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Jenn Woodall @jenn_woodall PLANET EARTH, CANADA

I'm Jenn! Occasionally, an award-winning illustrator + cartoonist ✏️ Silver Sprocket Art Crew 🌈 Currently working on my graphic novel 🪐🗑

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WORKING CLASS COMICS logo: Vectors, jpgs, pngs. Used Bebas Neue font. Do what you want with…
Retweeted by Jenn WoodallMy friends, my wife will die without her anti-stroke meds & she takes her last dose at 5pm tomorrow. Her meds cost…
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this line alone is why origins is the best dragon age game
Retweeted by Jenn Woodallwaffle @glshade1 he's got the right idea and these sketches are so nice!augh I fell behind on my schedule this week due to family stuff and I wanted to get some work done today after my s…
Jim Henson with The Muppets of 1970
Retweeted by Jenn WoodallTCAF is this weekend and there is a digital marketplace where you can buy goods from lots of different artists! I’l… cropping is gone I can finally POST FULL BEARCAT
Retweeted by Jenn Woodallthe thing is, "i'm too selfish to have a baby" is a totally valid reason to not have a baby. women do not actually owe the world babies.
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in light of the Mouse trying to peddle pride merch, here's a reminder that i have a bunch of pride patches availabl…
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Retweeted by Jenn Woodall⛈I ⛈ really ⛈enjoy ⛈ linework!!!⛈ ⚡️read PLEASE PLEASE FORGET ME no. 2 next week! ⚡️No.1:
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Retweeted by Jenn WoodallI'll be exhibiting at digital TCAF this year and I'll be debuting a new zine collab with Really Easy Press... CYBER…
Retweeted by Jenn Woodall🌟魔法少女🌟
Retweeted by Jenn WoodallHappy birthday to @aprilangelica who is a super lovely person who also makes beautiful, incredible art!! I hope you have the best birthday!!Watching 'Noroi: The Curse' while I draw, one of my favourite scary movies
Comics are just very cool and fun, imho!
Retweeted by Jenn Woodall @DialHForHagai Yesssss!!! I bought a copy of this book from a second hand book store when I was 20 on a whim, and I… year, Pride commissioned a few of us to create pieces exploring Toronto’s queer history. mine features a crew…
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✨HEY FRIENDS!✨ My bank account is E M P T Y so its COMMISSION TIME! 🦷Info: 🦷Tip Jar:…
Retweeted by Jenn Woodall @rascalthecat666 Woowwww it looks SO GOODAlso the interior comic art by @alis_samp is so outstanding and eye catching. Being able to see the comic all toget… 1 of SLEEPING BEAUTIES is now collected and available from your local comic shop! I got to do the variant cove… Majima.
Retweeted by Jenn WoodallI am attaching a link to mutual aid funds that are constantly updated and verified. The ones marked ‘FF’ also accep…
Retweeted by Jenn WoodallPlease stop contacting me to explain NFTs. Of course I know what they are. Of course I am aware that you just can’t…
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Do not test my power... @Kumerish me too! I notice this in manga a lot, where the background will just slightly change between panels. I'm… @Kumerish I used to do this but now that I'm working on a long form comic, I've loosened up a bit. I copy paste dra… LOVES cat grass so much
Retweeted by Jenn Woodall @VERWHO Well it looks great! Can't wait to see how it looks once it's fired!
@VERWHO Oh I assumed this was for Game of Shrooms, oops! @VERWHO Oh shit you’re on it!! I gotta catch up!Happy May Day solidarity forever
Retweeted by Jenn WoodallPOV your crush offers to help you up during gym class 🪐🗑️
Retweeted by Jenn WoodallThe labor union movement has led the fight for equal rights and economic and social justice. Today, May Day, we ref…
Retweeted by Jenn WoodallIn Brampton, temp workers, many of them immigrants waiting for permanent status, are risking their lives without a…
Retweeted by Jenn WoodallI’ve started having panic attacks again lately after months of remission. Hopefully they were a fluke but I have to… YAJIMA ⭐🎀👁 (full version on youtube:
Retweeted by Jenn WoodallHAPPY MAY DAY!! I made you this poster with some possum comrades on this wonderful workers' holiday ❤️🌹
Retweeted by Jenn Woodall @Britterson I watched Armageddon in science class... very sciencey
#TweetASmallBiz I work for @OKComics, an independent comic store in the heart of Leeds. It's a pretty cool place.…
Retweeted by Jenn Woodall @so_engery A MENACE. i love herShelley Duvall eating cotton candy on the set of Brewster McCloud, 1970
Retweeted by Jenn Woodall#80 Cross Game by Mitsuru Adachi @celineorelse Nice! It’s been around for so long, I initially read it when I was a kid in Animerica Plus magazine I think#79 Short Program by Mitsuru Adachi @celineorelse IMHO, the manga is way better than the anime. I love the illustration style of the manga and it heigh… Asterios Polyp by David Mazzucchelli Parasyte by Hitoshi Iwaaki Space Academy 123 by Mickey Zacchilli We Are All Me by Jordan Crane Rule Break by Anna Syvertsson The Case of the Missing Men by Kris Bertin and Alexander Forbes is honoured to be hosting the Richard Sala Memorial Panel. We welcome Adrian Tomine, creator of Optic Nerve…
Retweeted by Jenn Woodall#72 Diana’s Electric Tongue by Casey Nowak Pure Trance by Junko Mizuno Kill your boyfriend by Grant Morrison and Philip Bond NICE... Video Girl Ai by Masakazu Katsura Skip by Molly Mendoza My Brother’s Husband by Gengoroh Tagame Patience by Daniel Clowes In-Between Days: A Memoir About Living with Cancer by Teva Harrison Wet Moon by Sophie Campbell ROADQUEEN by Mira Ong Chua Never Goodnight by Coco Moodysson hate Justin Timberlake so I made this to replace the stupid “gonna be may” meme - you’re welcome world
Retweeted by Jenn WoodallI always wondered what those essay totally-not-a-bot accounts that reply to tweets were like so I made one write me…
Retweeted by Jenn Woodall @glshade1 It’s really good - all about her teenage desire to make manga and her art teacher who prepped her for ent… trying to gather resources for Soo Na. If you read through the campaign, you can find ways to assist (if you’…
Retweeted by Jenn Woodall#61 First Year by Lee Lai (couldn’t find the cover on google) The Number 73304-23-4153-6-96-8 by Thomas Ott War in the Neighborhood by Seth Tobocman No Dead Time by McLachlan and Williams Akira by Katsuhiro Otomo Gardens of Glass by Lando Dylan Dog Case Files by Sclavi, Tiziano, Various One Hundred Demons by Lynda Barry Gender Queer: A Memoir by Maia Kobabe It’s a good life, if you don’t weaken by Seth Sunday in the park with boys by Jane Mai See You Next Tuesday by Jane Mai Monster by Naoki Urasawa @BizarreSystem OH DANG I'll have to seek this out, I used to work in film so I'm very interested#48 Dragon Ball by Akira Toriyama Love and Rockets by the Hernandez Brothers @BizarreSystem thank you! I've had 3 comic shop jobs and honestly, it's such a fun job. I love comics and talking to people about comics#46 Pink by Kyoko Okazaki On a Sunbeam by Tillie Walden @glshade1 It's wonderful and heart-wrenching, I recommend it x1000#44 My Lesbian Experience With Loneliness by Kabi Nagata Doom Patrol by Grant Morrison Nana by Ai Yazawa Uzumaki by Junji Ito Stages of Rot by Linnea Sterte Blank Canvas: My So-Called Artist's Journey by Akiko Higashimura Cannonball by Kelsey Wroten