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COLUMN: On Sarah Fuller, respect and the perfection we require from the women who break barriers in sports:
Retweeted by Jen LadaFOR THE FIRST TIME EVER ... We're headed to @CoastalFootball 👏 See you next week as the undefeated Chanticleers t…
Retweeted by Jen Lada @ForTheWin Technically the halftime speech came first. 😏
After 14 NBA seasons, Andrew Bogut — a 2015 NBA champion — announces he is retiring from basketball. Bogut played f…
Retweeted by Jen LadaThe #Packers are signing veteran WR Tavon Austin, source says. Was with the #Rams when Matt LaFleur (pronounced La-…
Retweeted by Jen Lada @chibears99 @StartHereABC No one here overlooked it. If you listened to the pod you’d know I watched Saturday’s gam… Fuller broke barriers on Saturday, becoming the first woman to play in a Power 5 football game. @JenLada spok…
Retweeted by Jen LadaSo many details had to align for @SarahFuller_27 to make history. Besides Covid affecting kickers, What if Vandy ha… rivalry up the gut touchdown run defense red zone football move bobble field goal blah blah blah WHO KILLED E…🤢🤢🤢
@CampbellJD On the kickoff.I mean at least I’ve heard of Nate Robinson. Who tf is Jake Paul? @VanceFridger She was in for one history-making play. The unwarranted criticism has been for the kickoff (which the…
@Jasmine79627124 It also sucks that the adulation wasnt on this level for women breaking barriers like @jwelter47 b… @Jasmine79627124 @Jasmine79627124 available. Do your job. Sarah Fuller did exactly what she was asked to do today. Any criticism about what sh… Fuller tells us she made a 38 yard FG. I feel certain y'all Armchair McAfees have that range. Oh... and Der…
Retweeted by Jen Lada @peterbrownysr I'd encourage you to read an article on Vandy's specialists' situation. Or several. There are a mill… @peterbrownysr @SarahFuller_27 @KatieHnida @April_Goss Peter, you can google these questions. Or have watched the b… @peterbrownysr @SarahFuller_27 @KatieHnida @April_Goss She’s been plying football for 4 days. 49 yards isn’t her range. @peterbrownysr @SarahFuller_27 @KatieHnida @April_Goss Manufactured would have been Mizzou not playing defense on a… @peterbrownysr @SarahFuller_27 @KatieHnida @April_Goss 3:45am sounds a lot like the 2am Baseball Tonight shows and… lucky to not only watch @SarahFuller_27 make history w/ my 2 girls but w/@KatieHnida & @April_Goss on zoom!! 🤗… Made. #AnchorDown x #ItJustMeansMore
Retweeted by Jen Lada @KenRogersJr Hi! I’m working on a story on Sarah Fuller. Follow for a conversation about a media request, please. 🙂 @MikeyBarresi Hi! I’m working on a story on Sarah Fuller. Follow for a media request, please. 🙂 @OhioStateFB Ohio State has canceled Saturday's game at Illinois because of a COVID-19 outbreak within the No. 4 Bu…
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@EMalmborg Those are called alleys 😄Ohio State head coach Ryan Day has tested positive for COVID-19.
Retweeted by Jen LadaBOLD move everybody announcing their soft spot for the side piece. Screengrabs still undefeated in these streets.Coach Nagy has confirmed that Mitch Trubisky will be our starter this Sunday vs. Green Bay.
Retweeted by Jen LadaToday's a *great* day to buy yourself a subscription to @TheAthletic — or to gift it to someone you love! Our Black…
Retweeted by Jen Lada @Yitz2322 Streetcar lol @mikegolicjr Lotta people walking out in the street without sidewalks, Mike. Guess your pro-fatality, huh? That’s cool. 😏 @gradybridges @MrGeorgeWallace Send to me. I haven’t seen it.
@CassidyHubbarth Cass. I love you. But side boob is still part of a boob. @jjsauby Who even uses sidecars? C’mon🙃 @ChrisCarlin Points for hair. But ultimately too maniacal.Definitive side rankings: 1. Side Dishes 2. Sidewalks 3. Side Hustle 4. Side Boob 5. Sideline reporters 6. Sideki… @ASOM233334 Thank you for sending!!
I’d suggest you listen to this while traveling today or cleaning your toilets for company buuuuuut..., Trains & Automobiles poll. This is like picking a favorite child... to get rolling on @JenLada, @gneitzel16, and Chewy! - Badgers lose out on another game - John Hughes movie ran…
Retweeted by Jen Lada"I knew, as I clutched my firstborn child, that I was losing my second,” Meghan Markle writes about her miscarriage…
Retweeted by Jen Lada @Dario_Melendez @scrabble “Some or all of the content shared in this tweet is disputed.”
Breaking: Minnesota at #Badgers is a no-go.
Retweeted by Jen LadaIn the span of 50 seconds...@gneitzel16's opinion on the #Packers offense was flipped. Check out today's full…
Retweeted by Jen LadaRobin Lopez: "I can’t lie. I’m a fan of a lot of famous Wizards both on the court and off the court."
Retweeted by Jen LadaESPN’s @JenLada talks to #TWSS about why she couldn’t watch commercials growing up, her new radio show & why she lo…
Retweeted by Jen LadaThis doesn't look good for the #Badgers on Saturday.
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@PackerMarty7 @gneitzel16 Yes and lost. We said he has one division title (2007) and wasn’t even on the field for t…, Gabe, and Chewy #Poll: None of @JenLada, @gneitzel16, or Chewy think Phillip Rivers is a Hall of Famer...are they crazy?
Retweeted by Jen LadaTime for @JenLada, @gneitzel16, and Chewy! - #Packers are who we thought they were - Is Phil Rivers a Hall of Famer…
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We should call that a Greene-nut Punch. @peanuttillman @packersPlayers from both teams surrounded Joe Burrow as he was carted off the field 🙏 (via @JPFinlayNBCS)
Retweeted by Jen LadaPickup basketball at NBA arenas. TP-ing Jed Hoyer's house. Late-night batting practice with Eddie Vedder. Watching…
Retweeted by Jen LadaMo Gaba, who battled cancer and was blind, became part of the fabric in the Baltimore sports community and made a l…
Retweeted by Jen LadaLOL! I told @ReceDavis he should take full credit for the win ... 'Fighting Rece Davises' label fires up Wildcats
Retweeted by Jen LadaDon’t even tell me you can hear someone talk about a football game with “big implications” & not sing it like Taylo…
What is the score of this game if Indiana has better ball security?Bad call. Incidental. #IUFootball @TeddyGreenstein are two things I love about college football Saturdays- @jenlada features on @CollegeGameDay and the BEST col…
Retweeted by Jen Lada"What does love have to do with football? ... In time you will learn." Tom Allen has changed the culture at Indian…
Retweeted by Jen LadaWatching this @CollegeGameDay piece on @UCF_Football QB @McKenzieMil10 & thinking of my dudes @ZMiller86 @RuizA95.… have a story on @IndianaFootball #LEO coming up this am on @CollegeGameDay
Bogdanovic-to-the-Bucks is dead. 💀 Where will Bogdan land in free agency ... and where does this leave Giannis? 🆕…
Retweeted by Jen LadaPackers WR Davante Adams has no game status for Sunday against the Colts and is all good to go in a huge matchup vs. Indy.
Retweeted by Jen LadaIt’s not a coincidence that they put the “shop” button on the new IG layout where the old “activity” button was. Birth Day to our JGC @ESPNMilwaukee Week in Review Fri-ku (it’s a haiku...on Friday obvs) “Chew teaches us s… @r2dave2 Appreciate you. :)Started watching #TheQueensGambit and holy wow @pellju43 I’m just poking the bear 😜Thank you for listening to the @AthletesDG podcast w/ @ChelleeSiewert & @JenLada! We are excited to have listeners…
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Coming up on @JenLada, @gneitzel16, and Chewy... - Uhh, Bogdan...? Jen’s not worried - Uhh, Davante...? - Welcome J…
Retweeted by Jen LadaBogdan Bogdanovic plans to enter restricted free agency, per @wojespn
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Jen, Gabe, and Chewy #Poll: Which cranberry sauce do you prefer for Thanksgiving?
Retweeted by Jen Lada @gmatzek @MarkTauscher65 @Dyson @WildeAndTausch Dang I missed the opportunity to spell humans with two u’s @ButchieGee @gmatzek @MarkTauscher65 @Dyson @WildeAndTausch Same tbh @gmatzek @MarkTauscher65 Man I never thought about this before but we have a stand up vacuum (upstairs)& a @Dyson c… Thanksgiving Draft! Who did best? @gneitzel16: Turkey, gravy, dumplings, broccoli salad, Grandma Neitzel's Cak…
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The Bucks’ all-in moves for Jrue Holiday and Bogdan Bogdanovic will come down to what they mean for Giannis’s futur…
Retweeted by Jen LadaBREAKING: Cubs announce Theo Epstein will step down as president of baseball operations in November 20. Jed Hoyer will be named to the role.
Retweeted by Jen LadaReally good stuff from @eric_nehm this am including perspective on @rolopez42 & Wes Matthews’ futures. @Bucks @RonInTheKee @eric_nehm to @UWBadgers notes: Wisconsin is the only school in the country to boast current top-10 ranked squads in… joining JGC on @ESPNMilwaukee now. 🦌 up @JenLada, @gneitzel16, and Chewy... - Bucks? - Bucks! - Bucks!!!!!! - @eric_nehm at 7:45 to talk, you gue…
Retweeted by Jen LadaIf you're just waking up to this news ... Here's what the Jrue Holiday trade means for the Pelicans, Bucks; contra…
Retweeted by Jen LadaTypical terrible call - don’t care who’s calling it. @ChicagoBearsCordarelle Patterson now has eight career kickoff returns for a touchdown, tied for the most ever in NFL history.
Retweeted by Jen LadaNOW PUT PATTERSON AT QB!!!! @ChicagoBears
🏀🎙️Here it is, "The Giannis Draft" from @Wojespn. A three-part narrative podcast series on the events that led to G…
Retweeted by Jen Lada @AdamWisc @gneitzel16 Coming up :)UN. REAL.
Retweeted by Jen LadaWait. Hopkins is still good? 😏
@whitesox261 No it wasn’t. And I literally responded that there’s not one right way to handle an emotional intervie… much PTSD😳😳😳