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@richardmarx I had "another lonely night" stuck in my head, then it came on the radio.... @DanRather @RussellASmith5 If they admit to 545, expect the numbers to be ten times higher.Our Pres has a bank account in China 🇨🇳???? Asking for a frien. I mean a county
Retweeted by Jennifer @CelestialSandra A line of bullshit the of which even GOD has never seen?! @BobbyCr48838634 @60Mins @kathygriffin Or this! @60Mins @kathygriffin Oh - we can do better than that ;-)
Retweeted by Jennifer @OhJoSo @60Mins @kathygriffin Well what's good for the goose. Wasn't he cheating on her with porn stars when she was pregnant?
Retweeted by JenniferHere’s my @60Mins Australia interview from Sunday. I did not storm out like orange fuckwad @realDonaldTrump did.
Retweeted by JenniferPerhaps you forgot, but the House passed #COVID19 relief funding months ago, back in May. @senatemajldr refused to…
Retweeted by JenniferTWEET OF THE WEEK
Retweeted by Jennifer @Canadiancentri2 Wouldn't "Smallhand" be more apt here?? I'm just saying his feet aren't all that big @3Brigids You certainly are not, lolThis ad is airing in Florida tonight. Love it. Watch and retweet.
Retweeted by Jennifer @SethAbramson Seth he lost a town hall debate with HIMSELF
@3Brigids @mlp60 @senatemajldr You'll never be able to unsee this, I can't lol day Trump either gets tossed out of the white house like that drunk in the bar at closing time, gets dragged ou… Stahl is looking pretty pleased with how the interview went
Retweeted by JenniferThose two weeks can’t come soon enough. Happy Birthday @KamalaHarris!
Retweeted by Jennifer @RexChapman is a whiny little bitch. Pass it on.
Retweeted by JenniferThis one made me laugh! Retweet if you laughed!
Retweeted by Jennifer @SenWarren @SenateDems Sorry all you're NEVER going to be able to unsee this lol exactly are you going to edit your 4 alarm history out when they have the ENTIRETY of the interview you Muppet… @NikkiHaley @Tazerface16 @EricTrump @Oneofmanygrooms @raphaelha67 How is this possible?? @Amy_Siskind @guyfawkestoo trying to be dramatic here but this is genuinely the saddest he’s ever looked.
Retweeted by Jennifer @anthonycwalker“A vote for Donald Trump is a vote for fascism[...] My roommates and I stay up late most nights, worrying about if…
Retweeted by Jennifer @realDonaldTrump Keep chirping chump, speaking of "for the sake of accuracy" #VoteHimOut #VoteBlue2020 @JeffW561 @DbigOrion @TitusNation @JoeBiden @SenKamalaHarris That sacknof potatoes has a better grasp on the issues, and plan for the future @Kalimaxos1 15. Pretty good. @realDonaldTrump It must have been really bad for you. Are you finally being held accountable for your crimes? Kill… is your opportunity to be in the room where it happens. Don't throw away your shot:
Retweeted by JenniferI never thought in my Wildest Dreams that we would be in this situation, but we have to Shake It Off. Let’s show D…
Retweeted by Jennifer @pattonoswalt Be very careful, look twice before crossing the street, hold hands with Meredith...we all desperately need you both...... @jaketapper Where nobody knows your name, And they're awfully mad you came...... @JasonMillerinDC Monsters shouldn't throw stones, especially Russia propaganda.. @fras99 I remember when he brought his mistress on vacation with his wife and kids...I felt so bad for them, I don…
Retweeted by Jennifer @GOP @realDonaldTrump It's what all fascist dictatorships do...project.
@DenbrotS A lot of them are being paid, I'm guessing the ones wearing masks... @HamillHimself Luke be a jedi tonight......Today I filled out my ballot and will hand deliver it. I am voting for gun safety and that means I am voting for…
Retweeted by Jennifer @socialistsunday @realDonaldTrump If only he had a decent President to help him, instead of a Russian owned con man who is using his… @DebraMessing This is just the beginning, as the Republicans get more desperate, they will stop at nothing..I fear… @KellieADennis74 He brought his mistress on vacation with his wife and kids...remember Ivana and Marla on the ski s… @tedcruz Gee, I wonder why. @TheKeithiest They have no souls, they sold them to Putin 4 years ago. Trump has allowed their true evil and corrup… @EricTrump How did your meeting with the District attorney go? One question, when you stole millions from kids with… @CityofEdmonton please start enforcing the masks by-laws....everywhere I go, people aren't wearing masks. Start giv… @GOP @realDonaldTrump Yeah, he's had four years and all he has done is lie pathologically, endorse hate speech and… @DebraMessing @realDonaldTrump He is probably profiting, I guarantee that he and Putin own stock in pharmaceutical,… Fauci has a security detail after death threats and harassment against his family: "That's sad, the very fact t…
Retweeted by Jennifer @Frostman6913 @RudyGiuliani After watching your extreme reaction to facts, it's pretty fucking obvious that you are… @Frostman6913 @RudyGiuliani Nope, I watch Canadian news. They have no reason to lie, unlike Fox News who lies to yo… @Frostman6913 @RudyGiuliani Yes, he absolutely did. He called them rapists(ironic) and murderers. He has never rece… @Frostman6913 @RudyGiuliani Enemy of the people is something that Hitler talked about repeatedly...please see the signs of fascism. @Frostman6913 @RudyGiuliani Then why do you think that they are on your side? If the only people who supported my s… @stephenszczerba Not one woman ever got pregnant from her orgasm Only a man's completion ends in pregnancy, @Frostman6913 @RudyGiuliani I am a regular person. I am terrified that Trump acts like a fascist dictator. Please r… @Frostman6913 @RudyGiuliani Absolutely not. My question is whether it bothers you, you personally. @Frostman6913 @RudyGiuliani I'm asking you an honest question..doesn't it bother you that racists and Nazis are che… @RoArquette @Passengerside94 @jonimitchell @BenSPLATT version on the politician, gave me chills......and then I had… @GOPChairwoman @realDonaldTrump Remember all those golf trips to his resorts? Or the millions that he stole from ki… @realDonaldTrump @Frostman6913 @RudyGiuliani Lmao can't wait, you too @kriskay1111
Retweeted by Jennifer @Acyn Just what we don't need here in Michigan after domestic terrorist threats. Shut up man!
Retweeted by Jennifer @DonaldJTrumpJr You and your siblings stole money from your own charities so much and so often that the STATE OF NE… @Frostman6913 @RudyGiuliani 1 easily disproven woman who changed her story so many times even the local pd wouldn't… always cracks me up 🤣🤣
Retweeted by Jennifer @Frostman6913 @RudyGiuliani And for? I didn't read any of that ACTUAL news from either of them, lol you're too much fun @Frostman6913 @RudyGiuliani Funny, the only "news" source that ISNT saying that? Is Fox news, you can check that yo… Putin’s GOPers Ron Johnson is breaking federal law by distributing child porn to smear the Bidens with, defaming…
Retweeted by JenniferAs an #allinforvoting Iowa ambassador, I'm so excited for @Abby4Iowa and the incredible race she's running. If each…
Retweeted by Jennifer @realDonaldTrump You REALLY don't keep up with any ACTUAL news sources do you?? Also Reminder: Nobel Peace Prizes:… @Frostman6913 @RudyGiuliani Oh sure princess, 26 million 2 to 1 democrat votes to republican already counted but ma… @idahohioan In honor of John Lennon and his 80th birthday last week, "Empty garden".... @atrupar We're ALL still waiting on these crimes yeti committed in the COURTS!
Retweeted by JenniferHonestly amazed they found a brain that COULD be washed with this one... @Frostman6913 @RudyGiuliani PFFTAHAHAHAHAHAAAAAAA! The only "exposure" they had ANY part of was showing exactly how… @Doogsfx @ProjectLincoln There should be a way to report provable blatant lies......anything that #sweetpotatohitler says.
@PCee52 Start calling them, if they get thousands of calls reminding them that their jobs are at risk maybe greed w… don't even have a comment for this one 😳
Retweeted by Jennifer @RachaelonRoad @Tazerface16 My uncle was an OG ANTIFA, I am currently ANTIFA
Retweeted by Jennifer7📺 NEW VIDEO Retweet if you believe that we will win. #BelieveInAmerica
Retweeted by JenniferI wonder if Kirstie Alley would still vote for Donald Trump if she heard Donald Trump privately describe Kirstie Alley.
Retweeted by JenniferDon't even have to listen to this to know that i dont want to listen to it lol Dancing Is As Good As His Ability To Tell The Truth (Can’t They 25th Him Out Purely Based On This?)
Retweeted by Jennifer @lynnluvseddie She feels comfortable in a racist cult
@FLCons When your side has racists and Nazis, then you are always on the wrong side of history....always. @EricTrump The very last thing that you should want is a character debate, why don't you give back the money that y… @Jim_Jordan Where's your outrage at #sweetpotatohitler for being a superspreader? History is watching....don't you… @Karoli Maybe the fly laid eggs so he has to gestate them.....