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JEN KIRKMAN 👩🏻‍💻 @JenKirkman Sheltering In Place in LA

Netflix specials “I’m Gonna Die Alone & I Feel Fine” & “Just Keep Livin” NY Times Bestseller. TV Writer. Podcaster. NO FUN THE JEN KIRKMAN 👇🏼PODCAST 🎧

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@laurenlogi “Going” with friends to an online show is the cutest thing I’ve ever heard! 🎄🥂 @MeganWilhoite Awww. I hope you two have a great time. ❤️🎄Got my ticket as soon as they were available! My mom and I will be watching from our cozy, decorated living room 💚…
Retweeted by JEN KIRKMAN 👩🏻‍💻I'm going to this with friends. Who's coming?
Retweeted by JEN KIRKMAN 👩🏻‍💻Get your life together and get a ticket for my show tomorrow night! Watch the whole video where I explain if you ca… on a hike early this am on a totally open trail. And then went to drop a package off for shipping at my neighb… @morgan_murphy this is hugeOk, but THIS one is totes true, tho. @FaheemYounus yup @amybethsol It’s so stupid that it’s less restricted than the March lockdown and there are 5 billion more cases nowOne thing that can’t be canceled in LA? My DysFUNctional 🎄Xmas 🎄🎤Show. Live from my living room this Friday night!… @jamie_sanyal just don’t walk there! or drive there! or take public transport which is running!no thoughts. no prayers. is the order. It says don’t go anywhere and then lists 40,000 things that are open. anyone wants to read the Stay at Home order (in LA) put into effect tonight - it’s basically less than the first… @lauferlaw yes it’s just weird language as there are 5,000 exceptionsI didn’t get any text alert. This article says: “All travel, including travel on foot, bicycle, scooter, motorcycl… @SMarmalstein @ChrisFranjola i’ll never forget fish from marina to uni city @ChrisFranjola @SMarmalstein “from car to table” dining at its finest @ChrisFranjola interesting @katylu78 @jenkirkmanpod I’m honored!If you ever wondered what it’s like to be friends with @ChrisFranjola or me @jackiekashian @Chriswb71 🎄❤️ @admiralmpj Whatever the most generic is that Twitter would offer. I imagine something like the Four SeasonsIf Twitter had a “memories” thing - mine would just be pics of my tweets about various rapists in comedy set to classical music. @Caissie 🥰
@megstalter Christmas came early. Thank u @JeffCioletti What if I’m just snooping a little?If you didn't know I had a podcast you have 364 episodes to catch up on! What a great way to spend the last two mon… episode of my podcast “No Fun” @jenkirkmanpod is up! Listen where u get podcasts or Th… @charliepick You’re such a fashionista dropping that language.Omg my Christmas show is in two nights! 🎄🎄🎄🥂GET IT TOGETHER YOU GUYS AND GET A TICKET! (It’s online so everyone can… Going Into Your Friend’s Homes Or any indoor space with them. County reported a record-high number of COVID-19 cases and hospitalizations today. Experts said the cases are no…
Retweeted by JEN KIRKMAN 👩🏻‍💻Awful⭐️EXTRA🎤👩🏻‍💻FUN⭐️ I am on my pal @jackiekashian podcast @DorkForestPod talking about my ❤️ of Hallmark 🎄 Movies. LI…
Retweeted by JEN KIRKMAN 👩🏻‍💻 @DannyDeraney @Caissie @SMarmalstein We buy them out. Easy. @TheJudalina Can you believe it's been A YEAR since we all started? OMG. Your Paris trip seems ten minutes ago and I wasn't even there. @SMarmalstein @Caissie @DannyDeraney PERFECT USE OF SWWC @Caissie @DannyDeraney @SMarmalstein Steve has contacts in the garment industry. This is SO gonna happen. @TheJudalina Ha ha! You are just too cute!!! :) Hi!!! @SMarmalstein @DannyDeraney @Caissie That's the BEST part. It really seals the deal that you don't care! :)Anxious? Want some breadcrumbs to know where to search and by someone you can trust who is just a comedian with a l… @Caissie omg my friend @SMarmalstein and I have been doing this for legit - what almost a decade? It’s the best way to live 🥰😂When it’s cold in LA and I want the windows open. @morgan_murphy I half withdraw my compliment..@morgan_murphy asks me this then I text her and compliment what I thought were her “pants”. 😂 Maybe she’s right.… @morgan_murphy Nope. Wasn’t me. 😂👇👀
@AmarettoCooper @jackiekashian It's not no-brain fluff if you a make a spreadsheet - a la Russ Kashian about it! :) @RheaButcher ❤️❤️ @jackiekashian Is there a full version on you tube or just a teaser? I’m gonna post the video on my patreon if ther…’m on my pal @jackiekashian’s delightful podcast The DorK Forest where I babble about my love of Hallmark Christma… @laguerita2020 i am first of the am. i’m not worried about the part of the tooth exposed i’m worried the rest will… @lscase that’s ok. i’m a grown up on my 40’a and also have a mom but am really responsible and high risk for covid so i got it x"Vat is dees stupid Creesmas Show?" - Melania Trump Get a ticket for Friday night folks. just isn't Christmas until you put red leaf lettuce in giant pots.
@TRShea No. @lscase yes already did. ii'm pretty smart! @ChrisFranjola @anylaurie16 thanks @biloon @anylaurie16 I do have it! first one @TourOfDoody why don't you binge my pod? @jenkirkmanpod @anylaurie16 I'm so freaked out but I don't really have a choice cuz if my tooth falls off later when shit is even… @jonmhansen were you here 2009-2012? was awesome.Joe Biden just won the election AGAIN AGAIN AGAIN AGAIN AGAIN don’t know why strangers are giving me teeth/medical advice. Like what is that impulse to tell someone what to do… @sianharries_ oh. that doesn’t help me feel better.I mean, I realize my dentist and staff are afraid of me and other patients as I am of them. I'm just in a whine-y m… @WHarrington basically lol as effective as temp taking! :) thank you. @WriteKevThayer Zero discomfort just concerned with the rest of it falling off. @WHarrington Mine are very concerned as well I just don't trust ANYONE right now @WHarrington I can't see a dentist that I don't know who didn't do the original work on these veneers. I have been… @smickable I definitely have to go cuz if the rest of the veneer falls off I'll just be left with a nub and it's a…'s like when I got jury duty and they rejected my letter from my pulmonologist for a pre-existing condition. I wa… also take temps (blah blah, that's not a thing), I'll be the only patient in the am, and they have air filters… don't think it's fair that I've chipped a tooth (a veneer) when I'm terrified of Covid and haven't gone to the de… you’re feeling anxious about holidays or Covid or you don’t even know what - or you aren’t even sure what anxiet…! Finally thanks to a global pandemic the 🌎 can see my 🎄 show online- live from my living room! One week from to…
Retweeted by JEN KIRKMAN 👩🏻‍💻Nurses treating coronavirus skeptics are being spit on and harassed. Many want to quit: “We never have had people w…
Retweeted by JEN KIRKMAN 👩🏻‍💻 @jackiekashian “non existence silence” 😂😂😂Dork Forest Teaser Current ep is w my brother talking Hallmark. Tuesday @jenkirkman breaks her NON EXISTENT silen…
Retweeted by JEN KIRKMAN 👩🏻‍💻The Dysfunctional Xmas 🎄Show is less than one week away! Friday Dec 4th at 6pm pst/9pm est.
👩🏻‍💻 @asarahlarson Let's make sure we don't go at the same time!why is rakuten not done being a thing yet @asarahlarson I can't wait to get my ass to NYC in 2021. @anylaurie16 can u just move?I love the Christmas Carol pillow and mug, @JenKirkman!
Retweeted by JEN KIRKMAN 👩🏻‍💻 @AuthorKimberley omg that looks so good with the couch!! ❤️❤️ It’s so cute! 🎄🎄🎄 I knew you guys had to have it. 😂😂
@anylaurie16 @BeschlossDC I love judy openly smoking! @decaro_nick Seen many great concerts at the Wustah centrum which is now named something else. @morgan_murphy This is awesome. But I’m still impressed with your two showers!This is the best part of my online Xmas show next Friday! You have an excuse to leave your online holiday party ear… @decaro_nick wow cooool!!!!! ❤️Los Angeles. Please consider just for 3 weeks not going into each other's houses and saying you have a "pod" when r… McConnell is the sole reason this country does not have #COVID19 relief. Not "congresss", not "both sides"...…
Retweeted by JEN KIRKMAN 👩🏻‍💻Good (early) morning everyone in Europe! The good news is that you can get tickets to my show - and you don't have…
Retweeted by JEN KIRKMAN 👩🏻‍💻Good (early) morning everyone in Europe! The good news is that you can get tickets to my show - and you don't have… DysFUNctional Christmas show - live this year from my living room where I will be decked out in tinsel, a sparkl…! Finally thanks to a global pandemic the 🌎 can see my 🎄 show online- live from my living room! One week from to…