweeted by yewkingThis is a superb nice video love it so much & if you are the trainers having same interest like me, you should not miss out this guy. Subscri… to my cheap video edit effort, I’m learning from ground zero..until I hv elementary skill then I wish to furthe… @ThruMeSheShines I trust who you trust 😂👍155 Cyndaquil 💯 ʟ 34 ᴄᴘ 896 ♂ 🇳🇿 Tamaki, New Zealand Est time to dsp: 15:51 Boosted ♡𓃭 @skittyz2 -36.889986,174.838343
Retweeted by yewking @ThruMeSheShines Be careful when you choose trainer🙏🏻I know it’s a REALLY LONG SHOT but is there anyone willing to do some shiny hunting on my main alt account today?!…
Retweeted by yewking