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Retweeted by Jen LadaWhich would be a bigger disappointment at the Olympics? The U.S. Women's Soccer not winning gold or U.S. Men's Basketball not winning gold?
Retweeted by Jen LadaWhich is better for your NFL football team?
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Breaking: The Yankees are finalizing a deal to acquire first baseman Anthony Rizzo from the Chicago Cubs, sources c…
Retweeted by Jen LadaIn case you forgot: there’s another Antetokounmpo waiting to make his mark in the league… Gutekunst says it's important for him to repair his personal relationship with Aaron Rodgers, who classified…
Retweeted by Jen LadaWhich is better for your NFL football team?“Randall’s still a good player and seeing him last night just kind reminded me what an impact he’ll have for our lo… Brian Gutekunst didn’t soft-pedal it: He traded for Randall Cobb because of Aaron Rodgers.   “I think that’s a b…
Retweeted by Jen LadaJen, Gabe, and Chewy #Poll: Do you feel dumb for ever thinking Aaron Rodgers WASN'T going to return?
Retweeted by Jen LadaThe SE WI sky is doing some scary, gnarly stuff. Hope everyone is staying safe. 🙏🏼Raise your hand if you thought “twisties” were what you secure the bread bag with. ✋🏼
oh sry it’s playing at this airport rnI could make a strong case that Hinder’s Lips of an Angel is the worst song in the history of humans making noises with their mouths.Can Randall Cobb posting a picture of Ron Harper on IG be the last Last Dance comp plz?Rodgers crushed that btw.Normalize saying No. 🚫 @Simone_Biles @naomiosaka #MentalHealthAwarenessBrian Gutekunst on future offseasons with Rodgers beyond this one: “I think what he’s done for this organization, h…
Retweeted by Jen LadaI’M COMING HOME! 💚💛
Retweeted by Jen LadaOFFICIAL: Beginning with the 2021-22 season, the NBA will implement new rules to reduce non-basketball moves used t…
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@pdxfnord @ESPNMilwaukee @gneitzel16 WeirdDo you put ice cubes in hot soup?Rodgers gonna jog out onto Nitschke Falco-style tomorrow. @packers, Gabe, and Chewy #Poll: Are "Aaron" and "Erin" pronounced the same way?
Retweeted by Jen LadaMechanisms and Concessions sounds like a nice little Saturday in the garage for your gear head pops.“Mechanisms” and “Concessions” sound like aisles at your favorite wholesale retail chain.“Mechanisms & Concessions” is definitely one off your favorite band’s new album.
It’s one way to pass the time I suppose but I absolutely refuse to re-litigate how the Packers handled the 2020 NFL… @KurtBenkert NoooooooooooooWhat a boring sports state WI is. 🤪Packers are offering concessions and are close to an agreement that would bring Aaron Rodgers back to Green Bay for…
Retweeted by Jen Lada @Peter_Bukowski Did these guys abdicate the throne? pulled/adjusted NFC North/MVP odds. Somehow "Vegas" always knows what's up. Who is running "Vegas"Jen, Gabe, and Chewy #Poll: What does the Aaron Rodgers/Davante Adams/The Last Dance Instagram post mean?
Retweeted by Jen LadaSo happy for this dude
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@Coltin29001906 @jenlada43 You were responding to a fake account. @Coltin29001906 @jenlada43 Fake account @jenlada43 @Coltin29001906 Fake account @JenLada It’s a gift, not a bribe. Buy a card.
Retweeted by Jen Lada @muehlberg85 @Dario_Melendez Larry David for sure @muehlberg85 @Dario_Melendez I don’t want to skew the poll results but obviously
Giving cash as a wedding gift. 💵 What is the acceptable vehicle for said gift:By the end of the Olympics, I should be able to spell Tokyo correctly on the first try. 🤞🏼Tetris-ing the truck after a trip to Costco. Forget. @Giannis_An34 @PiperGreyJoy @_molella @EvCoRadio There’s a pretty wide gulf between “failure” and MJ.AR thinks he’s MJ? 🤔, Las Vegas knows. Spurred by a Twitter DM from one sportsbook ...
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. @JenLada joins @SpainandFitz NOW to talk about today's Bucks parade and Milwaukee's long road to the title.
Retweeted by Jen LadaIt's a SOLO SPAIN @SpainandFitz NOW on @espnradio! @JenLada gives behind-the-scenes from the Bucks' parade,…
Retweeted by Jen Lada#Bucks P.J. Tucker said nah to the escorted ride back to Fiserv and walked back creating quite a crowd.…
Retweeted by Jen LadaGIANNIS WITH LARRY 🏆
Retweeted by Jen LadaLet’s do this! Join ⁦@JenLada⁩ and me for live coverage of ⁦@Bucks⁩ parade and Rally at 11a. ⁦@620wtmj⁩ ⁦…
Retweeted by Jen Lada @alaskahacker @AaronNagler Brett left bc Murph is a Fup? That’s a new theory.IT’S ALL HAPPENING! 🚌🚎🚃🏆🦌🏀 @Bucks #NBAChampions @AaronNagler That’s like saying hey you got divorced once so if you get divorced twice, it’s YOUR fault for not lea…
Whoa. Ok then. ⬇️ LEG GIANNIS FEELS LIKE A MILLION YEARS AGO, GUYS! #BucksIn6 #NBAChampions @bucksSalute & Congrats @Giannis_An34!! You earned that shit!! 🏆💍 💐. 🙏🏾✊🏾❤️👑
Retweeted by Jen LadaGiannis is talking to his trophies. We already got some jealousy brewing 🤣 (via @SportsCenter)
Retweeted by Jen Lada"I could go to a super team and just do my part and win a championship. But this is the hard way to do it." -…
Retweeted by Jen LadaMy man....M.V.P. Greatness. 🙌🏾💪🏾 Next up: Championship. #MambaMentality
Retweeted by Jen LadaPut it in the rafters.
Retweeted by Jen LadaEnjoy this moment, @Giannis_An34. 🏆
Retweeted by Jen LadaGIANNIS ANTETOKOUNMPO 50 points, 14 rebounds, 5 blocks!!!! Nothing else to add🔥🔥🔥 MVP, MVP, MVP!!!
Retweeted by Jen LadaSo happy for Giannis and Milwaukee man...amazing to see what happens when you put your heart and your soul into som…
Retweeted by Jen LadaIf the Bucks win I hope Giannis wears a bag to the parade
Retweeted by Jen LadaLet’s gooooo Milwaukee!! @Bucks in 6 indeed…congrats to @Giannis_An34 and all the guys. Bout time this city got a p…
Retweeted by Jen LadaOur party is just getting started! Here’s how the celebration is shaping up on our airwaves tomorrow! #BucksIn6
Retweeted by Jen LadaGiannis IG Living with Thanasis right now is EVERYTHINGGGGGGGGGGGCongrats @Giannis_An34 MVP!, every time Giannis hits a free throw tonight: we get an iso cam on @BPortistime for the rest of the game?One quarter to fulfill the prophecy🙏🏼 #BucksIn6 #BucksInSixYeah, you guys, this series has really sucked. 🤪🤪🤪 #BucksInSix @clintonyates One of the best nicknames in the association IMOLove to see it. #BucksIn6 He’s JRUE HOLI-DEE from now on. #BucksIn6 #BucksInSix
No love for @CoachMLaFleur? 🧀 @ZaslowShow BUCKS BUCKS BUCKS BUCKSDoes anybody miss paper tickets for big sporting events? #BucksIn6<nods exhaustedly>, Gabe, and Chewy #Poll: Is playing Queen's "We Are The Champions" today tempting fate for the #Bucks?
Retweeted by Jen LadaThis off-season, the Packers offered Aaron Rodgers a two-year contract extension that would have tied him to Green…
Retweeted by Jen LadaTime for a Good Vibes Only edition of @JenLada, @gneitzel16, and Chewy! - #BucksIn6 - #BucksIn6 - #BucksIn6 📞&📱…
Retweeted by Jen Ladathis will be the longest day everrrrrrrrrrrrrr #BucksIn6 #BucksInSix
@cjbronson1971 @gneitzel16 Tweet to me. I’m the goodest reader on the show.GAME 6 UPDATES: Expansion at @DeerDistrict watch party location will allow up to 65,000 fans to attend. Fans with…
Retweeted by Jen LadaThe @Bucks Pro Shop says this shirt is a top seller — with most sizes not even in stock at the moment. @CBS58
Retweeted by Jen LadaY’all ready? @LukeCombs #SouthOnYa
Retweeted by Jen LadaI don’t even like Alexa AI. Dancing-robot AI makes me hugging-my-knees-fetal-position terrified. 😬 this OT questionable/controversial call in Bucks/Suns with Tucker/Booker feels FOREVVVVVER ago. #BucksInSix
Brewers move Tuesday's night game to the afternoon to avoid conflict with Bucks' Game 6
Retweeted by Jen LadaAnother #PhantomCam look at this incredible @Bucks sequence late in Game 5. Just watch how Jrue rips away that ste…
Retweeted by Jen LadaMe buying tickets to Game 6 in Milwaukee. those #BucksIn6 chants? 💪🏼ONE. WIN. AWAY. #BucksIn6 #BucksInSix @Bucks #NBAFinals #nbaABSOLUTE CHAOS
Retweeted by Jen LadaYou gotta be kidding me!!!!!
BullShift: There shouldn’t be just one way to win in baseball. Punishing teams that rely on run prevention to compe…